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Lucky Bingo

  • Easy to use
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Lucky Bingo Facebook Review!

Lucky Bingo was developed for Facebook by ‘Lucky Labs’ and has over 390K active users. There certainly appears to be something for everyone because on offer are three different types of bingo. Instant Bingo, Live Action Bingo and Slow Bingo. So whatever pace you like to play the game at, we are sure that one of these three options will suit your needs on this social site.

Just like many other bingo apps on Facebook, the game is free but if you can increase your chances if you buy credits.

The Game Options – A View from the Lobby:
- You can see the room names
- The first prize for the winner of bingo
- Card price and the maximum number of players in the room.
- Click on any room to join in the fun.

Once you are in your chosen room, just click on the yellow button at the bottom of the screen to buy cards. If you look at the top left of the screen, you will be able to view the pattern you will be playing and the number of winners in the game.

Each time you use the game you will be rewarded on a daily basis with coins, these are very useful indeed because these are what are needed to buy cards, so the more coins you have the more tickets you can purchase to play bingo. If you look at the top of your screen you will see five tabs and three of these will show you the different versions of the game. There is; Profile Tab, Get Coins Tab and the last one is where you can see your name, balance, level, send free gifts and invite your friends.

If you win at Lucky Bingo you earn ‘Experiences’ but these don’t appear to have any real value in this game apart from the fact that it helps to increase your player status. Power Ups aren’t available in all rooms but in the rooms where they do appear they represent the following:

- Free Spot - This ADDS one free space to each of your tickets
- Double Experience – Will double your experience if you win the game
- Extra Experience – You will get one bonus added to your card
- Extra Coins – When you win this feature you earn an extra coin.

We played the games and found that the Instant Bingo was amazing and a much faster speed compared to the ‘Standard Bingo’ and ‘Slow Bingo’ games. If you prefer the slower game speed then we would recommend the standard bingo game might be suitable for you.

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