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4.2 stars
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    A lot of effort has gone into making Bingo Godz unique and a big departure from anything currently available in the online bingo world and is widely regarded as the best new site for years.

    Bingo Godz operates on brand new Bede Gaming software and was developed by the original team that introduced us to Foxy Bingo in 2006 and this new bingo site is expected to become the new Foxy Bingo of this decade and give the wily fox a run for his money for entertainment and value. That was the first of its kind then and Bingo Godz was the first of its kind in 2013. 

    The site was developed by Gaming Realms which is one of the biggest players in the online gaming arena and with a board made up of bingo big names who themselves could be described as gods of bingo in their own right, their pedigree is that good. Simon Collins, Noel Rowse and Patrick Southon are the power behind the brand, overseen by Chairman Michael Buckley.

    New player offer

    A brand new bingo platform came into existence in August 2013 and the very first site to take advantage of it was Bingo Godz.

    New players receive £10 free - no deposit required.

    This is followed by a 100% first deposit bonusfor new players, worth up to £150 in bingo bonus - minimum deposit £10.


    Moving through the different worlds will attract all sorts of bonuses to extend the game play time at the site and special bonus codes will be issued on a regular basis.

    There are 6 different bingo worlds to access, each with 6 rooms and 6 godz to collect. The challenge is to collect these godz to keep moving through the rooms and through the levels.

    Actual Bingogodz appear at random times, but it is thought they only appear to players that have bought a pre-set minimum number of tickets. The appearance of a god also triggers a special bonus of some kind.

    That's 36 rooms to play in and 36 gods to collect - this will be no 5 minute stroll, but a long term adventure that offers rewards for achievement including free bingo tickets, better prizes and lots of bonuses, each of which are a reward for player loyalty and staying with the game.

    As at January 2015 three worlds are open - Greek, Eastern and Egyptian

    Help and support

    • Live Help
    • Tel: 0845 056 9637 
    • Email:
    • Post: Intellectual Property & Software Limited, Suite 6, St. Annes House, Victoria Street, Alderney, GY9 3TA.


    44 players have reviewed this site

    1. trillionaire trillionaire says:
      When I first joined Bingo Godz when it opened, it was very, very good. You had to collect Godz in each game. They appear randomly and you need to collect 6 Godz to move to level 2, which unlocks more exclusive rooms! The site was very fun. Bingo Godz has been bought out, and the new managers have changed the site. The site is now linked up to other sites including Bingo Stars, Health Bingo and STV Bingo. The unique games have been taken from Bingo Godz - It is now a site not worth joining.

      I hope Bingo Godz start doing standalone rooms again.
    2. vodkaalibi vodkaalibi says:
      I urge anybody thinking about it not to use this site. I can honestly say it's been the worst gaming experience of my life and I've had some pretty hairy ones in my 8 years in online gaming.

      I spent 2 months playing the slots without winning a bean, probably deposited close to £500. This in itself isn't unusual, and wouldn't normally get me that annoyed, it is gambling after all. Then, as if from nowhere, a £500 win! I was ecstatic and went immediately to withdraw the cash and close down my account. When I clicked on the withdrawal button I got an error message "Balance too low to withdraw."

      I thought at first it was some wagering requirement, so contacted Live Chat. They said it was a technical glitch with the website that their support team were aware of and working on, it will be fixed within 24 hours and I would be able to withdraw my winnings without a problem. I returned in 24 hours, same error. I had a few more spins and, to my utter disbelief, won another £500! I contacted customer services by e-mail, inquiring about the error, and whether they could pay out my, now £1,000, winnings another way, something I later discovered they are legally required to do when asked. No, they said, I'd just have to wait, it will be fixed in 24 hours. A week goes by, and I'm checking every day, getting the same error every day. I have another couple of spins and get my total winnings up to £1,600. I send them yet another e-mail demanding the withdrawal of my money, stating that under the terms of their license with the UK Gambling Commission, they are legally obliged to pay out my winnings on request, and that I would be reporting them if my money wasn't in my account (or at least on its way) within 24 hours. They point blank refused and offered some half-hearted 'sorry for the inconvenience' apology. After 2 weeks of waiting, I had another few spins and, after a not very surprising terrible losing streak, managed to lose the whole lot. Immediately after this, the 'error' is fixed, and 3 months on I've not won a thing since.
      The whole thing smacks of a fix, where you can only win when you can't withdraw, in the hopes that the majority of people will give up and play through the majority of any winnings they manage to get. I've reported them to the Gambling Commission but they've done nothing, as they have log files to show that I technically played through the loss. Although I see that, and I appreciate that many won't particularly sympathise with me on this one, I tried on 8 occasions to withdraw my winnings.
      If anybody else experiences this, please, please do not touch the money in your account from the moment you first attempt to withdraw.
    3. luckykaz luckykaz says:
      OLIVERSNANNY - i joined not long after the site opened and it was different n fun. I then rcvd a chat ban after sticking up for a cm when a player was being abusive to her. Seems CM (allegedly) made out i was abusive to another cm who wasnt on shift that night. My next ban was CM ( allegedly) again making out i had loads of warnings in free room when i only spoke in there to the chat admin that day who was once again working. Not a way to treat regular depositors on the site. I have now closed my account after 18 months. I wont support a site that bullies players tyvm xx
    4. catinengland catinengland says:
      I love this site and never had a problem withdrawing my winnings and had quite a few now. You will need to send off for your id tho. You haven't got thousands of players so stand a good chance of winning. I would recommend this site despite the bad reviews. Good luck.
    5. Really a terrible site and needs closing. Same winners nearly every game. People moaning for more wins, putting loads of money on tics to get a win, gambling should be banned etc. It used be a great site, but now it gone to dogs. I have closed my account - total waste of money.
    6. Whitey1shot Whitey1shot says:
      This is by far the worst bingo site i have ever been on. All the free bonous is pointless, won't pay out on 30.00 i won off free bet. I sent in 2 seperate ids as requested, but after it never went in i got back to them and they put it back in my bingo accout, so i withdrew again, but almost month later no sign of money, no word from support and banned off chat for cluing people up. What an awful site this is. Avoid!
    7. gaz329 gaz329 says:
      Bingo Godz is a good site to play on, but if you win do not expect to get your money easily. Support is ok, but withdrawals take for ever and they want every detail of your life. My advise stay away far better sites to play on.
    8. oceans oceans says:
      Awful site. Not much variety and not many players. I signed up and got my 10.00 free bonus and won 100.00. I couldn't find any wagering requirements so i withdrew the money and it was pending for a few days. I spoke on live chat to ask when it would be sent to my bank and they said i would only receive 20.00, so i asked how could i get the other 80.00 and would it be returned to my account, they said no i wouldn't get it back and 20.00 is all you can withdraw from the free bonus. So if and when i receive the 20.00 i will be closing my account, would not recommend to anyone.
    9. Worst site ever!! I must of deposited almost 500.00 since joining, wins are none exsistent. On one game ( fluffy favouraites ) I played 375 spins and still hadn't recieved a bonus feature?! It's an absolute con! Customer service are a joke as well! I requested my account to be closed ( they didn't) then allowed me to make several more deposits, then they had the cheek to say the account had been closed on said date and I was "mistaken" and hadn't made any deposits or logged in for days (UNREAL) as if anyone would lie about playing?! I wouldn't advise anyone to play here.
    10. lisa mallin lisa mallin says:
      Hi all. I've been on bingo godz since it opened. It is the best site around. I've had no problems whatsoever. Yes there are glitches, but every new site as that, but I got to say i've played on loads of sites and this one is definitely the best. Im sticking with bingo godz - love it, love it, love it xx
      • bingoloopyme bingoloopyme says:
        I have just rediscovered Bingo Godz and must say that I love the graphics, it's a bit different. I joined when it first opened when it wouldn't load and had loads of probs. Must say that my experience of late has been much better. Easy to understand wagering which you can check, withdrawals - once you have sent in id, no probs either. Money bk in account within 3-4 days. I know the site has had glitches a couple of times, but seems to be sorted. Loving this site at the mo xx
    11. bingobetty bingobetty says:
      I joined bingo godz last week and i won over 600 pounds. I am thrilled with my win and found the site very good. slots payouts are brill thanks. I had to exclude myself before i spent my winnings and im sad about that because the site is top.
    12. bingocrazy bingocrazy says:
      Worst site I have ever joined. Pots are low and boring to play for, with mostly same person winning again and again, these low amounts. I won a few small pots over a month but then logged in to see my balance at zero instead of the £20 it had been on. Turns out they take their bonus amount back after a month, even though I had spent it twice over and my initial deposit and had received over £20 winnings, they took the lot. I asked chat about it and said I had spent my deposit and bonus a couple of times over, so why take my balance? All they would say is your bonus expired and wouldn't explain or answer my query about how I had spent my bonus, so they were taking back money which was my winnings. They weren't helpful or nice about it at all. I won't be back, there are far better sites than this. Also you need to collect Gods to progress to better games I understand but this takes an age, I was no further forward after a month. Really would not recommend this site.
      • kerrance kerrance says:
        Snap - I've had a 3 hour lobby block out, unpaid winnings on games with no IDs, ghost games, dissapering tickets and 2 hours on phone to complaints. I am owed 40.00+ in 'lost' tickets and winnings that never got credited...oh yeah and i only joined less than 48hours ago......bad customer services - no cash back or compensation or even free game sessions gesture.
    13. booboo booboo says:
      Bad site is all i can say really. Been waiting for one god in leval 2 for 6 months now and still not out and i asked a cm and they was really rude. I would not be going bk on this site - no go site plz read and dont wast your time or money on this site.
      • luckykaz luckykaz says:
        We're on level 3 for nearly 12 months and i cant see it going to 6 levels as advertised when i joined the site not long after it opened. Very poor management x

    14. fancy that fancy that says:
      Joined Bingo Godz and deposited 20 pounds got 60 pounds bonus for the bingo. Did good on the slots - got up to about 300 pounds then went on the bingo. Now i think the bingo lets this site down. The pots are very poor. They do have a few games of bingo that pay higher, but mostly they are poor. Would not deposit to get a bb if they made me a offer of one. They do have quite a choice in slots, so it's a nice site shame about the bingo.

      Amazingly i logged in the next day to find 75 pounds in my account where my balance had been 0 when i logged out. I had come 8th in a slots tournment and won 75 pounds - think thats a first for me to have won any cash doing what i love - playing the slots, so i think that was a big plus for Bingo Godz. A fantastic promotion and the prizes were excellent. Since i didn't no i was in a tournment i was just playing the slots like i do, it was a luvley suprise and these prizes were cash. All in all a fine site. Hope the bingo pots get better then they will have an excellent site.
    15. denise1970 denise1970 says:
      Joined bingo godz took up the offer and won £80. No trouble with wagering requirements as it just took the rest of my bonus. Have made a second deposit of £10 and won another £400. Very quick withdrawals in my bank day after being processed, although prize pots are small there are bigger pots on next level.
    16. itsme itsme says:
      I joined Bingo Godz recently and made a withdrawal request. 5 days on now and I've heard absolutely nothing, they have not even asked for my i.d yet! Read other reviews since and can see there are endless complaints about withdrawing.Yyou don't get this problem with other sites so why here? I won't be depositing until i hear from them anyway.
    17. bugsy2000 bugsy2000 says:
      I was excited when i saw this new bingo site, but what a disappointment - it's so boring. I played in 1 room for at least an hour & a half and 1 person was winning over & over nearly every single game which is unfair. I don't understand the godz. Pretty pointless if you ask me. Very limited slot games and non pay out over a pound if you're lucky. So bingo godz not for me at all. Gave it a try several times, near impossible to win enough to withdraw as the pots are very low and the stakes are high - shame really.
    18. Jojo7723 Jojo7723 says:
      Absolutely dreadful. When you win you can't withdraw without sending endless pictures of bank cards, passports, utility bills. Even then it's not good enough - have resent and resent and still waiting on my winnings. Probably spent hundreds on level 2 bingo and still no sign of upgrading to level 3. Bingo pots are awful, never seen a full house higher than £15 apart from big jackpot which is a whopping £125!!!!!!!!! (Sarcastically). Only 5 slots to play on as well. I have been an online bingo player for 10 years or more and this site is in my top 5 of worst site ever. As soon as I have my winnings safe in my bank I will be closing account.
    19. ok, I've been on this site for months now, but i have refused to deposit in the last couple of months because there was a God your supposed to receive on signing which at the time i didn't know, so as i was playing i got all the gods apart from one which when in the room a cm asked me which one i told her and she said go to live help and they should be able to credit to ur account. Anyway i went to live help they wernt able to do that. I had to email them, which i did and they told me it will be credited soon. All the players that don't have it will receive it soon. So after even 2 months, about 20 emails and ive been to live help loads of times, still no God!!! Come on you can't tell me that the owners of the site can't just give it to you??? What is going on really??? It's a joke!!! even today i went to live help they said it's been sorted and all players will receive at the end of the end of the month........ yeah ok believe it when i see it.... i really got excited about this site when it first opened.... what a big let down........
    20. Dannyh Dannyh says:
      Worst bingo I have ever played and customer service is shocking. I do not ever write reviews, but this one I had to. Basically I signed up got my free bonus, I won just over 50 pound so decided to withdraw. I lost my bonus, but didn't mind. After live chat, about 20 emails still have not got my winnings. I've sent in every piece of id possible and got all sorts of excuses saying not received, blurry pictures, etc. Normally I would of just cancelled and spent the money, but out of principle i am not. Some may say they have a good experience, but ive got a feeling a lot of disappointment will continue and cant see this site continuing much longer. I am not angry, i'ts just a poor poor site in every way. I feel this way and I only deposited £10 and won over £50, but like I said nearly a month later still no sign of winnings.
      • Dannyh Dannyh says:
        Just an update, I requested my winnings on 6th of December, after almost 30 emails live chat phone calls etc realised I was getting no where so now its in the hands of the Alderny gambling commission. Think I can safely say I wont be rushing to deposit in the near future.
    21. dawne0925 dawne0925 says:
      Having played on a lot of other sites this is by far the worst. Limited to 1 room plus free room, lots of technical faults so cannot get in the rooms + slots don't payout properly when you win. Chat help useless, emailed customer support no reply.
    22. blackiecats blackiecats says:
      Terrible site! Avoid! Full of technical faults where the rooms don't load and the chat room opeerators suggest to keep refreshing! Basically refresh and hope for the best that the tickets load? The bingo software can't decide what number is coming out half the time "Pm's den...get up and run 31" It will start off as one number intro and then change within a second to another number. I deposited £20 at this site and completely all the wagering requirements and sent in my ID docs which were confirmed. Over 14 days later and still no withdrawal in my bank account. Live chat is unhelpful and rude. One minute 3-5 days, the next 5-7... tomorrow it will probably be 7-10 days. Also once you get to Level 2 Eastern, that's it (until they probably get more players?) At best your playing for £20 and at worst £5 for a full house. Not really worth playing at all for real money. BINGO GODZ is definitely one to avoid!
      • blackiecats blackiecats says:
        Just to add, my withdrawal was finally processed nearly 3 weeks after submitting it.
    23. penny3kit penny3kit says:
      Not impressed with this site at all. Experiences lots of technical glitches where you can not get into any of the rooms or the games stick. Free bingo rooms all day (if you manage to get into the room) tickets from 5p and choices of levels when you collect the Godz. Would be a good site if they could sort out the technical issues that happen on a regular basis.
    24. binky binky says:
      I was excited when i saw this new bingo site, but what a disappointment - it's so boring. I played in 1 room for at least an hour & a half and 1 person was winning over & over nearly every single game which is unfair. I don't understand the godz. Pretty pointless if you ask me. Very limited slot games and non pay out over a pound if you're lucky. So bingo godz not for me at all. Gave it a try several times, near impossible to win enough to withdraw as the pots are very low and the stakes are high - shame really.
    25. xxdave666xx xxdave666xx says:
      What to say? maybe useless to start, i joined and was offered £10 free for giving card details, which i did, but every single time it came up error, i emailed support waited three days and nothing, i went back on the site and the same error again, so i phoned them told them what was wrong only to get told sorry i dont deal with site issues? but give me your number and someone will call you, two days later nothing, i again email this time saying if i get no response to close my account, i will leave you to guess the answer, this was meant to be a huge site with large advertising, i can tell you from nine years of playing bingo online unless they sort themselves out fast it will be bingo no more, not bingo godz.
    26. Voxi Voxi says:
      Worst site I ever played on (and I´m playing daily since 6 years). Bad payout, no interaction and no reaction regarding my mails. I wrote a mail over 1 month ago, asking them to close my account - no reaction. I have a gambling problem and wrote another mail, telling them about it and reminding them to close my account - no reaction. I tried to speak to somebody online - but nobody was online. Other casinos have the deposit-limit option - I didn´t find one on Bingo Godz. Also, other casinos have the option for players to exclude themselves. Bingo Godz doesn´t have this option either. Surely, if a player contacts a casino and explains that he/she has a gambling problem, the casino will close the account on request or put in a deposit limit - Bingo Godz just ignores the mails. Terribly disappointed.
      • Voxi Voxi says:
        I want to follow up my review from the other day. Meanwhile I was able to contact Bingo Godz on their chat and explained the situation. They received my first mail and they said they closed my account - but there was a technical glitch and the system still let me in and deposit. Bingo Godz kindly refunded all deposits I made since my first request. Very decent, very kind!
    27. Natasha777 Natasha777 says:
      Hi there Bingo Players. I have joined Bingo Godz, I joined with £10.00 & then tried to play on level 1, as you have to start on this level. The 'Entry' button for the level 1 games dose Not Work, there is a page Error. I have tried a few time on diffrent days, with still the same problem. I have now Emailed them twice & have had no Email back, so I don't know what is going on with this site.
      • janeee07 janeee07 says:
        I joined Bingo Godz last nite and can't even get the game loaded let alone play on it. Asked for help via email and was told to use a different search engine which i did and still no joy, but after reading all other reviews i think i will pass on this site.
    28. indego indego says:
      I did find all the chat hosts friendly and there were games and others did join in chat - it wasn't just 1tg 2tg. I know we all pay our money and we take our chance, but on all the pages it was the same winners. I took notice after a woman said then opened 2 pages up too see it was also noticed, but 4 others only a few times newbies winning.
    29. TheMeerkat TheMeerkat says:

      Undoubtedly the very BEST for themed bingo site graphics and gaming. I salute the IT experts, admin web masters and creative artists that made this Bingo Godz work of excellence. It's sophisticated wizardry with simplistic navigation and oh so user friendly.

      Whats all the fuss about those saying, lack of games choice, low prize monies and same winners? Bingo Godz is not for betting punters. If there are high rollers present winning most the games, so be it. Bingo Godz is all about fun bingo gaming and has potential big rewards when you think outside the box as loyalty gaming strategy.

      If you are able to shuffle the times of the day or night you play at Bingo Godz and play say 5 hours (not all at one session), wagering on minimum bingo tickets, it's gonna cost you less than £30 stake monies to collect the 6 gods in any world level to move up.

      On the way there's the chance of winning a game or two or even more and you will also receive the freebie awards from each of the six gods in the level as they randomly appear.

      I log in for an hours play according to the time schedule the gods will appear as shown on "Meet the Godz" page. Bingo Godz requires patience not the size of your wallet to enjoy the experience and the elation of winning if one's luck is in.

    30. Lin Lin says:
      Very disappointed with this site, and that's putting it mildly. Never had a welcoming e-mail after joining, deposited loads and just could not win - same few people winning game after game. Contacted support to close account 2 weeks ago now, and still have not had any response.
    31. demonplayer demonplayer says:
      Such hype for this site, but afraid it's not for me. The pots are very poor and still haven't seen what these godz are meant to d. u cant even look around site until u have collected all the godz to take u to another level, so basically yr stuck in one room. Also the aswer to everything seems to be contact support - the host seem to have very little understanding of what, how or why even these godz are there, however the host are very nice. Very disappointed as yet. Will visit again in 6 months to see if it has improved with age.
    32. Ilovebingo Ilovebingo says:
      When I joined this site they didn't mention that the godz weren't roaming the rooms at that time so there was no chance of collecting any godz. When the godz finally did launch they only launched 3 out of 6 of them, and when I did finally collect them they didn't show up in my account. I had to email customer support so that they could add them to my account manually. There was a problem processing my withdrawal (it took over two weeks). Sometimes I've tried to buy tickets for the big game, but there were no tickets showing. A few weeks after the site launched there was an offer for new players to receive a new god just for joining, which I thought was unfair to people who had been playing since it was launched and had to play to win theirs. Also the same people keep winning. The only positive thing I can say about the site is that the CMs are very friendly and helpful.
      • kkaayyss kkaayyss says:
        I joined Bingo Godz, but never deposited. After looking round it the bingo pots are poor and not much choice of slots - they only have a few. All the hype about this site and it's one of the poorest ive ever saw.
    33. cancaitie cancaitie says:
      Not impressed with this site. I believed with all the hype it would be something fantastic, but unfortunately it's just not for me. The layout is very different which is a good thing, however the pots are small and it seems to be the same winners again and again. And I am aware bingo is a game of luck, however it is disheartening when there are only 15 players and I am maxing tickets and still getting nowhere. I wish bingo godz well, it's just not for me.
    34. seagull99 seagull99 says:
      Cant wait to play Bingo Godz. I just hope its as good as all this hype leads us to believe it will be and not end up being the emperors new clothes syndrome. I think the bingo industry needs a new direction and this could be the start of something great. Please don't let us down!!!
    35. oooooooo when does this open then?? I can't wait for something new!!! About time. I love playing bingo and slots and it will be good if there was something new to play - totally getting bored of the same old same old. The only one i really like is tombola because of the amout of different games they have and they have there own network, but I've got to say that i dont like about it is that it's to hard to win on, so it will deffo be good for something newwwww :) Please be quick on opening, u see these new ones opening and they take months to open :)
    36. MinnieMay MinnieMay says:
      I'm so excited that there is finally to be a new bingo site with a new software for me to try. I play a lot of bingo online and I've been getting bored with all the latest lot to open - they all look so alike and don't offer anything new. Bingo Godz sounds like a lot of fun with a lot of different ways to play - bring it on!

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