Is bigger bingo better bingo?

By Anita Heffernan Features 1 Comment
- 22nd February 12

Some of the current offers that are circulating the online bingo market at the moment are really breathtaking. The one of note right now is the Foxy Bingo £100k free bingo game giveaways that are taking place not once, but three times and offers every depositing player the one single game ticket available for free.

However, in recent months William Hill Bingo has become a serious contender in the big money arena with its car a day giveaway and its live free for a year offer in January that saw one lucky winner secure a payout of nearly £500 a week for the next 12 months.

There are other bingo sites that like the tried and trusted methods of giving something back. Tombola Bingo for instance sticks quite rigidly to its Big Link offers in its 90 ball bingo rooms, often giving away £70,000 over just 14 hours in a single week, or its huge guaranteed jackpots in its other bingo varient rooms. Players love them, so why not?

Can offers at these levels be sustained and are they what players are looking for?

Sun Bingo could be said to be the bingo site that started the really big giveaways, being the first to give away 30 brand new cars back in 2010 and they have also done the huge money games and prize draws, but seem to have backed away from the really big ones just recently.

It could be that online bingo players would prefer more sustained, better value game prizes every day than offering one player a life changing prize once every few months.

Jackpotjoy has a mixture of both. They tend to have huge and mid size progressive jackpots that are won on a fairly regular basis and throw holidays and bingo games with generous, but not outrageous jackpots into the mix. For instance, Jackpotjoy holds a £13,000 bingo game at the end of each month. However, they also try to make their offers inclusive, like the current effort to distribute the £250,000 prize money that was not won on Ad Break Bingo from the Deal or No Deal sponsorship. Every player had the chance to win a smalll share of the pot for free, just for being a member.

Sites like bet365 Bingo also try to offer everyday value with free bingo offers and big money room exclusive invites to players spending a certain amount. But they also have access to the big networked jackpots that are being made available more and more, such as £30K sessions mid month and £100k bingo sessions at the end of the month. Bet365 Bingo, however, often throws something of its own into the mix just for its own players, to mark it out from the rest.

Is it the money or is it the little extras that make for loyal players. Is bigger better or should it be medium and more often?

There are all sorts of ways that the online bingo sites are trying to ensure that they offer what players want most and time will tell what it turns out to be.


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  1. susannah10 says:

    I agree with the comments about Sun bingo and Jackpotjoy. These are both my favourite sites, however, Jackpotjoy do have better and much bigger jackpots than Sun Bingo. Both site are very easy to use unlike some sites. Foxy Bingo I have not used very much I must say so can’t really comment. However I have used Bet 365 and did not find it user friendly, plus bonuses you receive in emails are not very clear and appear to be misleading. Tombola do offer good jackpots, but personally I have only ever won one time on this site. I don’t however expect to win all the time, but a few wins would be nice. The site does offer a variety of games and jackpots thgat do go regular like Jackpotjoy. There are some recent sites I have tried, in which I would recommend readers to try! Virgin Bingo and Love your Bingo are my favourite site too!

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