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Updated February 29, 2024
Welcome to WhichBingo’s online bingo guides. Here you will find comprehensive guides to playing online bingo. There is helpful information on everything from a full bingo guide for beginners to bingo calls, bingo lingo and more. Our bingo guides will hopefully fill in the gaps and teach you all you need to learn before playing.
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It’s a big online bingo world out there and with our bingo guides, you will get the confidence to enjoy your game to its full potential. We recommend reading our in-depth explanations below to get up to speed on the inside world of online bingo.

Online Bingo Guides

Safer Gambling Week 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Safer Gambling
Safer Gambling Week promotes safer gambling throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by driving awareness and stimulating conversations across a broad audience. The campaign promotes information and tools that are relevant to all parts of the gambling industry in the UK and Ireland, providing resources and support across bingo clubs, casinos, online gaming destinations, bookmakers and amusement arcades. However, at the end of the day we, as players, know what…
Know Your Customer Rules (KYC)
Know Your Customer Rules
KYC is the name for the verification process that supports the safety of players. It’s a security measure to ensure players are who they say they are, and that the right person has access to funds. If your panic alarm is ringing right now, don’t worry. KYC is a standard and legal requirement put in place by the UK Gambling Commission for all reputable online gaming platforms from casino to bingo and…
Bingo Calls
Where do Bingo calls come from? These are the quirky and often completely incomprehensible rhymes or phrases that come after the numbers. While they might sound random, bingo call nicknames actually go back a long way, originating from cockney rhyming slang. As well as livening up the average game, bingo calls also help avoid misunderstandings between numbers that might otherwise sound similar by offering extra clarification between say, 29 and…
How to Play Online Bingo
I’m new to online bingo! Where do I start? 1. Choosing an online bingo site WhichBingo is the ideal place to begin your quest to find a reliable, trustworthy, and enjoyable online bingo site to join. We verify the safety and integrity of the sites we feature, so you can choose an online bingo destination with confidence. Have a browse through our site listings and check out all the different…
10 things you should do to check out a new bingo site
Most of us don’t have the time to play at every single bingo site out there, so it pays to be discerning and only invest your time and money in the very best bingo sites. This means spending a bit of time to test out a bingo site before you play, and especially before you deposit, to be sure you’re playing at sites which are safe, reliable and give you…
Bingo Lingo
Bingo lingo is a form of short form language that’s built up over the years among computer users and been adopted and adapted by online bingo players to make chatting faster in the bingo rooms, with abbreviations and special terminology that only serves to confuse the unwary, but is very friendly when you get used to it. If you’re feeling more than a bit confused, you’re not alone! Our complete…
The Etiquette of Online Bingo
Who would have thought that there was such a thing as bingo etiquette? Well there is and bingo players at online bingo sites are very protective of the environment and want to feel sage and that they are playing in a safe and regulated environment. So how do you know what the dos and don’ts of online bingo are? Read our guide below of course! You might think that by…
The Complete Guide To Bingo Withdrawals
The Complete Guide To Bingo Withdrawals
People play online bingo for many reasons but the one thing we all have in common is that we like to be winners! We all like to be in a position to withdraw from our account after winning huge amounts of money, but sadly for most of us at least, the life-changing jackpots remain elusive. However, there is a good chance you will win enough to make a withdrawal so…
Licensing and Regulation of UK Online Bingo Sites
In order to receive an operating licence, casino and bingo operators need to conform to a range of conditions designed to ensure games are played fairly, player privacy is protected, and that there are effective management systems in place. At WhichBingo, we only feature and recommend online bingo sites that are licensed by the UKGC. Playing at a licensed site is entirely legal for anyone living in the UK; however,…
Bingo Progressive Jackpots – The Ultimate Guide
In this guide, we explain how bingo progressive jackpots work. These are commonly displayed at the top of the screen in online bingo rooms, along with the full house, two-line, and one-line prize amounts. To find out how progressive jackpots are funded, how to qualify, who gets to receive the prize money (surprisingly, not always the winner!) and some of the best places to go jackpot hunting, read on! How are…
Different Bingo Games Explained
One of the things we all love most about bingo is its simplicity. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing online or offline, bingo is easy to learn and you don’t have to spend time memorising strategies, learning complicated rules or practising your poker face. Having said that, there are a few different variations of online bingo and if you’re new to the game it can be difficult to know which…
How to create your own bingo tickets
But now that we’re more or less back to normal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep the fun going — just without a computer screen getting in the way! You can have an even better time now when you host a social bingo night and have your friends over to play in the flesh. Setting up a social bingo session It does take a little bit or organization to…
Online Bingo: Luck or Strategy
Online Bingo: Luck or Strategy?
As far as online gambling goes, bingo is a little different to more skill-based games like poker and blackjack in that it’s largely random and based on chance rather than strategy. Or is it? While common sense dictates that there is no real way of influencing the outcome of the bingo balls, there are a few strategies out there that can be fun to try. Just don’t expect them to…
How To Make Your Bingo Budget Last Longer
Many of us have been in the position of there being more month than money left. One of the questions that we are asked regularly is “how do I set a budget for playing bingo online, and how do I stick to it?” Your bingo budget can be set under the responsible gaming section of any site that you choose to play at and this could be either the amount…
Guide to Online Bingo Payouts
Guide to Online Bingo Payouts
While it might seem entirely random to a casual observer, there are actually some very strict rules that govern how much an online bingo site has to pay its players and how much they are allowed to take for themselves. There are also a few factors that can interfere with your payout or greatly reduce the amount that actually arrives in your bank account. Our in-depth guide to bingo payments will tell…
What is Slingo and How Do You Play It
What is Slingo and How Do You Play It
What is Slingo? Slingo is a cross between 75-ball bingo and a five-reel slot. You play on a 5 x 5 grid that looks like a bingo card, except there are also reels located just underneath it. Only one space on each reel is visible. Unlike bingo and slots, which have been around for decades, Slingo is a relatively new game to the UK. The rights to the game were…
facebook free bingo
Free Bingo Games on Facebook
Do you want to know more about the most popular free bingo games on Facebook and how to play them? Carry on reading for all the information you need to get started playing. A Guide to Free Bingo Games on Facebook Since 2011, free bingo games on Facebook that can be downloaded on apps and enjoyed on the go from iOS and Android devices have been hugely popular. These games…
How To Overcome A Losing Streak In Online Bingo
But how do you overcome a losing streak in online bingo without going over your bingo budget and ensuring you stick to all the responsible gambling rules? Top Tips For Overcoming An Online Bingo Losing Streak Of course, the most sensible advice we can offer before we start with our top tips is to stick to your budget. Overspending whilst on a losing streak is like double jeopardy; you’ve lost…
The Ultimate Guide to Bingo Chat Games
Bingo might be the main reason to visit a bingo site, but chat games have to come in a close second. More than just a way to pass the time while waiting for your game to start, bingo chat games are an opportunity to meet other players, have a laugh or two and maybe even pick up a juicy bonus. Read on to learn everything you need to know about…
The Ultimate Guide To Bingo Tournaments
That said, there are some sites that still intermittently offer them and this is our ultimate guide to bingo tournaments. The Definition Of Bingo Tournaments The definition of a bingo tournament does vary from player to player and site to site. Here are a few we have come across: Chat-Based Bingo Tournaments A few years ago, a bingo tournament was something could be described as a chat game but one…
Everything you need to know about NFTs
We take a look at what NFTs are and why they are being talked about by everyone from digital designers through to celebrities like Paris Hilton! If you’ve followed the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, or you’re interested in how digital art will be valued and traded in future, or you just want to know what the buzz around NFTs is about, read on to find out how NFTs are…


Online Poker
How to play poker
Like any online casino game there is an element of luck in poker, as there is no way the order in which the cards are dealt and fall can be controlled. However, there is real skill required to be successful in poker, with regard to: To be able to do this, you need to have a sound grasp of the rules, especially in terms of the ranking of hands, and…
Poker Hands
Poker Hands
And while draw poker is in many ways a completely different game to Texas Hold’em, for instance, one thing is always the same, no matter what version of poker you’re playing — the ranking of the hands. What are Poker Hands? A poker hand is defined as the combination of cards you are able/choose to play. This may consist solely of the cards you are holding, it may be the…
video poker
Poker Strategy
This means that a good poker player is one who can adapt their strategy to the specific requirements of any given hand, the other players at the table, and the size of their stack. Doing this requires a broad understanding of poker strategy, while the ability to react flexibly is essential. On this poker strategy page, we will look at some essential strategies designed to help you improve your game,…
Roulette tips & tricks
Roulette Strategy
This page looks at tips and tricks to help you achieve that. In addition, we list roulette strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning or reduce your losses. Some roulette strategies are famous, while others you may read about for the first time. Having a strategy for roulette betting is essential. It cuts down on random decisions that can be made in the heat of the moment….
Roulette How to play
Roulette Rules: How to Play & Win
In this guide, we explore the basics of playing and winning at roulette, which is one of the easier casino games for beginners to pick up quickly. Read on to learn the nuances between different game formats, plus some rules and strategies to play roulette successfully and improve your chances of winning.  Roulette Basics  Roulette is a casino game that involves a spinning wheel and a ball. The ball is…
How to play Blackjack
On this page, you can learn the fundamentals of blackjack gameplay and gain an understanding of the various steps you will encounter when playing this classic card game, which is also known as 21. Blackjack’s popularity boomed in the early part of the 20th century, but its roots go all the way back to 18th century France. Now you can find blackjack being played in every casino all around the…
Poker Variations
Blackjack Strategy
When people ask is blackjack a skill or luck, we would always say it is a combination of the two. On this page you can learn the best strategies and techniques to improve your odds of winning at blackjack, giving you everything you need to walk confidently into the casino and aim to beat the dealer in a game of 21. The aim of learning blackjack strategy is to be…
slot games category
Crash Gambling UK
On this page, we look at Crash Gambling in closer detail and explore some of the best places that UK players can go to play it. Crash Gambling Games UK There are a lot of online casinos in the UK that provide Crash Gambling. It’s the current big thing in online casino play and will only become increasingly popular. There are a few variations of Crash Betting Games, which is still…
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