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Play bingo for fun, win real prizes

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New player offer is not a pay site, therefore it has no offer to speak of.

It is a completely free to play bingo site, where players play the games with a play-currency known as 'Free Bingo Pounds'. When you sign up you are given 1000 of these 'FB£' to play with, which is usually enough to last an entire month before balances get reset.

Other promotions

There are a large number of promotions on the site, with prizes up for grabs every single day.

There is always a big prize to be won at the end of the month, with different levels of prizes throughout the week ranging from Amazon vouchers and DVDs to teddy bears and bingo mugs.

In June they are giving away cinema vouchers to see the new Jurassic World movie in their brand new Dino Room, Jim Carrey DVDs in their Telly addicts’ room and a unique BBQ bundle worth £150 in their Monthly Prize Draw.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Slots has a main featured room that changes every month to a new theme, such as a Christmas theme or Halloween theme. It makes things much more interesting than sites with bingo rooms that all look the same.

The site also has a couple of 'Dabbers Only' rooms, whereby to play the game you have to click and dab the tickets yourself, rather than the game doing it for you. 

Mobile and tablet

FreeBingo games are not currently available on mobile and tablet devices.

Withdrawal and wagering

As this is not a cash play site, wagering rules do not apply, as you can't withdraw fake money. However, only players in the UK are eligible to claim any prizes won on the site, although players from any nation are welcomed to play for fun.

Help and support

  • Email:

Summary has been in operation since November 2005 and is the biggest free bingo site in the UK. 

It is owned and operated by the same company that owns WhichBingo, so we can guarantee it is a site you can trust if you are looking for a fun bingo experience that doesn't cost you a penny.

There is a great community on the site and their facebook page is very active with lots of regular competitions.

Payment methods accepted

Not Applicable is powered by Proprietary.

Play at player reviews

96 players have reviewed this site

    free bingo is one of the best sites i ever find i try to play daily very friendly hosts as well as other players the prizes on offer on diffrent tournys or prize hour are realy great to play for ive wona few myself keep up the good work guys
  2. TheMeerkat TheMeerkat says:
    Eric at does not miss any bingo offers. I regularly play on their top prize Sunday tourney bingo to try and win one of those paysafecard vouchers for online shopping. (value £10 - £25). In the past I have won all manner of fun bingo branded goodies - coffee mugs, key-rings, T-shirts, cuddly toys. You can play free bingo 24/7 there to your hearts content winning virtual FB£ (free bingo pounds). Many members have accumulated over 1 million FB£! Every FB£ you earn, I suppose, increases your chances of winning their monthly big cash prize draw.
  3. DEElightful DEElightful says:
    I have been away from for a few months and just returned and I don't know why I stopped playing here. It's a great bingo site with friendly people and great prizes and the best part is it is all completely free!! Can't beat free stuff at all, plus the CMs are very friendly and helpful with any queries you might have. I will not be staying away again.
  4. ambrose ambrose says:
    What could anyone possibly say against this site? .... In my opinion, nothing!! It's absolutely free to play and winning thousands of FB's is really easy. Obviously you can't withdraw anything as it's free, but if you've got some spare time to pass and fancy playing a bit of bingo for fun then this is the place to do it.
  5. I love it has a great community feel about it, and although I'm a relatively new user I expect I will continue playing on this site for many years to come.
  6. annir9 annir9 says:
    I love playing at as for one it is FREE, and who doesn't like playing some free online bingo! Secondly all the players there are so friendly, including the CMs, there's always someone around to help if you have any trouble.Would recommend to everyone :)
  7. barmy11 barmy11 says:
    Excellent friendly site. I recently won £200 for birthday tournament. It arrived quickly. The ch are very friendly and everyone is there to help. Keep it up freebingo xx
  8. Freebingo does exactly what it says on the tin - it's free. Plus it has to be 1 of the friendliest bingo sites on the net - go on at night and never stop laughing. Great team of CH's (of which I am proud to be one) and hope we can keep doing what we do which is coming up with ever changing themes, rooms, prize tournaments etc. Come on over to Freebingo and give us a try
  9. colinh12344 colinh12344 says:
    It's totally free, fun and got great bunch of players, staff and CHs that always try their best to make everyone feel so welcome.
  10. msjojo msjojo says:
    What a great site for free bingo.
  11. nadinebean nadinebean says: is the best site on the net. forget spending money on paying sites this is the best site to be on. I've been here for around 4 years now and have won lots of prizes including a £50 amazon voucher. People are very friendly and at least you can't say you spent a fortune as it is free lol. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose : ).
  12. catlady64 catlady64 says:
    I used to play on this site but got bored as far too many people play here, and nobody speaks to you.
  13. louisegrew louisegrew says: is a great game, the chat hots and players are very nice and they welcome you when you come into the room. There are lots of prizes to win, like prize hour every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is also the monthly prize draw and you can see how far you are to winning on the leaderboard and lots of other things to keep you busy. Also the better thing about the site is that it is free, so don't miss out play - it it is great fun.
  14. Honest Abe Honest Abe says:
    FreeBingo doesn't have the best software, but they have something different to all the other sites and that is invention.

    Despite being free they are always introducing new games and competitions, and the amount of prizes they give away is actually very good for a free play site.

    Sure you have to put up with the advertising which can be annoying, but it's a small price to pay for an enjoyable free game where the players seem genuinely friendly and will talk to you, unlike some sites.

    This site is a must for anyone who plays online bingo, even if it's a refuge to go to once you've lost all your money elsewhere!
  15. Jacci Jacci says:
    Fabulous site warm friendly atmosphere,brilliant chat host. The chat games are good fun.

    In my opinion is the best free site on the internet
  16. annir9 annir9 says:
    Love Very friendly CH and brilliant game support.
  17. grannyzap grannyzap says:
    This is the best free bingo site there is. All the CH's are fantastic, they make you feel very welcome. The other people that play there are also brilliant. It is like one big happy bingo family. You can also count on the players to talk to as they are all very friendly. The Chat games we play are also very good and funny.

    I would recommend this site to anyone who wants a very friendly site, and for those who want to make friends.

    Keep up the good work guys, you are the bestest site ever.
  18. jocky_34 jocky_34 says:
    Since I have been playing at over the years I have found it to be one of the best sites. All the.managers and staff are very helpful and they have a great chat host team.

    Each chat host has their own way of running a shift and all the games are good.
    I've been there a lot of years and things have changed a lot. It is getting better and better all the time.

    Keep up the good work guys.
  19. loopy9012 loopy9012 says:
    I got into 5 years nearly now and have loved every minute. The chs and the players are all friendly and helpful. The best part about the site is it's free. I have made many friends on this site and it always cheers me up and would recommend it to anyone.
  20. Gordon57 Gordon57 says:
    I've been on for several years, always good to be able to play a few free games although I don't visit as often as I used to .
    I don't think I've ever run out of points, so can always play.
  21. deedeexx deedeexx says:
    I've been a member of for 6 months now and never looked back. It's the best bingo site ever.n From the day I joined I was always made to feel welcome and I've met some very lovely people on the site. I've been on a lot of bingo sites in the past, but never one as good as this one. I would recommened anyone to join this site - you wont regret it.
  22. Mellymoo Mellymoo says:
    I joined FreeBingo a few weeks ago and I haven't looked back. The players are much friendlier than other sites. They actually talk to you unlike pay sites where everyone is out to get the cash and don't care about chatting. I've won a foxy beanie in the prize hour and almost won one of the Sunday tourneys which are really exciting. I would recommend it to everyone.
  23. cuboid cuboid says:
    Only joined FreeBingo in January.. I love it.. It's so friendly, all the rooms are different. The CH's give up their time to come in and play some great games, some I can't keep up with because there are soooooooo many in the room lol. Have met some great people and made some good friends. I would recommend this site to anyone who loves to play and have fun. Thanks to all that put their time in x x x
  24. Leahdebs Leahdebs says:
    Free Bingo is brill. So much fun. The chs are fantastic, all so friendly. The site is down tonight and I am having withdrawal symptoms lol lol. I would recommend for all to try this site and come and see what it has to offer. It's great. I have been with them for 2 years and would not use any other bingo site.
  25. jet lowe jet lowe says:
    I have only been playing at for 2 months now but its the best site i have been on in a long long time. The people are always friendly and make you feel at home. The chat hosts there do a fab job, and the games are great fun
  26. geoff wilson aka ch_shrekthe1st geoff wilson aka ch_shrekthe1st says:
    been here over 4 years now and a ch for nearly 3 years i have tried other free sites and the fun factor just isn,t there on them,the meets we have done have put the icing on the cake the people we have made friends with are all genuine, long may it continiue,
  27. Anita Hegarty Anita Hegarty says:
    ITs Fun Free and brilliant .An amazing choice of themed rooms with jackpots. The themes change over time so you dont get bored .Has a fantastic team of chat hosts which keep us all entertained. Open 24/7 go and play for fun laughs and great peeps .
  28. babs (sillymoo) babs (sillymoo) says:
    This is the best site I have played on and it is free, bonus I say
  29. Tracie Johnson Tracie Johnson says:
  30. Emma Emma says: is a fab place to be its friendly there is always something going on in one of the rooms, chat games played throughout the day, a dabbers room where u have to dab urself its great fun.
    The ch's are all friendly to and make you feel right at home all in all there is no other site that i would rather be xxx
  31. thomasbrooks thomasbrooks says:
    It's a cert to beat boredom.
  32. tracy smith tracy smith says:
    this is a good free bingo site lots friendly roomies. worth a try good prizes and fun tournies.
  33. dolly dolly says:
    FreeBingo is so much fun and although you are not playing for real money the excitement is the same, you get FB£4000 to start with, and a good choice of rooms.
  34. Ann Ferguson Ann Ferguson says: is very friendly the people are funny when playing. There is great banter and one liners come and enjoy a great site to play bingo. The CHs are really friendly and they help you if needed.
  35. deepfriedmarsbar deepfriedmarsbar says:
    Great site to play on and very funny when the CH's are on a shift. The chs give up their time to play games and what they do every day. I would RECOMMEND the site to new people who love to play free bingo and dont need to worry about the bank balances, and best of all gr8 prizes when you win in the monthly draw!
  36. angel06 angel06 says:
    I have been on for 3yrs now and I love it. Everyone is so friendly and so are all the CH`S. I would never leave this site, I play on here everyday and dont have a problem with anyone on the site.
  37. maralex maralex says:
    I really enjoy this site and I have tried many. Don't usually chat much but always get a welcome when i come in room and wtg if i'm lucky enough to win (which isn't often lol) would recommend this site to everyone.
  38. blarney blarney says:
    I have posted quite a while bk(18mths ago?)with a fantastic review & have not changed my opinion since!!but I had to come bk to say I have won a £10 funded acc, a foxy beanie & a £25 paysafe voucher(so this is real money)& I am not a CH.. regardless of what ppl having been banned from Freebingo say Its just sour grapes!! so come join our Family on Freebingo u'll love it!
  39. Pinkhandbag Pinkhandbag says:
    I really enjoy playing bingo on freebingo. Everyone is sooo friendly & welcoming. From the very first game I played on this site I met lots of nice people, who I now consider friends. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to everyone I know! Long may it continue!
  40. andy andy says:
    Well where can you start, what a fantastic site. The friendly chs are brilliant, the roomies are great. They have a great choice of rooms, free money draws and prizes - what more can you warrant for free, saves me a fortune!
  41. Paula Sargent Paula Sargent says:
    I have really enjoyed playing on this site, I have played on pay sitea too, but find the chat games really hard to follow, often as they put all the rules down in one clump and u cant read them fast enough. I love the way the rule to chat games are given in only a few lines, or a couple of lines at a time. It gives us who can't read at wrap speed a chance to know whats going on. I think this is a great way to get your bingo buzz without spending a penny.
  42. kath spencer kath spencer says:
    I go on this site everyday, and i have made a lot of friends in the time i have been on. I dont have to travel, saving bus, taxi and petrol. There are people there to lend an ear and help me through the day. Cant get that sort of welcome anywhere else, i have been on pay-sites and not one person replied to my hellos. On freebingo u are made to feel like royalty when u enter a room, and u can feel the warmth and love from fellow players. Being disabled its hard to be able to do most things, and have fun, NOT AT FREEBINGO , the laughs come in bucketfulls.
    • Leanne Leanne says:
      What a lovely review. I'm sold!
  43. nancy nancy says:
    I fine FreeBingo very friendly, I have meet a lot of nice people. There is a lot of chat games that are great fun. I use this site every day and would recomend it to anyone. Simpely the best site i know.
  44. CH_CoolJulie CH_CoolJulie says:
    FreeBingo is the best Bingo site ever. Not only is it free but the best family you could wish for, Yes we are one big happy family. We laugh, joke and share our problems, and are there for each other, no matter how bad your day has been your sure to get cheered up here. Management and CH's are great (i officially became a CH yesterday).We Play chat games not only for fbs but for prizes to. Then there is the monthly draw where you can win things like a TV or Highstreet vouchers. Where else can you get all this for Free. All i'm left to say is A Big Thank You to all at FREEBINGO.CO.UK. we lubs yah xxxx
  45. mrs ay hegarty mrs ay hegarty says:
    I love playing and not paying . All friendly and welcoming. The CHS =are helpful and friendly and play great games. I have made many true friends on this site so you never feel lonely and always someone to chat to .....even if your new to site. FB THE BEST
  46. hotscot hotscot says:
    I havent been at this site long, but have been made to feel welcome, theres lots of rooms to play in depending on your favourite bingo game. The players are friendly, and the chat hosts are great. I would reccomend this site to anyone.
  47. scratchmyitch scratchmyitch says:
    I have played at FreeBingofor years, I can remember when it only had 3 rooms, it has broadened its horizons and moved with the times giving pjp's in most rooms. You dont get nothing in this world for free but at this site if you turn up and play 5 games you get 100 FB£'s. I only rated 2 stars for sites graphics as all rooms look the same apart from the colours and most are recycled year after year, and 1 star for site support because only has wayne as manager to answer emails.
  48. demious demious says:
    Haven't been on for too long myself but on the whole a great bunch of people and very friendly and helpful. To someone new joining i'd say jump right in and ask if unsure of anything, during the games all will try and help you. The site also has some great agony aunts thrown in as well! lol Have a great time!
  49. davymccl09 davymccl09 says:
    Hi i think is a fantastic site the ch's are doing a fantastic job.
    The management are regularly coming up with ways to try new things to stop things getting stale - and I cannot think of any other site which gives away as many prizes as this site does - and it's FREE!!!
    must say a big massive thank you to wayne and the rest of the team for giving us a great site to play on and best of all we have diff rooms wif evan better the progressive jackpot rooms hes always coming up with idas to get the site evan better and he also ask the players to think of a room and he does his best to do it thank you to every and you make really good friends on there to they are always there to help and support you a great wee family we hav in there deffo recomending it as i hav done so to my family i got my wee gran and 4 of my aunties on the site to and they say they love iit cant get my wee gran off the computer now since she has joined it lol
  50. humpers humpers says:
    Ive played on FreeBingo for 3 years and it lifts me up when I am down. Ive probably had the worst year of my life this year and freebingo has always been there so thanx wayne and your team.
  51. LightCathy LightCathy says:
    Freebingo is fantastic. I have met more friends over the last 18 months than I could ever have met at a Bingo Club. The CH's are friendly and full of fun - playing fun games. They are fair to everyone and are not in the least clicky. If you want to talk to them they are always available.
  52. anita wright anita wright says:
    I joined freebingo 2 years ago and play every day. The people are friendly and helpful, the CH's are fun and lively. This site has saved me a fortune in real bingo and I have made some great friends in the process. Highly recommended to every one.
  53. Sheana Sheana says:
    This is a great site which I have played on/off for years. You can meet some great people through FreeBingo and just like any other site some not so great. It can be a very clicky site. It has forums where you can go to make comments like wishing someone well or have a moan about something and there will always be people to help you. Like anywhere personalities can and do clash but there is an 'ignore' button which people can use. Site manager can be a bit unpredictable about bans so would advise people to be careful. Great rooms to play in, great support network from other players. Also new this year great players meets where you can put faces to names.
  54. Medache Medache says:
    I've played this site since its birth, nearly 4 yrs ago, and would never go back to pay sites now, I've so many friends on this site there is no time to go else where.

    The site is always fun, always has a friendy person willing to offer advice day or night, you will never feel bored or alone while on site. The team are all good for a laugh, and can always entertain no matter what.

    I cannot rate this site highly enough, its changed my life in many ways, and owe it alot, WD freebingo long may you continue!
  55. Bonnielass Bonnielass says:
    Freebingo is a fantastic site, with fantastic CH's who all voluntarily give up their own free time to prepare and entertain the players. Everyone is so welcoming to new players, and over the last 2 or so years I have made so many new friends! A bingo site with more than just bingo .. it's like a family!
  56. maureen robins maureen robins says:
    This is by far the best site I have ever played at. Have made lots of friends, and the people who play here are a great bunch, and I would recommend FreeBingo to everyone. So come on and join us people your all very welcome. xxxxx
  57. kaz14407 kaz14407 says:
    I have played on FreeBingo for over a year now and love it. The CM's are brilliant, hard working and make everyone feel at home. When I play, all I see in chat is people being kind and friendly and always on hand to give support if anyone needs it. I would recommend this site to all my friends and family.
  58. mary young mary young says:
    I play on freebingo all the time and would recommend it to anyone. The CHs are great and make everyone feel at home. I have made some great friends on this site and formed some close bonds. I don't know many free sites that allow you to win prizes and real cash in there draws. Since playing on freebingo i don't go to real bingo anymore because I don't think you get the same atmosphere as you do on this site. All the players are great but if you have a problem the team will try and help if they can also you have choice of using the ignore button. I liked the site so much I have even got my mum to join so well done freebingo.
  59. Kath O'Connell Kath O'Connell says:
    This is the best online bingo site I have found, I love playing games on here, have found some really great friends. All of the CH's are friendly and welcoming, and even if you are a newbie you are made to feel really welcome and the CH's will help you with any part of the site you are confused about. I would never play on any other site, so long live Freebingo.
  60. hotscot hotscot says:
    Great site and all the players are friendly, as well as chat hosts. I would reccomend FreeBingo to everyone!
  61. terri39 terri39 says:
    Games are slow and the rules change every so often. You can sit in a room for hours and not win, yes winning or losing its all the same but many ch's are on leaderboard and win the free prizes 3 times a week. The win money isnt money its a voucher for other sites which advertise here so your not winning cash which is false advertising.
    • maureen robins   aka mosher maureen robins aka mosher says:
      this review by terri39 i feel is a case of sour grapes. She was fine and loved the site until she got caught making multiple accounts and slagging people off under assumed name, thus she was banned and quite rightly so, was her own fault so now all she can do is slag off a truly wonderful site. ss terri its not on
    • .CH_Tracy369 .CH_Tracy369 says:
      Please confirm facts before posting. I am a CH on this site and have never won in any of the draws. CHs on the site very rarely win in the weekly or monthly prize draws and we have the same chance as anyone else. I think in the last 12 months there has only been 1 CH win. Also, there are not 3 draws per week, there is 1 weekly draw and 1 monthly draw.

      Leaderboard: several CHs appear on the leaderboard on a regular basis. However, so do many of the regular players. It purely depends on how often you play on the site and whether you are a lucky person at bingo. Everyone has the same chance of winning, with a limit to how many cards you can play during each game.

      Prizes of Paysafe Card vouchers can be used widely to purchase things from the internet; not just for use on Freebingo sponsor sites.

      We have recently had a rules overhaul at Freebingo which offers more chances of winning during each chat game. This is the first change in many years. However, new chat games are being introduced regularly to enable a wider variety of games for players.

    • medache medache says:
      another banned player spouting off to slate after, they break site rules and get banned but had the pleasrue of enjoying site until then.

      At least when I get muted or banned for a while, I accept I did wrong and dont go running it down, was my own fault, and stand by the site, it does a great job, even when they get, some loud mouths (my self included)
  62. Audrey Audrey says:
    I have played on for four years now and love it, as a player I find it a great place to chat and meet people. They have a wide variety of rooms and through the day chat hosts will play games and entertain the players. They also do a prize hour 3 days a week where the management host this special room and give away goodies to the players that take part in the games. I myself have won a few times and been over the moon with my prizes, they also do a monthly prize draw for bigger prizes. I have even got all my family and friends playing on this site as its a nice pleasant site full of great friendly people. The chat hosts are very helpful and cheerie and are always thinking up new games to keep us amused. They also have a forum and its billiant, its full of helpful tips and even more games to play, there is a bit for welcoming new players and manangment even join in too. Im so glad i am part of the freebingo family.
  63. traceym42 traceym42 says:
    I joined this site a couple of yrs ago and Ive never looked back. I love the banter, the friends and the freindly atmosphere here, overall a fantastic site to join.
  64. CH_Babygirl8t2 CH_Babygirl8t2 says:
    I am a chat host on freebingo and have to say working on freebingo has been so much fun and I have made no end of friends and managed to meet some of them at a player meet. Its great fun and such a friendly environment, and whenever your down no matter what the problem there always on hand to cheer you right up and offer advice. Great bunch of people work alongside me that offer great entertainment, a good laugh and help is always on hand if ya need it. Highly recommend this site to everyone. Saves you a fortune, and great prizes up for grabs x
  65. Debbie Smith Debbie Smith says:
    I joined this site a year ago. Ive found everyone to be friendly. If we have any problems the team of ch's and management are always very helpful. Its a great site for making new friends giving ypu support whatever a person needs there is always someone to help. The games they play always keep us entertained and iIve spent many a nite in hysterics at whats been put in chat. New and old players returning are made to feel very welcome. When people join and ask what you get out this site we tell them where would you get all this fun, laughter and friendship for free. Ive given the website address out to all my friends in real bingo. We've also started organising meets within peoples towns so that people get a chance to put faces to names and extend the friendship they've built up on this site or build new friendships.
  66. melloi melloi says:
    I've been playing on this site for a while now and would recommend it to anyone. The games are like a bingo club and the chs are very nice and play games at certain times of the day. There is also a prize room to win real prizes. I have tried a few sites but I like this one the best.
  67. samhill1982 samhill1982 says:
    I love FreeBingo, it is the best site, has load of lovely players and chat hosts. The managersw are good too, I would recommend it to everyone please, come join in the fun!
  68. Kaz Kaz says:
    This is just the best bingo site on the net, I have been a player on here for over 3 years and I love this site (and management, chat team and regular players) to bits. It's not just a bingo site, it's a big extended family that laugh and cry with you and support you when you are down.

    The management are regularly coming up with ways to try new things to stop things getting stale - and I cannot think of any other site which gives away as many prizes as this site does - and it's FREE!!!
  69. vodkalover vodkalover says:
    Its a good site because its free but you get pressured into signing up to the paying ones, and voting for the ch's to be the best. The ch's are very clicky and only play chat games with their friends. I thought this site being 19.7 outta 20 would be good but my face never fitted here, so I was not made welcome. Steer clear, I would rather go to a paying site and be made welcome than a free one and snubbed.
    • Debbie Smith Debbie Smith says:
      This is total rubbish. U dont get pressurised into signing up to a paid site. There are messages that go up asking you to take a look at the sponsers of the site without whom freebingo wouldnt be free. Utter nonsence we a clicky bunch everyone is made to feel welcome and as for the games if your 1st or 10th winner u win its not fixed or we wouldnt be allowed to continue to be ch's. What does happen is if you are caught breaking the rules you are warned about ur behaviour if it doesnt stop you are muted as a calming down period. However ppl do make new accounts which can be checked as coming from the same ip address to then get round being muted and to continue to cause trouble. These players caught doing that are then given a ban. Freebingo prides itself on being a friendly site to play on if it wasnt we wouldnt have as many players as we do now
    • judy morris judy morris says:
      Free bingo is a brilliants site. I have been using it just over 2 yrs and have made some great friends. Also i have got on well with a few and they have been there for me when i have needed them. If you dont abide by the rules yes you do get punished but its all fair and square.
    • Audrey Audrey says:
      Im unsure if we hqave been playing on the same site. I think i am one of the longest players on here and i can honestly say i have never been pressured into anything especially not parting with money if i dont want too... after all it is just advertising its up to you if you want to follow it through or not. If you buy a newspaper and it advertises for something do you run out and buy it? no!!! didnt think so.In morew than four years i have never known the chat hosts to be anything more than helpfull and outgoing they welcome everyone and put a lot of hard work and time into entertaining the players, which some people obviously dont appreciate. Ive been on paying sites too but i can honestly say you get more fun on the freebingo .... might just be vodkalover that you never joined in with the rest of us hun. You can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink it...Hope you find a site that suites you and doesnt cost you too much.
    • CH-Shrekthe1st CH-Shrekthe1st says:
      i have been a ch on free bingo over 12 months and have played the site nearly 4 years,no one pressured 2 visit the pay sites but just asked to go have a look. of course the CH team want your votes and we do ask players to vote just the same as the pay sites do
      but i do believe that the roomies on free bingo are the friendliest i have met anywhere
    • jayne lewis jayne lewis says:
      seems soar grapes to me, as its widely known this player was banned for breach of site rules and then does everything to slate it, ohh well cant plz everyone.
    • Tracy Tracy says:
      Sorry you feel like that Vodkalover. Several weeks ago whilst playing bingo you seemed very happy and content with the site and players. I understand you may be upset, but there is no excuse to write such a negative review on the back of your own mistakes !!!!!
  70. T Hallmark T Hallmark says:
    I was made to feel so welcome, there are a lot of rooms to play in, including a speed room, which is great fun. All players are fun to chat with. The CH's are fun and jolly and really help and make you feel part of it. I would recommend this site to EVERYONE that I know.
  71. Blarney Blarney says:
    Free Bingo where do I start! I joined FB cause my local bingo hall shut down, but this is now my 2nd home. It's fantastic, better than my old bingo hall because i've made so many friends on here. Even if you feel down when you enter a room, by the time you leave you will feel so relaxed from either joining in or just watching the chat! You will never have laughed so much. I LOVE IT, it is so addictive & FREE. Come join in and you won't want to leave, honest.
  72. Dean Wallace Dean Wallace says:
    Very good. On the Free Bingo, everybody always gets a chance. I will recommend it to my friends.
  73. Marie Hooper Marie Hooper says:
    I work late shifts all so this is a great bonus for me to be able to play bingo when I have a spare minute I enjoy the chat and the fun fantastic site.
  74. tashy tashy says:
    I was absolutley amazed when I first came into freebingo. I was expecting a cramping style of chat, but I have now been on here for atleast 6 months and I have had some of the best hours of my life. The vcms are so hilarious and they keep you entertained right up untill the time they have to leave the room and still when they come back in there own name well words cannot describe how much i need to pee!
  75. angi0 angi0 says:
    Free well what can I say free yes FREE all free prizes are great the team look after members and the personal touch is great prizes are fab... and most of all for me being disabled the friends I have made here... you are all fantastic from management to VCM's and players as well to sum up in one word BRILLIANT!
  76. Jane Jane says:
    Not only do you receive a 1000 free bingo pounds a month, you can have lots of fun trying to win the very real prizes on offer. Then the 15th of the month you also get the chance to win more prizes which involves real money on funded bingo sites. Real friendly and funny users and brilliantly run by the VCMs. So in a nutshell...real online bingo at no cost to the user, which is fun, friendly and real prizes up for grabs!!! 10 out of 10 in my book!!
  77. Janet Janet says:
    I love the site and roomies and cms and vcms are very friendly with good wishes when you enter but having to sit at the keyboard is a bit of a pain when sometimes you get called away you can miss your win
  78. Tina Gregory Tina Gregory says:
    When i joined freebingo i thought it was too good to be true....but nope it is true,it's FREE!! It's a fantastic site..the players are friendly and welcome everyone into a room with good luck wishes for the games. And i've also won some prizes in the monthly draw and in the prize hour. The CM's and VCM's are fantastic and very helpful too.
  79. Paul Williams Paul Williams says:
    A great site with lots of great games and very friendly cm's and vcm's
  80. lisa lisa says:
    I have been with this site since it was being tested. The best thing is it is free. I have lots of fun and have made loads of friends. Most of the players are friendly. The staff and management are great. There have been different theme rooms eg Big brother, world cup, valentines and easter to name a few. I have tried many online sites both free and pay to play and freebingo is by far the best.
  81. lisa hextall lisa hextall says:
    I love this site you can always have a good laugh with the players and vcm's. They r always around it you need help with anything. freebingo is the best
  82. janet smith janet smith says:
    this is got to be the best site i,ve played on very friendly and helpful,allways there to help you out if you have a problem vcms are funny and keep you amused with their chat games really good fun
  83. Williamina Fisch Williamina Fisch says:
    It's called Free Bingo UK - it does what is says on the tin ie you can play bingo for free in the UK. Not only is there 90 ball but I think they just addded USA bingo as well. The gang in chat are great, WayneH, CM Charlie and CM Simon are great fun in teh Prize Hour (I won a t-shirt and a goodie pack !!!), the VCMs are sooooooooo nice and the game is FREE, FREE, FREE - what more could a girl ask?????
  84. Elaine Bishop Elaine Bishop says:
    I absolutely love Big Brother and when I heard that this site had a big brother room I just had to try it out. I'm sooooooo glad I did. I met some lovely people that I have become close friends with. I didn't realy know how to play bingo on the internet bt they were all so nice and patient.
  85. Rose Farrell Rose Farrell says:
    This game certainly lives up to its name. Free Bingo. I couldn't believe it would really be free but it is. It's great fun chatting with all the people in the rooms. Everybody was really freindly and I don't have to worry about overspending!

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