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I will let you all know, I finally won on Fluffy Favourites £5200. It’s the 14/08/18 today so let’s see. I like Costa never won until today. Proof is in the pudding and will let you know if they mess around with withdrawals as Ev1 is stating. I hope not, I got a smile today.
Poppyseed10 August 16, 2018
Won a large amount of money on this site and struggled to get my verification documents passed for a start. Joined live chat and was helped by Rose to complete my documentation. Many thanks Rose. Your help was invaluable. Withdrawal now underway.
Rosy Bingo
Newwinner262 August 16, 2018
Hi all, dont be put off by the bad reviews on here, give it a go yourself and make up your own mind. A lot of people chase big wins and then are very disappointed when they don’t materialise. I have been on tombola for 1 and half years and have only recently won a top prize, others join and win on there first day it’s just luck of the draw. A lot of people also play £1 stakes and lose a lot and keep putting more in to try and win big. It makes no difference how much you put in as to whether you win a tp, but people think that and most of the bad reviews are from people who play all day they win and put it all back in. When I win I withdraw and save some to play. I like the fact that tombola do not have a reverse withdrawal option like most other sites. You will see people complaining all the time yet they keep coming back and putting more money in. Don’t chase a win because you will lose. I play £10 a week and sometimes I win nothing and other times I do quite well. I have been able to withdraw quite a few times – you have to be sensible. I really enjoy playing on Tombola, it is the best site i have ever played on and ive played on quite a few. I will be a tombola arcade/bingo player for a long time to come.
Tombola Bingo
Kerry August 15, 2018
Jackpot Cafe used to be a very good site – but has become very greedy.
Jackpot Cafe Bingo
Sarah H August 12, 2018