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stu Gordon - It is not the commercial concerns that these Bingo Clubs have, it is to stop interfering customers getting involved and causing more panic has to what is happening, carrying on with the bingo is the only way forward and it does work 100% of the time so heartless and callous…

- Wednesday 27th May, 2015
Bingo hall policy questioned as another player falls ill

andrea - love all bingo sites xx

- Wednesday 6th May, 2015
How a progressive slot win unfolds

DANIEL WOODHOUSE - does anyone out there use the "enter custom tickets" feature where you enter the numbers on bingo tickets into the software for automatic claim checking? I do and I would be interested to hear from anyone who is doing this I did used to work for both Mecca and Gala…

- Tuesday 3rd February, 2015
Lee’s Bingo Software Review