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History of Hit Bingo

From the same team that operates Bingo Cheers, Hit Bingo opened in May 2011. These sites operate on their own proprietary Kaemon bingo software, meaning that these are the only places you will find this kind of gameplay.

New members will receive a £20 no deposit bingo bonus and a 1000% bingo bonus over the first three deposits made at the site. 200% on the first, 300% on the second and 500% on the third. Be sure to check the wagering requirements before commencing play.


Hit Bingo Player Reviews

20 players have reviewed this site

  1. chucky chucky says:
    Give this site a wide birth. You can never withdraw any money you win, there are only 4 regular players and none have ever been able to withdraw any money, so do not deposit. Also the jp has never been won and coveralls are won by the same 3 people every night - don't join.
  2. chalimar chalimar says:
    Can I play bingo on this site -? Yes if I want to play on my own - nobody in the cheap rooms - when I attempted to play bingo online the computer refused to acknowledge it - very strange and very slow site - actually quite depressing. Please correct me anyone if I have done something wrong on this site, but to me it felt like the mary celeste - pretty depressing and not one I would like to recommend.
  3. I'm not really sure why everyone is so negative about this site? It might not be the best bingo site around, but the welcome bonus is pretty good. Yeah it does have a few technical glitches but I think it is worth a try if you want to give something new a chance.
  4. lissandjohn lissandjohn says:
    After problems with this site crashing and one thing after another, there was a period where I could not get onto the site at all. I know they had problems for 2 weeks nearly, its worth a try at emailing them if you cannot get onto the site, see if they reply. Maybe we will just get back what we want to hear, but i think its a ripoff site to be honest. I'm angry that my bank balance went down because of the technical problems. Wondering if the bank can request back what hit bingo have mistakenly taken?
  5. I recently logged on to hit bingo just to see if there was any improvements of late but no was the answer. The only thing that is missing from the site is the silent S - avoid with all costs please.
  6. xxannie83xx xxannie83xx says:
    As everyone said, get away from this site. Just gave it a try cuz I found their welcome bonus quite good. I signed up since yesterday but still haven't got any free bonus yet. Tried clicking on Live Chat but it's never come up. FAQ and contact us are absolutely useless. Can't imagine how mad I would be if I made a deposit and couldn't contact anyone when I had a problem!
  7. Another let down from hit bingo after receiving an appology about technical difficulties the site still freezes and there are very few players to which i dont blame i strongly recommend give this hit a miss.
  8. Hit Bingo was an absolute appalling site with very few bingo games available when there was players in them that is.
  9. sharpest sharpest says:
    This site is part of Kaemon Technologies - they have already had sites closed. They are only registered in Cyprus not licenced.
    The terms state "Site agree that the venue for resolution of any dispute, claim, or action arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use will be in court located in Costa Rica. Also consent to the jurisdiction of the court selected by HitBingo and waive any claim that the venue selected by HitBingo lacks personal jurisdiction over such Users or that such venue is a forum non-onvenience."

    Basically they don't pay out and if you complain you have to go to Costa Rica.
  10. mum2jess2005 mum2jess2005 says:
    well what can i say what a rubbish site the customer service is appauling. I deposited and played and when i won and wanted to withdraw i found that it was min £50 to withdraw where as other sites min is £10+. This wasnt the only problem i deposited to ensure my balance was over £50 so i could make a withdrawal and requested this. 4 days later this was still in the queue waiting cashiers authorisation which i queried with live help, I was told it would be processed that day so I left it at that and came back the following day. This still hadnt been actioned so i contacted live help once again and was told they couldnt find the transaction withdrawal request which i was fuming at this point and had to go into my account myself to get the id (luckily this is on your request) and the date and time i requested it. 10 mins later the adviser returned to say they had found it and would definately be actioned by the evening so i left it at that. Came back later the evening at 8pm and again was still awaiting cashier authorisation to which yet again i contact live help. The adviser asked me if i had ever made a cash deposit which i was fuming at as i said shouldnt this be showing in my account and he said yes (why ask me if you had my account) and put me on hold for 15 mins to which he came back and said yes its our fault and it could take upto another 24 hours to which im still waiting for. Not acceptable and this site shouldnt be allowed to run if they wont allow anyone to withdraw
    • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
      its one of those sites you just can't believe its as bad as the reviews say, then you deposit & find out for yourself.

      we should ask which bingo for a '10 worst sites', hit bingo & associate sites would certainly make it.
    • sharpest sharpest says:
      I complained when they would not pay out and they closed my account.
    • franktheman franktheman says:
      Ohh nooo , what have i done......... I deposited £20 to make a withdrawel. I had a balance of £65 and mimimum i had to deposit was £20 to withdraw it, so i did, My balnce then went to £85, I looked again at withdrawel report and it said successful waiting cashier authorisation. So i waited. but...when i looked at my email registered with this site i had 2 receipts of £20 each, so they took £40.I contacted them through email and waited for a reply by phone or email. I got an email stating wager requirements of £50, but being as i deposited £20 i was eligible for a withdrawel and that they had put the other £20 back into my bank account.I have requested the £85 back for withdrawel and that left me with £5.40 left on hitbingo. I hope the £20 they took extra goes back in my bank but i see nothing as yet, and its left me with £3.25 in my bank account, Im sooo annoyed now ive read these comments.
  11. Mimsy1980 Mimsy1980 says:
    Signed up and received the free bonus cash of 20 to play with which I did win on but as was first time here there was bullying going with another member and the cm just said they couldn't do anything. Surely they would have chat logs etc and the min withdrawal is 50 so beware.
  12. Gordon57 Gordon57 says:
    Wow, people are right, it's pretty dead around the world of Hit Bingo.
    I signed up, validated my email, filled in my profile, entered the only active room - with one other player there, and they were just filling up the chat window with garbage.
    I saw that I had £20 of bonus to try the site, thank you for that.
    3p line, 4p 2 lines, 7p house - who-hoo, that's because 2 people had bought a card each, Wouldn't be too bad, but the ticket cost me 10p, OK so it was buy 1 get 1 free, so I had 2 cards. I need to win the house and one of the others to break even.
    When the game eventually started it was really slow going. I got to 36 calls and was only 2tg for one line! 88 calls before house.
    Soon bored of that, so tried slots. £1 minimum a play, but was inspired by the pay table telling me that I had to get 3xBonus on a payline to win big - I got the bonus, open 3 windows to reveal your winnings - I got £1.07, on a bonus round, playing a pound a spin?
    The slots are pretty small, for some of them you need good eyesight to figure out what the symbols are, or if you've won.
    Then I realised, I had been on this type of site before - it's virtually the same slots and games as Bingocastle.co.uk.
    The other bingo player carried on, playing for 1p, 3p and 7p - but probably chasing the PJP's, 2 of them. £600 for 33 calls or less and £700 for 28 calls or less.
    I still have over £11 of bonus when I closed the window, before I fell asleep.
    The last time I was this bored was... I really cannot remember. Yawn !
  13. babycarney babycarney says:
    I found no cms at Hit Bingo half the time and pots very low. Also another player bullying players and nothing done about it. Stay clear.
  14. floojo floojo says:
    Hit Bingo currently have very poor games and bingo pots very low. Slots not very good either - waste of money.
  15. bunny60 bunny60 says:
    I signed up at Hit Bingo, but was playing for 7pence - was a joke
  16. faithwins1 faithwins1 says:
    I took up the sign up bonus at Hit bingo, which i now regret, as when i logged in to play bingo i found i was the only player. This went on for several days so i asked for my money to be refunded (the bonus was still there). I was refused and told i had to play through the wagering requirements. I explained this was impossible as i was the only player which meant i lost in every game as the prize money was less than my initial stake. Still i was told no although they said they understood how i felt. I keep emailing and requesting the withdrawal and still nothing i was advised to play slots to meet the wagering requirement. I want to play bingo not slots. As of now another sympathetic person is looking into it so please be advised if you wish to throw your money away then please Hit bingo is the place to do it.
  17. stella stella says:
    Hit bingo has a number of novel slots and when I played only one bingo room. It is another site with an outrageous withdrawal balance, £50. I won a small bingo pot, but lost it on the slots, they dont pay out.
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