What is wagering and how does it affect withdrawing?


Possibly the most regular complaints that are directed at online bingo sites relate to their withdrawal policies.

Here is an example:

“i joined this site and deposited my £5, they gave me a £20 bonus and complimentary free spins, i then had to wager £150 in bingo for my ‘free’ £20 that they gave me and if i was lucky to win on their complimentary rounds i then had to wager that back at x10 – no wonder they throw free money at you, its not free, its costing you really.”

and another:

“I have found that the amount you have to gamble on this site to meet with the wagering rules is very high, but the worst restrictions are on the withdrawals. You can only withdraw a minimum of 30 pounds, you have to wait 7 days from one withdrawal to the next and you can only withdraw if it is within 30 days of making a deposit.”
These are quite short, to the point and mild in their language compared to some as it is a very emotive subject amongst bingo players.”

This has to be the biggest bugbear of all. Someone joins a site, enjoys a little win and then goes to withdraw. They are then told they have to wager 2x or 4x or even 10x the deposit and bonus they were given when they joined or made a deposit.

This seems harsh – and 10x certainly is – but at the end of the day the bingo sites want to encourage loyalty and players to come back. The rules are fairly easy to meet when returning to a site to play regularly – they just get in the way for those that want to take the bonuses and walk away with winnings immediately.

Always read Terms and Conditions

bingo terms and conditions

We tend to wax lyrical about how a new bingo site looks and its welcome offers – basically all that is good about it. Because every site differs in its terms and conditions it is difficult to include them every time and it is recommended that people read the terms and conditions before commencing to play to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises waiting should a winning streak hit. It’s difficult to find a site with easy or no wagering requirements, but they do exist. Byworth bingo sites have no wagering for depositors and tombola Bingo has easy terms as do 15Network bingo sites.

Be prepared to provide ID – have it set up in advance

passport control

A basic requirement these days at many bingo sites is to provide id before a withdrawal will be authorised. People tend to feel that this is intrusive and risky, but no bingo operator gets a license without being thoroughly checked out.

It does not mean that a site is ‘dodgy’ and just trying to get documents for illegal purposes and to drain your bank account. Don’t lose your winnings because of an id request. No-one can do anything with an e-mail photocopy of a passport or driving licence or utility bill and as for credit and debit cards I suggest putting stickers over account numbers and the CVV number and the majority of the long number, just leaving the bit they need.

Check Minimum Withdrawal amount

cash machine

There are very few bingo sites that have no pre-set minimum – Jackpotjoy and the other Gamesys sites spring to mind, tombola and Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants are a couple more.

For others, while the minimum in some cases is dropping due to popular demand, with £20 now being common, it can be up to £50 being set as the minimum balance to withdraw and that can be hard to achieve if the game pots are not that large.

Dragonfish sites have a £20 average withdrawal (although it can vary). Jumpman Gaming Sites have a £30 minimum. Cozy Games sites can be anything from £20 to £50 depending on the network.

Do you need a minimum deposit before withdraw

deposit money

Once again this is quite common, but can catch out customers that have taken advantage of a welcome bonus with a small £5 or £10 entry level. The good thing is that in many cases you will be allowed to draw it out again with the withdrawal you want to make – Dragonfish do this as do Cozy Games.

Business is business

Again. this seems harsh, but these sites are still businesses like any other and they are trying to encourage loyalty.

When it comes to wagering, people often think they have to make cash deposits to meet them, but really the sites expect people to meet them from winnings they achieve at the sites. So, in many cases that initial £10 deposit can quite easily lead to a very nice withdrawal by spending winnings.

Also this is once again where knowledge of terms and conditions comes in as it may be possible to forfeit remaining bonus to withdraw immediately – which leads me to Tip 5a – which may be the most important of all – Patience.



  1. Angela Godfrey says:

    Hi Anita, Hoping you can help me. I have recently been playing online on Bingo Irish. I had winnings of £1600+ in my account. I have opted to withdraw £1000 which is maximum daily withdrwal permitted, after speaking with Bingo Irish I have been told it is all genuine etc…I am just wanting to see if you know anything of them, r they a genuine site do you know?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Angela.
    I can confirm that Bingo Irish is a genuine site. All the Dragonfish sites tend to hold on to winners money for a few days before starting the process – we assume they are making any necessary checks, so all in all it takes about a week to hit your account. Well done on your win by the way – good luck for many more!

  3. Annie harling says:

    Hi. I play in tombola and I am finding it very fishy. For the last 3 months I have noticed if you have got two numbers left and they end with the same number you got no chance of them coming out. It’s happening all the time now and it’s spoilt my bingo fun. I am not a moaning loser because I have won quite a bit. It is as if they are holding back certain numbers. Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Lorraine butterfield says:

    I joined bingocams and they suspended my account as they want my passport I’d. Is this OK never been asked before

  5. Julie says:

    Hi I’ve been playing bingo diamond
    I have deposited in total £875 I’ve had winnings and played them I then won £80 withdrew it no problem I then won £950 I withdrawn 3 days later they put it back on my bingo account and said I need to send id I sent them my passport my bank card my marriage certificate and a delivery letter with my name and address on, again they credit £950 back to my bingo account and said it wasn’t enough so again I made a withdrawal I’ve sent them my passport bank card, p60 , letter from the passport office a letter from my doctor I will now have to wait another 48hrs to find out if it’s enough to prove I am who I am ?

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