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Introducing bingo software

There are over 400 UK online bingo sites to choose from, but once you have visited a few you may get a feeling of déjà vu, as some of them will look very familiar once you get past the homepage and start moving around the bingo and slots lobby.

This is because while there are a lot of bingo sites, there are only a handful of bingo software providers for operators to choose from. The bingo game software platforms supply the operator with all the facilities they need to run a bingo and slots site, including payment facilities, marketing, licensing, centralised promotions, bonus systems and chat hosting to name just some of the major aspects of running a successful bingo business.

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How to choose bingo software

If you have been playing bingo online for a while, you will be familiar with the different bingo software platforms that are available. If you are a relative newcomer you might want a bit of guidance as to what to look out for and that is exactly what we can provide:

WhichBingo Award Winner 2019

Best Bingo Software – Playtech

This is the fourth consecutive year that Playtech have won this award. It is decided by a panel of gaming experts who consider every facet that each software has to offer. The fact that Playtech is continually developing new games and features and licences top TV programmes to turn into fun bingo and slot games is innovative and exciting. The platform offers variety and entertainment to players and is easy of use.


Software age

Some of the platforms have been around for many years, e.g. Dragonfish and Cozy Games. Now that might mean they are experienced operators, but it is important that they also keep up with changes and improvements to the technology to ensure an optimum playing experience.

It is certainly not easy to set up a new bingo software. Over the years many have tried and many have failed. Gala Bingo used to have its own platform, as did bgo Bingo. Neither could keep pace with player demand and had to close down their proprietary software and set up with Playtech.
Rovers Bingo was a short lived unique bingo platform, as was Wonder Bingo.

It’s a fair bet that when you join a bingo site it will belong to one of the main five or six software providers, so the excitement of what to expect inside is lacking a little. However, we do know that two or three enterprising developers are working on new bingo software programmes, so 2019 could be an exciting year for new bingo sites!

Number of brands using the software

With over 400 online bingo sites to choose from and only a handful of bingo game software providers there is bound to be one or two that have far more sites sitting on them than others. Number of sites in partnership with a software provider does not always mean there are more players on those sites though. Neither does it mean they have the best prizes.

According to our records the current bingo softwares have this split of the sites:

• B-Live 1
• Bede 6
• Cozy 107
• Daub 4
• Dragonfish 190
• Gamesys 6
• Jumpman 40
• Microgaming 9
• Parlay 7
• Playtech 31
• Proprietary 3
• Relax 3

Quality of the games

More and more sites have now adopted the better quality HTML5 game formatting so the way the games actually play digitally should be of equal quality. However, there are elements of the games that different developers do differently. It is these little elements that are plus features or minus features for players and it is a totally individual choice.

An example would be a 90 ball game on Microgaming which does not pause between winnings lines and show a winner, but keeps going. Most of the other platforms have a pause to show the winner before another number is called. This doesn’t bother some people, but others would find it bothersome.

The graphics relating to how the balls are revealed and how the tickets move around as the numbers are marked off are other ways the platforms can differ, so it is worth exploring them all to find the ones that work best for you.

Innovative and unique games

It is fair to say that every bingo software provider is looking to come up with a new and exciting game format to entertain players. One of the most recent is the 52 card game concept. Tombola was the first site to do this, Playtech followed suit and Dragonfish entered the fray more recently.

If you are looking for unique games it is fair to say you won’t find them among the 190 Dragonfish sites as each will feature most of the same games. The same can be said of the 107 Cozy sites.

Trying a proprietary software should deliver unique games as it means it is the only site on that platform. You would think this would mean less players, but tombola proves this theory wrong, with thousands of players logging in every single day to play their games which are all developed in-house and can’t be found anywhere else.

Download vs online

Once upon a time when Flash ruled the online world, a downloaded bingo game would offer much better play quality and features. With the massive improvements in online technology online games offer more convenience and speed than waiting for a download and having a game permanently sitting on your device taking up space.

In 2018 there are only four UK online bingo sites that operate on download to be played on desktop or laptop and two that require the bingo games and slots to be downloaded to your mobile device.

Daub purchased the Leapfrog sites Jackpot Café, Jackpot Liner, King Jackpot and Big Top Casino and to play bingo you have to download the programmes to your laptop, although you can play their slot games as normal on your mobile ‘phone.

InTouch Games sites mFortune and PocketWin offer slots and games just on mobile, but these must be downloaded to your device to play. They too continue to innovate with their product and now you can download once and get a batch of games together instead of having to download them all individually.

Standalone games vs Networked games

Standalone rooms will offer players a better chance of a win. This is because by their very nature they will have less players competing for the prizes. However, this also means that the prizes will be smaller, unless the tickets are massively expensive and every player is buying lots of tickets.

Networked games mean that lots of bingo sites have a room that is playing the same game. This can be a room with games running all the time, although they often have their own chat rooms and chat hosts. It could be a big weekly or monthly game with a guaranteed jackpot. Or it could be a massive promotional game with tickets available to buy over an extended period for a huge cash prize or tangible prize like a car or a holiday.

Promotions through Networks

When a number of sites come together to offer a promotion you know it is going to be bigger and better than any single site could offer. This is because more sites playing together means more players buying tickets to the game and so more cash in the pot to cover the big prize that is probably on offer.

The same will be true for any regular promotions that are run across numerous sites. A bigger prize means that a promotion or regular game is more attractive to play. It also means that there is a central team conceiving and planning the games for players to enjoy and take advantage of. It means they are frequently refreshed and updated and are often themed with calendar events like St Patricks day or Christmas or Easter; bingo sites tend to love special events like a Royal wedding to stage a special event or giveaway.

Keep an eye on our Existing Player Promotions page for news of special bingo and slot site events that you won’t want to miss.

Industry awards and recognition

Trust is still a vital part of the success of any enterprise and online bingo is no different. If a site puts itself forward for an award and wins, or is deemed the best in its class by the people that are most important to it – the players – and wins an award, these are indicators to others that this is a trusted and trustworthy place to play.

The WhichBingo Awards that take place annually are a good example of an industry award that is valued by the sites themselves and recognised by potential players. Votes are cast in numerous categories by players and in other categories by an expert panel.

Award winning sites tend not to be shy when it comes to listing their achievements, so always check their main promotional sliders for their latest award wins and the footer of the homepage for lists of awards they have won in recent years.