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Answered by ShoutBingo on 24 Jan 2017

In my experience tombola paid out pretty much instantly. That was with paypal. They don't appear to have any sort of holding period for withdrawals like some other sites do. The minimum withdrawal is also just £10.

Answered by Lilly1 on 30 Jan 2017

I usually get my winnings within 48 hours of making the withdrawal and that's to a debit card. I know I will never wait very long.

Answered by Ellie2012 on 8 Mar 2017

I just received a payment I requested on Monday (it's Wednesday now) - so just less than 3 days.

Answered by Lilly1 on 27 Jan 2017

I think the best sites for winning are the ones where you don't have to wait ages to get your winnings once you withdraw, so for me that's tombola, Jackpotjoy and Gala to name just three. I always check the terms to see how long I might have to wait to get my money. I don't like the ones that hold on to my money for two or more days before even starting to process it!!!

Answered by OscarH on 5 Mar 2017

My plan for winning is by increasing my odds of winning by only playing in rooms with a small number of players. It stands to reason that if only 10 people are playing you are more likely to win than in a room of 1,000 people. The downside to my master plan is that unfortunately the less players there are in a room ( my 'bigger' chance of winning) the smaller the jackpots. However I'm very happy shouting 'BINGO' on a £10 jackpot than a begrudging 'WTG' on a £1,000 jackpot that I didn't win.

Answered by Greeny on 24 Feb 2017

You have the same chance of winning on all bingo sites, however you may want to look at bingo sites with higher jackpots so when you do win you maximize your returns :)

Answered by martinmcgarry on 4 Mar 2017

I've seen a couple of Facebook groups offering them on regular basis... The-Sun-Bumper-Bingo-Numbers is one facebook group i've seen giving them out.

Answered by Ellie2012 on 27 Feb 2017

There is a couple of pages I check if i need the numbers. Do a search for "Sun bumper bingo numbers facebook" and it should come up. Or try

Answered by Ellie2012 on 8 Mar 2017

Mecca have loads of bingo rooms, but to give you an idea most of them have a top prize of up to £1000 during the day but there are progressive jackpots every night which are at least £10,000, so it depends on which game you play and when.

Answered by WhichBingo Roger on 21 Mar 2018

I have personally only played Mecca Bingo once and the session I played for lasted for nearly two hours. I played in many of the bingo rooms available, such as Rainbow Riches Bingo and Xfactor Bingo but my success was in the Deal or No Deal 90 ball bingo room.

After playing three or four games in Deal or No Deal and paying an average £5 per game, I finally got a full house win. Not only did I win a £120, but because I won, I also got to play Deal or No Deal's banker mini-game and through this, I won an additional £25.

You can check the video out here:

Answered by WhichBingo on 21 Mar 2018

The majority of rooms online have stake-based game prizes and progressive jackpot prizes and not guaranteed prize pots – for this reason is it not possible to say a particular room offers a particular prize.

From experience of playing at the site on a regular basis we can say the game prizes can be anything from £1 to £1,500 or more, depending on the number of players in the room and the price of the ticket.

The bigger the prize usually means that there are more people in the room and the price of the ticket will be higher.

At night you will usually find the main rooms have prizes at around £400 to £500, plus these will usually be networked rooms, bringing players together from a number of different bingo sites into one single bingo game. The price to play for these kind of prizes would typically range from 5p to 20p a ticket.

Mecca Bingo benefits from some standalone rooms for its own players only and while the game prizes do not hit the high hundreds they are often between £50 and £200 with better chances of a win.

Some of the more specialist games with variable stake options like Cash Cubes and Rainbow Riches Bingo often have guaranteed pots at the lower end of the spectrum, i.e up to £50 depending on the stake chosen. However, these can go higher if more players enter the game.

There are so many bingo rooms at Mecca Bingo everyone is sure to find a stake and prize to suit them.

Answered by Greeny on 5 Mar 2017

You can win up to a large amount of money at mecca, just take a look at there winners page to see for yourself.

Answered by beckybird on 17 Jan 2017

I see someone recently won £167,873.87. It looks like you can win quite a lot.

Answered by Ellie2012 on 5 Feb 2017

Last time I withdrew from mecca it was in my account in I think 3 days - no messing like with some other sites

Answered by OscarH on 15 Jan 2017

Bingo isnt fixed as the bingo operator 'wins' whatever the result. A bingo site is not bothered who wins because they have already taken their 'rake' of the pot before winnings are paid out. And anyway, how would you 'fix' bingo? [asking for a friend... ;-)

Answered by Lilly1 on 29 Jan 2017

I don't think so. I have varied luck at the sites I play at. I don't always win, but I sometimes do. If I believed it to be fixed I wouldn't keep playing.

Answered by beckybird on 25 Feb 2017

Why would a bingo site need to be fixed? They want people to keep coming back and playing. I'm guessing the site takes a rake from all the money that is wagered on a game and the winnings come from the remaining share. If it was fixed they'd get your money once or twice but you'd soon stop coming back and spending money there. So there'd be fewer repeat visits to a fixed site and ultimately less profit for them.

Answered by bingoAmelia on 6 Mar 2017

No. I read in a magazine that bingo sites don't fix any of the games. They say they don't need to as winning is purely down to luck anyway. So that means if players can't fix it to win, the bingo sites don'e need to fix it for you to lose. It all seems to be legit and on the level to me!

Answered by oscarlfc on 4 Jun 2017

most bingo sites are the same u win and lose just down to luck

Answered by seagull99 on 28 Feb 2017

I don't think you can. Best way is to go via a proxy or VPN.

Answered by beckybird on 22 Feb 2017

Tombola's terms and conditions state that "The games that are featured on tombola can only be played in the UK". You are probably better off finding another site that does allow you to legitimately play outside the UK. In theory you could route your request through a proxy server which would show your IP as coming from the UK. There are various plugins for your browser that allow you to change your IP address in this way. But I wouldn't be keen on having my payment details routed through some unknown chain of proxy servers.

Answered by on 4 Sep 2017

90 ball bingo is played with a 3 by 9 card with numbers from 1 to 90. The card contains 3 rows and 9 columns. On each row are exactly 5 numbers. The other four cells in each row are blank, or free squares. The first column contains the numbers 1 to 10, the second 11 to 20, and so on, but mathematically this doesn’t matter. Winning events are based on covering rows only, so mathematically speaking the game could played on a 3 by 5 card with all numbers covered, the odds would be the same. The odds of a full-house of winning 90 ball bingo in 40 balls is 1 in 1138478 - this decreases to 1 in 861 by the 60th call. Obviously playing more cards can help your chances in a game.

Answered by MinnieMay on 3 Mar 2017

Fabulous Bingo is currently the only sister site to Sun Bingo. Both from News International and both moved to Virtue Fusion from Gamesys at the same time.

Answered by Greeny on 17 Feb 2017

It only has one, Fabulous Bingo

Answered by james996 on 21 Feb 2017

I'm assuming you will search for it on the play store, if not it may be on the website.

Answered by MeetTheMillers on 28 Feb 2017

On an android phone you simply get the mobile version of the main website. It doesn't give you a link to any app download. This must be a BIG mistake by The Sun. It's not in the PlayStore either. I guess, therefore there isn't a SunBingfo app for Android. OR if there is it's very well hidden!!

Answered by Ellie2012 on 19 Jan 2017

Hard to say as the jackpots and games keep changing. You can win a lot though, someone won nearly 6 million pounds on a 30p bet at butlers bingo a few years ago!

Answered by WhichBingo on 19 Mar 2018

Wagering in bingo is a condition that applies to any bonus funds you are given, it is a monetary figure of spend that you must hit.

Once you hit the wagering amount your free of restrictions often applied to your account whilst you are playing with bonus money. That could be when you first join a bingo site as a new player, or perhaps a bonus that you are offered as an existing player.

Normally, limitations are applied to your account during the wagering period, like your withdrawals being frozen. When you hit the wagering requirements of the bonus offer, those limitations are removed and your account is returned to its usual active state.

The reason for a wagering conditions on your account is because of the bonus, you are effectively being given a form of free money and it stops any kind of abuse, money laundering etc. If you are given free bonus money, you can't really expect to withdraw it as cash.

If a site says it offers a 4x wagering requirement on its bingo bonus, what this involves is as follows:

The bonus Offer = 200%

The wagering = 4 times

Therefore deposit £10 and you will get £20 in bingo bonus funds on top. If the wagering rule is based on deposit + bonus you will have to wager £120 before generating any withdrawable balance. If it is on bonus only that figure changes to £80

In most cases you will be spending your £10 cash first and any winnings will go to your cash balance, whether you spend on bingo or slots. After all your cash balance has been spent, you will start using your bingo bonus on bingo games. If you should win with your bonus the winnings will go into your bonus balance.

If you win say £30 this would go to your bonus balance and you will have to keep buying tickets with the bonus and hopefully having more wins until you reach that £80 or £120 spend. As soon as that spend has been reached your remaining winnings will change to cash and future winnings with that deposit will go to your cash balance. Subject to minimum withdrawal limits at the site you are playing on you should then be able to make your withdrawal

Answered by LucyLosey on 7 Jul 2017

It means bingo sites can keep all your money when you join and take the bonus!

Answered by HollieLawson on 7 Jul 2017

Its like a buffer, If you get a bonus and win the jackpot, wagering is a rule that means you have to 'spend' a certain amount before you can withdraw the money. Part of the small print of a bonus... sometimes its 3 times, it may be more. If you get a £5 bonus with 3 x wagering, you will need to play with £15 before you can withdraw real cash from your balance.

Answered by lottie8 on 3 Mar 2017

Cassava is part of 888 Holdings, the company who own the Dragonfish software and sites like 888 Ladies. It's basically a subsidiary company, responsible for the day-to-day operations of all the sites on Dragonfish, in particular payments and withdrawals. This is why on your credit card bill you see Cassava Enterprises instead of the bingo site. Many people think this means Cassava owns the bingo site, which isn't the case. Costa Bingo for example, is owned by Intertain. Intertain create the branding, the promotions, maybe even chat hosts and things like that, but the payments and withdrawals, etc, are done by Cassava.

Answered by Ellie2012 on 6 Mar 2017

One thing that got me is that if you self-exclude from one cassava site (or any other operator for that matter) - you could/should get excluded from all other sites running on that operator's network, but most operators don't advertise what sites they run!

Answered by OscarH on 3 Mar 2017

The fact is that the 'same' players don't actually keep winning - although you are right it does sometimes 'look' like the same roomies keep winning all the time. As with all gambling it's a simple case of basic maths. Let me explain..... The illusion of the 'same player winning' is known in the industry as 'Saplawi' (SA-me PL-ayer WI-nning). Each card in any game of bingo has EXACTLY the same chance of winning as any other. Let's say there are ten people playing bingo and each has bought one card. In this instance each person has a 10% chance (1 in 10) of winning.

SAPLAWI occurs when one player buyer buys waaaay more cards than others, tipping winning in their favour. In this instance in the example above one person buys 10 cards, and everyone else still only buys one card, then that player has a 10 in 19 (almost 50%) chance of winning meaning they will win, on average, every other game. To all the other 9 players in the game, it now looks like 'the same person winning every time'. But the reason that is happening is because they have bought nine times more cards than anyone else. Next time you think you see 'the same player winning ask them how many cards they buy per game...... Basically the more cards you buy the more chance you have of winning. Good Luck all........

Answered by bingoAmelia on 3 Mar 2017

They don't. The only people that say this are sore losers unhappy that they have not won themselves. Bingo is just based on pure luck and chance - so ANY player has a chance to win!

Answered by beckybird on 2 Feb 2017

I'm pretty sure that all the Playtech sites have Deal or No Deal Bingo. Have a look at them and you should be able to find it.

Answered by bingoAmelia on 8 Jan 2017

Hi, DOND Bingo is available at the following sites: Ladbrokes, Sun Bingo, Gala

Answered by bigJay on 28 Jun 2017

That depends on where you are!

Answered by jacoru on 24 Apr 2017

yes blighty bingo but its rubbish theres a 90 ball room with no players or games and a 75 ball room. that does have a players but nobody chats not even the hosts. rest of bingo is frees and jackpot games that are linked to all other cassava sites lol

Answered by waynebingo on 15 Dec 2017

I think you've missed the boat on this one, although you can still buy them on eBay (if you're really that desperate to get one).

Jackpotjoy are running a new competition at the moment to claim Paddy McGuiness branded spoons and oven gloves, but hurry - you have until 18th December to put your name down for one!

Answered by WhichBingo on 6 Apr 2018

We haven't actually taken the time to sit down and count all the bingo games out there unfortunately. Its hundreds, accross hundreds of sites. Games can be rooms, themed rooms, innovative variations of bingo like Cinco or CashCubes but we don't actually have a defiinitve number, because no sooner do games arrive, they can dissapear.

You'll find the best selection of games listed on Bingo Games page

Answered by WhichBingo on 5 Apr 2018

Bingo is a historically traditional game of matching numbered balls drawn from a tombola, to a card with a random selection of numbers. The aim of bingo is to be the first to cover the required amount of numbers. Normally this starts with a line of numbers on one of the cards you hold, followed by a 'house' of number (all the numbers on the card).

90 Ball Bingo

Each ticket contains 27 squares and 15 random numbers. A ticket is made up of three lines of nine squares with each line containing five numbers. A 'strip' of 6 tickets will contain all 90 numbers. As each ball is called the software will mark of the relevant number on each card where it appears.

Most sites will play the usual UK game of 'One Line' (any single horizontal line across), 'Two Lines' (two horizontal lines) and then 'Full House' (all three lines) to win. The first player to correctly complete a horizontal line; then two lines and finally for crossing off all the numbers on a ticket and so achieving a Full House wins the corresponding prize for the given game.

75 Ball Bingo

There are a number of versions of 75 ball bingo. All are played on a card with five columns and five lines. Each column is labelled B,I,N,G or O. The B line contains numbers 1-15, the I line contains numbers from 16-30, The N line contains numbers 31-45, the G line contains numbers from 46-60 and the O line contains numbers 61-75.

In the 'British' and 'American' versions the centre square in the 'N' column is free, but in the 'Swedish' version there is no free square.

In 'British' and 'Swedish' 75 ball bingo prizes are usually offered for one line, two lines, three lines, four lines and the full house (or Coverall as it is sometimes known). The 'American Bingo' version is played on a variety a pre-determined patterns varying from single lines, corners and crosses to shapes of letters and numbers. The pattern options are endless.

80 Ball Bingo

This will be familiar to many from when they played at the seaside. Older readers will remember putting beer bottle tops over the numbers, but younger people will only have ever seen the plastic boards with the sliding doors.

The 80 ball bingo board contains numbers 1 to 80 in different, brightly coloured columns. The red column contains numbers 1-20, the yellow column is 21-40, the blue column is 41-60 and the white column is 61-80.

There are usually two chances to win. The first by calling a single line horizontally, vertically or diagonally, by covering the four corners or the four centre squares - although the exact ways to win may vary from site to site. The second is to go on to get the full house by covering all the numbers first.

30 Ball Bingo

This consists of a small grid containing numbers between 1 and 30. Some sites offer prizes for each of the three horizontal lines, i.e., one line, two lines and full house, while others just operate it on a coverall basis.

Some sites will also offer what is known either as a 'Progressive' or 'Jackpot' prize. These prizes are higher than the usual game prize and are usually won by completing the full house of any game version within a pre-determined and advertised number of calls.

For more bingo varients visit our Online Bingo Games page

Answered by WhichBingo on 6 Apr 2018

1. Login or Join a site

If you have just joined a site you will be already logged in and ready to go. If you are returning to a site to play you will need to log in using the user name and password chosen at registration.

Once logged in you will either be at a generic home page showing many of the site features and games and offers or a personalised account page showing your account details and some personalised offers depending on your loyalty status.

2. Choose a game or room

You will be able to choose to play bingo, (or slots, instants or casino games, but we will refer to bingo here) and you will be taken to the relevant game 'lobby'. You can then select a bingo room to play in from the list provided, usually by clicking on a 'play now' icon.

Each bingo room will feature a particular style of bingo games (90 ball, 75 ball, etc.) and will have different ticket values, ranging from free to £1 and everything in between. Some big games may even have £5 tickets! Many sites have bingo games running every few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Buy game tickets

Having selected your bingo room it will automatically load with bingo tickets that can be used to play in the next upcoming game. All you need to do is click on the tickets that you wish to play, or move a special 'slider' or + or - buttons to get to the number of tickets you wish to buy. Then click on the 'purchase' or 'buy now' button. Different rooms have different minimum and maximum purchase limits.

When you see references to 'maxing' this means that a player has purchased all the tickets they can for that game instead of just choosing a smaller number of tickets or strips.

4. Wait for your game to begin

When the game begins, the Bingo Caller announces the balls as they come out. At many sites you will see players refer to the caller by a name. This is a tradition carried over from the land based bingo halls and helps to personalise the remote bingo experience.

5. Mark, dab, daub or just watch

Each number that is called appears on the call board as they are announced. Most software will mark or 'daub' the called numbers that match the numbers on your bingo ticket automatically. Sites that only offer manual daubing will often offer a 'catch up' button on the game interface to automatically daub any called numbers that may have been missed by the player during a game that is in progress.

6. Finish

The game finishes when a player completes the winning requirement of the game they are playing. So this could be a single line, two lines or full house in 90 ball bingo, or a particular pattern shape in 75 ball bingo. The bingo software often shows how close each ticket is to winning and the best tickets will move to be visible on screen and in order of how close they are to bingo. The system will also automatically claim BINGO for you, so you will never miss a win.

It is now possible to pre-buy bingo tickets at many bingo sites and you do not need to be in a bingo room to win - your tickets will play for you even if you are not online. The same applies if you have to leave a bingo room or log out in the middle of any given game.

As with land-based bingo, internet bingo games can sometimes produce more than one winner. If more than one player gets 'Bingo' on the same call then the prize is split equally between all the winners.

Answered by WhichBingo on 26 Mar 2018

We have a page dedicated to phone payment bingo play here:

Answered by WhichBingo on 6 Apr 2018

Once you are used to chatting whilst playing bingo, you will very quickly find out that there is a short-hand speak or 'lingo' that players use. This is to save time and space whilst chatting as the chat windows is not usually very big.

Here's a useful guide to the most popular chat lingo you'll come across (and use!) -

1tg, 2tg, 3tg etc: One/two/three numbers left to bingo

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

AFK: Away From Keyboard

BAK: Back At Keyboard

BBL: Be Back Later

BBS: Be Back Soon

BLNT: Better Luck Next Time

BRB: Be Right Back

BTW: By The Way

CYA: See Ya

FYI: For Your Information

GL: Good Luck

GL2U: Good Luck to You

GLA: Good Luck All

GLE: Good Luck Everyone

GM: Good Morning

GN: Good Night

GR8: Great

HB: Hurry Back

IC: I See

IMO: In My Opinion

IRL: In Real Life

JK: Just Kidding

K or x: Kiss

L8R: Later

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off

LOL: Laugh Out Loud

NP: No Problem

PMSL: P**ssed Myself Laughing

ROFL: Rolling on The Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO: Rolling on The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROOMIE: A chat room member (anyone who's in chat is a roomie)

SAC: Sorry All Close

SS: So Sorry

SYS: See You Soon

TC: Take Care

TTFN: Ta Ta For Now

TY: Thank You

TYU2: Thank You & You too

TYSM: Thank You So Much

TYVM: Thank You Very Much

WB: Welcome back

WDW: Well Done Winner

WTG: Way to Go!

YW: You're Welcome

YVW: You're Very Welcome

Answered by WhichBingo on 21 Mar 2018

The first piece of advice we would give any players looking for the best bingo ap, is to avoid limiting themselves to only searching for brands that are available via Google Play or the App Store. In the majority of cases, you get a far better experience and variety of games by simply visiting the site on your mobile internet browser.

This is because the app stores have an approval process that operators have to go through every time they wish to update their apps. This causes delays and often explains why many apps don’t have the full range of games that can be found by logging in via your mobile browser.

That being said, if you do download an official app you get slightly more screen space to play with, as it will be built specifically for the device you’re using. Some even allow you to login via FaceID or fingerprint sensor, which is another benefit of app over web browser play.

Most popular mobile bingo 2017

Every year we run the WhichBingo Awards which has a category for Best Mobile Bingo Experience. Last year’s shortlisted consisted of the following brands:

All of the finalists listed above have apps in both Google Play and the iOS App Store, except for Butlers Bingo which is playable in mobile browser. You can of course always save a website to your home screen, so it’s always there for you like an app would be. Many players opt to do this instead of downloading a dedicated app.

Although Sky Bingo won the award, we don’t currently recommend this brand (for reasons explained here) but any of the other finalists are well worth a look if you’re after a top quality mobile bingo site.

Playtech sites offer a great mobile experience

Four of the finalists in our Best Mobile category use Playtech bingo software, which is found on many other major brands. Choose any of the playtech sites and you can be guaranteed a really great mobile app with a wide variety of games.

Many of playtech’s games are designed specifically for mobile users, such as the popular Cash Cubes bingo game. This is also available on desktop, but it was designed for mobile first, quick-play, quick-fire games you can play on the go for short bursts.

As the two biggest names on Playtech, Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo’s mobile apps differ in that one forces you to play portrait mode (Gala) while the other uses landscape (Mecca). Depending on how you like to hold your device, you may favour one over the other.

Heart Bingo were the best site overall - and they have a great mobile app

Although Playtech sites dominated the awards by sheer numbers, Heart Bingo (who won the overall Best Online Bingo Site award) have a superb mobile site / app that uses a different software (provided by Gamesys).

Not many sites run on Gamesys, which means the experience feels more unique and special as a result. Their mobile play has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and if offers a fantastic user experience and lots of great games. We highly recommend giving them a try.

Answered by WhichBingo on 26 Mar 2018

We aim to publish reviews within a 24hr working window, we operate typical monday to friday working hours. So whilst we try our best to monitor weekend activity, we can't guarantee reviews are approved on a Saturday or Sunday.

We also consider all reviews inline with our terms and conditions. Reviews may not be published if they break our review guidelines on what we consider to be a fair, useful and appropriate review.

Answered by WhichBingo on 28 Apr 2017

If you mean bingo CM jobs, then your best bet is to check the Chat Host Jobs page on WhichBingo where we do our best to list any vacancies we have heard about.

There is also a Chat Host Facebook Group you can try.

Answered by WhichBingo on 26 Mar 2018

We don't get many players asking to do this, but it is possible for us to change it for you. Please email and let us know what you want your new username to be.

Answered by Greeny on 21 Jul 2017

If you are totally new I would go with one of the bigger names that are simple to play, so either Jackpotjoy or tombola. There are other big names but they tend to have so much stuff on them that its overwhelming. These two are very simple to use and understand. Give them a go.

Answered by WhichBingo on 28 Apr 2017

Yes it's on LBN and the bingo rooms will be linked with the rest of the network which means more players and better prizes.

Answered by jacoru on 8 May 2017

You shouldnt have any wagering if you dont accept bonuses. But we all know how greedy these bingo sites are. They'll find something as a way of keeping your money lol. And just make sure if you do win all your winnings go into you cash. Cos they might sneak it into bonus saying you bought tix with bonus money when you didnt. It happened to lots of players.

Answered by gracieh on 8 Feb 2017

Hi. I find this frustrating sometimes too. But then I only dip in and out of certain bingo sites and don't stay in a room for a long period of time. The odds say that if you play a lot of games you should win a few too. If you only play 10 games then you are not going to win as often as someone who has maybe played 100 games. Maybe it's just their time. They may also be playing with a lot more tickets than you.

Answered by Greeny on 24 Jan 2017

No, people may keep getting lucky but at some point that luck will come to an end and your luck might just start :)

Answered by beckybird on 24 Feb 2017

It could be due to what's called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Our brains are hardwired to search for patterns in things. You probably notice a pattern in sequence of things more if you are looking out for it. If someone with a memorable user name wins you'll probably notice it and remember it the next time you see it. It's like when you are thinking of buying a new car and suddenly you start noticing the same brand driving about all over the place.

Answered by MeetTheMillers on 4 Mar 2017

I think the browser version is better as you get the real feel of the site rather than what seems like a cut-up version on the app.

Answered by jPickering on 8 Mar 2017

In my experience the app is much better than playing on the website via your iphone. Mecca Bingo is probably the best and tombola is good too.

Answered by bingoAmelia on 5 Mar 2017

My son always tells me to use an app when on mobile - as they have been specifically made for mobile phones. I imagine the quality would be better then.

Answered by lmcdonald on 6 Mar 2017

I'm pretty sure they'll give you a different experience all together. But don't forget when you download an app to you phone, you may have to allow notifications and you might also have to allow the app to access certain data on your phone.

Answered by gracieh on 1 Mar 2017

I like to play via the app on any bingo site if given the chance. A lot of effort goes into producing these imho to ensure that they are fully optimised for the mobile player. Often they add in special games and offers too.

Answered by WhichBingo on 17 Apr 2018

Hi we have review of Kingjack casino - you can check it out here. If you join up, be sure to come back and leave a review or comment on this question again. Your information might be valuable to new players.

Answered by lottie8 on 3 Nov 2017

There aren't as many players about at lunchtime so I tend to go for the bigger sites like tombola or jackpotjoy. At least that way you know the prize money should be worth winning.

Answered by kry306 on 3 Nov 2017

I love Heart Bingo if your not a member heartofgold reffered you.

Answered by parsons on 4 Sep 2017

Legal? Probably not gonna wind them up in prison, but there are regulators who can fine companies for using misleading info. There's the ASA (Advertising Sales Authority) or even the gambling commission who look into these things - so if you have a complaint which I suspect you do, these would be good sources of information. Are you unhappy with a particular bingo site?

Answered by puffin35 on 19 Apr 2017

paddy power has the original rainbow riches slot and also has the rainbow riches bingo room :)

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