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New players only. 18+. Min stake £10 within 30 days of registration to claim £30 welcome offer. Winnings on Bingo Bonus must be wagered three times before winnings can be withdrawn. Payment method restrictions apply. T&Cs apply.
  • Ireland's largest independent betting and gaming provider
  • The highest standards of customer service in the betting and gaming industry
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Tel: 0800 22 00 66


About BoyleSports Bingo

BoyleSports Bingo is part of the BoyleSports Group, Ireland’s largest independent betting and gaming provider. Since the company was established in 1989 BoyleSports has opened over 115 land based Licensed Betting Offices (LBOs) throughout Ireland. BoyleSports is widely recognised throughout Ireland and the UK for setting among the highest standards of customer service in the betting and gaming industry.

That expertise has now been brought to bingo and BoyleSports Bingo opened using the equally widely acclaimed Virtue Fusion software. This bingo site is very colourful and is as friendly as you would expect from an Irish based bingo site. Many of the rooms are networked, but plenty of Boylebingo roomies report on their lucky wins.

The bingo schedule is a handy little function that shows you what is being played and when. It goes into many details, such as ticket prices and so on.






Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Cash Cubes (on mobile)
  • Bouncy Balls Bingo (on mobile)
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo
  • Slots
  • Casino games
  • Scratchcards

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: 2 – 7 working days
  • Bingo wagering requirement:  3x the bonus

Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Live help
  • Tel: 0800 22 00 66
  • Email:

BoyleSports Bingo on mobile and tablet

Android and Apple users, you can play bingo and games on the go at BoyleSports Bingo.  Go to and log in with your existing username and password. Enjoy all your favourites wherever and whenever you like. No more being hunched over your computer desk.

You can add the bingo site as a bookmark to your devices screen, so you can directly access it. The site app became available to iPhone users in October 2016 as it was added to the App Store.

The mobile site is state of the art and you can enjoy all your favourite games in excellent quality no matter where you are. The mobile version of the site has the benefit of being able to include CashCubes and Bouncy Balls Bingo.

Reviews for Boyle Bingo

Boyle Bingo User Name: Loupylass
User Rating:
Friday February 23rd, 2018

Played bingo and same winners. Deposited on there vegas section – waste money, games stop and throw you out, but take money. Customer service rubbish. Don not wasted money here – I certainly wont be.

Boyle Bingo User Name: nickienoonah
User Rating:
Wednesday April 26th, 2017

Stay clear of this site. Terrible customer service, no help at all, no explanation, bonuses not been added automatically when a promotion is on and when queried they just say they cant see a bonus when it is clear in the account and even when you prove it with a screen shot they still dont do anything, its like you are talking to robots!
Closed my account i dont waste my time or money with any sites like this!

Boyle Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Tuesday October 18th, 2016

One of the worst sites ive played. Honestly you will get a flash in their own rooms every game, but the same old names will pop up. Also dont play in here if you like the linked games such as lucky numbers, which i play all the time. I reckon you could play 24/7 for years on end and not get a win in that room,,,,,ps this is just my opinion so please dont let this put you off from joining,,,,:)

Boyle Bingo User Name: demsnan51
User Rating:
Tuesday August 9th, 2016

i found boyle bingo to be a great site, fun friendly and classy and one of the better sites. i have had a good few wins. the layout is good with plenty of rooms. i have never had any problems on this site and i dont think im likely too. there are same winners the same as on every other site. i would recommend boyle bingo.

Boyle Bingo User Name: bobsbirds
User Rating:
Wednesday July 29th, 2015

Me too! Won 500.00 on slots. Only bcos they gave me a free 5.00 to try. Deposited about 40.00, but won 500.00. Thank you! Love this site. Will use again. X

Boyle Bingo User Name: bingoloopyme
User Rating:
Thursday January 29th, 2015

All the reviews about same winners is true. I have just been playing in there vip room and have seen nothing like it, same 4-5 players winning free and supers and the paid games -nobody else got a look in and all the cm says when peeps moan is that it must be there lucky night haha. I’d advise to stay well clear if you don’t like seeing the same names winning for 2 hours in their vip room special invite. There was only 60 players in at the most and the wins were not shared out at all. Unlucky for some and so lucky for a couple others.

Boyle Bingo User Name: bingoqueen
User Rating:
Wednesday June 4th, 2014

Stay away from this site!!
If you get annoyed with same winners, this site is best known for it! Same winner day in day out. Free bingo room for hour? Yeah when you’ve paid £5 for entry?? The cm’s are so unfair – all out for the favorites! Got banned on chat for nothing, not even a warning or anything! Promotions are rubbish, leader boards are just a top up for the ones who win every day! Baboon bargains (stand alone room) may as well be called the repeat winners room! Absolute rubbish site, go elsewhere unless you don’t mind wasting money! And seeing same name over and over!

Boyle Bingo User Name: ericb
User Rating:
Monday September 2nd, 2013

Thought I would let you at Whichbingo hear the latest offers from BoyleBingo. As I told you BoyleBingo are always changing their offers to keep things fresh.
New players are always made to feel welcome at BoyleBingo. Newbie’s get £20 when they spend £5 on bingo games!
From the 2nd of September the Free Bingo Hour will be in The Private Hut Room for an hour from 5-6pm. Just spend £5 on any bingo games that day to get in!
There is now a Lunchtime Special in the Safari Room, where you can play a mix of 1&2 to go, BOGOF and Superbook games from 12-3pm.
Also all new players will receive 5000 loyalty points for liking the BoyleBingo FaceBook page, and another 2000 points just for liking the Twitter page as well.
They love spoiling all their players with some of the greatest offers around!

Boyle Bingo User Name: ericb
User Rating:
Monday August 19th, 2013

Everyone has lucky days 8lennon0 you say that it’s the same winners all the time it might seem like it. But people go on at different times these people you speak of aren’t on the site all of the time.
You can’t be sure that they are maxing out all the time there is no information to support your claim. But it is statically probable with low number of players that at times some players will max out as there is a good chance of return on their investment.
I have spoken to quite a few of people on the site and some say that at times they will max out, but can’t afford to do it all the time no one can.
It is human nature if you find that a certain strategy works you will keep using it.
The players you speak of their names pop up on other sites as well and seem to be just as lucky there.
You have said before that it seems like 4 or 5 people in the room not about 50 as you say, but over a period of time I have noticed that it’s more like 15 – 20 winning regularly most of them in fact have at times won quite regularly.
I find that if I max out I don’t win much seem to do better if I buy 12 or 24 tickets. But different things work for different people.
Most people I speak to in the chat rooms and on FaceBook do say they like seeing people they know winning quite often and wish it could be them. They say that they would be more concerned it was same names and people they didn’t know. They are happy for them and congratulate them in chat.

Boyle Bingo User Name: ericb
User Rating:
Monday August 12th, 2013

I thought that I would write a review for BoyleBingo as I have been impressed by the constant updating of the site.They are constantly updating to keep things fresh and keep us on our toes.
My favourite rooms are the Baboon Bargain and the Safari rooms.
The CM’s are so friendly and the banter’s always good. Live help are also really helpful and are very knowledgeable.
But I think that there are lots of other reasons why I think people should consider joining BoyleBingo:
1. New Player Bingo Bonus- play with £5 and get £20 free
2. Mobile Free £5 when you connect to bingo for 1st time with your mobile. And other promotions are offered every week.
3. New Player Slots Bonus for players who play slot and spend £20, will get £10 FREE!
4. Free Bingo every day at 5pm
5. Super Slots Sunday – I can get 1000 loyalty points when I spend £20 on slot games
6. Magic Mondays – every Monday I can get Double Loyalty Points for the whole day.
I really like this site – can you tell, lol.

Boyle Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Wednesday August 14th, 2013

Sounds good Erics1tg,,,,,,,you forgot to mention it’s the same winners over and over in Baboon Bargains, some games have not played as not enough players in local room. OK it’s a players choice if they want to buy max tics and this is what happens in their local rooms. For a £9 fh they will buy £7.20 worth of tics, £15 fh they buy £10 worth and you don’t stand a chance. You may get the odd line or a full house now and again, but you’re up against Diamond players who max just to stay as a diamond player. Good thing is you can play the linked rooms,,,,

Boyle Bingo User Name: funnygirl
User Rating:
Saturday January 19th, 2013

I would strongly recommend you avoid this site. I have never in all my time playing online bingo, which is a long time, come across a site with so many same winners, and I’m not just talking about the linked rooms.
Boyle Bingo have their own rooms and trust me, even their free bingo is the same winners day in, day out with the odd new one thrown in.
They do promotions where you have to spend a certain amount of money on slots or bingo and you get this so called bonus, however, there are always wagering requirements attatched to this ‘bonus’ so be aware of that. You usualy gain entry into the ‘hut’ which is their private room, my advise, dont bother, there are usualy 4-5 people that win the games, I’ve been in one a couple of times and today there were 28 players but you would have been forgiven for thinking there were only 5, they even won the few free games as well as the paying ones.
I have put a fair amount of money on here and the return is poor, just not worth it. I don’t mind losing, its losing to the same people everyday that bothers me.
My advise, avoid at all costs and join a site that you at least feel like you are in with a chance, this site is appalling.

Boyle Bingo User Name: bobsbirds
User Rating:
Wednesday July 29th, 2015

Well I just joined Boylesports Bingo today. Played a few slots while waitin for my next game!! And I won 500.00 so withdrew 400.00. Thank you!! And I’m not a regular xxxxxx

Boyle Bingo User Name: welshie1969
User Rating:
Wednesday December 19th, 2012

I joined Boyle Bingo for what i thought was a fantastic spend £10 get £30 free bonus, however to their credit they do say that any cash funds will be spent before bonus funds as a lot of sites do until you meet the wager requirements. However they neglect to tell you that any winnings from bingo games you win with bonus funds, go straight into bingo bonus account ..until wager is met, hence if you do meet the wager requirements, you will never be left with a cash balance at the end of using your bonus funds..unless you win a really big bingo house fund. And even if you get that lucky and withdraw..and by the way ..minimum withdrawl is £30.. any bonus funds you have left they immediately take away.Very hard to win on site..same winners..complicated bonus system..and very hard to meet wager requirements, unless you’re a well off bingo addict who can afford to waste a lot of money.

Boyle Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Thursday January 10th, 2013

hi welshie,you’re right about same winners this seems to be a problem in the local room. normally about 50 players,seems same 4people win all the time. I gave Boyles a thumbs down for that reason. Don’t think there is a £30 minimum withdraw on though. I still do the odd deposit here if i win on my other site, but i just play lucky numbers and the free room. Nice roomies on site – nearly all seem to play the local room – why i don’t know, still trying to work that out. Anyways gl and log in just for the frees, may as well.

Boyle Bingo User Name: 1
User Rating:
Wednesday December 5th, 2012

Well i started playing at Boyle Bingo and deposited the 10 pound. Received the £30 bonus. £10 pound into it won 1st line 2nd line and house totalling 550 pound. First time of playing and i would def def recommend it. Sooo grateful. Then another £40 win on 2 lines after withdrawing. Now just wait 2 c if it arrives in bank 🙂

Boyle Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Tuesday December 4th, 2012

At Boyle Bingo most games are linked. Their local room Baboons bargains has got a serious case of same winners. omg it’s really bad. They have a fair 4 all game every1 buys 12 tickets,15p a ticket, so game costs £1.80. People playing normally about 50, money pulled in from game £90 – prize pot £24 – hmmm!! Free bingo not bad between 5pm and 6pm, £6 for fh. Do have a promo on – spend £10 in the local room get £10 bonus, ends 9th Dec, but still give a thumbs down. Need to sort out same winners, plus the site crashes far too often for me.

Boyle Bingo User Name: woodentop
User Rating:
Sunday April 29th, 2012

You get a fantastic welcome bonus at Boyle Bingo and unlike other sites it’s not fixed. The more bingo tickets you buy the more bonus you get up to £100.00 in a 48 hour period. l deposited £10.00 and withdrew £180.00. They are always giving you special offers. They gave £5.00 casino bonus and after meeting the wagering requirements l withdrew £148.00. It’s a great site. Lots to choose from whether it be bingo or slots and you don’t have to wait a week for withdrawals to reach your bank. It only takes 3 days. Always have special promotions on bingo or slots or if you prefer horseracing or football. And it’s a virtue fusion site which l think are the best. Highly recommend you take a look – l doubt you will regret it.

Boyle Bingo User Name: Gordon57
User Rating:
Tuesday May 1st, 2012

Woodentop> “…and unlike other sites it’s not fixed…”
The other sites are all fixed? Really? All those that operate under license and have to have their software verified, they are all fixed?
Should I stop playing then?

Boyle Bingo User Name: winterbear
User Rating:
Saturday March 24th, 2012

Boyle Bingo is a really good site, one of the best I have played in. Fantastic sign up bonus and easy to withdraw your winnings.

Boyle Bingo User Name: poochy321
User Rating:
Monday February 6th, 2012

I hated playing at boyle bingo. It only had 5 rooms and all of them linked to other sites and all of them over 250 players in each game. This means I can join any other virtue fusion sites and play theses games and also have a choice to play in any in house bingo rooms they might have with less players

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