Funniest chat host moments

In the world of online bingo chat, typos from players and chat hosts can often result in unexpected hilarity.

Recently we asked our online bingo chat host community for some of their funniest chat host moments as well as collating some of the other hilarious chat experiences we’ve heard over the years, direct from the mouths of the chat hosts themselves.

Insert card here?!

“The funniest thing that ever happened to me in a chat room was being asked which part of the PC do I put my card in so I can use it to deposit, and hello, do I need a license to own a computer?”

– Jackie, Jackpotjoy.

bingo typo

I’m not the caller!

“I was leaving shift one evening at around 2am, was about to say my goodbyes etc, and a player says to me ‘Who is going to call bingo when you go?’. I asked if she was being serious (as u would lol) she said yes… I said ‘ok the system is run auto etc’ but bless her thinking that we called, think if we did they would all run, lol.”

– Blaze, Mirror Bingo

Bottoms up!

“In 5 years lots comes to mind, the funniest though happened quite recently, I had two players join the room together one was called willyboy and the other was called Bottomsup. So I typed “Hi Willy Welcome and Bottomsup, Good luck, the roomies never let me forget that!! LOL.”

– James, Bingocams.

Typo natter

As you scroll further down the page you’ll come across groups of text bubbles like the ones below containing hilarious Chat Host typo errors. Some of these will make you cringe – just have a read!

“The funniest typo I have ever done, was when I wished a work mate all the best for her shift, but I missed off the F! I felt rather embarrassed telling them to “Have a nice shit!”

.- Karen,

“Well mine was made by myself, I got booted out of my room and on my return I said OMG I got licked out by bob ( the caller ), instead of kicked! I was sooooo red faced and my roomies have never ever let me forget it lol.”

Julieanne, Mecca Bingo.

“Me and Kelvyn were talking to members saying hello asking it they were ok, we were dual hosting for the day. We in unison both said hello to two members I said hello to a member called sunshine called mine them “sunshite”. What a shift we had that day! It for sure went onto our typo thread on or member forum. Oops!”

Katie, Jackpotjoy

Bingo weddings

“One of my roomies was talking about their bingo hubby, and from there on, I really don’t know how it happened, but we went from bingo hubbies and wives to marrying them live on cam, and suddenly I was ordained as Reverand Roxy by bob the bingo caller. So I now dress as a vicar and perform bingo weddings, I love it, sooo funny lol.”

– Roxanne, Bingocams.

airport bingo blunder

I spy

“One that stands out was during a game of I Spy. The the clue was starting with D in the bedroom. One player gave erm, a rather rude answer lol so the room was in hysterics. Then one of our older players asked what one of them was, well that set them all off again and luckily one of the players took her into a private chat to tell her!!”

– Nicole, Love Your Bingo.


“I was calling a full house game when the winner flashed up with the user name i124Q….Now, can’t see anything wrong with that? Read it again…..And Again…..Geddit? I did (not literally). As soon as it clicked I just couldn’t keep a straight face through the next game….Clever, but V rude…the player had to change it.”

– Simon, Jack’s Live Bingo.

Typo chatter

“My best typo has to be when 2 players entered my shift called stickyvicky and pusspat. TBH I always shorten the names and I didn’t even look properly so I shouted in caps ‘GL STICKY PUSS’ lollll, was only when the room erupted into laughter I realised what I had actually typed xxx”


“I was doing a shift 1 day and I meant to say to a player “WTG you’ve won fb50” but instead I put WTF – I was totally horrified even though the whole room thought it was hilarious and I always use WD now instead LOL”


“Typo’s are the best.. they can come from anyone whether they a roomie or host. Stop The Clock is verrrry easy to mix up!”

Travis, Fabulous Bingo.

I called first!

“There have been so many, but my favourite, was when we had a double winner. One of the winners commented in chat saying she should have won as she had literally shouted BINGO first. Poor woman thought she was in bingo hall! Last time I checked we don’t have CCTV installed in the members’ houses lol”

– James, Jackpotjoy.

censored bingo

Whiskey Diet

“One shift I had a player telling me they had started a new diet, another player who is a real laugh, quick a wink came back with they on a new diet too, the whiskey diet and they have lost 3 days already. The players come out with some funny jokes sometimes always get a good laugh.”

– Becky, Sky Bingo.

76 ball bingo

“Once I was playing lucky number in a 75 ball room, and gave the number to look for as 76. Wondered why everyone was yelling at me for another number!!”

– Koalajen, Dream Bingo.

Typo banta

“We once had a player called Fluck and I accidentally omitted one of the letters in their name. The roomies were very amused! I however was not! lol.”

Spelly, Think Bingo.

“I think the funniest thing was when a roomie was trying to say she couldn’t cook properly but instead put “If a man knew how good I was at cok then we wouldn’t be going out anywhere” pmsl. She meant to say she was good at cooking lol.”

Louis, Mecca Bingo.

“Someone came into the room once with “luckyballs” as their name… can you imagine how embarrassed I was after I realized I had just welcomed “lickyballs” into the chat!”

Snickers, Giggle Bingo.

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  1. kayleigh says:

    omg i have so many screen shots of funny typos the best was on betfred bingo cm alice was telling sum1 off she put no masked swearsomg i was in stitches

  2. Sharnie says:

    I cant decide what I was most embarrassed about. When instead of writing to another chat host “have a good shift” i missed the F and put “have a good sh*t” or when I went to right on chat “wtg” and tapped the F and ended up putting “wtf”.
    Me & my F keys dont mix!!!
    The roomies have never let me live it down!

  3. Theresa Host Sun Bingo says:

    On a previous site i worked on i was chatting away to a player and was asking them how their day had been but typing too fast i asked them how their gay was. I hadn’t realised i had said it and was carrying on chatting away and other players were all laughing and joking about it in the chat while i was still completely clueless. One of the players ended up pointing it out to me i kept apologising to the player but they found it hilarious i however was mortified.

  4. CH Lola Sun Bingo says:

    I played I spy once and it was something beginning with T in the bathroom (Tiles being the correct answer) I had the cheeky roomie in who answered…. Turd and Tampon! This got a few giggles going to say the least!! I have also made a couple of typos Instead of WTG and pressed F instead of G! That didnt go unnoticed either!

  5. Cassie Host - Sun Bingo says:

    My typos have got me into alot of trouble haha!!! From being licked out, to having fantastic shits. The best one though was when i asked my roomies if the cocks going back effected their day!! Genuinely wondered what everyone was laughing at untill i re read what i put … #embarrassed

  6. Jodie Host - Sun Bingo says:

    When welcoming a player called Alan to the room once I shouted ‘Hi Anal, how are you doing today?’ He responded with.. ‘Oh dear Jodie – I think you need to re-type that haha’…. Lucky both he and the room found it hilarous. I was red faced for a while!

  7. Louise Green says:

    Lou Host – Fab Bingo

    oh there are so many!

    one was New years eve! as always, come 12am you are spending the next 24 hrs saying happy new year to the players joining the room, I thought Id have a bit of fun with this and played New year chat bingo – when a player entered the room and said happy new year our response would be – happy new year – bottoms up! by 1am the room was packed with players not going to bed because they were all shouting bottoms up……i didnt have time to say happy new year after that i had to keep explaining to the players why they were being told bottoms up! who then joined in!! come 2am anyone dared to say happy new year it would just be spammed with bottoms!!……… would have just been easier for me to have stuck with happy new year. it was great fun!

    sticking with the xmas theme i did do a chat game which focused on the pantomine season so i asked players what was the name of aladdins mum – i was wondering for a while why no answers??? they was all counting and chatting a few mins ago but it had gone deathly silent until one player quirked up and said “it wont let me put it in – its telling me its banned” players had to put a widow tw.anky to pass the filter to win £1! they all found it hilarious and asked me to find more just like that!

  8. becky says:

    I’ve had a lot of typos in my time but the most funniest has to be me telling bob (the caller) off for not giving roomie wins but i added a o in he’s name as wanted to shout so ended up booooooooob roomies told me i was then on my 1st warning haha

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