Making of the Foxy Bingo advert

Brand new for 2017

Foxy Bingo had been quiet for a while on TV as 2016 came to a close, but fast forward to March 2017 and we have a brand new look for the site itself and it is revealed who is actually inside the Foxy mask.

Heather Graham is in the Foxy suit

GVC has spent the big Bucks to secure Hollywood actress Heather Graham, who has featured in films such as Boogie Nights, The Hangover and Austin Powers, to step into the suit and the foxes head.



The move to have the fox remove the mask came as something of a surprise. In the past the brand has been keen to keep the ‘mystique’ of the man behind the mask, even going as far as banning WhichBingo from publishing pictures taken behind the scenes of the actor in the famous suit without his head between takes.

We also think that maybe they could at least have got a suit in a matching colour for Heather to the one being worn by the dancing Foxy!

Are they pitching at the right audience with this campaign we wonder? Instead of being all about the brand, they have the actress querying whether the fox is having an emotional crisis or, appropriately enough, an ‘identity crisis. The answer to that is a definite yes, with the new branding harking back to the past with the logo and site going back to a strong orange theme.

We also think that even musing that the fox might be ‘a sociopath’, as Heather does towards the end of the ad, is a strange route to take.

New campaign for 2016

Foxy Bingo has recently released an exciting ‘behind the scenes’ video on the making of his new 2016 TV ad and some fantastic photos too – you can find them all just after the menu below.

Why not take a look at Foxy’s 2015 behind the scenes video and pictures too?

Foxy’s 2015 ‘making of’ airport advert
Foxy Bingo’s 2015 ‘making of’ airport advert photos

Filmed somewhere just outside of Budapest within a luxury grand hotel, Foxy Bingo certainly serves up a great excuse for new players to check-in for its £5 no deposit welcome bingo bonus! Enjoy the video Roomies!

You can see the full, finished version of the new 2016 TV advert here.

We’ve also got some gorgeous stills for you to feast your eyes on too. Shot in the glam hotel in Budapest foxy looks rather dapper with the rest of the cast and crew.

Foxy in the hotel

FOXY BINGO Stills photography © Daniel Lewis .

Foxy with glam tv girl

FOXY BINGO Stills photography © Daniel Lewis

Foxy Bingo dancing tv ad

FOXY BINGO Stills photography © Daniel Lewis

Foxy Bingo tv ad

FOXY BINGO Stills photography © Daniel Lewis

2016 Foxy Bingo ad

FOXY BINGO Stills photography © Daniel Lewis

2015 TV Ad check-in

Below you can feast your eyes on more glamorous exclusive behind the scenes shots of Foxy’s previous TV ad – as well as the finished article itself.

foxy bingo advert As we all know by now, Foxy Bingo loves a good song and dance number, and in 2015 Foxy’s TV ad, which sees Foxy cheering up delayed passengers at an airport, proved to be a larger than life extravaganza with a brilliant rendition of the Pointer Sister’s classic, “I’m So Excited”. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the filming and can now report back with a behind the scenes reveal of how the ad was made.

Behind the Scenes Video

If you’ve not seen the advert, check out this full length version of the finished commercial, you can see it here; you will have the “I’m So Excited” tune buzzing around your brain for days afterwards! Foxy Bingo have released a behind the scenes video showing some of the secrets of the epic shoot:  

It would seem that there was a change of heart at some time between shooting and completing the advert as to the main characters name. In the completed version she is clearly referred to as ‘Cheryl’, but at the time of casting and filming she was to be Beryl. A wise move changing the name to something more modern, Foxy!

The ads being aired on TV are much shorter selections of various parts of the full reel of course, and also feature the ‘Win a Holiday Every Day’ promotion that goes with it. 

Behind the Scenes Pictures

The advert was filmed over several days at the Excel Centre in London, and if you look closely in many TV adverts you will see it crop up more and more. It is very versatile and easily transformed into myriad locations, such as an airport departure lounge.

It wasn’t all singing and dancing when I was there though. They must have filmed the air hostesses walking in to the terminal about 25 times until the crew were happy they had got all the angles they wanted and the waves were just right.

Foxy Air Hostesses

Foxy Bingo Air Hostess and Captain

The advert was produced by Biscuit Agency, and it took months of planning to put the ideas and storyboards together and to gather the right cast and crew. The end results are a testament to that effort.

foxy bingo advert storyboard

Biscuit clearly like a good song and dance, as they had Foxy dancing to “You’re the One That I Want” in a supermarket back in 2010. Back then Foxy was all CGI, but this incarnation of Foxy is very real indeed.

Looking at the TV advert and how fluid the movements of Foxy are, it is hard to believe that the famous Foxy head weighs a whopping 17 lbs and is packed with animatronics that are controlled by remote controls.

Foxy Bingo head remote control

Once it is in place, the actor inside cannot see anything and can hear hardly anything either. This means he has to be placed in position and memorise all the moves and directions exactly without being able to hear the music. Never again will I take an appearance by the Fox for granted.

Unlike the time I appeared in a tombola ad, I didn’t get to make a cameo this time around. However, there are a couple of ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ cameos in the ad from Foxy Radio presenter Cristo, as well as Britain’s Got Talent contestant Tobias Meade (pictured dancing below on the right).

It’s a shame they didn’t fit him in the Foxy outfit and get him to do some body popping moves!

tobias meade foxy advert

cristo foxy bingo advert

Also featuring in the ad is actress Daphne Kouma who gets out her party frock to dance with Foxy and the dishy pilot, played by actor Nicholas Maude.

Daphne Kouma and Nicholas Maude

Nicholas Maude and Daphne Kouma

All in all it was a fantastic experience to witness first hand what is involved in producing such a big budget ad, and hats off to all involved putting it together. I looking forward to seeing what they come up with next time!

foxy behind the scenes 1

foxy behind the scenes 2

foxy behind the scenes 3foxy behind the scenes 4



  1. PETER says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. Norman Kay says:

    Great ad! I’d really like to know where that seaside pier is please?

  3. D .Humphrey says:

    Who plays foxy in the ad ?

  4. Kat says:

    Is the actress who played Zoe slater in eastenders in the foxy advert in Telnet hotel?? She’s wearing a green coat and comes out of a lift

  5. linda walsh says:

    where is the swimming pool in the foxy bingo hotel please

  6. Michelle says:

    I want to ask this too, it looks lovely

  7. D.How says:

    where is the victorian swimming pool where the lady is running and the attendant blows whistile?

  8. Rob says:

    It looks like somewhere I’ve just been to, Gellert hotel Budapest

  9. Sue Hooper says:

    How do I become a foxy bingo dancer ?

  10. Teresa bridges says:

    Is michelle ryan who played Zoey slater in the foxy video

  11. gill moon says:

    Where is the Victorian swimming baths on foxy advert

  12. Wayne Howe says:

    It is the Hotel Gellert in Budapest

  13. Richard Sargent says:

    who is the girl on foxy bingo ads on Jeremy Kyle in the pink polka dot skirt pushing the door?

  14. James says:

    Does anyone know who made it? The foxy head?. The amount of times I’ve argued about the ad with family and how its done, I’d love to know. :-)

  15. Sharon says:

    Hi there
    The foxy adverts are getting scary especially when she is In the bath.
    It’s beginning to look like she is possessed by a spirit, in horror movie, it’s scary , so sorry Heather Graham brilliant actress.

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