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tal - I would say around 95 million of the estimated 100 million online bingo players play for fun on social networking sites such as Facebook. They are not playing for cash prizes. There aren't that many players that play for cash on such a regular basis to be counted in the…

- Tuesday 8th September, 2015
Just how popular is online bingo with men?

Mrs Mack - Why all the secrecy about this song. On sale Skegness, Blackpool, Bridlington, Isle of Wight from 50p to £1. also lots of car boots around the midlands first bought ours SKEGNESS5 YEARS AGO. not worth £61

- Monday 31st August, 2015
Do You Know The Bingo Song?

David - Beware the 50 free spins offer is no longer valid although I saw it Advertised.... Or the 100 percent deposit bonus.. Really disappointed as I could not see a activation date anywhere in the small print feel really done over and will never play at ladbrokes again.

- Sunday 12th July, 2015
Does Ladbrokes Bingo still need a definitive identity?

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