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Bingo Godz is a new exciting bingo website built in HTML5, available as an app and with social integration. Read our Bingo Godz reviews.

god brian blessedGaming Realms, the company behind Bingo Godz have today announced their financial results for the last half of 2013.

The standout point from the report is that 50% of their revenue is coming from mobile; that’s a huge percentage and shows how the market is moving from desktop to mobile devices. Along with Bingo Godz the company do own the mobile game Pocket Fruity, and Bingo Godz has been designed with mobile in mind but even so this is a big change from desktop gaming.

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Mobile Bingo SitesOver the past couple of years, there has been a rapid growth in the number of operators updating their bingo software so that it works on mobile phones and tablets.

Some have gone for mobile friendly websites, others have opted for specific app store applications – but all have foreseen that this is where they need to be if they are to survive the next big change in online bingo.

That change is the rapid movement away from laptops and PCs for the majority of their customers.

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Its been a long wait, but they are finally here, the official Bingo Godz TV ads! Featuring the voice of Brian Blessed and offering players the chance of a free Bingo Godz gift expect these to hit your TV screen soon.
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bingo godzThe opening of Bingo Godz and its full launch has been widely anticipated and generated much excitement, but I have been playing at Bingo Godz since it first opened during August and had to wait until 10th September for the first appearance of any Bingo Godz – until then I was playing with blind belief in their existence! Continue reading

I’ve written a few things up to now about Bingo Godz but nothing has quite gotten me as excited as finding out that Brian Blessed is the voice of the bingo caller!

I did a double take when I heard his booming voice calling out the balls for the first time, and I questioned whether or not it was really him.

But when I heard “GORDON’S ALIVE – FIVE’ I laughed so hard as I knew that yes, the legendary thespian of Flash Gordon fame was indeed Bingo Godz new caller (watch video).

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Bingo Godz Greek LobbyYou may have noticed that we’ve been going (bingo-ing) a little crazy over Bingo Godz the last few weeks. This is because this new exciting bingo website is set to launch very soon, and we’re pretty convinced that its going to be massive! So in case you’ve missed any of our extensive coverage so fair, here’s a quick round up of all our Bingo Godz news, gossips and rumours so far. Continue reading

bingo godzBingo Godz is the new bingo site which promises to be completely different to any bingo site you’ve seen before.

I’ve been checking it out prior to launch, and am now able to give you a sneak peak at some of the exciting bingo worlds.

The bingo lobby of Bingo Godz feels more like an adventure game than a traditional bingo lobby.

Instead of a long list of bingo rooms, there is a Map with 6 different bingo worlds floating high above the Earth.

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BingoGodz500The most talked about, and most hotly anticipated, launch in the online bingo world in 2013 is BingoGodz. The snippets of information that we’ve had so far include grainy mobile footage of the TV advert being shot and a holding page on the website featuring the logo and a series of, unsurprisingly, Bingo Gods.

There are many new launches every year into the online bingo space, so what is it that is going to make this one so different, and hopefully, so much more successful, than the other 350 or so that are already out there?

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