Outcry as Facebook Bingo Friendzy game added to Jackpotjoy

By Anita Heffernan Bingo News 1 Comment
- 26th March 13

Jackpotjoy was the first online bingo site to introduce a pay to play site to Facebook following relaxation of the rules relating to real money gaming. Bingo Friendzy was the game and it was very innovative and ticked all the boxes of what Facebook bingo fans are fond of. It had extra winnings for players with friends in the game, it had cute, furry creatures as the bingo 'balls', it had extra chances to win at the end of every game.

Despite an ever increasing number of Facebook 'likes' – currently standing at 8,800 – the actual player numbers have struggled to reach even 100 at the peak time. That peak time has been between 9pm and 10pm when the total game prize money has been set at £100. That means just over £54 for the full house and that is the best the prize money has ever reached – except when a lucky player scoops the progressive jackpot by calling house in 40 number or less.

In a move that has not gone down well with those faithful to the Bingo Friendzy game Candy Cave on Facebook, Jackpotjoy have today added that room to the main Jackpotjoy online bingo site. The Facebook players, many of whom have played in Candy Cave since day one, regardless of the prize money, are distraught that their little world is now networked and that it will no longer be just a member of the Bingo Friendzy community that scoops the winnings.

Another reason for the discontent is that the ticket prices have doubled in price from 5p to 10p, meaning that maximum tickets now costs £6 instead of the previous £3.

On the other hand, players on the main Jackpotjoy bingo site are absolutely loving the game with all its little additional features and the player numbers are the best ever seen during the day and are bound to get better into the evening. It remains to be seen if the £100 evening session remains in place, but this prize could be greater if more and more people join the room.

It could be that Jackpotjoy was the first pay to play bingo site added to Facebook, but if its unhappy players walk away it could also be the first to close.

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  1. twink says:

    Unfortunately due to the changes that have been made, facebook players can no longer afford to stay and play in the room that was like a large happy family. Prior to the change at the stated peak time there would be an average of 100 players in the room playing, but in the last two days this has been halfed and players are only buying 1 ticket in the hope that the community jackpot, which they got up to £1000 prior to the change would go, but even those still buying the same amount of tickets as prior to the change have admitted the chance of actually winning has lessened considerably because they are playing against the more extreme players on Jackpotjoy. The room is now so empty that even the host is now hosting one of facebook friendzy other rooms, vanilla which has now become the “families” new room to play in. It is the belief of this community family that had Jackpotjoy informed the players prior to the change of what was going to happen and had they waited till the community jackpot had gone prior to the change they would have been less unhappy. Also had they kept the prices the same they wouldn’t of felt the inclination to leave and look at other apps on facebook

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