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Bingo Chat Games and Chat Hosts Explained

Getting involved in bingo chat rooms can be highly rewarding, and bingo chat host jobs are highly sought-after. But if you’re new to the scene, you might be wondering why you should bother keeping track of what other people are talking about, never mind taking part in the conversation.

Here we aim to explain in simple terms the role of bingo chat rooms and how they can bring extra enjoyment to the playing experience. We also look at chat room etiquette, the role of chat hosts/moderators and what chat games are all about.

Why do chat rooms exist?

Chat rooms, although not available at all online bingo sites, help to bring players together. They let newbies settle in within a safe and friendly environment and allow regular players to grow their social circle.

Chat rooms also enable players to talk about their favourite sites and games, discuss general interests and play chat games for fun. In more recent times they have been a source of consolation and support for many too.

How should I behave in chat?

While there’s certainly no need to be shy, it’s equally important not to hog the conversation.

Each online bingo site has its own chat rules too, with the most common being no insulting or offensive chat names, no sharing of personal details, no negative vibes (talk to customer services), no harassing or threatening of other players, no vulgar language, and no shouting in capital letters.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to converse with other roomies. You can also save time by learning some bingo lingo such as JK (just kidding), YW (you’re welcome), Glev1 (good luck everyone), wdw (well done winners), gg (good game), cya (see you later) and brb (be right back).

What do chat hosts do?

Chat hosts are employed by bingo brands and networks to regulate and moderate their games and keep the chat flowing. As there’s no human bingo caller, the host can help to keep the game running smoothly, answer any questions, and provide additional entertainment such as chat games and trivia quizzes.

Common types of chat games

You can take part in bingo chat games for free, and before each game starts, the chat host will briefly explain the rules.

Chat games differ from site to site. For example, at Moon Bingo, you can enjoy games like Mirror Mirror where you provide 2 of your numbers before the game starts. The first person to have both their mirror numbers called who types “MIRROR MIRROR” followed by their mirror numbers wins a prize.

Higher or Lower is another popular chat game where the CH asks whether the next number to be called will be higher or lower than the previous one.

If you want to know more on any of these topics, check out our Bingo Guides section where each one is explained in more detail.

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