Fab Grab Bingo Review


  • Participating Rooms: Fab Grab Bingo room
  • Type: 90 -ball bingo
  • Ticket Cost: 2p and upwards
  • Jackpot: Fur Share Jackpot
  • Available Times: 12 PM until 12 AM
  • ways to win
  • Exclusive Top & Tails feature

You can often find tickets for Fab Grab Bingo on sale for as little as 2p each, although the cheaper tickets tend to mean that the prizes are smaller, so you may wish to bear this in mind before playing.

In the main, the games use traditional 90-ball rules. Therefore, 90 balls are used and there are three ways to win with prizes for one line, two lines, and three lines.

However, there are also extra winning opportunities thanks to the lucky numbers feature (Top & Tails) and the Fur Share (i.e. fair share) jackpot.

You can play Fab Grab Bingo games on desktops and mobiles, although if you’re an early bird, you’ll have to wait until the room opens at midday.

How to Play

First, you’ll need to decide which Entain site you wish to play at such as Foxy Bingo or Ladbrokes Bingo.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got sufficient funds in your account to buy tickets.

Then, open the bingo lobby and look for the Fab Grab Bingo room. Before you enter the room, you’ll be able to see how many players have bought tickets, how much the tickets cost, and what the prize pot is worth.

Once you’re in the room, it’s time to decide how many tickets you want to buy, and the minimum is 1 while the maximum is 96.

Next, it’s time to decide which lucky numbers you wish to use. You can pick five numbers from the available selection.

Now that you’ve chosen your Top & Tails numbers, click the “Select & Buy” button to purchase your tickets and wait for the next game to begin.

The aim of the game is to create one line or two lines of numbers on a single bingo ticket, and if you manage to dab all the numbers of a ticket, even better as you’ll win the full house!

If the full house number matches one of your five Top & Tail numbers, you also receive a share of the Fur Share Jackpot.


The Fur Share Jackpot (which takes its name from Foxy Bingo’s mascot, Foxy and is a favourite pun at the site) acts as an extra prize pot that can only be won if certain conditions are met during a game of Fab Grab Bingo.

To win the pot, you need the final number of the game (i.e. the number that the full house is called on) to match one of the numbers that you chose as part of the Top & Tails feature.

The value of the Fur Share Jackpot can vary from game-to-game, and as a general rule of thumb, the cheaper games (which cost around 2p per ticket) offer around £5 while the most expensive games can offer pots of up to £20.

In addition, you don’t necessarily win the entire Fur Share Jackpot as if other roomies also have the full house number as their Top & Tails number, they also get a share.

Graphics and Sounds

The information panel sits at the top of the game window, and it shows you how much each prize is worth the last five numbers that have been called, and the value of the Fur Share Jackpot.

The settings can be accessed by click on the white cog icon, and you can open and close the chat window by clicking on the speech bubble next to it.

At Foxy Bingo, you’ll hear Foxy’s voice announcing the bingo balls, and when a prize is claimed, the winner’s name flashes up on the screen before the game continues.


Fab Grab Bingo is a fun take on 90-ball bingo, and if you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll love the low ticket prices which start at just 2p!

The exclusive Top & Tails feature makes the gameplay more exciting and the Fur Share Jackpot, which might be modest in comparison to some other bingo jackpots, still allows you to win some cash even when you fail to score the full house.

You can discover Fab Grab Bingo games at Foxy Bingo, Coral Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, and Ladbrokes Bingo, and if you’re wondering which one of them to choose, we’d highly recommend Foxy Bingo in particular.

Currently, Foxy Bingo is offering new customers a brilliant welcome bonus, and once you’re a fully-fledged member, you’ll be able to play charity bingo games, Friends Bingo, Cash Out Bingo, and more!

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