UKG Bingo Review

Updated January 15, 2024
The atmosphere at UKG Bingo is fast and pulsing, and you can expect to see fists pumping as players get into the mood at every table. Before you arrive at UKG Bingo, it’s advised you get your garage game face on.
UKG Bingo tours the whole of the UK and can be found at venues in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, and Leeds. Individual tickets are priced between £13.50 and £16 per head, while there are a number of party packages available for group bookings which also get you free access to the after-party!
UKG Bingo Review

If you were to go on the evidence of many live bingo events, you might conclude that bingo simply isn’t a game for your grandparents anymore. There has been a re-vamp across the UK, with bingo becoming one of the coveted nights out in the social scene of bustling cities across the UK. Think drinks with your friends and fellow garage lovers, live entertainment, music, dancing, a competitive pre-drink before the after party…and you’re getting the vibe of UKG Bingo.

UKG Bingo is one of the best nights out around, focused on bringing you a pulsing atmosphere and an experience to remember. With live DJs at every event, some well-known names on the mic and endless garage slammers on the decks, you won’t be sat at your table long. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to win garage-themed prizes with each round of bingo, as well as the games and challenges set up for the crowd.

UKG Bingo Review

If you’re out for a special occasion, let the team know. There are also birthday deals and drink packages available when you inquire online via Instagram or Facebook.

UKG Bingo offers party packages for groups of four (£50), groups of six (£80) and groups of eight (£100), and if you have purchased group tickets you’ll need to arrive together.

The dress code at UKG Bingo is smart-casual. Ticket holders need to have email confirmation of their purchase, be carrying the card that paid for the tickets, and be ready to display a valid ID such as a passport or driving licence. The last entry into UKG Bingo is 8pm.


UKG Bingo Review

It’s recommended you get to your UKG Bingo venue a little early to guarantee a good seat. The venues will serve food and drinks, so check them out beforehand to see if anything on the menu takes your fancy! If you have dietary requirements or inquiries get in touch with the venue directly.

There are multiple rounds of bingo played at every UKG Bingo event, with each round involving a garage music-themed prize handed out to the winning player. A king or queen of UKG Bingo will be crowned at the climax of the event, so if you’re on your game you could find yourself walking away with a new title to brag about!

Bingo games at UKG Bingo are played in the classic 90-ball bingo format, with numbered balls being tumbled as you wait with your dabber at the ready, trying to complete a row of five numbers on your card.

UKG Bingo Review

The twist at UKG Bingo is that you’ll have UKG Club Classics thumping in the background to help you concentrate, and the games of bingo are interspersed with sensational dance competitions, sing a longs with your fellow garage heads and perhaps even a sizzling game of limbo.

Final entry is 8pm, so make sure to get down to your venue before then. The event will finish between 9pm and 10pm, with tickets including free entry to the afterparty. Whether UKG Bingo is your night out or just the start of it, you’re guaranteed top quality entertainment and an unforgettable experience into the early hours.


UKG Bingo Review

While the rounds of garage-themed bingo will be at the centre of the evening, there will be plenty of other opportunities to win prizes too. Expect a bunch of party games to be played across the course of the evening, as well as dance-offs and challenges set by the MCs throughout the night.

The prizes will all be themed around UK Garage, so if you’re a fan you could find yourself winning some treasures. If garage music isn’t your thing but you’re along for the ride and happen to win, you could find yourself very popular with other members of the crowd!


The UKG Bingo team don’t offer a catered service themselves, but food is often available at the venues themselves. To find out more, visit the venue websites.

Players at UKG Bingo must be aged 18 or over and you might be asked for identification if you’re lucky enough to look young!

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