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Play Along with Love Island Bingo at PlayOJO

Play Along with Love Island Bingo at PlayOJO

Whether it’s your guilty pleasure or you’re proud to shout your love for it from the rooftops, there’s no getting away from this year’s Love Island. The latest gossip from the show is all over the papers and social media, and with the 2022 final rapidly approaching, we’ve found a great way to enjoy the last few days of Love Island thanks to PlayOJO.

Enjoy your very own Love Island party with PlayOJO

Although PlayOJO invented Love Island Bingo (and we’re surprised that no one else has as well) last year, it’s not an online bingo game, but a game that you can play at home with your mates by downloading and printing free Love Island-themed bingo cards. This means that you and your pals can decide whether to award each other prizes and if so, what form they should take. For example, you might want to treat the lucky winners to an Ekin-Su pancake breakfast or a workout session like the ones that Davide and Adam have been enjoying with their fellow housemates.

How do I play?

Over on the PlayOJO blog, you’ll find the full details of how to play along with the show indoors or outdoors. All you need to do is simply print off as many bingo cards as you like, changing the number of copies depending on how many games you want to play.

Next, give each player a minimum of one card then play along as the next episode airs or when the sun’s out, according to your preference and your friends’ availability.

To play Love Island Bingo, you’ll need to be either watching a live or pre-recorded episode so that you can mark off specific catchphrases or events as they occur. When a player gets a match, they simply mark it off their ticket, and the first one to complete their card is declared the winner.

Some examples of the events and catchphrases that you’ll find on PlayOJO’s exclusive bingo cards include some very familiar things such as “It is what it is”, “It’s Love Island, not Friend Island”, a shock recoupling, a boy irons his shirt, a new person joins the villa, and a shot of the fire pit.

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