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200% first deposit bonus up to £400

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CAESARS Bingo Online brings the undoubted integrity of Caesar's Interactive Entertainment into the online bingo world. This company is the world's largest provider of branded casino entertainment. Established in Reno, Nevada over 70 years ago, Caesar's has grown through development of new properties and acquisitions, and now owns or manages casinos on four continents.

Caesars Palace casino is a world wide recognised brand and is a welcome addition to the list of providers of bingo online. When you join CAESARS Bingo you will receive a 200% Welcome Bonus up to £400. Even the second deposit made will earn a bonus, this time 50% up to £50.

Free Bingo is a new feature at the site and is available every hour from 9.30am to 6.30pm with each full house worth £15.

There are regular promotions at CAESARS Bingo that offer players the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to take in a show or simply generous cash giveaways - just for playing at the site.

CAESARS Bingo operates on popular Gamesys software and although the number of bingo rooms is limited until players numbers grow, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The site also offers a selection of slot games and side games, some with amazing progressive jackpots to be won.

Every night there are linked games played where the prize pots jump in value considerably as all the bingo sites on the network come together.

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Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedukash payments accepted

CAESARS Bingo is powered by Gamesys.

CAESARS Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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CAESARS Bingo player reviews

30 players have reviewed this site

  1. ubbingob. says:
    Awful site. Poor payouts, bingo prizes been dropped, slots just take take. Members are dwindling down in huge numbers, all going to the bigger better Gamsys sites. During the day ur lucky if 11 players in bingo, playing for 3.40p a house. It's just not worth it. No loyalty rewards or bonuses, no daily free games unlike the others, and promos are very, very rare. Its a shame, used to be good site. Did hear that caesars entertainment in financial trouble....not suprised..they have lost so many members lately.
  2. mrsholmes says:
    I want to join using pay pal as shown on there that you can, joined and not pay pal option so I was disappointed with this as I was looking for bingo sites that do pay pal payments, I still joined as heard that this is a good site
  3. jacks04 says:
    Being same platform as sun bingo i thought i would try here.......won with bonus on first day..... seems this site pays out NOT on bingo but on slots BUT only on first deposit, kind of reals you in then bam eats your money, doesnt feel the same as sun and chances of winning seem very slim after initial deposit. Gave it a couple more chances but no luck, not just me... 2 of my friends joined and had same good luck with 1st deposit but not a penny on future ones. Things I do like though are you can play slots with bonus money and withdrawal time pretty quick....its just a feeling I have with this site being it takes and takes and ner pays out more than youve deposited
  4. Lstime says:
    On a positive note the sign up bonus is good at Caesars Bingo, but the payouts on bingo and slots are poor. Only slots can be played on iPad, if you want bingo you need to have access to a computer or laptop. Personally I wouldn't play here as the other Gamesys sites offer more choices and better payouts.
  5. Father says:
    Played 50.00 on double bubble tonight and not one bonus round. The most I won was 2.50. Really low pathetic payouts, the worst gamesy site by far. Won't be returning, a total waste of money. Wish I hadn't bothered. BE WARNED! If you self exclude on this site they will close down all the gamesy sites for 6 mths as they did to me. Seems we can't make choices or we get penalised.
  6. becka says:
    Well, must say this is the worst site ever. I must have put on over 3000 and never banked. It's disgusting. I know its called gambling, but this site is all take take take. I'll not be back.
  7. porlfrench says:
    I have played on Caesars Bingo now for over 2 years and i deposit every week untill now as i have just closed the account. I think this is by far the worse site out of all the Gamesys sites. i have deposited thousands over the 2 years of a member and i have neva won a penny from this site - i can count on my hands and toes how many bonus i have had in them 2 years. i would avoid this site
  8. sweetlips50 says:
    I've played for a couple of years on here never banked. Seems like the same people win big amounts on the slots. I'd hate to think how much they deposited to win - must have been loads. Even the smaller sites pay out better,sort it out Ceasars.
  9. tuckersmum says:
    I found the payouts at CAESARS Bingo very low. You will never win big money just bits to keep you going. Very poor - sorry will not come back again. All it does is take - 'd rather give to charity. As for the bingo, not worth playing and the bonuses on slots are very few and far between.
  10. Would have to say Caesars Bingo is not like other main stream bingo sites. It's small and don't have players coming from any other network. They have different in house games, community forum, bingo radio and the players and chs are absolutely fun. Cash outs require min wager, but all bonuses we get at this site are considered as real money so it makes up for the 2x wager requirement.
  11. indego says:
    I like CAESARS Bingo. It's only got 3 rooms, but i found it very easy to get the hang of it straight away. They don't seem to have bonus codes though, ie daily or birthday ones. But the CH are helpful and friendly. There are free games and games for all roomies to have a go at through the day till 7pm then the jackpot goes up to £25.
  12. PSpen64 says:
    I've had two games not load properly at CAESARS so I don't know if they've played correctly or not. One of the chat mods told me to contact their customer care for a refund, but when I did this, I was told it was not possible as their server showed the game had been played and that was that. So, play a game by all means - but there is no comeback if it doesn't work properly.
    • xxdave666xx says:
      Hi pspen - this is normal on all sites whether you lose connection or can't see the game it will have played on the sites servers.
  13. sharon4167 says:
    Like the variety of slots and instants on CAESARS Bingo.
    • macca says:
      Got a free to join ceasers and won 35.00 on the slots with it with my first spin !!Was very impressed lol
  14. prignle says:
    Small site with minimum pots, you won't get rich here, same winners winning the chat games over and over. Some real good hosts, but also so real SAD ones!
  15. sarah5bb says:
    I have to say I just love CAESARS Bingo site. It has good bingo games and gr8 slots
  16. debbie says:
    Caesars Bingo is a great bingo site. They have really nice happy hosts that make the room buzz with laughter and the full houses are 25 quid after 7pm, so if you haven't join yet come give it a try, you will enjoy ..
  17. says:
    The bingo on CAESARS is not very good as there are not many players . The slots are good fun, but don't expect to win much. The credit control appears poor as you can use anyones card which should be a no no.
  18. Sheila Evans says:
    Joined Caersars Bingo, be aware as so few playing houses are very low prize fund, Slots, odds of winning? Played over "450" spins on "Double Bubble" never a chance to have bonus round. Feel they have to get the balance up before able to start paying out. The houses on bingo were £5, by 11.30, it was down to 87p. Please be aware if you choose to have 1st deposit bonus they offer, you cannot withdraw any winnings until you have fulfilled wagering requirements. Advise read terms and conditions before your initial stake.
    • stella says:
      I agree, the slots payout is miserable. It doesn't feel like gambling, more like a charitable donation to Caesar's.
      • sweetlips50 says:
        i agree ive put hundreds on and never banked rip oiff realy
  19. david says:
    Caesars Bingo will be a great bingo site when it's better established and has more players. I would recommend it,give it a try. It's only been open for a month, just hope its not like the other sites that it shares the platform with and stays real to the loyal customers.
    • jimmy63 says:
      ceasers bingo has got great quality games i like the site,but wonder if its going to be just like the others that they share a platform should give it a go its not long opened and to be fare needs a chance to get established give it a try.
  20. denise hutton says:
    I have joined Caesars bingo and yet again i have to praise this site for the excellent treatment I have recieved, there is bingo, slots also casino games. This site deserves an accolade for the high standards of care each and every patron recieves, its a classy site and I think everyone should give it ago. Congratulaions Caesars x
  21. Jon Davis says:
    Caesar's bingo felt like I was playing in their Las Vegas casino. The slots and blackjack were incredible. The bingo was fun. They gave me a great bonus when I signed up. At least with Caesar's I know I will get paid on my winnings.
    • roger marsh says:
      Well what can i say ,yes there is a great bonus but with a huge play through. I have been in this site many times throughout the day and there has never been any more than ten players playing at anyone time ,so jackpots are £5 for the house ,They advertised a prize draw which was won by players that none of the regular players had ever heard of ,when i was in there a young lady admitted she had more than one account.. The only thing great about the site in my opionon are The chat hosts who were really nice and very friendly and didnt do none of that lucky stars stuff all over chat ,they deserve a raise... Gonna keep my eye on this place though as it could turn out to by a great one if they up there prize money and so on.
      • trillionaire says:
        Hi roger - your luck is in because the Jupiter room on Caesars Bingo will be linked up to other sites and rooms and this should boost the winnings up :)
    • Stan says:
      I found the Hosts rude and unwilling to help. I visited several times and there was only 6 players on. for 10p a ticket to win 90p for a line was hardly worth it. For a big name it was VERY disappointing.
      • trillionaire says:
        The site is making a change from date 07/04/2015. The Jupiter room on Caesars Bingo will link up to the following sites and rooms:- Jackpotjoy - Diamond Room Sun Bingo - Fashion Club Rooms Fabulous Bingo - New York Room Virgin Games - Enterprise Room Heart Bingo - Heart Bingo 90 Room *Played till 5pm, everyday! This will make the prizes bigger :)

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