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YouGov's Latest Findings on Bingo

The 2021 Q1 report from YouGov shows that bingo was ranked the 103rd most popular activity. Respondents also voted it the 37th best cerebral activity. For the full story on how Brits perceive bingo, check out the findings of the latest YouGov report right here!

YouGov, the global public opinion and data company, offers the public the chance to give their views on a range of topics and activities. Not only does it let us see what other people think about our favourite topics, but it allows brands to improve and target their products according to real-world feedback.

Each quarter, YouGov measures the popularity and fame of thousands of things, and we thought it would be interesting to see what the latest views are on bingo.

The latest figures are based on data taken from 1,431 nationally representative interviews which aim to measure bingo’s current popularity and fame.

The findings

Amazingly, 3% of people still haven’t heard of bingo (where have they been?). 35% of people like it while 33% do not and a further 33% are neutral.

Bingo scores highly (number 37) among cerebral activities, i.e. the tasks and hobbies that help to give our grey cells a good workout.

Oddly, it only ranks as the 103rd most popular activity, with pole dancing and volleyball lying just a short distance ahead. The bingo providers will have to start upping the entertainment value even more to compete.

The shifting demographics

This quarter, we can see that more millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are favouring bingo than ever before (47%) while Generation X born between the mid-1960s and the early-1980s) scored 43%.

What’s also interesting is that bingo is now almost as popular with men as it is with women, with men scoring just 6% less than the ladies.

YouGov includes political leanings in its latest data too and it indicates that Labour supporters are slightly keener on bingo than Conservative supporters (39% versus 30%).

What other activities do bingo lovers like?

According to YouGov, people who say that they liked bingo also enjoy taking part in a range of other activities, the most common of which include aerobics, hula hooping, pilates, scrapbooking, collecting, poetry, DJing, and running marathons.

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