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Buzz Bingo Introduces Must Bin-Go Jackpots

Buzz Bingo Introduces Must Bin-Go Jackpots

This week, Buzz Bingo has announced that it will be bidding farewell to its much-loved Blast Jackpot. However, there’s no need to be concerned as the operator is still offering you plenty of winning opportunities through its brand-new Must BIN-GO jackpot feature. Today, we look at how much you can win and how!

What’s happened to Blast?

The Blast Jackpot was one of Buzz Bingo’s original jackpots. It was a community jackpot that was exclusive to the Buzz Blast room. The jackpot won’t be retired until the end of this month, and you have one final chance to claim it.

The Buzz Blast Jackpot will be available between 6 PM and 10 PM on Monday, 31st January 2022, and each hour, the operator will increase the number of ball calls that you need to win within by 1 each hour. This means that there’s a greater chance of scooping it as the evening goes on. Plus, if by 9.55 PM, no one has won it, Buzz Bingo guarantees that someone will win it in the last game of the night at 10 PM.

When the Buzz Blast Jackpot is awarded, the jackpot is shared by everyone who purchased tickets to the winning game.

More about the new jackpots

The exciting new Must BIN-GO Jackpots consist of four separate jackpots that must be awarded every hour, day, week, and month, as well as a massive jackpot called The Big One. They’re all up for grabs in any qualifying game (N.B., just look for the Must BIN-GO icon) in the Buzz Bingo Blast Room, the Club Room, and during all Session Bingo events.

  • The hourly jackpot is worth £10 and must be won every hour.
  • The daily jackpot is worth £100 and must be won daily.
  • The weekly jackpot is worth £250 and must be won weekly.
  • The monthly jackpot is worth a minimum of £5,000, but as it’s progressive, it continues growing until it’s awarded. It must be claimed every month.

The Big One is another progressive jackpot and it seeds at £50,000.

Buzz Bingo is also home to the Flash Bingo Jackpot, which is an escalating jackpot. It started at £2,500 but has been steadily rising, and it has to be won by midnight this Saturday (29th January 2022).

Head to the Flash Bingo room this Saturday where the required ball count increases every hour until the jackpot is won as follows:

  • From 6 PM = win a full house in 37 calls or less
  • From 7 PM = win a full house in 39 calls or less
  • From 8 PM = win a full house in 41 calls or less
  • From 9 PM = win a full house in 43 calls or less
  • From 10 PM = win a full house in 45 calls or less
  • From 11 PM = win a full house in 47 calls or less
  • From 11.45 PM – the next player to win the full house gets 50% of the jackpot while the remaining players receive a share of the other 50%.

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