Bingo Blitz disappears from Facebook

By Anita Heffernan Bingo News 235 Comments
- 12th May 11

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Facebook is now a place where a lot of people spend a lot of time and they tend to try and have all their fun within the realms of its pages. We know that bingo works well in this space, we just have to look at the success of Wonder Bingo, Big City Bingo and Bingo Blitz.

However, it seems that all may not be well for Facebook bingo sites as there are reports that the popular bingo app Bingo Blitz has beem removed from the Facebook pages with no explanation as to why. Buffalo Studios, the organisation behind the app, are as much in the dark as everyone else and are struggling to find out why their popular bingo game has been removed without warning.

This means that it is not just a site glitch or maintenance issues that are to blame, there is a bigger issue of Facebook making sweeping changes and maybe trying to ‘clean itself up’ to distance itself from anything that could be construed as gambling or encouraging people to gamble in any form.

If this is the case there are implications for many other popular apps and for many bingo sites that choose to advertise to the the world’s largest captive, but receptive audience.

Buffalo Studios are endeavouring to clear up the problem whatever it may be as quickly as possible and request that players bear with them until more is learned of why the bingo app and its fan pages have disappeared.

Bingo Blitz fans are also puzzled as to why this may have happened – can you imagine how the internet would erupt in fury if say Farmville just disappeared, the whole system would probably crash under the worldwide weight of traffic. While not on that scale, the unexplained disappearance of Bingo Blitz will send shock waves around the bingo industry generally, especially to any organisations with Facebook exposure.

We have set up a petition to present to Facebook to let them know how strongly people feel and to try and get them to Bring Back Bingo Blitz – click here to sign now.



"Bingo Blitz disappears from Facebook" was published on 12th , posted in Bingo News. The post was written by Anita Heffernan

  1. Lily Selinger says:

    Wow, this is the pits. I spend my morning coffee time playing bingo blitz on facebook. When I went in and didn’t find it had a small attack of withdrawal which led me here. I’m so mad about this. If it’s a gamblng issue maybe facebook should look at their own selves trying to get people to buy their credits to play on some of these so called gambling sites. Anyway do you know where I can play bingo blitz other than on facebook?

  2. Desma Harfield says:

    Please explain Facebook!…you have removed one of the best applications without warning or explanation!..Can’t have anthing to do with gambling..look how many slots/poker etc games are on facebook now…NOT HAPPY!!

  3. whizz64 says:

    I love this app and its not gambling. Also there are many other apps that you win tokens for playing games, even the game similar to Sims you play small games to win tokens etc., and what about the dice games and sure there are a lot of other apps that do the same

  4. maggie mc dowell says:

    Bingo Blitz is my favourite game and I would like an explanation to why it was taken off, and also I want it back a.s.a.p

  5. eileen says:

    Bring back BINGO BLITZ!!!!! I love the app, but more so the people who make me giggle, (you know who you are guys). What’s wrong FB, is it not making enough money for you? Unlike Farmville , Frontereville etc? Come on, update please!!!

  6. Shana O'Neill says:

    Please bring Bingo Blitz back Facebook this is very unfair we should of had notice, i agree with everyone that this is not a gambling game they made it gambling by making us buy tokens so we can play longer!!!!!!

  7. leanne wheatley says:

    where have it gone???? i love this app plz bring it back

  8. flo fralic says:

    i love this game its the best and i want it back. bring it back facebook . its one of the best games in facebook. its not gambling at all .its just plain fun.

  9. Lisa says:

    Bingo Blitz is one of my favourite games on facebook, & to find out that it has been removed has really got me puzzled. I looked forward to everynight when i got to play the daily tournement. Oh well back to plain old facebook again.

  10. Lina says:

    On voudrait au moins des explications…

  11. Angela Ganza says:

    Come on now, this is just a harmless game that many, many people enjoy playing. It is a form or gambling yes but no more than slots (in abundance on FB) or poker games. This is not on. Please reconcider your actions. What about the people who have paid for extra credits? This could be thought of as theft as you have taken away something that has been paid for legitimately.

  12. Sarah Collins says:

    Please let us have Bingo Blitz back!! This is an outrage that they just took it away without any warning or explanation! I agree with other comments on here that it is not gambling!!!!!! Is there another site that we can play Bingo Blitz on?

  13. karen dean says:

    OMG! Bring back Bingo Blitz pleeeaaaasssseee!!!!! It is THE best game on Facebook!

  14. Twinker says:

    FB removes a bingo game where no monetary award is paid out. But they leave games up that endorse drug use (Pot Farm) and violence (Mafia Wars) … whatever

  15. Gill Preston says:

    y have u taken bingo blitz off there is that many ppl on there that enjoy talking n playing n helping others plz bring it bk

  16. Sally Neilon says:

    Please bring Bingo Blitz back. I enjoyed playing and meeting people from all over the world. I don’t consider it gambling, I consider it relaxing and enjoying. don’t try to make people buy credits and it wouldn’t be gambling. Every other game they have a choice to buy more as well so if that’s the case then take the buy credits off of every game.there are people that just enjoy playing and meeting new people even if it’s over the internet , like me. PLEASE BRING BINGO BLITZ BACK!!!!

  17. Barb Krause says:

    What happen??? We all really enjoyed Bingo Blitz and you took it way, it doesn’t make sense!! Remember, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it! Please bring the game back FB!

  18. carol geddes says:

    come on facebook put bingo blitz back om its a fun app n not gambling a lot of peeps love the application so u should give in 2 the millions of people that love it

  19. Cheryl Perkins says:

    Please, please bring back Bingo Blitz. My nights are’nt the same without it.

  20. pamela chandler says:

    OMG why did u take it away??? Bingo Blitz is my morning fun, PLEASE PLEASE bring it BACK!!!!!!!! What am to do now.. If it was gambling we would be using our own money which we are not so its NOT gambling…. BRING Bingo Blitz BACK…..

  21. Val Challis says:

    FB has no right to take off Bingo Blitz as others have said some of us have brought credits, so therefore FB are guilty of theft! I love playing BB, and as others have said is there somewhere else we can play it. Do applications have to pay FB perhaps Buffalo Studios haven’t paid up!

  22. maria lang says:

    facebook what a pain you are and how can you say you dont want ppl play games that make them gamble when all if not most of the games you have do this in one way or another and shouldnt it be up to the players not face book what they play we want bb back its the best game out there just now even with its probs i was playing the game last night when you took it off with out even letting us know you would be doing this very unfair i think and even now you havent put anything on face book to why you have done this so please tell us or i could be leaving face book myself

  23. gloria riley says:

    WHY facebook dont you explain before you just the apps =gone we do ned to be told why its gone and when it will be back

  24. Krista Chedore says:

    Are we going to get refunded the money we spent on credit’s to move up in levels? I’m very upset that Bingo Blitz has disappeared!

  25. Robin O'Brien says:

    This sucks! Facebook really irkes me sometimes. I want Bingo Blitz back!!!!

  26. nikki says:

    Why have you took our bingo game of us without explaining – that is so out of order you need to put it back on asap

  27. Hazel says:

    WHY WHY WHY plz bring bingo blitz back i really enjoy this game and its no way gambling its a relaxing bingo game that you meet alot of new friends so PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Blitz user says:

    What happens to the money you spent on the coins? How do you get a refund?

  29. paula ormiston says:

    i’m totally gutted about what has happened with facebook removing bingo blitz, its the best game i’ve played on and one of the reasons i return to facebook every day . if facebook does not reslove this problem theres only hope that buffalo will create its own website so we can carry on playing the much loved bingo blitz.

  30. toots skimmings says:

    im playing video bingo right now and underneath u can BUY tokens is this not gambling or is it a missprint lmao well fb put back bb as a lot of people really enjoy the game and have so much fun why oh why are u being such spoil sports i love the game if it dont come back alot of people will leave fb and find somewhere else

  31. Maggs says:

    I really miss Bingo Blitz..enjoy it a lot. It’s NOT GAMBLING if you DON’T BUY CREDITS!!! I think on the whole people just play with their free daily bonus. IF you CHOOSE to BUY then THAT IS GAMBLING. IT is YOUR choice. MOST DON’T BUY.

  32. Sara says:

    I spent money on this app in the beginning. I love this app and play it daily…most times it’s the ONLY reason I log onto FB. If it’s going to disappear, then I think FB should be responsible for ALL the money that people put into this game for credits and coins.

  33. Kellie Ward says:

    So what happens to the people who have purchased credits,how do we get our money back? Theft is all it comes down to.

  34. Sandymel says:

    Please bring back Bingo Blitz it is the best game on facebook and facebook has no right to take it off without prior notice and an explanation Facebook should be ashamed of its self for acting in this way without any explanation

  35. trish says:

    For God’s sake, why do they do that, get rid of all the good games and leave the rubbish ones. It’s obviously not gambling, there is no money changing hands. This is just stupid, come on Facebook get ya act together.

  36. Roger Cook says:

    if buying credits makes bingo blitz gambling ,then how comes we can buy face book credits to use towards bingo blitz

  37. jenni says:

    This sucks!!! sure its not another way to get our email addresses for more junk emails?

  38. anita says:

    Completely out of order facebook,get your act together and give us our bingo game back, gambling indeed,we play 2 win credits and collection items that we can send or swap with other players, it’s great fun and great chat with other members,sort it out NOW

  39. kimberly hatton says:

    Please bring bb back it was the best game on fb… thanks

  40. Gail hammon says:

    Facebook should stop treating us all like we are little children and leave the apps alone. We like bingo and no matter what we will play without interference from others. Bingo Blitz is very popular so BRING IT BACK FACEBOOK AND STOP INTERFERING

  41. Sarah says:

    what the bloody hell is going on, I love bingo blitz, way have you removed it, better bring it back or there could be trouble…

  42. anita says:


  43. Jenny-Dee says:

    FB you suk for removing my morning fix with my morning coffee… I am a loyal player as ALL OF US HERE, and MORE.. We at least deserve to know why you have removed it!!

  44. Dennell Marie Rone says:

    i’m totally gutted about what has happened with facebook removing bingo blitz, its the best game i’ve played on and one of the reasons i return to facebook every day . if facebook does not reslove this problem theres only hope that buffalo will create its own website so we can carry on playing the much loved bingo blitz

  45. stacey says:

    Facebook needs to take a good look at itself !! They have been having issues for weeks and its time to get them sorted … the first thing they need to do is put bingo blitz back NOW

  46. Maria M. says:

    I think its mysterious disappearance may have to do with the following article I recently found on CNN.

  47. tracey louise langley says:

    ive been playin bb 4 awhile now and have found it not only 2 b a great game but also a great way 2 meet ppl from all over the world and have a laff theres some lovley ppl that play .i cant believe facebook has removed the best game on facebook ?not happy ;-[

  48. LORI ABBOTT says:

    Hey Facebook,Bring back bingo could have taken ALL other apps such as farmville and i would have been fine but not bingo blitz it is the best game i have found by far.We want it BACK

  49. Bingo blitz fan says:

    How can it be gambling if your not actually winning anything monetary? The game is fun and to chat to friends. I could think of a few apps on here that should definately be banned like those that encourage violence etc. GET A GRIP FACEBOOK, yes there’s been more than a few complaints since they have added more servers but it is still the best game on facebook. You really are going to make alot of members very unhappy if this game does not make a quick return, so come on facebook do the right thing and put it back on!!!!!!!!

  50. BigTime Bingo Blitz Fan says:

    What about the players of this game that spent money to buy credits? No money has been refunded…has everyone been conned? What a rip-off.

  51. melanie says:

    facebook i think it is wrong that you have removed the app and not even given and explanation as to why you have done this. a lot of people look forward to playing bingo blitz as its a hobbie its not right to take it off as you view it as gambling coz you can buy credits as you dont win money. if this is the case then you should delete every single game on facebook as your being hypocritical and pinpointing everything onto a harmless game like bingo blitz. wrong so so wrong. i might have to rethink about using facebook in the future.

  52. maree innes says:

    bring back BINGO BLITZ its my favorite game im just shattered you could do this without warning .

  53. suzie clark says:

    bring bingo blitz back it’s the best game on facebook

  54. snookiesmom6 says:

    i love bingo blitz……..searched for it all morning….i thought i did something wrong. im so disappointed. i couldnt wait to play everyday before going to work……….best game on facebook. i hope they can fix the problem and give us back this game

  55. susan hill says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK BINGO BLITZ :) I really enjoy playing bingo blitz, its the best game on facebook.
    My friends and team mates are really upset that FB took it off for no reason. Its the best chat rooms that ive been in, very homey, relaxing and it brings smiles to everyone that plays. Please bring it back!!!!!! You would make a lot of people very happy

  56. tracy chaffey says:


  57. Maree says:

    When everyone tries to log on – there will be tears. Great Fun Game ! You don’t have to buy credits just play the daily freebies. So sad it’s gone : (

  58. debbie poole says:

    bring back bingo blitz,now lost without it,cant be classed as gambling as ur not win money,already suffer depression and the game helped me , now wot do i do , bring back NOW

  59. donna says:

    i an disabled and spend a lot of time at my computer i really enjoy this game i have spent a lot of time completing the levels and the cities. I am now just winning the shadow cards to send to my team mates and I enjoy the friends I have made in this game as I said earlier I am disabled and it is hard for me to get out and my social network is my computer. Most of my friends play Bingo Blitz please bring it back

  60. Susan says:

    Can’t believe its gone its all gone… oh no what to do… no more bingo blitz… not even an explanation as to why?????

  61. judy says:

    This is my favorite morning game with my coffee. I look forward to it every am, now you took it off, put it back.

  62. clairehensman says:

    Why take away a game that everyone enjoys , lots of people play it without spending money. Can not be classed as gambling if you do not spend any money or gain any money.
    Just put the app back

  63. Bingo Blitz Fans Wants Our Game Back says:

    OMG i cant believe that you have removed Bingo Blitz from facebook cause you are saying this is a gambling issus but you dont remove the Poker Games , Bejeweled Blitz or the Games app that you play Slots Games with your Tokens they all ask you to but coins & token after all your coins & token are all gone so to me that is a form of gambling is it not. Bingo Blitz give you credits everyday so you can play the game they dont ask you to but the credit but you have the option to buy if you wish to but you dont have to. i think this is out of order, i thik if facebook does not bring Bingo Blitz back the end of the day all of the Bingo Blitz should stop using facebook until they fix this problem coz i know i will

  64. Bertha says:

    I sure did miss playing BB this morning while having my coffee. Coffee wasn’t as good, and I missed getting to do BB. I hope that BB will be brought back so we can continue to enjoy this popular game. One of my favorites. I look forward to visting with my friends again soon. Have a great day all!!!!!

  65. ronda jones says:

    I don’t get it, I just started playing this game 4 days ago, and feel inlove instantly.. It’s unfair that no explaination was given, no warning of any sort. I spend every morning on bb, playing and chatting, what fun, while it lasted. Facebook needs to bring it back or refund all the money people spent, to play longer, because it was such a blast. I bet fb doesn’t want to reimburse all these people, and whats the differance in buying bb credits or fb credits?

  66. Akasha says:

    FB bring out Blitz back. I can’t think of one reason as to why you would’ve removed it to begin with. It can’t be due to similarities to gambling since all the other bingo games are still up and running.

    Unlike Zynga games, Blitz doesn’t promote and force you to spam your friends with item requests. It also doesn’t require you to have XX amount of Blitz teammates to play either.

    So what’s the deal FB? Sounds like maybe you have a personal issue with the app or devs?


  67. Teresa Krenz says:

    Please bring BingoBlitz back! This is one of the friendliest & best games sites that I have found. As for the question of gambling….I don’t see how they would concider this a gambling site for the simple reason, we don’t win anything materialistic, no cash, no “actual” prizes, mostly bragging rights and and a great group of new acquaintances! Therfore, FB really needs to do some explaining as why and how it can be resolved “QUICKLY”!!!!

  68. Christine says:

    I am so flipping ticked off, that face book, removed one of the most popular games on there site, BINGO BLITZ, by far is the best game on there, if you refuse to let the game back on F.B., but the question here is why did you remove it without so much as a word or reason why , that is so rude and uncalled for, stop being the problem, and bring back what is enjoyable, with thousands of people, I for one will just stop even playing games there’s, I will only go to the site, to chat with old friends, then be on my way, you never know, F.B. might lose a lot of fans of the site……. your loss

  69. mandy says:

    FB get your act together and get BINGO BLITZ back on……. NOW!!!!!!!!

  70. love bingo says:


  71. Becki says:

    How is it gambling when you aren’t winning money? Yes, you can purchase credits but you can do the same even on Facebook. If you were receiving a cash or prize payout that was tangible, then yes, it could be considered gambling, but that is not the case. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Facebook, bring back Bingo Blitz.

  72. Lesley says:


  73. Christine says:

    I am so flipping ticked off, that face book, removed one of the most popular games on there site, BINGO BLITZ, by far is the best game on there, if you refuse to let the game back on F.B., but the question here is why did you remove it without so much as a word or reason why , that is so rude and uncalled for, stop being the problem, and bring back what is enjoyable, with thousands of people, I for one will just stop even playing games there’s, I will only go to the site, to chat with old friends, then be on my way, you never know, F.B. might lose a lot of fans of the site……. your loss

  74. Alex says:

    Why did FB take BINGO BLITZ of the site ….. reading some of the previous posts it seems to be something to do with its gambling well why do they still have slot machine tournaments there which is a bigger form of gambling and u need to buy credits for stupid amounts of money …. DO THE RIGHT THING FB BRING BINGO BLITZ BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. jaime f says:

    if bingo blitz is gambling because u can buy credits so is farmville and frontierville because u buy horseshoes. bring back my favorite game or i’m going back to yearbook

  76. Esther says:

    My question to you is this. Is there an alternative place to play rather than twitter as I don’t tweet. I spent more that 75.00 since playing the game . I had more than 1300 bb credits and more than 150,000 coins. So what can you do for the 1000’s that played ?

  77. alana says:


  78. angela says:

    I love this app it helps me pass the time when my kids are school and hubby is at work and my daily activities are done I WANT MY BINGO BLITZ BACK NOW !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PUT BINGO BLITZ BACK IT IS NOT GAMBLING IF IT WAS WHY WOULD CHURCHES HAVE BINGO NIGHT GIVE BACK BINGO BLITZ FACEBOOK OR I’LL CANCEL MY ACCOUNT WITH YOU!!!!!

  79. WhichBingo Anita says:

    Hi all. Thanks for all your comments. Do remember that we are only speculating at the reason being gambling related – this may have no bearing on its removal. We are as much in the dark as everyone else, just looking for any reason why it might have happened. Look out for our petition via the blog page.

  80. Spazza says:

    Been away for a day or 2 so havnt played in that time but its not hard to work out why its been taken off… many of you complained about the probs with BB?????????? hundreds over hundreds had issues with it – Fb wrnt guna let it go on forever – eventually mine worked well but for many it didnt & BB have thmselves to blame for that – they know exactly why its been taken down – how could they not after the constant bad feedback????

  81. tami cerny says:

    Bingo blitz is aweome –WE want it back–i have spent over 400.00 on this game by my own choice i love it i know that you get nothing monetary so why not get it back its fun easy and only produces the real bingo hall effects—OH CRAP– just one number away –GIVE IT BACK OR REFUND TO THOSE OF US WHO U STOLE IT FROM!!

  82. sherry says:

    Thanks alot

  83. bridget says:

    fb u r stealing peoples money many players pay for credits to win prizes that they dont benifit from money its a harmless game of virtual bingo i hope they bring another site out just like fb and we people who pay for the internet can go to and we can all drop fb just like u stole bb from us

  84. Pamela Rowlett says:

    and I was going to cancel my Pogo account but sure aint now. This was the game I enjoyed the most. Why no explanation? I smell a rat somewhere.

  85. violet says:

    I am disgusted that facebook
    can do this with no thought for users.

  86. Lorine Clayto says:

    So sorry to see BINGO BLITZ disappear. I love the game and have never had to buy any credits. I just played on what was free everyday. I sure hope FACEBOOK brings it back. I don’t think it is gambling unless you buy credits and use your money for them.

  87. Nicole says:

    Ugh, not cool! I went to play and its gone. I am due for my free spin ..Well this just isnt cool at all! Love this app!

  88. kelly degeorge says:

    BINGO BLITZ needs to be re-instated …..FACEBOOK you suck….you could at least put up a post and tell us what is going on and why you removed BB from facebook..

  89. Lindsay michelle says:

    wow. i am really mad about this.. i look forward to this every night. ur saying it about gambling but yet it okay to have texas hold em and gamble for real and fake money too??

  90. Belinda Sølvsten says:

    What the Hell????

    Ever wondered if people start wanting their money back you just stole from them?? Thousands of people spended money and hours on BingoBlitz and then you go and remove the site like this???
    Really, you should be ashamed of the way of robbing people their money and time.
    Put Bingo Blitz back now or people will start a riat for wasting time and money.
    It really sucks being treated like small children- its all a virtual game, and has nothing to do with gambeling. Stop lying to people.

  91. sheree smith says:

    i cannot believe it has been removed i am totally gutted loved using this game to wind down and chill whilst talkin to others about there day and wat bits they needed to complete their collections plz let us have our bingo bk

  92. margaretbanton says:

    i dont go out much so i like 2 play and meet new pepol and i would reely like it if it comes back just hope we get it back soon

  93. cindy cooke says:

    please bring it back. are they going to give people their money back if they have bought credits with their own money or not, what about the people who dont buy credits who only play for free, what are they going to get out of this,
    please tell us what the plan is

  94. dominique says:


  95. debbie mason says:

    OMG i am so shocked bb has gone.what are we fanatics going to do in the meantime while we wait to see if bb comes back.

  96. karan pamphilon says:

    BINGO BLITZ needs to be re-instated .its one of the best bingo sites on facebook

  97. Tracy BertaBingo says:

    Please bring Bingo Blitz back!!!

  98. Carolanne says:

    BINGO BLITZ needs to be re-instated i miss bingo blitz big time so please please give it back to us

  99. Alyson says:

    FB could of had the decency to give us some kind of notice, loved this game along with hundreds of others. Plz bring it back.

  100. Jan Leimer says:

    Facebook, you are not the only “game” in town! We are really sorry that people were using “your site” to get to one of the greatest bingo games ever, but you put it on as a 3rd party game and you need to give it back NOW! Sure, they were having some problems but we were willing to work it thru with them. …and at least they had the decency to keep us apprised of what was going on. Sure can’t say that about you, can we?

  101. audrey honan says:

    please bring it back…it made so many strangers friends… :)

  102. Judy Hall says:

    Does Bingo Blitz have to be on face book? Can you move it somewhere else so we can play?
    Like other games you can go through other sites to play them like My Space. If you move it and everyone follows it will show face book a message that they can not push us around and make us play just the games that they want us to play.

  103. Wendi Stevenson says:

    I would like to know why its vanished is it because its so popular?????? we want our BINGO BLITZ BACK

  104. Tina Kraemer says:

    I would love to have Bingo Blitz back, one of the only games I play loyally! Please bring back!!

  105. laura says:

    i love bingo blitz plz bring it back i cant get out off house much&ave met lots of friends on ere so plz plz bring it back facebook

  106. janet watt says:

    why on earth have you took bingo blitz off facebook it was a really good game i dont understand were you are coming from and why we wasnt notified bring it back please a lot of my friends use this and we are going to ban facebook all together

  107. michelle salisbury says:

    Facebook please give us back bingo blitz !!

  108. sonya tweedale says:

    carnt believe i came on to play BB and its disappeared and nobody as even said why,ive also spent a lot of money buying BB tokens to play well if they are not bringin it back i want a full re embursment of all my monies spent.

  109. Nancy Taylor says:

    Please bring Bingo Blitz back….the best game in Facebook. What about the money that I just spent for some extra credits…..that is stealing……everyone should get a refund sent to there account. Please please bring it back. I am have withdrawal.

  110. Lissa Wolters says:

    give back bingoblitz! i really enjoyed this game , even with the little things that didnt go well.
    its a fun game
    give it back to us!!

  111. Bettan says:

    wé want it back

  112. Bonnie Landaker says:

    Please bring BINGO BLITZ back it is the best game to play!!!

  113. nicola harvey says:

    give us bk bingo blitz. i luv playing it its a brilliant game!

  114. Debbie says:

    WHAT IS UP WITH BINGO BLITZ? How about all those that invested their money for credits???? IT’S ROBBERY!!!

  115. Linda Riga says:

    Where is Bingo Blitz and why was it removed without anyone even being notified??? What is going on????

  116. Kalliope Vergis says:

    Please bring Bingo Blitz back, it is by far the BEST Bingo game on FB!

  117. Sharon West says:

    Bring it back! or i’ll go nuts without my only favourite game! Please don’t do this to us!

  118. janice gray says:

    please bring bingo blitz back i really miss playing the game

  119. Dianne says:

    bring the game back please

  120. Laura Molino says:

    Bring Back BINGO BLITZ It Was Lots Of Fun and Great People That Became Friends. We Need Our Bingo Blitz Fixxxxxxx Come On Facebook PLEASE

  121. Laura Molino says:

    WELL If Facebook Doesn’t Bring Back BINGO BLITZ Then I’m CLOSING My Account Off Facebook They Don’t Deserve My Business Facebook You Suck For Doing This.

  122. corey and emma says:


  123. marilyn dawkins says:

    i am very mad about this game being removed, i play everyday and dont spend any money on it, you better put this one back on if not im done with facebook, yall just gave no warnings and kept saying am working on the problem but never fixed things this is the only thing i enjoyment i have dai-lyyyy

  124. colleen hunt says:

    what the flippin hecks happened to my fav( BINGO BLITZ game i’m gonna have withdrawal symptoms now FACEBOOK u r getting to be right twits PUT IT BACK NOWWWWWWWWW x

  125. jean jode says:

    you are out of order face book..why take away an app that is enjoyable, fun and friendly and free, please bring it back or are you just jealous that this app is better than any of yours

  126. sharon wood says:

    plz bring our bingo back i think this stinks what ye doing

  127. lisa lodge says:

    bring it back plz

  128. Heather MacAngus says:

    please please please bring bingo blitz back ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  129. autumn lafevor says:

    i really need my bingo it was a different way to play and was very exciting i want it back booooooo

  130. rosie says:

    why did bb get deleted its not good it need to come bk on fb .

  131. nikki says:

    It’s not the same playing bingo on other site, we wont you back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  132. Sharon Gray says:

    bring back Bingo Blitz please

  133. sarah brooks uk says:

    please bring it bingo blitz its not fair to remove a loved game by everyone

  134. Deborah Oram says:

    It was and is the BEST game on Facebook EVER.

  135. wendy payne says:

    every body so angry over the disappearance of our much loved bingo blitz…..whose fault is it? looks like i will never get that lovable little panda PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back.

  136. Cyndi D says:

    I bought credits for Bingo Blitz via Facebook… and you removeD the game. You OWE me the game back or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!! We are talking legal class action if this isn’t rectified IMMEDIATELY!!!

  137. Wanda says:

    Please bring back Bingo Blitz!!!!

  138. cecile says:

    Je suis très déçue ,j’espère que vous allez remettre bingo blitz , je voudrais bien qu’il revienne au plus vite

  139. Michelle says:


  140. andree santoire says:

    i love bingo blitz

  141. bayli turner says:

    its not gambling, there is no money involved…plz…its a game if facebook does not bring back bingo blitz i will close out my account with them and go back to my space…

  142. Melisa says:

    just started playing a little over a month ago… I like this app… bring it back!

  143. sarah robinson says:

    I think it is disgusting that facebook can and does just remove apps without any warning to the devs or players!!!
    Bring back BBi’m suffering withdrawal symptoms now!!!

  144. kimberly bork says:

    this was my favorite game please bring it back

  145. donna rimmer says:

    bring bingo blitz back have some good friends on there and cant chat to them now )-;

  146. amanda cheema says:

    please inform us of whats going on think we all deserve that

  147. Judith Alderson says:

    Personally i for one will be boycotting FB permanently if our fav bingo site, BB, is not re-instated…It cannot be removed on gambling grounds because you can’t win anything …No different from spending cash on FB credits..Come on FB get your finger out and SORT THIS OUT

  148. carol hanson says:

    i cannot believe you have done this

  149. gemma sibbald says:

    come on facebook pull your finger out and get bingo blitz back on, its one of the only things i enjoy on facebook and now its gone. you have so many unhappy facebook users at the moment!!!!!!!! PLEASE JUST GET IT SORTED

  150. MICHAELA says:

    Really??? Bring back Bingo Blitz or Im gonna cancel my facebook page and so are 100’s of my friends

  151. teresa rowlands says:

    i love playin bingo blitz was very disappointed when i found it missing from face book please bring it back i also had 1000 credits on there this is not good

  152. Mickey says:


  153. Barbara Chudik Nusz says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK BINGO BLITZ Facebook…It is the best game thus far that I have found in Facebook. Bingo Blitz has close to a 5 star rating which should tell you something, that it’s a great sight!

  154. tiffany king says:

    bring back bingo blitz. its a good game and we make a lot of good friends off it….

  155. jules beat says:

    this is very wrong i love the game please reinstate it yes i bought credits and recieved credits what i payed for but all games theres credits so you gonna say they gambling as well pleae please please bring bingo blitz back

  156. chemkwat paul lewis says:

    please bring back bingo blitz

  157. brenda lawrie says:

    bring back bb we all miss it

  158. Barbara Chudik Nusz says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK BINGO BLITZ Facebook…It is the best game thus far that I have found in Facebook. Bingo Blitz has close to a 5 star rating which should tell you something, that it’s a great sight!

  159. angi cranmer says:

    every morning I look forward to Bingo blitz. I am retired and enjoy the game. best one ever. How could you do that to us players.I am so mad and cannot believe this has happen so fast and no warning. Shame, shame on you. We need that Back ASAP. Hope there is a Plan

  160. sandra dodd says:

    pls i love bingo ;(

  161. Jeana Whitehead says:

    You have removed the best bingo that was available to play. WHY??? Please bring Bingo Blitz back!! I LOVE BINGO BLITZ!!!

  162. william vickers says:

    why not put bb on other site then we all close all of our accounts in protest its not a fair way to treat people who just like a game of bingo n a chat is facebook trying to cut the freedom of speach in the games on facebook

  163. gerry whitley says:

    please bring back bing my wife loves it and so do i, so get yr bums in to getin back on thank u.

  164. maria CARDIFF UK says:

    OMG this has to be my fav bingo game ever and the only 1 that i have made time 2 play. Maybe the makers should set up on myspace otherwise a=nd ill be going there daily instead

  165. aletha dean says:

    I really loved that game,and i miss it bring it back pleaseeeee!!!!!

  166. Carol Fantauzzo says:

    I was just starting to get into this game…..BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  167. Cj Kay says:

    I was really !@#$ annoyed with BB being taken off FB…I spent $100 on buying Tokens last night…they still took my money…or should I say…stole my money…is there anyway we can play BB without having to go through FB…I would gladly abandon FB to play BB elsewhere(without BB i was getting bored with FB anyway)…let us be the judge of what we want to play…actions speak louder than words…lets all band together and make a stand…Cj Kay

  168. Bettylou Walpole says:

    I miss Bingo Blitz…I can’t even enjoy my coffee with out it…Please Please bring it back

  169. Stephanie says:

    Put back this game… This is ridiculous…. and quite frankly about enough of this… i spent money on this app – beta or not – and its not fair that you just yank it without reason to the rest of us?

  170. dawn clifford says:

    please please please bring back bingo blitz,its a great game and so many pll have made new friends from far and wide through this game

  171. Pam says:

    REALLY? Because Bingo Blitz was so popular…other bingo sites like the FB Bingo with their bingo bucks suffered…hmmmm…could there be a connection?

  172. Mille says:

    Facebook we deserve an explanation to why you have shut down Bingo blitz. Love playing bingo and I want it back.

  173. Christine says:

    I am so flipping ticked off, that face book, removed one of the most popular games on there site, BINGO BLITZ, by far is the best game on there, if you refuse to let the game back on F.B., but the question here is why did you remove it without so much as a word or reason why , that is so rude and uncalled for, stop being the problem, and bring back what is enjoyable, with thousands of people, I for one will just stop even playing games there’s, I will only go to the site, to chat with old friends, then be on my way, you never know, F.B. might lose a lot of fans of the site……. your loss

  174. Ellen Lafferty says:

    bring bb back

  175. leanne cofax says:

    cheers fb can’t believe you’ve done that

  176. laura cahun says:

    bring bingo blitz back, I have a lot of fun playing the game

  177. Gina reisewitz says:

    Bring back…Thats the only bingo i enjoy playing

  178. Mille says:

    Facebook we deserve an explanation to why you have shut down Bingo blitz. Love playing bingo and I want it back.

  179. Alisa says:

    I am very perturbed at the insult that facebook would think that Bingo Blitz is promoting gambling! How many other bingo games are played on your site? There are so many people who enjoyed Bingo Blitz on a daily bases, and I believe this is an insult to our intelligence of knowing that this is not gambling! Please bring Bingo Blitz Back!!

  180. brigitte says:

    this is not fair i love the game and looked forward to play every day and get my 81 credits and those free spins BRING BINGO BLITZ BACK PLEASE

  181. Mille says:

    Facebook we deserve an explanation to why you have shut down Bingo blitz. Love playing bingo and I want it back.

  182. stuart sparks says:


  183. Elaine Larsen says:

    what happened? we were having a blast…cmon facebook get it together and bring back BB

  184. Cj Kay says:

    If BB was removed because of gambling issues…then FB is guilty of stealing…from all of us…being the Game we all love to play and enjoy and the money spent on buying Tokens…and as recently as last night…I paid $100 for Tokens…wonder where they are now…I will very happily boycott FB if BB is not re-instated…as i am sure so will a lot of others…FB if you are as serious about BB as we fans and followers are…you should pull out your finger and get something happening…or else…there will be a mass walkout…without hesitation…

  185. kelie tidwell says:

    I really enjoy Bingo Blitz, It is fast and challanging, dont want to play farmville, so please put this game up somewhere, I would play it anywhere, it does not have to be on facebook.

  186. christine bennett says:

    bring back bingo blitz best game on facebook

  187. jessica aertssen says:

    give us bingo blitz back

  188. connie beagle says:

    we need our bingo fix work it out people and bring it back

  189. renee hunter becker says:

    its unfair bring bingo blitz back

  190. zoe smith says:

    Please bring back Bingo Blitz its the best bingo on the web today. It is all I do and will no longer have a facebook if it is not put back!!!!

  191. avril says:

    Bring back my bingo i am lost without it

  192. Mona says:

    I just want you to bring it back…..

  193. michele says:

    For Real bring back bingo blitz I really enjoy playing that.

  194. Julie says:

    Come on facebook. As you can see from all the people signing this petition we miss Bingo Blitz. This game brought joy to a lot of people. It’s a place where people can escape the mad world at the moment and we love it. Please have a heart bring it back.

  195. tracie calver says:

    I was really p****d off this morning when i tried to play Bingo Blitz as it is the best app on facebook, come on facebook get your s*** sorted out and give us back our bingo.

  196. Gisele says:

    i cannot believe this please bring the bingo blitz because that my favorite game and i dont no il i stay with facebook.

    Voyons donc c’était mon jeu favorit pas sur que je vais rester avec facebook si vous le remettez pas très déçu.

  197. kelly says:

    Need my bingo blitz made so many new friends pleaseeeeeeee bring it back

  198. jamie says:

    if bb is considered gambling because you can use real money to buy credits then just about every game on facebook is the same. farmville you can use really money to buy things, cityville also and so on so what the hell is the difference. there is absoultly no good reason to remove this app!

  199. Janice McNicholl says:

    Facebook you disgust me the way you treat us…… blitz is a fun game NOT one where money is won its items to build a collection only money involved is where you get us to buy credits so we can play longer,which i might add i bought 200 credits yesterday you were quick enough to take my money so be fast in putting it back into my account,It BINGO BLITZ cannot be removed on gambling grounds because you can’t win money, i play farmville and pay good cash just the same as this app, are you going to remove that also??? get your finger out Faceache and get it sorted PRONTO

  200. lisa knox says:

    bring back bingo blitz or i will do the the same as michaela

  201. Jax says:

    Well…I dunno how many have taken notice of the “new” adverisments for approx 15+ New Bingo games that COULD pay you in Euros on certain wins….hhmmm awfully paculaiure… FB w/o notice and rather quite rudely if may say…and suddenly these new ones??? please!!!! FB must not think their clientel have much whitts to do something sooooo ignorant.

  202. Jeannette Ripzaad says:

    I want BB back on fb, i love that game and without BB i dont come back on fb!

  203. jackie horne says:

    bring back bingo blitz that game is my relaxin time after a hard days work i could not beleuive it this mornin after payin for chips as well iv lost them all

  204. Jeannette Ripzaad says:

    I want BB back on fb, i love that game and without BB i dont come back on fb!

  205. Dee says:

    I agree Michaela…If this was removed by facebook,I along with 1000’s of others will remove our FB account !!!

  206. wendy says:

    Bring Back Bingo Blitz. mega game, one of the best games on facebook..

  207. Janet B says:

    Bingo Blitz should start their own site – outside Facebook….maybe FB woul d realize how many people use their game apps if this happened. I know I would be spending ALOT less time on facebook !

  208. john says:

    bring bingo blitz bk please

  209. Tracy Warden says:

    We seem to be a united front of Bingl Blitz lovers who are absolutely gutted by the loss of our favourite game. Please bring it back so that we can get back to doing what we like best – playing our beloved game and socialising worldwide at the same time.

  210. debbie says:

    I loved playing BINGO BLITZ got a chance to meet other people and form teams with people all over the world. I don’t go out much because I;m disabled so enjoy playing the games this is the one i play at midnight . have lost all my credits and i didn;t pay for them just saved them and collected them that way i got to play every nite. SO BRING BACK BINGO BLITZ PLEASE :( :(:( so very SAD.

  211. Rob says:

    why take a totaly non profit harmless game off when evry1 obviously enjoys it and theres no money to b gained r lost just makes no sense so whoever took it off needs their heads read!!!

  212. linda cooper says:

    bring bingo blitz back miss it

  213. marilyn says:

    Please bring back bingo blitz it was an awesome bingo and alot of fun

  214. debbie says:

    I am disabled enjoyed playing BINGO BLITZ never used any of my own money saved up credits ever day that way I could come back every nite to play. I had over 108 team mates playing with me like meeting other people from all over the world. BRING BACK BINGO BLITZ PLEASE********************:( :( :( :( VERY SAD

  215. victoria bardsley says:

    i can not believe you have done this facebook bingo blitz is one game i enjoyed bring it back

  216. Angie says:

    I enjoyed this game and others on facebook but the last few nights every other site has glitched and am about to go back to POGO or cease to play on internet period not worth my internet fees to not be able to have fun and to relax with friends

  217. Rachel says:

    plssss plsss plss bring back bingo blizt, it was realy good game pllllssssssssss

  218. jackie says:

    what happen with it i like that one

  219. MARY ZIMMERMAN says:


  220. Rachel says:

    plssss plsss plss bring back bingo blizt, it was realy good game pllllssssssssss

  221. heather beeby says:

    this is pathetic bring bb back people have payed for some of there credits are you going to give every1 there money back? probably not so put it back n leave it alone :/ WE WANT BING BLITS WE WANT BINGO BLITS WE WANT BINGO BLITS WE WANT BINGO BLITS NOW !!!!!!!!!

  222. tia dorman says:

    i really like this game please bring it back!!!

  223. Emma says:

    Please bring back Bingo Blitz :) i know we has some problems with aspects of it like missing teammates but to remove the app withou first asking ALL the patrons who use it seems slightly “cutting off one’s nose to spite the face”.. i had for the first time bought 100 credits but never got to use them as it was gone by time i woke up 10 hrs ago..PLEASE BRING BB BACK!! Thankyou

  224. Donnalene says:

    Bring Bingo Blitz back. It’s not gambling, you don’t win money. What’s wrong with you fb?

  225. sharon morgan says:

    please bring back our game.

  226. Susan says:


  227. zoe maher says:

    birng it back. a lot of fun to be had with that game.

  228. gemma says:

    really couldn’t believe that BB had been removed, but now am glad that it has been put back on, so let us hope that it stays that way :)

  229. tracy says:

    what is wrong with facebook why take bingo blitz off if they keep going at it the loads of people will close their accounts including me

  230. Judy Melanson says:

    I personally only use FB for Bingo Blitz and several of my friends also. Please bring it back as a lot of us will be closing our FB accounts.

  231. Mistie says:

    Deleting your FB account doesn’t hurt FB, all it does is leave you with nothing to do. Yes i’m very upset with the disapearence of BB. but come on peeps. keep it together. Most likely will be back in a few hours anyway. if you read the post this morning on FB that BB posted, it stated that FB was working to get it back on, and would take several hours to do so. Be patient, its just a game. Meanwhile go to gamesville web site and play their free bingo, it’s not nearly as fast paced, but if you win, you actually money. granted i’ve been playing for a couple years, and i haven’t won a dime. but who cares, it’s still bingo. plus there are other bingo games on FB to occupy ya’ll till BB is back. chillax and enjoy the weather ya’ll. go fishing or shopping. I’m sure some you addicts of BB have neglected you lifestyle for this game. Get the spring cleaning done. I can smell the stench of something rotting in your house from here…

  232. susan says:

    OK, Face Book, why the cancellation of Bingo Blitz??? We at the very least deserve an explanation !! Who was it hurting to allow all these bingo lovers some fun??? What can be done to bring Bingo Blitz back ???

  233. HAYLEY says:

    Y take bingo blitz away, i and many 1000’s love the game. please please bring it back

  234. Alice says:

    I LOVE bingo biltz.please bring it back. Its the best game on facebook. if thay take it away, i will be very sad.

  235. ROSE DAVIS says:

    everybody else can pull up Bingo Blitz, but i CAN’T. Please help me as I’m handicapped and Bingo Blitz is a great part of my day. Thanks

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