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Latest Player Reviews

Jackpot Cafe used to be a very good site – but has become very greedy.
Jackpot Cafe Bingo
Sarah H August 12, 2018
I play tombola most the time and I enjoy it. Tombola is my favourite bingo site and I have seen a huge numbers of players in the link games. Most players won from small to big amount of money. I don't feel anything if anyone won twice or three times - it's their lucky day! Some players are lucky and some are not. We shouldn't be moaning. Some players want to win all the time. They should think there are other players also need to win. My review is based on my experience with tombola and respect all the CMs working day and night to make all players happy.
Tombola Bingo
Sarah August 7, 2018
A happy loyal player of this site as I have loads of fun while I play and win. Yes there are days I don’t win but thats what bingo is all about. My favourite is the 90 ball room as I do get lucky on the supertickets. Thank you for making it enjoyable Game Village.
GameVillage Bingo
Janice August 7, 2018
I won’t rate my experience as I have not had one I deposited 10 pounds then the site wouldn’t let me play. I was told I’d receive an email but haven’t. I would like a refund
Marinas Bingo
Donna Southall August 4, 2018