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By Anita Heffernan - Google+

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As of December 2013 players at 50 Shades of Bingo has closed and all players moved to Nudge Nudge Bingo.


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50 Shades of Bingo - CLOSED DECEMBER 2013 Player Reviews

Have you played bingo at 50 Shades of Bingo - CLOSED DECEMBER 2013? Did you enjoy your experience? Let us and our thousands of weekly visitors know what you think about 50 Shades of Bingo - CLOSED DECEMBER 2013. Review 50 Shades of Bingo - CLOSED DECEMBER 2013

23 bingo players have reviewed 50 Shades of Bingo - CLOSED DECEMBER 2013, with 57% of players recommending the site.

  1. mizzie says:
    50 Shades of Bingo is a lovely site x. The wager is high, but the bonuses are brilliant so nothing to moan about. The chat hosts and help are the most nicest people i have ever seen on a bingo site and bend over backwards to help you x. I give you ten out of ten 50 shades xxx mizzie
  2. I joined this site a while back, and was really enjoying it, then I received an email saying I was already on a site. I can't really remember which one it was, but I didn't realise that once you have joined one of these Beast software sites you could not join anymore?? So to me it's pointless having so many of them. It's just like the Cozy sites really, although I think Cozy have started a few different sites now where u can join a few of them. Anyway I don't even know which other of these Beast gaming sites I joined, and to be honest I did enjoy it, but it was hard to withdraw money. It may have changed now, but it was when it first opened and I joined I just don't understand why they open so many sites on this software and you can only join one??
    • The withdrawals are processed 7 days after you request it and I have honestly never had any issues with 50 Shades and in fact I play on bingo northern Ireland too, a sister site. You are allowed to play on 2 of their sites, but you must not mix it up with the 2 different groups one of which is Irish and one which is from the UK. They have very fair policies and I will remain at this site until either the site ceases operation or I'm no longer here and with that I'm 26 so it should be a long time to come.
  3. I would also like to add how great is it when the site emails you to inform you that the processing of your withdrawal is completed at their end and should be in your bank the next day. Well this site does exactly that they dont hide anything from their players and are completely honest and trustworthy great to find a site that offers everything a bingo player could hope for. Love 50shades for its policies for customer satisfaction and care. Well done guys a truly great bingo site. keithwinsjp
  4. Really like this site it has the full package great deposit bonuses with extra chances to get a good bonus with the banker and the chef. Ok it does have x4 wagering which is slightly steep and maybe needs to be reduced in line with other popular sites. I won 1200 in one day on here and i was really chuffed the other downside to 50shades is you can only withdraw £/ 500 per week. I do believe that when you have a win you should be given the right to take your money of the site. In saying that since i joined the livebingocentral group i have not gone to play anywhere else they have a wide variety of slots great in chat promotions and fab chat games. The roomies are mostly nice and its like a happy bingo family. I have decided this will be my main bingo site for the foreseeable future. The game supports in chat are great at their job really good fun chloe the chat manager can take a joke even if its about her and the other hosts are fab. i love this site and intend on staying around for a while at least. keithwinsjp
  5. xxxxxxxxx says:
    Ha ha ha that's all I can say. I have made a few bad reviews because I'm always openly honest with my findings on sites, but this one has got to be the worst one by far. Same winners is a understatement. Please don't have a moan either because your reply will be 'no one makes you play if you don't like it leave'. The roomies most were helpful.The wagering is something out of this world. I deposited £20, got £80 bonus so £100.00 to spend. Then when I had a win I asked what do I need to wager and was told x4 my bonus so my £30.00 win was expected to cover an expenditure of £320.00 and that's before I could try to withdraw. The most I saw on was around 80 players and I can see why. I played there once and will never play there again.
    • MAW25 says:
      Don't blame you xxxxxxxxx! This site is exactly same as BraveheartBingo, both sites very dull & boring! Spend elsewhere so you can enjoy a good game of Bingo!!!!
  6. annir9 says:
    I have played on 50 Shades a few times now. I took advantage of the really great deposit offer and spent it all, getting over excited on the slots. I didn't win much but still enjoy my time here. I think the reason I come back to this site is because of the different variety. Even though there are not many different bingo games to play there is still a lot of others like scratch cards, slots and poker games.
  7. sez1970 says:
    I really hate to be negative about a site, but this is possibly the worst site that i've ever been on!!! Layout, selection of games, navigation, half the time I couldn't get in to play a game of Bingo...I'm sure the CM's are great as most are, but never got the chance to find out. This site really needs a re-think...so sorry for negative review, I hope it improves with time!!!
  8. The thing I like about 50 shades is the cms are always chatty and everyone's friendly. There's plenty of competitions and promotions and it's a really fun site to be on. I would recommend this site to everyone.
  9. bingo007 says:
    Fabby bingo site, I have been a member since it started. Good games, good hosts, big prizes and the bingo manager is very helpful. Would highly recommend this site to anyone.
  10. Mike says:
    This is a new site and at first I thought hmmmm like all new sites there are always glitches but I can honestly say my experience on this one was brilliant. I got a really good bonus when i deposited for the first time and then another big one for second time too. I enjoyed the slot games they were amazing and the staff were very pleasant too.
  11. fluffymuffy says:
    i found this site friendly the chat hosts are very good have great laughs with them also the bingo manager angela is very friendly and nothing is to much trouble for her in fact i would say the site is homely
  12. rw5340 says:
    I read the reviews on here and joined, I really wish I had not. This for me is the worst laid out site in the universe. You cannot navigate and you also win nothing to boot! Worst site I have been on.....Wow there is nobody on here either, it is terrible....... really!
  13. 50 Shades of Bingo was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook. I gave it a try and was impressed. Although there was a slight hiccup concerning my bonus, the bingo manager, soon sorted it for me and I have never felt so much care and support on any other bingo site in my life. I enjoyed the 90 games and the chatter too. The first bonus was big and the other ones were big too! Fantastic bingo site!
  14. Maryann says:
    I loved playing the slots at this site and the bonuses were really good too. 90 ball is good and the cash prizes were rather big and the ticket prices very fair. Will defo play here again!
  15. QueenB says:
    I have to say what a really nice time I had playing at this site. The welcome was good, the 90 bingo games were fabby and I even won on one of their slot games. I only spent £10 and got to cash out right away! This is one brill site and I highly recommend it to anyone!
  16. xxdave666xx says:
    This sites TCs concern me. I noted some1 has said they won and withdrew without trouble, asking and getting your money are 2 different things. My concerns are that you're only allowed one account across the entire network and if you break this rule it states all deposits will be returned and any winnings returned to the game, plus an admin charge of £10. You can so easily fall foul of this rule. Consider this - you have an account at more than one of hundreds of the Dragonfish network, which most of us do. If they applied the same rule we would all be in breach of the TCs. I must point out this rule doesn't apply to the Dragonfish sites, but does at the sites within 50shadesofbingo network. If you withdraw then change your mind any bonuses wont be returned, there's a 4x wagering in place and if you withdraw before the 4x there's a £5 admin charge. Have a read of the TCs before you join so you don't fall foul of the rules. I have nothing against the site, but I've seen players lose jackpots before due to TCs.
    • fem240964 says:
      I agree with this ones acc on the network comment. Many sites have this. With software as sophisticated as it is these days companies should have it programmed to stop you doing this if its a firm condition. I know some groups do it. Wagering is high and hard but you can opt out of the bonuses when you deposit
    • xxdave666xx says:
      hi fem i dont disagree with you, the problem i have is that you could have one account at each of the two or more. sites with completely different names and without you knowing their linked they would stop all your winnings, they must make it very clear which sites are in this network so us players dont unfairly have our winnings removed
    • hillymay says:
      I just clicked on 50 shades and was about to register then realised it is Bingohour by any other name. Very naughty of these companies but I am well aware of the cynical practises by which they operate having been a member of Shootjack/Jacks live bingo which is now Bingohour. Nice, friendly place to play, good depo bonuses, but very hard to withdraw because of the 4x depo bonus.
    • xxxxxxxxx says:
      This had the potential to be a good site... but they started networking too many together. Too hard to win now let alone meet wagering requirements.It's a shame because I've wrote many a bad review about sites and this one I'd have happily given it a good review as when i joined i was made to feel like i'd been there forever. Players and hosts making me welcome and helping with every query, so friendly such a laugh.The same winner thing did happen most hours, but the chat was good enough you could still enjoy and still have the odd win.Shame a win seems an impossibility now :(
  17. daisy says:
    I had a really good time when I played at 50 Shades. The games are easy to follow and the chat room was fun too. I spent 10.00 and I won three times and was able to withdraw! Great site and the bonuses are good too.

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