Bingo Blitz becomes Bingo Rush on new mobile app

Bingo Blitz becomes Bingo Rush on new mobile app

Buffalo Studios has the magic touch when it comes to providing free to play bingo games on Facebook, having created one of the biggest Facebook bingo games of all time in Bingo Blitz.

That expertise is now being put into a new game by Buffalo Studios that is to be released shortly for mobile users. This brand new game will be Bingo Rush and is perfect for people on the move.

Online bingo players love to be able to go to Bingo Blitz as an alternative to their pay to play bingo sites and for the wider social aspect of the game. Millions of people play Bingo Blitz every day and there are serious complaints every time anything goes wrong and it cannot be accessed for some reason. The mix of great graphics, great games and a great community make it standout offer in its field.

The new Bingo Rush game will take all that is good about Bingo Blitz and supercharge it. It will be all about being on the go and will feature new cities, exotic locations and will be super fast - hence Bingo Rush.

Initially the all new Bingo Rush will only be available to customers with Apple products and the first launch area is Canada. However, it will soon move worldwide and the internet outcry that has already started from Android users will mean that Buffalo Studios will need to work overtime to ensure that the game becomes available on that platform too without delay.

Just like Bingo Blitz the bulk of the game is free to play and it is a free App, but players love to make progress in the games and to fulfill the challenges and so buying credits will be big business.

Bingo Rush is already being eagerly awaited by Bingo Blitz fans, but this is bound to be just the first of the Facebook social games to have their successful games take the leap to the growing mobile market.

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