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By Anita Heffernan Bingo News 7 Comments
- 01st May 13

And still they keep coming! Every day this week a new bingo site has launched – it's a veritable tidal wave of newness. Sort of. The latest new bingo site to launch is Guestlist Bingo and is another site that has chosen to operate on the Dragonfish network.

Guestlist Bingo tries to tap in to real life on its homepage by using pictures of real people over cartoon characters, all based in a party environment, with champagne corks popping in celebration.

It is a very pink site and in those real life photos there only appears to be one man and he is quite in the background, so Guestlist Bingo is clearly defining the market it is predominantly aimed at – the bingo playing ladies out there.

While most of what is inside this new bingo site is pretty standard to anyone familiar with Dragonfish software, the 250% first deposit bonus make it well worth an initial investment to have a go in a lot of the rooms and maybe invest in some of the upcoming big games.

Prices vary from 5p to £1 to play the bingo games and the site also boasts a wide selection of slot games.

The thing that will mark Guestlist Bingo out from the competition for those that stick with it is the fact that it will be actively managed by a very experienced team. It features a prominent blog that will be regularly updated with details of what is going on at the site and special offers. Players can also expect regular bonus codes and offers that other Dragonfish site members can only dream of.

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  1. bluey321 says:

    The customer service number here is permanetly engaged. The live help is a chat room no privacy to discuss any probs u have as every1 one else can c what u type an the replies. Received email saying had a fully funded account between 6 and 600 pounds no deposit needed all i had to do was join using code. So i did then realized I had to register card to get bonus. So I did and it said funds added to account – nothing there went to live chat room help and every1 there complaining they hadn’t received bonus. Every 1 being told their card had failed security checks, BUT as a good will gesture the site would give bonus once u had topped up. So that’s not free bonus if u have to top up. It was crazy. If u dont belive me, join.GL with that. I’m still waiting to get through to customer service after 3 hours to close account.Not a good start!

  2. The Guestlist Bingo Team says:

    Hey bluey, thanks for your feedback. It really isn’t too good to be true! :) We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve had issues when registering your new player code and our help room. It sounds like there’s been some slight teething issues, but we’re more than happy to help! We know you’ve already emailed and we’re getting to the bottom of this for you! We’ll be in touch soon as we mentioned in our email! :) The Guestlist Bingo Team.

  3. aaronsgran1807 says:

    I joined guest list bingo through an email now I cant find out how to log in again

  4. phoebejoesmum27 says:

    Claim to give a fully funded account but guess what? Once they have taken all your details and bank details, you cannot have the free funds because your card does not pass their security check. Irrelevant of the fact that your card works everywhere else, just not on this site, unless you give them your money first, it works then. Live chat cannot even control the amount of complaints so do not respond to you at all.

  5. ksped84 says:

    i joined up to this site a couple of days ago and i am fully satisfied with it, i did recieve my £6 upon sign up and i managed to cash out £70 only down fall i had £25 in bonus as i topped up £10 i got up and decided to withdraw but it said i needed to deposit and wager £20 before i could withdraw. when i deposited a further £10 i got another £10 bonus i seemded to play alot of bingo but it says i would lose my whole £35 bonus if i withdrew i played on abit further but still hadn’t met the wagering requirements so in the end i withdrew and lost the bonus because i asked in live help if they could tell my my remaining requirements but they said it was all automatic :( other than that its a great site

  6. justcat1 says:

    It was disgusted on this site with the rudeness of the support in live help. Couldn’t bank, no bonus, games jumping, and when i went to live help, not only was i told “just wait, your in a queue” how rude. Said i was thinking of closing my account as of all the problems she said “click my name for private chat” so did and was automatically booted from the site. Ii thought it was a glitch, tried to log back in it said account closed. It is the first site I wished I had never joined, rude and very unhelpful.

  7. The Guestlist Bingo Team says:

    Hey everyone, if you’re having any problems with the site please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re more than happy to help. Our email address is We look forward to hearing from you!

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