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By Anita Heffernan - Google+

Rating: 4.7/5

  • Spin the Wheel feature worth up to £2,500
  • 50% bingo bonus on every reload
  • Enjoy scratchcards, table games and instants
WBUK 2014 Award Finalist
200% Deposit Bonus
Free Bingo
Loyalty Scheme

Zingo Bingo is a dazzling bingo site on a small network with a great range of bingo and slots games.

This bright, bold and brilliant bingo site not only offers a generous welcome bonus, but has a huge range of guaranteed jackpot games and unique, added extras that every type of player can enjoy.

New players get exclusive access to the £500 New Arrivals Jackpot Room

Zingo Bingo Highlights

• 200% First Deposit Bonus
• Spin the Wheel Feature
• £500 Newbie Jackpot
• Free Bingo

Zingo Bingo has a 200% first deposit bonus from amounts of £10 upwards, with the opportunity to earn more even more bonus cash on a special 'Spin the Wheel' feature. Once a deposit has been made, players get to spin the wheel to earn themselves further bingo bonus funds from £10 to £2,500.

All new players also get full access to their New Arrivals Jackpot room in their first 7 days after registration where there is £500 up for grabs each and every Friday.

Great Games

There's something happening most nights of the week, each game offering loads of extra chances to win and have fun. Zingo Bingo has a huge range of games to choose from, with free bingo everyday and a variation of massive progressive jackpots. They also have plenty of guaranteed rooms, with Friday Fever each week for the chance to win £150 and their monthly Pay Day jackpot worth £1,000!

• Daily Dosh 90 Ball         - Daily £25 Guaranteed Jackpot 10p card price
• Rise N Shine 90 Ball     - Weekly £150 Guaranteed Jackpot 2p card price
• Tuesday Treats 90 Ball - Weekly £100 Guaranteed Jackpot 25p card price
• Friday Fever 90 Ball       - Weekly £150 Guaranteed Jackpot 50p card price
• Pay Day 90 Ball              - Monthly £1000 Guaranteed Jackpot 50p card price

Also choose from a range of spectacular slots games, including all the classics such as Fluffy Favourites, Irish Luck and Sugar Train.

Reach for the stars

Zingo Bingo has a range of added extras and brilliant benefits for users who keeping playing at the site, including a unique loyalty scheme. The Lucky Stars VIP scheme gives away huge re-deposit bonuses, monthly cash back, birthday bonuses, mystery gifts and full access to their exclusive VIP £500 guaranteed jackpot game. It’s also based on wagering rather than your number of deposits, which increases your chances of getting on the Lucky Stars ladder!

Play Team Bingo twice a week and win 50,000 loyalty points that translates into £50 cash. Bring a friend on board and earn yourself another 5,000!


Payment Methods Accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedukash payments accepted


Zingo Bingo is powered by Jumpman Gaming.

UK Gambling Licence

Zingo Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Zingo Bingo Player Reviews

Have you played bingo at Zingo Bingo? Did you enjoy your experience? Let us and our thousands of weekly visitors know what you think about Zingo Bingo. Review Zingo Bingo

26 bingo players have reviewed Zingo Bingo, with 62% of players recommending the site.

  1. bugsy2000 says:
    I decided to try out Zingo Bingo and deposited £10 and got £20 bonus money which was pretty standard, but when it comes to the spin the wheel i thought it was just a con and everybody would just get the lowest amount, but surprise surprise, i actually got £50 on the wheel so it does work. Sure it was bonus money, but it kept me playing longer on the site and the cms are great and very welcoming. I'll definitely be coming back to Zingo Bingo
  2. willsowls says:
    Always like to check out these sites. Zingo Bingo bonus as per any other site. Played slots only which are the same as other sites I noticed. Made a profit of £5.06p. So when try to withdraw £35.06p You have to wait 48 hours before they deal with a new account. Just warning players as this seems to be a new rule as the chat host was not aware of this!!!!
    • willsowls says:
      To add that when taking any money out, Zingo they make you go through hoops in take any money out in make things difficult! Sent a Gas bill in, no want more id, so sent a copy of my passport! Await to see if I get my funds out! Did point out to Zingo Bingo in shame in not ask for ID when new players join there site. Happy to take your money but not like you too take your money out!!!
      • pinkyminx says:
        when you deposit money in a bank do you need id ? no! but to withdraw it of course you do.. its the banks job to know where you are spending your money and zingos job to know where they are putting it back :D they do a great job.
  3. annir9 says:
    I think Zingo Bingo is a great site that always has different promotions on. I have been a member since the site opened last year. It is coming up to their birthday soon and I am really looking forward to playing the birthday game. I always seem to have some small win here and there at Zingo! The chat hosts are so friendly. I have recommended Zingo to my friends and they all play along too! :)
  4. TheMeerkat says:
    Zingo Bingo is not much of an innovative site and has limited other games such as slots and table games. It has the usual generous bonuses for new members and I too won a tenner on the spin wheel. ( I haven't seen anyone that has won a large amount on this spin gizmo in their winners pages though?). I can vouch they are trusted and genuine because I once won and received within 4 days my "friday night take away". They arranged with my local pizza parlour to deliver me £50 worth of pizza with extras. I won this prize playing bingo at Zingo!
  5. pennypops says:
    Not been a member of Zingo Bingo for long but i love this site. Had a few small wins, so going to keep going for the jackpots! Chat hosts are proper friendly n nice jackpots! Will deffo be recommending this site to other players i know. Bright, friendly n fun!
  6. hannah_m says:
    Zingo Bingo is a really friendly site where I always have a laugh. The 200% welcome bonus is pretty good, but I especially like the fact you can also spin the wheel because you are guaranteed at least a free tenner. Itís a really fun site, with various promotions going on nearly every single night. I have been a member since it launched in June last year, and I have enjoyed it every time Iíve played!!
  7. adam123 says:
    I decided to try out Zingo bingo and deposited £10 and got £20 bonus money which was pretty standard, but when it comes to the spin the wheel i thought it was just a con and everybody would just get the lowest amount, but surprise surprise, i actually got £50 on the wheel so it does work. Sure it was bonus money, but it kept me playing longer on the site and the cms are great and very welcoming. I'll defintely be coming back to zingo bingo
  8. o9angela63 says:
    Zingo bingo had a great deal on , deposit £10.00 they would give you £20.00 plus you could spin a wheel with up to I think £2500.00. I deposited £10.00 spun the wheel and got £10.00 which give me £40:00 to spend, along the way I won a few games, I played slots and bingo I even won a House. So I Had £30 something left and decided that I would lift £25.00 out tried to withdraw the LEAST YOU CAN WITHDRAW IS £30.00. I couldn't believe it, also it said some of what I had was still bonus money, so even with my own £10.00 and my winnings, I must of played about £70.00. Sorry peeps still can't get my head around that the minimum you can lift is £30.00. This site is a big NO NO for me
    • geoff125 says:
      Hi all. If you read the t/c before you registered then you would know that the min to withdraw is £30.00. It always pays to do so when your gambling. Laters .
  9. jimmothy1973 says:
    Brill site - would recommend. So friendly and u can just chillax!
  10. gfos says:
    I've been playing at Zingo pretty much since it opened and have been really impressed with the site. In a short time they've opened new rooms and had some brilliant specials. The CHs are brilliant and the people there are really friendly and I've even had some good wins. It's definitely my favorite new site this year
  11. seagull99 says:
    It's the bomb
  12. sortok says:
    Zingo Bingo is very good, but needs more prizes.
  13. Kerinea says:
    I was admittedly rather disappointed. Expected more. Had constant problems trying to load the game. However it's early days..I will give it a go again some time in the future
  14. sommer916 says:
    The games at Zingo Bingo are fun, & you get 4 bonus rounds for free of bingo,, you should try it ,,
  15. I joined Zingo Bingo after receiving an email from you guys. It's a great site, and becaus its new and different software its great to play at. Its not just yet another copy of lots of other sites. ZingoBingo looks like it will become my new fave bingo home :-)
  16. fancy that says:
    At Zingo Bingo I deposited 40 pounds got 80 pounds in bonus money. Great i thought then, a chance to win on the wheel and iwon 10 pounds. So in all now I've got 90 pounds bingo money and my twenty pounds for slots. Went on slots and got on bonus, but these slots just don't pay. There's no magic in them. I lost my twenty pounds in about 60 seconds. Never mind I've got plenty bingo money. Went to bingo room and jackpot was, wait for it 56p! It was quite late so decided to play my bonus following day. Not much better - tickets ranged from 5p to 50p and then a whopping £1 the pots paid about £2 for a line, £5 for 2 lines and about 12 quid for the full house. The bonus went like melting snow. I did win 2 lines and full house, but the tickets cost more than i won. Aso this site limits the amount of tickets that you can buy with bonus money. Take my advice stay clear. I think the bonus was good but worthless.
    • WhichBingo Anita Site Administrator says:
      Hi. It's a shame you weren't lucky on your visit to Zingo. All new bingo sites struggle for players in the early days when they don't have a ready made network like the Dragonfish sites and that means small pots. However, with the slots games that's clearly the luck of the draw as the lucky lady in this recent news story would testify - <a href="http://www.whichbingo.co.uk/bingo-news/zingo-bingo-player-celebrates-23000-win-04184.html">click here</a>
    • fancy that says:
      Perhaps new sites would do better if they didn't make a profit in the first month and maybe they could then build up a network of players like Dragonfish. I for 1 never go back on a site that i think you have no chance of winning on. There was no money on this site to win so why would i return? Stands to reason if the bingo pots poor the pay outs on the slots would be poor.
    • Zingo Graham Site Administrator says:
      Hi. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the wins you were hoping for when you played with us at Zingo Bingo. It's still early days for us here at Zingo Bingo and we are working really hard to build a thriving player community by offering great games and promotions, friendly chat hosts and as you can see from the story Anita mentions above, we do have big winners! We have a wide range of games available with varying prize levels to involve all players, whether they enjoy our free bingo (played daily) or our daily, weekly and monthly guaranteed jackpots including our new Pay Day £1000 guaranteed game, as well as an excellent range or slots and casino games. I'd love to see you back at Zingo Bingo and I hope you'll have a little more luck next time.
  17. han says:
    This site is quickly becoming my new fave. I only joined a few weeks ago and have already had some good wins. The chat hosts are great fun and there's some great prizes to be won. I've played about everywhere there is and will definitely be coming back here.
  18. jason1_984 says:
    I can honestly say this is one of the better bingo networks going at the moment and I loved Zingo Bingo. The site linked with Lights Camera Bingo and Showreel Bingo. The games can be a little expensive with game prices of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 25p, 50p and £1 a ticket. The games are random so you don't know the price of the next game, but the pots are good enough to justify the price of the tickets. I deposited £10 and won £75 jackpot game playing on a single card. I earned over £250 in bonus funds over the course of a weekend and withdrew £50 so far. I still have a balance of £88 at the time of writing to play with and £20 in bonus funds to cash up to play with. The chat hosts are great and always helpful to players and will answer any questions that they are asked. Worth giving the site a go and see what you can win :)
  19. Morgsmum says:
    I joined Zingo Bingo and I have had a really good experience. I have played on every site there is and can honestly say this is a good one. The joining bonuses are good and you get to spin a wheel for extra bonus. I have withdrawn and it was paid within 2 days after the initial 48 hours. The games can be expensive to play, but the prize money is good and the slots pay out. All in all worth a try

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