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Iconic Pirates in Culture – Not to be Laughed At!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day has been part of modern culture since 2002 can you believe? It’s traditionally a fun event and used in many instances to raise funds for charity.

While there are still some pirates across the seas, for the most part, the picture we have of iconic pirates roaming the oceans is long gone. In recent years, there has been a huge resurgence in interest in pirates, most likely due to the number of films and TV series that feature them, but there are also plenty of fascinating real pirates in the history books. Find out more about them below!

Pirates on Film

Over the years, there have been plenty of films made about Pirates with notable titles including Treasure Island, Captain Phillips, Hook, Captain Blood and The Black Swan. Of course, the most famous of all these films is Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl which was released in 2003 and has spawned a series of films that are still being released two decades later due to their immense popularity. Featuring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, the film reignited the public passion for pirate history and swashbuckling adventures!

Famous Real-Life Pirates

While Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow is arguably the most iconic fictional pirate, there are plenty of infamous pirates who did exist during the ‘Golden Age of Piracy.’

  • John Ward – This pirate has become one of the most famous in history due to his influence on Depp’s Disney character. He was the muse and was nicknamed Sparrow back in his time due to his flamboyance. Clearly, the audience can see the influence on Depp’s character! He was an English pirate around the turn of the 17thcentury and operated out of North Africa.
  • Captain Blackbeard – Another famous pirate who was also featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is Blackbeard. He is one of the most famous pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy and was born Edward Blackbeard. He had a terrifying reputation and it is said he was involved in the black arts and voodoo. His entrance to ships became iconic as he would be covered in guns, knives and daggers and would use lit fuses in his beard to create a cloud of smoke. Chilling!
  • Zheng Yi Sao – It wasn’t just the West that was terrorized by pirates, it was the East too. Zheng Yi Sao was a famous Chinese pirate who roamed the South China Sea in the early 19th What made this pirate a little more unusual was that it was a woman! She became one of the most successful and feared pirates with huge influence and power ruling the largest fleet of over 1500 ships. Unlike many other the other more famous pirates who were ultimately killed during their escapades, she was able to retire at the ripe old age of 35 and enjoy her plunder.

Pirates in Bingo and Slot Games

When it comes to bingo, there is only one site that uses a Pirate theme for a bingo game and that is Tombola. This game was first launched way back in 2012 and has been a mainstay on the site ever since. This is a 45 ball bingo game where you’ll play for one line and a full house with tickets costing as little as 10p.

There are many more slots that have been influenced by pirates with dozens under this theme available to spin. A common thread between most of these games is that they all feature lots of treasure chests and hint that you’ll have to find this treasure, however, we know that most players will be spending their cash treasures rather than burying them in the ground! Some of the most popular pirate-themed games players can enjoy spinning include Hook’s Heroes from NetEnt, Pirate Gold from Pragmatic Play, Pirates Plenty from Red Tiger Gaming and Boom Pirates from Foxium.

There is no sign of pirate-themed slots sailing away never to be seen again and you can expect more software providers to release their versions of this exciting theme where you can go on further adventures for buried treasures.

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