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Rating: 4.8/5

  • Deposit 5 - Play with 20
  • 300% up to 50 deposit
  • Exclusive Iceland Bingo player rooms
WBUK 2014 Award Winner
300% Deposit Bonus
Exclusive Bingo Rooms

Iceland Bingo opened in October 2012 and as the name implies players will enjoy treats from the site partner, Iceland Frozen Foods.

Generous Welcome Bonus

This new bingo site has chosen Dragonfish software and features a generous 300% first deposit bonus for all new members - deposit from just  £5 and play with £20. 

Anyone that would like to benefit more from this offer can deposit right up to £50 and still benefit from a 300% bingo bonus on top.

If anyone wants to try before they buy, the site features free bingo that is available to players before a deposit is made. This is available in the special non-depositor room from 7am to 7pm, with a £1 game every 8 minutes.

WhichBingo Award Winner

Iceland Bingo hit the ground running. It offered something a bit different to the standard Dragonfish fare and it immediately released a TV advert to let everyone know it had arrived. The site also champions low entry level deposits and has a partnership with the Iceland Frozen Food chain. Smaller bingo sites can sometimes get drowned out by the 'big boys', but this award means that they can now be recognised for a job well done.

Free Bingo

All in all there will be more than £6,000 given away in free bingo each day as when a player funds their account they get access to the free bingo rooms for funded players from 4pm to 7pm, where every 15 minutes there is a £10 guaranteed jackpot game.

New players will be invited to a special No Lose Bingo session where those that don’t win 1 line, 2 line or full house will have their stake money refund. Players can also look forward to special free bingo sessions where they’ll be giving away £1,000 EVERY week in Iceland vouchers and all this will take place in the Iceland Bingo exclusive 90 ball bingo room, The Freezer.

Iceland Bingo has its own loyalty scheme, the Iced Gems Club. Joining the site and making a deposit and spending just £5 gives access to the special and exclusive Iced Gems room on a Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm when there is £400 to be won and a further £600 every Saturday night at the same time - all for free.

Payment Methods Accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedukash payments accepted


Iceland Bingo is powered by Dragonfish Network.

UK Gambling Licence

Iceland Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Iceland Bingo Player Reviews

Have you played bingo at Iceland Bingo? Did you enjoy your experience? Let us and our thousands of weekly visitors know what you think about Iceland Bingo. Review Iceland Bingo

37 bingo players have reviewed Iceland Bingo, with 32% of players recommending the site.

  1. mellibabe says:
    OK I wrote a review a while ago and I'm still enjoying Iceland Bingo. Get surprise bonuses when I log in each day - 250 points if not deposited n cud be anyfin up to 40 bonus cash if I have and withdrawn. I'm a regular player and play in the Freezer to get vouchers and points. I've won 5 this year of vouchers so I'm defitanley enjoying the site and continue to play. Withdrawal is easy - two days to process and usually in your bank two days after the two days pending. Big thumbs up from me. Mellibabe
  2. lubylu75 says:
    All these sites are a rip off. I made a complaint about one of these sites then when on to deposit on other sites of this network...did i win...not a chance....stay clear off these sites..wouldn't recommend to anyone.
  3. Z1990 says:
    My balance was reset to ZERO just because I didn't log in for 3 months. Make sure you read the lengthy small print - it's really long and boring. They call it an "account dormancy fee" which translates as "we are greedy, we will take you money if you go on a long holiday".
  4. blackiecats says:
    I joined Iceland Bingo in November 2013 and of all the sites I've played over the last couple of years, this has to be my favourite. I got 2 x £10 vouchers (one for signing up and depositing £10) and the other for depositing a further £20. Although I ended up £10 down (after playing with both my real money and bonus cash) I thoroughly enjoyed playing on this site. The terms and conditions of the bonus wagering requirements were straight forward and my withdrawal was completed within the time frame the website states. Chat is friendly and helpful and the loyalty points bonus is also easy to use to get free plays. Definitely worth signing up to this one and giving it a try!
  5. wallynirene says:
    I loved Iceland Bingo when i joined in Dec 13. It only had 10-30 players in the games and i managed to win 180 pound and withdraw it easily. I didn't play again until 25 jan and i could not believe the difference. There was 100 plus players in all the games. Then i realised they are combining the players on Iceland with players on lots of others as well for each game. Like others i think there are fake winners on these sites after what i just witnessed. On the morning of 3rd February i played 13 games on high 5 in the 75 ball room and would you believe the winners name announced for the 3line and 4line on every game was moo100. That is 13 consecutive games. Now i can understand if they won different lines on each game, but never the same ones every game.
  6. wallynirene says:
    I joined Iceland bingo in mid December 2013 because it was I name I knew and I'd seen its advert on telly. I liked it. Played on the Friday I joined and only won a line and thought I wouldn't be back like the others. But I played sat morning 4 an hour managing to build my account up to 115 pound. I then spent 1.20 on minimum tickets 4 a game at 6pm that night. I completely forgot about the game. when I logged back in at 7pm there was another 100 pound in my account. that made my day. had no problems withdrawing it either. I got my Iceland voucher in less than 2 weeks as well. I've managed to win some more as well, but not big like 100 pound, but small amounts that totalled more than £200. I do believe though that all these bingo sites have fake winners, because no matter what time you login the same names keep cropping up. You're not telling me they are playing 24 hours a day.
  7. Dean says:
    Load of pants. Deposited £20 and got £60 bonus so £80 to play with - won one line (£6.58) going through the whole of that £80 so was incredibly frustrated. I was not welcomed into the room and spoke to no one the whole time I was there. Will not bother with that one again and will not recommend.
  8. It's like they employ ppl to leave good comments about the godawful site. hahahahaha itz same as all other 888 sites except they promoise u fings that never seem to cum. I wnt be back in a hurry thats4 sure not even if they pay me 2 shop! Still will shop in Iceland tho lolx
  9. bingolady87 says:
    LOVE this site! Won an Iceland voucher with their Vocuher Hour offer and got a free one for joining too :) Better than most other sites as there is always different offers and bonus codes too. One of the best I have visited so far. Hope they keep up the good work!
  10. clint21 says:
    Definitely one of the better bingo sites about, and it's looking particularly good after the new face lift. If you join in their Facebook page, you get exclusive info on their new competitions. they also host competitions regularly where you can win points so you can play for free!
  11. sally8702 says:
    I joined this site as it offered £10 Free in Iceland vouchers I never got them. I found the site a bit boring, but I am sure they will grow and do better. I will pop back again and have a little flutter to see. It was a colourful site, but it lacked any really interesting stuff going on, just same old same old bingo.
  12. pygar says:
    Had been a member of Iceland Bingo for a few months, but last week won £120 in a week ...this week they have banned me for not depositing as much as they wanted and playing the frees a lot (they do have that in their T&C), but a warning first might have been nice. They hate winners don't they. I do not know as yet if I will even get my winnings......can I leave two thumbs down?
  13. willsowls says:
    I was given a free £10 to spend on Iceland Bingo which was good. But thought I would try the new slot called 'JACK AND THE BEAN STALK' I found the wins very poor or to win anything was very low. Even after playing another £20 on play the low amount of 20p per spin. Did get the 'Free Bonus Spins' But this took ages to get! So best not play this slot game as better slots on this site!!!!
  14. willsowls says:
    I found this site not that good. Same winners. Always got to 1TG. lucky if I win! Was rare if I did and lost a lot of money on this site! The free games never ever get a win in played for 3 weeks! The lay out poor in read "who has won in that game" Better sites around!!!!!
  15. o9angela63 says:
    I received a free £5.00 voucher code when I shopped in Iceland. I joined and received money and played. I didn't win, but it lets you see the site before you deposit which I feel you need to see the layout of site. Unfortunately I absolutely hate the layout of this type of site, there are many out there just the same, I feel that everything is squashed, and some rooms you can't use your bingo bonus in. Also the Chat Hosts had really strange names. So for me this site is a no.
  16. jacks04 says:
    Have played on tons of bingo sites and this one has to be in my bottom two.... i played £18 of bonus money on bingo tickets..... £1 per ticket .... and even though there were only hand full of players in this game.... i got nowhere PLUS slots either do not load or blank out half way through spins (twice when winning)..... will not be playing here again and wasting my money.
  17. Talk about same old same old. They tried but they failed. Not even got my voucher yet - been waiting ages. Have emailed and they said they looking into it. I think its about time that bingo sites got a bit more creative and stopped doing the same thing over and over. but each is own.
  18. MAW25 says:
    Oh dear me! Another dull and boring site, same as Fierce bingo, Guestlist Bingo but to name a few! They offer you a good bonus (but not really just to try and get you hooked!!!) but doesn't last as the tickets prices can be expensive and you have to max on tickets to even get to 3tg, 2tg or if your lucky lol 1tg! Same winners so it gets very boring! My advice is stay away from these sites and don't waste your time and money! Play on a good honest site like Tombola were you see real people winning JP's daily and you don't have to wait several days to withdraw!!!!! Wish I'd read reviews before wasting my money!!!!
  19. xxxxxxxxx says:
    Would just like to thank iceland bingo for not honouring ANY of their promotions no shopping voucher no codes no refer a friend bonuses. No nothing. If your joining because you get 5.00 free voucher dont bother cause u dont get it.Im still waiting for mine 2mths later.
  20. natjayk says:
    Boring and tickets dear - also most players that won on day i joined were not in room. £30 to play with and didn't win a penny.
  21. holidays11 says:
    Don't really like this site found the cm's rude and to much like a lot of other sites out there wont be playing there again.
  22. towerme63 says:
    I am really impressed by Iceland bingo. I have been a member a while, but this week they have been doing a promo where you get 200% on your deposit if you deposit £20 and there is a new code every day of the week. I have just recieved my £600 winnings and it was fast and easy. Also when trying to withdraw they did not forfeit my bonus :D
  23. lady ov love says:
    Hi I just joined Iceland bingo today and can't believe how many wins I have had. That's the first good thing to say! (obviously ) and secondly it's reliable, easy to set up and not a bad site at all. I'm genuinely very thrilled to have discovered it. Wasn't sure about trying it as I hadn't really heard of it, but now I'm very pleased that I did. I found it easy and simple to withdraw my winnings, plus got to keep bonus credit as well. Very impressed and just waiting to see if I win more on my prepaid games. Can't wait for my spending spree! bye !
  24. sharon4167 says:
    Lots of free bingo at Iceland Bingo for both cash and vouchers. Easy to use. Lots of game choice.
  25. annir9 says:
    I have found another bingo site that I love. Iceland Bingo is easy to use, great friendly CMs and plenty of FreeBingo. The deposit bonus is generous and the prizes are good. I would recommend this site to my friends. :)
  26. bennevaro says:
    Great site. Great promotions. Iceland Bingo is the best new site of 2012 IMO
  27. Iceland Bingo has a good layout, nice and helpful chat hosts, plain and simple easy withdrawa rules. Keep up the good work.
  28. Claire2012 says:
    Must say I loved the site and the whole layout but......Cassava related sites are never good! My mum played on the site only to be branded a professional gambler cause she played in the free bingo room one day for just over 3 hours?! Yet they are now promoting 4 hours of free bingo on site!?? I too have been banned for bonus abuse??! God knows how? After only spending ALL my deposit and bonus before requesting any withdrawal this couldn't be possible! I urge anyone to take care before joining any Cassava related bingo sites as Cassava seem to be making lies up to ban people who do tend to win on site, and good luck with claiming your winnings!
    • I'm still waiting to access any of my £4,000 winnings. Customer Services are now citing 'a technical error' for the situation. It's becoming increasingly obvious that they have no intention whatsoever of allowing me to withdraw what is mine. These games are going to go on ad infinitum. I think a letter to the CEO of Iceland is what's called for.
  29. As a new member at Iceland Bingo, I was fortunate enough to win a £4,000 jackpot. Sounds great eh! Well, it would be, if one were to be able to easily withdraw the cash. However when first withdrawing, I was told I could have just £100! After complaining, I was told I could withdraw up to £1,000 in a day, but only £2,000 in a week. I have an outstanding withdrawal of £975 that STILL hasn't been processed from five days ago. Customer service never responded when they said they would. They've never got back to me. I've never experienced a bingo site so hell-bent on stalling on payment. Their representative on Facebook insisted they were adhering to standard industry protocols, but I've used umpteen sites (including other Cassava ones) and none of them have behaved in this way. This site besmirches the good name of a worthy supermarket chain.
    • ambrose says:
      I was thinking of joining myself as Iceland are a well known High Street company, I'm glad to have read your review first though and have now changed my mind.
  30. libbysmummy says:
    I found Iceland Bingo to be a brilliant site, easy to navigate round and lots of prizes to be won. One of the best sites i have played on xx
    • Brand new member logs on to give a gushing review of a site getting universally panned .... go figure!
  31. Bingo Basher says:
    I have to agree with everybody else - I was mortified to find it was a cassava site. Same familiar winning names as every other cassava site. Boring and very expensive tickets for extremely small prizes. I wasn't lucky enough to win even a share of a line after depositing. I played for several days at different times of the day. My connection appeared to be to slow to win any of the chat games - usually paid to the first person to answer a question. I have closed this account down. On a positive note, I did receive my £5 Iceland voucher - twice lol - so at least I got half of my deposit back.
  32. jjs says:
    Not impressed at all !!! This takes you into the same cassava page as about 200 sites do. Ticket prices are far too high at Iceland Bingo and money doesn't last long at all. The CH was rude and made me want to leave chat rather than join in with it. I wasn't made to feel welcome at all in any way. I asked about the FREE £5 iceland voucher and the host didn't have a clue and as per usual all they say is 'go to the help room', which i did, and sat in help for 40 minutes without getting an answer at all from the so called 'help' staff. A lot of the chat games seem to be the host picks a letter or movie and the players guess it, but out of 30 odd chat games i never won a single one, it seemed to be the same 'hosts friends' that won them over and over. And constantly it's the same winners in every room over and over. Regular 'friendly with the host players' seem to be given red carpet treatment whilst everyone else gets ignored pretty much. I also noticed that when this group of players started being nasty to another new player the host in the room just laughed !!! Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Will never go back!!
  33. fancy that says:
    Waited for Iceland Bingo to open and looked each day and when it did i was in there like a rat up a drain pipe.Only to have my hopes crushed again the same as all the other churned out sites. I did however win a bingo, the CH was nice and shared a few jokes. It's not bad deposit bonus at 200%, so i didn't hate it, but didn't particularly like either.
  34. Liz says:
    Didn't like this site. Played with £30, but the tickets are too expensive. I lasted about half an hour. No mention of the free Iceland voucher when I joined either! Same old Dragonfish software games, nothing new or exciting. Also you have to BUY (expensive) tickets in the newbies room!! Should really be free. I had a couple of wins but £30 went nowhere at Iceland Bingo.

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