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Chatbots: Are They Taking Over Online Casinos?

Chatbots have invaded every aspect of our lives and they are now starting to dominate the online gaming industry in some surprising ways. If you’ve played at an online casino or bingo site recently, chances are you’ve had a conversation with a chatbot and you might not even know it.

So why are chatbots such a big deal and how will their growing presence on the online casino scene affect you as a player?

As a player, chatbots can be handy. They’re always around at any time of day or night if you have a question. As long as your question isn’t too out there, your friendly casino chatbot can probably help you. By having chatbots on hand for players, many casinos are freeing up their customer service staff to handle the more complex enquiries from players, and therefore offer a much higher level of service. So far so good.

However, chatbots are not just there for the players. Chatbots perform a vital function for online casinos, beyond handling player questions. While you’re asking them for help, those little chatbots are acting as undercover detectives, collecting all sorts of data on your questions, preferences and behaviour so the casino can get a greater understanding of you, their customer.

This might sound creepy, but as a player it can actually work in your favour. Once the chatbot gets an idea of your preferences and favourite games, one aspect of its service is that it can make recommendations and show you other games you might enjoy. Many chatbots are starting to do this already, moving from being a reactive tool with the sole purpose of answering player queries, towards playing a more proactive role. A good chatbot service can help to build relationships between the casino and individual players, ensuring players get more from the online casino they play at (and therefore stick around for longer).

Advantages of chatbots for players


Chatbots have a few advantages for online casino players, including the faster resolution of issues, round the clock support and more tailored gaming experience. Traditionally, if you have a technical problem while you’re playing, you need to leave the game and go to the support area of the website to chat with a live support person. Chatbots let you talk and get help from within the game, so there’s less disruption for you and you can get the problem fixed and back on track quickly.

Providing casinos with real-time data about the issues their players are facing also allows casinos to offer a better experience and take a proactive approach to solve their customers’ pain points. In a hugely competitive industry, casinos that use AI-powered chatbots and pay attention to the data that’s collected are likely to have a big advantage in terms of attracting and keeping their players.

Chatbots can also be programmed to detect suspicious and potentially fraudulent player behaviour. This means they could be used more in the future to make online casinos safer for everyone. Chatbots can also potentially analyse player behaviour and warn them if they’re at risk of developing a problem or advise them to take a break when they have been playing past a certain amount of time.

The downsides of chatbots

Chatbots can be great for solving simple problems, but there comes a time when you need to speak to a human. If casinos start to rely too much on chatbots for customer service, the quality of their players’ experience could be compromised, leading to a lot of frustration. Relying solely on chatbots to detect when players could be at risk from problematic gambling behaviour could also be regarded as detrimental to player safety. There does need to be other safeguards in place to protect players, both from fraudulent activities and their own potentially risky behaviour.

Chatbots are here to stay in the gambling industry, and there is huge potential for them to enhance the player experience and improve the level of service casinos can offer. It will be interesting to see how the role of chatbots in casinos evolves as the technology develops.

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