Holidaymakers in Portugal arrested for playing bingo

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- 24th June 13

We love bingo here at WhichBingo, but you know it has to be a slow news day when bingo not only makes page one of a national newspaper, but is also its main headline. The Sun is today running a bingo story with one of its infamous headlines attached – 'Clickety Nicked'.

The paper reports that 30 holidaymakers and residents in Albufeira, Portugal were enjoying a drink and a friendly game of bingo in The Yorkshire Tavern in the resort last Friday, when two detectives made themselves known and the pub was raided by 12 uniformed police. All the startled pub goers who played in the game, plus those that were only present, were arrested at the scene and questioned for up to four hours.

Portugal has very strict gambling laws and a bingo night requires the granting of a special licence. The Yorkshire Tavern licensee thought this was not necessary in this instance as the prize was a tin of biscuits and some chocolate, not cash. Those present, including those not playing, could face fines ranging from £1,300 to £8,500. Those present in the bar could be prosecuted for 'observing a crime' even though they were actually watching TV – that's how strict the portuguese law is.

We might not be having much sunshine, but much safer to stay home and enjoy our traditional online bingo and sites such as the newspapers own Sun Bingo.

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