Using Pay By Phone systems at online casinos

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In the past decade or so, the demand for mobile gaming has been increasing with exponential growth. This widespread popularity has led to not only more mobile games being produced but also new services catering to mobile users, including pay by phone casinos. Mobile players can now make deposits to their online casino accounts directly on their mobile phone by just supplying their phone number. The funds will then be billed to them on their monthly phone bills, delivering immense convenience to players who like to game while on the go.

There are already a few suppliers of pay by phone services with the biggest one being Boku, an official Payforit intermediary. With the ever-increasing popularity of pay by mobile casinos, it’s time that our experts at WhichBingo put these sites under the microscope and evaluate them carefully. On this page, you’ll find all the information you need about gaming at pay by mobile casinos including Boku betting sites and pay by phone slots. Let’s begin by looking at the most recommended pay by phone online gaming sites for UK players:

Featured bingo sites that accept Pay by phone

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The advantages and disadvantages of using pay by phone systems


  • Convenience – When you deposit using pay by phone systems, there’s no need to type in your login name and passwords, which can be quite a hassle when you’re on the go. There’s no registration required, and all you need is to key in your phone number and reply to the verification SMS.
  • No bank account nor cards required – Most payment solution providers will require you to register a bank account or credit/debit card with them. With pay by phone systems like Boku, you’ll only need an active mobile phone number to use their services.
  • Secure and regulated – Because the only information you’ll disclose to pay by mobile slots and casino games sites is your phone number, your bank account details will not be in jeopardy of falling into the wrong hands. Furthermore, the mobile industry is highly regulated in the UK with independent authorities and network providers ensuring the safety of your funds.
  • Maximum spending cap – Because there’s a limit on how much you can deposit a day using the pay by phone method, players who want to control their spending can rely on this method to stay within their budget.


  • Low deposit limits – Pay by phone systems only allow a limited amount of money to be deposited per day. For example, Boku casinos only accept a maximum deposit amount of £30 per day. Therefore, this might not be a suitable option for high rollers.
  • No withdrawal option – While you may make deposits via your mobile phone number, operators don’t allow withdrawals to your pay by phone accounts. You’re usually offered alternative ways to cash out your winnings.


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Banking with pay by phone systems

To truly determine if you should use pay by phone systems, there are a few other factors to consider:

Deposit and withdrawal times

One of the best things about paying by phone is that you don’t have to worry about making deposits. Your phone operator will pay your deposits for you and put it on your monthly phone bill. Unfortunately, pay by phone systems don’t allow you to make withdrawals.

Ease of opening an account

Technically, you don’t even need to open a pay by phone system account. As long as your phone number is active, and you have the Premium and Carrier Billing services activated, you’re good to go!

Fees structure

The pay by phone systems are generally free to use, but it depends on your phone operator. However, some casinos charge a processing fee when you make deposits using the pay by phone option, so you’ll have to take that into account.

Our final thoughts

If you’re someone who games a lot while you’re out and about, there will be no other payment method more convenient than pay by phone systems. When you run out of credits on your casino account, you don’t have to top up by typing in the information of your card or log in to your e-wallet accounts, which can be quite tedious when you’re on the move. Just key in your phone number, reply to the verification SMS which is free, and you can carry on gaming. However, not every casino accepts pay by phone. To find a pay by mobile casino that’s safe and honest, simply choose one from our list of recommendations.