Danny Stafford – Chat Host Interview

Danny Stafford Interview Bingocams

We talked to Bingocams favourite Danny Stafford on his journey to become a Chat Host.
The interview took place over Skype messaging with Anni Nevison from WhichBingo asking the questions.

Anni: Please can you introduce yourself and tell us which company you work for?

Danny: My name is Danny Stafford and I work as a Chat Host and entertainer at Bingocams.

Anni: How long have you worked for Bingocams?

Danny: I’ve worked for Bingocams for just over 4 years now.

Anni: OK, so what days do you usually work and what are your hours of work?

Danny: I work Monday to Friday between 1pm & midnight, I work different hours every day, no two days are the same.

Anni: Do you get to choose the hours you work or are they given to you via rota?

Danny: As Chat Hosts we let Bingocams know what hours we are available – and they rota us. The shows I do are planned a little in advance though, depending on what promotions & events we are doing.

Anni: So you mentioned you’re a Chat Host and entertainer. Could you please explain the difference to us all?

Danny: I host as Aaron and as Danny Stafford, the drag queen. Danny does the shows & Aaron is more of a ‘normal’ host!


Danny Stafford drag queen

Danny looking spectacular! Giving the audience a great Bingocams experience


Anni: Do you get to do your shows often?

Danny: Mostly once a week, sometimes I get to do more on special occasions.

Anni: Great, so could you explain what your shows entail?

Danny: The shows are different every week, if we have a theme, for example, Halloween I’ll do some show numbers from the musical ‘Wicked’. Last week I did the theme from ‘priscilla Queen of The desert’ with a fabulous costume that lit up!

Anni: How long does it take to prepare for a show?

Danny: It takes about an hour to do the make up, but preparing music & costumes takes many hours.

Anni: Do you have a favourite costume?

Danny: I have hundreds of costumes, not really a favourite costume! But, I like doing numbers with puppets, they make it more visually interesting. It is also good that we can involve the players too as we can bring them up on live stream at the same time, I can do duets with players – it’s great when they want to get involved!

Anni: Do you have any regulars then? A fan base so to speak?

Danny: A lot of the players pop in the room especially when they know there is Cabaret! And yes, a lot of players have been with us for years so they know what to expect.
The shifts are always live and most of my shifts not as Danny are live too especially all of our big jackpot rooms we also have chat moderators who work off camera too.

Anni: What made you interested in the Bingocams role 4 years ago?

Danny: They advertised through a casting agency for entertainers and requested something a little different. You couldn’t get more different than me! I don’t think there is a drag queen working live on any gaming site that I know of.

Anni: You must have had some fantastic comments from players over the years you’ve been with Bingocams. Have any funny/kind comments ever stuck with you and what were they?

Danny: Ufff! There are many! The regulars know I am a man in a frock, the new players get quite confused at times!


Danny Stafford - the funny side - bingocams

Seeing the funny side! Danny entertaining his loyal Bingocams audience.


Anni: So, from the team. who would you say is the:

Danny: The funniest is Wendy.

Anni: Cheekiest?

Danny: The cheekiest is Jonathan.

Anni: Shyest?

Danny: Ha! There are NO shy chat hosts!

Anni: Naughtiest?

Danny: Ch Danny is the naughtiest!

Anni: And who does the worst typos?

Danny: I do some really good typos too…in fact, I have a typo Tuesday event every week. Players are allowed 1 typo per hour and if they don’t do any typo’s I award a little prize. I can’t repeat some of them! It’s usually mis-typing player names Buckfunny or Clockwise… it can be challenging in a busy room – you panic every time you type!

Anni: So over all. What has been your favourite promotion Bingocams have held?

Danny: If a player makes a good typo – I tease them saying they are going to get the back of their legs slapped with a wet flannel! Our birthday promotions are really fun to do as we get a lot of input for a whole week’s events. The last big holiday give-away was fun to do. We had so much fun talking about where the winners went and they sent in photos and many off them took their laptops on holiday with them so they could pop up on the site while on holiday! Its good to get them all involved, we have quite a community spirit!

Danny: Some of the players have even travelled to meet each other after meeting on Bingocams so we get them up on the live stream when they are together.

Anni: So do you play bingo or are you just here for the community?

Danny: I used to play ‘Land’ bingo a lot at, as the players call it, at Gala Bingo. I like the community Bingocams has so I stick to hosting and entertaining our players rather than playing regularly myself.

Anni: How much interaction and support do you get from other Chat Hosts and management?

Danny: I speak to supervisors, management and other Chat Hosts every day when I am working, so its a really great company to work for. There is always someone to talk to at Bingocams. They also listen to us and our ideas, many of the events have been suggested by Bingocams employees. I love working for the company.

Anni: Before we finish, do you have any advice for aspiring chat hosts wanting to work for Bingo Cams?

Danny: My advice is to be yourself and as a bonus, if you are a nosey person – it’s a great job!

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  1. Julie Carroll says:

    loved what you had to say danny and you clearly love your job i loved being a chat host and are looking for a new job at the minute your spot on saying you have to be nosey my players called me the nutty nosey one will join one day so i can come and see your shows sounds like a lot of fun

  2. Sally Stanley-gonsalves says:

    Danny ur just fabulous I remember thinking wen I first started I know ur face then it sank in who u was pmsllll ur just great I love u lots u do a brilliant job don’t ever leave I’ll miss u too much ur typo princess sally oh Yeh and Paul xxxx

  3. Patricia Mc Nulty says:

    Danny is amazing , great entertainer , knows how to hold a crowds attention , never a dull moment , we all love Danny at Bingocams xxxx

  4. Kelly Nixon says:

    Do you have any work for a little blond, that would love to work with your team in a chat room

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