Buzz Bingo Review

Spend £10 & Get £30 in Bonuses

*New Customers Only. Bonus is non-withdrawable. Deposit & spend £10 on Bingo get £20 online & £10 retail Bingo bonus. Retail £10 for main session only. £5 min withdrawal on winnings. T&C's apply.
  • 12 bingo rooms
  • Just as good on mobile devices as on desktops
  • Three tiered welcome bonus for new players
Payment options
Software options

Live Chat: 24/7.

Phone Number: 0808 169 1459 (8am-10pm only).

Support Email:

FAQ section: Yes.

A Quick Look at Buzz Bingo

In 2018 the famous ‘Gala Bingo’ brand decided to rebrand itself as ‘Buzz Bingo’ and team up with online gambling experts Playtech. Now Buzz Bingo has had a full launch and is ready to rub shoulders with the leading online bingo sites. Find out what the ‘buzz’ is about concerning this bingo site.

Bonuses & Promotions

The Buzz Bingo Welcome Offer

  • Deposit and Spend £10, Get £30 in Bonuses
  • No wagering requirements (£5 min withdrawal)

Once you have completed your registration at the Buzz Bingo site and made an initial deposit of £10 then spent it on bingo, you are eligible for a three-tier bingo reward.

The first reward is two £5 vouchers for use at any of the real-world Buzz Bingo clubs that exist all over the UK. You can only use these vouchers to purchase bingo tickets, though.

The second reward is a £20 online bingo bonus that can only be used at the online Buzz Bingo site. This bonus can only be spent on online bingo games, and all winnings are paid as cash with no wagering.

The final reward is ten bonus spins on the online video slots game Jackpot Giant. Each spin is worth £0.20. Again, there are no wagering requirements. You are not eligible to win Jackpot Giant’s progressive jackpot while you are using your bonus spins.

For both the bingo bonus and the bonus spins deal the minimum accepted withdrawal is £5. You cannot withdraw your winnings from these bonuses unless you have reached that £5 minimum in winnings.

This bonus offer is only open to registered users of the Buzz Bingo site who have not made a deposit before, and who are residents of the UK.

It is good to see a bonus offer that comes unhindered by wagering requirements and that allows you to play the games of your choice. £5 minimum withdrawal is a nice touch too.

*New Customers Only. Bonus is non-withdrawable. Deposit & spend £10 on Bingo get £20 online & £10 retail Bingo bonus. Retail £10 for main session only. £5 min withdrawal on winnings. T&C’s apply.





UK Gambling Licence

Ongoing Specials & VIP Program

The VIP program at Buzz Bingo is called ‘Diamond Club’ and is open to all members. All accounts at this bingo site are monitored, and if the account managers at the site deem you to be worthy, then you will be handed a key to the virtual Diamond Club lounge.

Diamond Club members reap several benefits. These include a birthday surprise, invites to meet-ups and real world events such as concerts, sporting events and holidays plus access to exclusive bingo rooms and VIP-only promotions.

The site also runs a number of regular promotions for non VIP-club members.

Games & Software

  • Software providers: Playtech, Blueprint, Quickspin, IGT, Mutuel Play.
  • of Bingo Games: 6.
  • of Bingo Rooms: 12.

No matter if you prefer 90-ball, 75-ball or 80-ball bingo, or even a mix of all three – there’s always a bingo buzz at this site with the balls dropping on a regular basis, and tickets can be bought for as little as one penny!

There are four specialist games too. These are Age of the Gods Bingo, Deal or No Deal 90 Ball Bingo, Deal or No Deal 75 Ball Bingo and Rainbow Riches Bingo. All these great games have distinct features that give them a genuine twist. For example, with the charming Rainbow Riches bingo game your bingo ticket is actually two four-leaf clovers, with your numbers written on each individual leaf. You can win prizes for completing one clover or a full house. There’s also the Rainbow Riches Jackpot which is shared among all players should the game’s Lucky Leprechaun find enough lucky clovers to make it all the way across to the end of the rainbow.

Slots & Casinos

How to Deposit & Cash Out


This site accepts deposits from debit and credit cards plus PayPal and Paysafecard. The minimum amount you can deposit is £5, and all deposits are transacted immediately.

Cashing out

You are able to withdraw to a debit or credit card here, or to PayPal. The minimum amount you are able to withdraw is £10. Withdrawals take around 48 hours to process, and if you withdraw to PayPal you can expect your withdrawal to then appear in your account immediately. Withdrawals to cards take between one and three days.

The Community

We are really not quite sure about the chat hosts at Buzz Bingo. If you go to the ‘Chats Host’ page at the site you are simply presented with a lot of random ‘placeholder’ text and six pictures of the same guy, all labelled ‘John Doe’.

When we entered a bingo room itself, we couldn’t find who was the chat host, nor if there was a chat host there at all. Indeed, there was not a lot of chatter going on, in truth. We did say hello to our fellow room members, and although someone did say ‘hi!’ it was all a little underwhelming. Eventually we did work out whom the chat host was, and a couple more people joined our room that obviously knew each other and the chat did indeed begin to flow.

It would have been nice to see a little more effort put in by Buzz Bingo in order to cultivate more of a social ‘buzz’ about their online bingo community.

Take Buzz Bingo with You

The Buzz Bingo site is powered by the resilient VirtueFusion software that has been around for a number of years and is one that receives frequent updates. It’s also a natty piece of kit when it comes to mobile play. You do not need to download an app to your phone to play here, meaning that you do not have to have an app eating up valuable card space.

The site works perfectly well on all smartphones and tablets, be they iOS or Android powered, and if you play using a mobile device connected to the internet via wifi, then your experience here will be just as fast-paced as the desktop site. You may experience a little lag if you use mobile data, but it’s not something that will ruin your entertainment.

To play at Buzz Bingo using a mobile device all you need to do is head to the site using your favourite browser. All bingo games and all slots games will play flawlessly on a mobile device.

Our take on Buzz Bingo

Even though Buzz Bingo is the second-biggest bingo name on the UK high street behind Mecca Bingo, we can only award their online offering three and a half stars out of five. This re-vamped version of the site has only been online since the autumn of 2018, and we feel there are improvements that need to be made.

We’d like to see a bigger and better community feel for a start, and chat hosts who actually get the chat flowing. More payment methods and the addition of casino games would receive a thumbs up from us as well.

No doubt Buzz Bingo will learn more as it becomes established online and make moves to improve in the near future. Despite our reservations, this is still a decent place to play, and somewhere to experience the ‘buzz’ of playing online bingo.

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Reviews for Buzz Bingo

sharon meek
Buzz Bingo User Name: sharon
User Rating:
Tuesday April 9th, 2019

I go to the local buzz bingo hall and iv had no luck in there since it changed from gala. I loved going as it was my time but its not fun any more as its the same winners all the time and i have give up deposting on there site too as i never get any wer. iv seen me spend 30.00 on bingo and not one win. they say its luck but no one is that unlucky. i dont seem to have a problem on any other site.

Mrs Bryan
Buzz Bingo User Name: joanne
User Rating:
Tuesday March 19th, 2019

What an absolute disgrace this bingo site is… yesterday morning made a massive error and uploaded 180 to my account i then immediatly try to withdraw it back to my account, but found i couldnt. Rang buzz bingo to be told to send in my passport, proof of address and bank card, which is fine by the way, i understand the need to do these checks. I have had my id approved but my address is still in process and will take up to 72 hours …then it could take up to 48 hours for the withdrawal to be approved then a further 3 days for it to hit my bank …shocking!!!! i cant withdraw any of it but if i want to spend it all then thats fine …absolute joke!!!

Buzz Bingo User Name: Mich32815
User Rating:
Tuesday March 12th, 2019

I have to agree with all these reports, I’ve played so much bingo and lucky to get a 2tg, and u notice free bingo winners are same people and never say ty? Avoid.

Tina Shoebridge
Buzz Bingo User Name: Tina44
User Rating:
Wednesday January 30th, 2019

I give 1 star because it starts off good then just takes your money. I was playing 20 to 30 pounds
every 2 weeks and never won one game, last time I won anything was October last year so I stopped putting money on it .. I played bingo on other sites before and always won something so I know how it works and it’s all down to luck but to not win anything is not right I would not recommend this site.

L madison
User Rating:
Thursday January 24th, 2019

My mum joined this site she is on heavy medication she played slots under the influence of medication she lost £1500 I emailed buzz bingo about my concerns they don’t give a damm still bombarding her with emails about playing told them I was going to seek advice all they said was get your mother to call us

Buzz Bingo User Name: hayley9045
User Rating:
Tuesday January 22nd, 2019

Don’t expect any sort of customer service from them… there are better online bingo sites out there and in my opinion I would look elsewhere.

User Rating:
Saturday January 19th, 2019

Alright Julie, am in the same position !! Requested 2 months ago to have my bank details removed from system as i was unable to withdraw and spoke to the nice CSR on live chat who passed it to the so called IT dept to sort out. Unfortunately when i tried to withdraw money last Thursday 10/1/19 message came up stating my bank details were still registered on another account. Have waited another week and got an email this week stating everything was sorted out so i think you know what happened when i went to withdraw my winnings !!!!! I don’t know where i got this idea from ( might be a full moon ) but what about they call our local bingo clubs to advise them IT are having issues on how to fix problems & we are due money. Then we can pop down and pick up our winnings !! I would also like the cost of travel refunded and compo for what seems to me really bad customer service !!

On the plus side at least you get a free bonus everyday !!

Buzz Bingo User Name: Caznortheast
User Rating:
Saturday January 12th, 2019

In the high street branches I always say the same thing, i buy books but feel im at a disadvantage because electronic tablets win every time.

Buzz Bingo User Name: Lucylou008
User Rating:
Wednesday January 9th, 2019

Dont waste your money on here. Just another money grabbing site. With the same winners over and over and over. Slots are terrible. You spend a bomb with no chance of getting on free spins or features. Avoid.

Julie Johnson
Buzz Bingo User Name: Julie1969
User Rating:
Wednesday January 2nd, 2019

I quite like using the online buzz bingo apart from i cant seem to withdraw my winnings and im fed up of asking for it to get sorted. I’ve sent in my details many times and its spoilt it for me. Funny thing is,,, i can deposit all day long but cant take any money out ??? so im anticipating on closing my account.

Buzz Bingo User Name: angie070
User Rating:
Wednesday December 12th, 2018

Hi all I have been visiting my local Buzz bingo hall in Salford, most evenings since the end of August this year. I have noticed that more often than not its the electronic bingo that is winning most games. I feel like I am paying for expensive colouring books. Last night was a joke. not a single paper win at, even the flyers was won on electronic. Seems to me that the people buying paper books are just funding those who can afford to buy electronic packages. getting sick of how unfair it is.

H Blakemore
User Rating:
Friday November 23rd, 2018

No wins on any slots machines, just takes deposit after deposit. I have no dept and do not consider myself a gambler, but after not winning at all it continues to push you to play more to try and get some of your money back.
You come out the site realizing how much you have lost, it is crazy and there must be hundreds if not thousands of people losing every hour of every day. I feel as though I have been completely robbed of my money and have had no enjoyment playing, continued loss makes it a horrible experience. No contact either, live help non existent. On top of this, even though I so infrequently visit my local gala bingo, if I was to self exclude from their online site, I am no longer allowed to play there either, I am branded a gambler by the site. I am so angered by this I am considering speaking to a legal professional.

User Rating:
Thursday November 15th, 2018

Joined deposited and played £50, had no bonus and won nothing, I played on slots and no word of a lie it was spin after spin of nothing so closed account down be very careful depositing on this site.

David Haworth
Buzz Bingo User Name: catman1949
User Rating:
Tuesday November 13th, 2018

Terrible. You play on slots and when you get a free spins line the games goes off and you cannot reload. Do not go on this site. Not worth even Half a star. ?

samantha n
User Rating:
Monday November 12th, 2018

I have been trying to join using my club membership number but wont let me…spoke to live chat..when its available which is few and far between…was told i’d be sent an email which i have never received then was told my account had been passed to IT as there was a problem with the way it was set up and they would look to sort it within 24 hours.
That was four days ago. Got on live chat twice in that time and nobody answers. Other times live chat not even available. I’ve sent 4 emails and not had a single reply. The on site jargon says they are waiting by their computers waiting for your email! I can’t comment on the actual games because I haven’t had a chance to see what they’re like, but I know one thing your customer service is an absolute waste of time.

Mandy C
User Rating:
Saturday February 9th, 2019

I’ve played the same slot games on other sites and always had a few wins. This site just takes, and I never had a decent bonus or anything worth withdrawing, but from what people have said about trying to withdraw then it’s probably just as well I never won and closed the account because I probably wouldn’t have got my winnings anyway.

User Rating:
Sunday November 11th, 2018

The site itself is just like any other VF site and the chat stars/mods are great. No wagering is awesome, but the good points stop there.
Instead of Buzz bingo asking you for your ID you get your account frozen/suspended then have to ring them up to find out why only for them to ask for ID. My id was auto rejected because it was a yearly council tax bill although it states on their site that this is acceptable id. My partner sent council tax bill, citizen card and birth certificate. Also all denied and Buzz bingo asked her for a selfie of herself holder her id ( thats just plain weird). real shame because the bingo and chat is pleasant and the chat stars/mods do their job really well and make the chat fun and great to chat with too.
CS side of it is the worse I have ever dealt with on any site, they just pass things on rather than actually being able to sort things.

After all that said I hope things improve because I would like to see it get better to keep playing but I don’t have high hopes of staying on this site.

User Rating:
Sunday November 18th, 2018

A little update on further issues: Buzz bingo finally accepted my ID after saying I will play elsewhere they sent me an email saying my documents was approved but then a week later or so when I tried to withdraw it said I need to upload documents so I rang up for them to tell me they made a mistake with my documents and approved them by mistake so now I have had to send in more documents.
As for my partner they have messed her about for about 2+ weeks, they say upto 48 hours to reply to an email but so far it’s been over a week with no reply. When I rang them for help I was told they cant do anything about it as it’s not their department, so why are we told to ring a customer service that do not have the power to actually help. Problems just seem to be passed on.
Note: The customer service have always been nice and done what they can to help but they can’t really do anything, buzz needs to sort this out as it’s the main thing players seem to complain about.

Joanne Bryan
Buzz Bingo User Name: joanne
User Rating:
Saturday March 23rd, 2019

This is what im going through now…they’ve held my money over 6 days
keep saying i need more id etc …its all rubbish.

linda bailey
Buzz Bingo User Name: lindaterry
User Rating:
Friday November 16th, 2018

i joined as well, played few games in free room then went to depo and mine was frozen as well. sed id needed and i havent got passport or drives licence so i went to barnsley buzz bingo club and took loads of id. The lady there was very helpful and said she would sort it out. She did try but online wouldn’t let her and said it had to be me. I did try and rang them and everything, but they are not replying to my emails. I can’t be verified so I can’t play – not good.

User Rating:
Saturday November 10th, 2018

Excellent experience so far. All bonuses credited as promised. The site loads well, with fun friendly user interface. Had few small wins. Good variety of bingo rooms and slots. The only thing I dont like is the fact that they’ve made you use your club membership number to sign up. But overall a good fun efficient site, that I can see growing more. And I will definitely carry on playing on. Give it a try, it’s got some fab offers. Also had few surprise freebies on sign in daily, so well worth logging in for look once you’ve joined.

Buzz Bingo User Name: mich328
User Rating:
Saturday November 10th, 2018

Not a site i would recommend -give you free joining bingo, but cant get near a win. People moaning same winners etc, i found that to be very true. played through my deposit and bonus and again not a thing, not even close, but did see several names pop up a lot, lucky to get 5tg never mind 0tg.

sarah ker
Buzz Bingo User Name: buzzed off
User Rating:
Friday November 9th, 2018

1st problem was when my son tried to sign up as he is a member. We had to call customer service, that was 4 weeks ago and when i called back they said it had to be passed to 3rd party,whoever that is ? We’re still waiting for the email saying they have sorted it, so customer service gets no starts as theres no communication.
2nd complaint was my daughter in laws acc, she signed up, played the 5 pound then deposited 10 pound. The site then said due to her age 18 she would have to send proof of age, which she did her young scots card and birth lines. The site refused that as proof, considering she signed up in club with proof of age. That was also 4 weeks ago. She has never went back on the site, as we were advised if they cant confirm age in 48 hours they suspend the acc and she would get her 10 pound back she deposited, but never played..and yes still waiting.
They are quick enough at taking your money, but they are terrible at helping you sort any issues out. This is terrible for a new club that is trying to get new players to sign up. I myself have had no problems,but after both incidents, we havnt been back or played. I wish the gala had stayed as the money wasnt great, but the customer service and staff in club were great and any problems were sorted asap, not 4 weeks later. Save your money dont play here. Since then ive joined tombola and ive won a good few times as with mecca. Dont get me wrong some players will have no problem with buzz, but theres too many that do.

Buzz Bingo User Name: Buzz bingo
User Rating:
Tuesday November 6th, 2018

Awful site, not 1 game goes passed 5tg and the same winners over n over.

User Rating:
Thursday November 1st, 2018

I wouldnt even rate this site half a star, absolute joke of a site. live chat you never get a reply.. email you never get a reply.. try to withdraw and it just says error occurred, absolute shambles!!!

User Rating:
Wednesday October 31st, 2018

Disappointed. Was tempted to give the site a try due to all the hype and I’m greatly underwhelmed.
I have no photo ID, but neither have I for all the other big sites I have used, yet haven’t experienced the inconvenience from these other big names as I have from Buzz. I emailed them on 27 Oct and received no reply as I write this. Tried “live” chat but it wasn’t very “live”. I only won £6.00, but now the account is locked. I deposited using a debit card so nothing should be suspect about it – but it’s their policy so fair enough.
I would really have carried on using Buzz regardless, had I liked the appearance, but the big red buzz appearing on every page change was beginning to send me round the bend. There are worse sites, but there are also much better.

ELlizabeth Hood
User Rating:
Monday October 29th, 2018

I go to Buzz Bingo in Possilpark in Glasgow. I enjoy the bingo and take my elderly parent with me. I have no complaints about the bingo, but the managers don’t like to turn on the heating and most customers are sitting with their coats on. When I asked why the heating is not on I’m told its on a timer – as we live in Scotland the timer should be adjusted to suit our climate not the south of England.
This is not something new all sorts of excuses have been given. The manager should be ashamed as many of the customers are elderly.

Buzz Bingo User Name: Kelly
User Rating:
Thursday October 25th, 2018

Worst site yet. I’ve joined loads and had good wins, but this one doesn’t even let you enjoy the game. Wasnt asked to verify anything anyone could of been taking money from my card. Not 1 small return at all. Fair to say I closed my account. I’ll stick with the reliable sites. I should of read the reviews before I joined. Keep your money play elsewhere.

elizabeth rose
User Rating:
Monday October 22nd, 2018

For 2 years i have been a regular customer at Wednesbury Buzz Bingo. My visits i found was very enjoyable and the staff were very friendly and helpful, but recently i have been very dissatisfied with customer care. I must hasten to say that not all of the staff, its been mainly with middle management.
My concern is i visited recently to find almost £20 had been spent out of my terminal account. I accept that it is partly my responsibility to log out of my account which i wasn’t aware of, but i feel this is also a failure 0f buzz bingo at Wednesbury to ensure that members accounts are secured. I alerted a member of staff who apologised and approached the manager who didn’t come to me with any explanation only to say via the member of staff who served me that it was my responsibility to log out. From this experience i have learnt that i need to log out in future, but i feel the handling of the situation leaves a lot to be desired and my visits to Wednesbury buzz bingo is off putting.

Kerry Gillespie
Buzz Bingo User Name: 7572456714
User Rating:
Sunday October 21st, 2018

Such a shame, but in my opinion Buzz Bingo is just another money grabbing site with very little return to the player. There aren’t many bingo rooms but the ones they have are pretty good but most of them are quite busy.

The £20 no wagering bingo bonus is fab you keep what you win. The problem is you have very little chance of winning anything. They are very generous with small bonuses on slots and did win on my 10 free spins. However I put £30 in this morning and played 1 slot game and in total I won about £13 on top of that. That’s £43 on the same game at 30p a spin and not once did I get the free spins bonus.

I know it’s random but that’s over 130 spins and I have never played anywhere where you spend that much on one game and don’t get free spins. Gambling is gambling you win some you lose some, but when it’s me give give all the time without hardly any gameplay you know it’s not fair. I joined yesterday and have timed out already I have also emailed requesting that my account be closed. It’s sad that there aren’t many fair sites out there anymore.

John Bowden
User Rating:
Thursday October 18th, 2018

Deposited £10 for the £20 bonus bingo and 10 free spins. Did the free spins, won £6.05 but the £10 deposit was not matched [should have made a balance of £16.05]. Rang up, told I had to spend the £6.05 then the bonus would be activated. Did that, didn’t happen. Rang up twice, very obstructive, spoke to the ‘head of customer services’ who said that the first two of the 10 free spins cost £4.50 each told me it was in the small print!! He said if i put another £5 on it would activate the bonus. Asked him to do it as a gesture of goodwill for the misleading advert but refused. I’ve reported them.

Buzz Bingo User Name: BUZZ
User Rating:
Monday October 15th, 2018

Rubbish!! Joined Friday and still unable to play even though I sent pic of passport and got email sat and today saying my account has now been updated it still won’t let me play games!!

Buzz Bingo User Name: Jul
User Rating:
Thursday October 4th, 2018

We love Buzz bingo. The staff are lovely. Wallsend is our normal Buzz bingo. I have a wheelchair and staff always make me welcome and help where needed. The staff have a positive attitude. We have also been to Middlesbrough where again the staff made us feel very welcome.

Buzz Bingo User Name: winbigmummy
User Rating:
Wednesday October 3rd, 2018

Just tried joining online bingo here today only to get no response from the support team who live help said had emailed me. Live help also emailed me when I was talking with them, but I have yet to receive anything from them. I have checked spam etc and nothing.
I feel I am being messed around here. Is anyone on the site and if so why are you not answering your emails? Not very good customer service that at all, telling me to contact you when you can’t be bothered to answer back, it’s a joke I would say. Avoid this site big time.

Buzz Bingo User Name: Buzz Bingo
User Rating:
Thursday October 11th, 2018

Hi Carol, I’m really sorry that you have been having issues with the website and haven’t been able to reach us. We want to give every customer who contacts us our full support and assistance, which means there is sometimes a wait to speak to us.
I would love to be able to get this all resolved for you, so if you could drop me an email with for the attention of Steph in the subject, and the best contact number to reach you on, I will be able to get this all resolved. You can send this through to or give us a call on 0808 169 1459, 7 days a week between 8am to 10pm.

User Rating:
Wednesday September 26th, 2018

I went to Sunderland and metro center clubs over the last few week, love the new branding, staff in both where very nice, but more helpful in the bigger club the metro center, callers need slow down a little and explain a bit clearer for new players which games are being played, and for the link they need better speaker system as sometimes hard to understand the link callers, but still had a fun time at both as not set foot in a bingo club since the smoking ban and they now even have outside smoking areas where you can play bingo.

User Rating:
Monday September 17th, 2018

Went to the high street version of Buzz Bingo in Sheffield last night. No full explanation of how to play National. Girl calling main event must have had her tea on. Sooo fast. Gent before couldn’t understand a word he was saying. New Buzz needs new callers who can explain like normal. Would give 1 star but automatically gave 5 and can’t change it.

catherine Pilkington
User Rating:
Monday August 27th, 2018

hi I was at buzz bingo in Falkirk with a group that I am in on Sunday for the first time and I just wanted to say that the staff were so nice, BUT I would like to say a big thank you to a lady call June. I took not well while I was there and June went out her way to look after me. Nothing was too much; she got me tea then a drink of water and was just so nice.
I think you have got a great staff there and David is just a really nice boss with happy staff, says a lot for this bingo in this day and age (friendly staff) so thank you and we will be back. kate

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