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Using Apple Pay at online casinos

Apple Pay Payment MethodLaunched in 2014, Apple Pay is a mobile and digital wallet from Apple Inc. and you can use it with iPhones, iPads, the Apple Watch as well as newer Macs that have Touch ID. As a mobile wallet, you can use it instead of your credit and debit card at any contactless point-of-sale terminal. In plain English, that means you can use it at the cashier’s point at a shop that doesn’t require you to stick in a card. It connects wirelessly to the cash and once you’ve authenticated the transaction through your passcode, PIN, Touch or Face ID, your payment is made. To setup Apple Pay, you’ll need to sign into iCloud with your Apple ID. From your device, just tap on Wallet and from there you can follow the instructions to add your card. Practically any credit and debit card issued in the UK and beyond will work.

Obviously, you can use Apple Pay with your phone, and if you’re on a Macbook with Touch ID, you can also use it to make purchases online. There is a growing number of online and mobile casinos that accept Apple Pay so that you don’t have to manage yet another e-wallet.

Our team has looked around to find the best Apple Pay casinos and bingo sites, and we’ll also tell you a bit about the advantages and disadvantages to this payment method. If you’re all roaring and ready to go, below is a table of trusted Apple Pay gaming sites that you can check out right away:

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The advantages and disadvantages of using Apple Pay


  • Seamless mobile payments –Chances are if you have an iPhone you’ve probably already set up Apple Pay and are already using it. If not, you just need to add a card. From there, you’re literally just a few taps away from loading your mobile casino or bingo account. There’s no need to sign up for another wallet, nor download an app, nor pay extra fees or go out and buy a voucher.
  • Secure transactions – You can expect Apple Pay to comply to the highest security standards because this is after all an Apple Product. Although your Apple Pay account is linked to a card, or even multiple cards, the card information is never exposed in the transaction. Technically, it uses what’s called a EMV Payment Token and a new code is generated with each transaction. Nothing’s impossible, but the odds of your card information getting stolen are very low.
  • Widely accepted – Not only can you use Apple Pay for mobile bingo or casino games, but you can use them when you are shopping too. Lots of shops in the UK and around the world now accept Apple Pay, so you can also use it when you are travelling too!


  • Limited devices – Apple Pay is only available for iOS 8 or later for mobile, and iOS 10 for web. You’ll need an iPhone 6 or iPad 2 or newer devices. For Macs, you’ll need a computer with Touch ID. Obviously, if you’re on Android this just isn’t an option.
  • Limited online casinos – While the number of casinos that accept Apple Pay is growing, not all of them accept it.
  • Your device must be on – This might sound like a no brainer, but it’s just a small reminder that your phone or iPad must always be charged for it to work.

Banking with Apple Pay

Need more information about Apple Pay before you decide? We have you covered.

Deposit and withdrawal times

Deposits at Apple Pay online casinos are practically instant acknowledged in your gaming account. Withdrawals will depend on the site. Some will not let you withdraw to Apple Pay, while others such as 888 Bingo will. Time frames will again vary with the site.

Ease of opening an account

As long as you have a compatible iPhone, iPad or other device, getting your Apple Pay account up and running is incredibly easy. It’s all there already and you just have to add your card. Just go to the Wallet from your phone or tablet, and follow the instructions.

Fees structure

There are no fees with Apple Pay. That’s part of the beauty. However, do be aware that some casinos and bingo sites may charge transaction fees. Most of the time these fees are nominal and usually just when the withdrawal amount if below a certain amount, but it’s still good to know.

Our final thoughts

Apple Pay is a smooth mobile wallet that makes shopping easy and lots of people are already using it. You won’t have to dig out your purse anymore as you can simply hover your phone over the cash and verify the transaction with Touch ID or your password. When it comes to loading up your account for mobile slots and bingo, it’s equally beautiful and a couple of taps will take care of everything.

However, you do need a compatible Apple device for this and for the moment, the number of gaming sites accepting Apple Pay is still relatively limited but our team has put together a list of the best ones so you can enjoy some Apple Pay slots now!

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