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Robin Hood Bingo opened in January 2012, from the team that has a vast experience of online bingo and games and offers the best of bingo and slots on the Dragonfish platform with its own unique take on the offer.

Top Offers

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Deposit £10, Play with £60

From 22nd September and for a limited time only new players at Robin Hood Bingo will receive a free £50 bingo bonus for a deposit of just £10. That's a very nice 500% welcome bonus for all newbies.

New players will also receive access to their very own free bingo room that offers £120 in jackpots every day. No deposit is required for new customers to access this room and it's easy to find - it's called the Free Bingo for Newbies room and means you can try before you buy. Once a new player registers with Robin Hood Bingo you will have 2 days of exclusive access to this special free bingo room. The free games play each day between 2pm and 6pm. There are also three other free bingo rooms and all that add up to about £500 in free bingo prizes up for grabs every day.

  • free bingo no deposit required
  • unique Bingo Coins offers
  • huge welcome bonus
  • Guaranteed Jackpots

Collect Robins Coins Rewards for visiting the site, for playing chat games, for buying bingo cards and interacting with the site on its social media pages among many others. Swap coins for bingo cards to win for real or to add to your balance - the choice is yours.

Unique Features

  • Jester Jackpot
  • In-room tournaments

This site features a new innovation of in-room bingo tournaments that will ensure that more players than ever will experience the thrill of a win which fits perfectly with the theme of you playing and the site giving.

Robin Hood Bingo borrows heavily from the folk tale and players will also meet the old favourite characters of Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham along the way. There is also a Jester that will bestow extra bonuses and prizes around the site. The Jester Bonus is worth from 250 to 10,000 free coins, with 1,000 coins being worth £1 to players.

Play free bingo and pay to play bingo from just 1p a ticket and pick up a generous guaranteed jackpot every night from just 10p. Play 90 ball and 75 ball bingo across a variety of friendly and Robin Hood themed bingo rooms.

Deposits and Wagering

Robin Hood Bingo accepts credit and debit card payments, plus Paysafecard, Ukash and Neteller.

Players are requested to wager 4 times the deposit and stake made before requesting a withdrawal (minimum £30), but this can be avoided if players accept the loss of any remaining bonus funds on the account. In addition deposits totalling £30 need to have been made and wagered before a withdrawal will be considered.

Enjoy fun promotions every month. Like the Bingo Knights Tournament. win £50 in bingo bonus by playing during the week and £250 is up for grabs for those playing at the weekends.

Join Robin Hood Bingo and play great value bingo every day and make new friends.






Payment Methods Accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedukash payments acceptedentropay payments accepted

Robin Hood Bingo is powered by Dragonfish.

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Robin Hood Bingo Player Reviews

62 players have reviewed this site

  1. bugsy2000 says:
    I recently signed up at Robin Hood Bingo as i got an invite as i was on a number of different cassava sites, got my bonus, didn't win a penny... so didn't go on for a few days then got an email from Cassava saying they had blocked my card "for security reasons" !! I have no idea what they are talking about so now can't use any cassava sites at all.... tbf I'm not really bothered as I haven't had a decent win in ages, but I'm just bewildered why my card was blocked!! Shall not be recommending ANY cassava sites to anybody ever again!!
  2. rosj73 says:
    I joined Robin Hood Bingo last summer. At first it seemed exciting and fresh. I deposited £10 and received my bonus. I played a few times and gave it a break for a while. I logged back on last week to find all my funds had been taken with no notice or email. I rang Customer Services and spoke to a member of support who found it both hard to speak and understand english. She said my account had been wiped! I then emailed support to receive a reply 48 hours later to say i should have read the terms and conditions, that they will revoke your funds if you have not played in a certain time imposed by them. I have a few bingo accounts and this has never happened to me before. Although i do agree all players should read the site's terms and conditions thoroughly, i feel a notice or a reminder should have been emailed to me. I would not recommend to family, friends or anyone else. There are a lot better sites out there with better customer service. Disappontingly, J Caulfield
  3. rw5340 says:
    Terrible site with same old tired slots and very very low prizes, nothing to win. Disappointed that this is the site of the month, WHY???? - CM's are not very friendly. Very little chat. Deposited quite a few ££££. Maxed out on tickets with cash. Seems to be the same winners. Strange!
  4. Awful site, gamble is based on odds. So I gave this new site a go, well i don't mind losing, i mean its gambling, but I done £40 and watched the same name win at least once per game. Didn't seem very random to many roomies in chat. Much better other sites available than this one. Gamble is a gamble, but odds are not in on this site!
  5. gameguy says:
    I play bingo a lot and this site is the best so far. Loads of coins just for logging in, for wagering on bingo, etc., so it\'s very generous, they are always giving out free bonuses every week and you can get even more coins just for being active and playing. The coins you can use to play bingo, so basicaly you are playing for free. they have nice guaranteed cash prizes. Sometimes there are tech issues with the games but I spose thats true for all the sites. Overall a very excellent bingo site, one of my favourites.
  6. BingoMad says:
    I'm brand new to Robin Hood Bingo and love it. You get free coins everyday to use, plus loads of ways to win in chat. The CHs are friendly and everyones been really nice to me cos i'm new. I've had a few small wins, i'm waiting for the big one! lol
  7. moonalicious says:
    I've been with Robin Hood bingo since it started and i love it. they give you loads of free coins every day and the ch's are really good. its always fun in the bingo rooms and i've even had some wins too! lol. i would definitely recommend!
  8. Robin Hood is the worse site i've personally ever played. Winners seem to be picked before the games and win two three even four games in a row; the same winners every day for the jp and unless u constantly deposit u don't win; very unfair bingo site, no good for regular players.
  9. girlygirl1 says:
    I'm a new member of Robin Hood Bingo, but so far i love it. There's free coins every day when you log in, plus the CH are really friendly and helpful. They have some nice jackpot games too. I'm not really a slot games player, but they have lots to choose. Def recommend it!
  10. willsowls says:
    Found this site like others in not that good! Same winners and never ever win here! Too many games in Bingo to play. The lay out not that good! The Bingo voice is used also on other sites and drives you mad in hear the caller call the numbers.
  11. disappointed says:
    I joined this site hoping it would be different from other sites but i was wrong. The hosts and roomies are very friendly and chat games are ok but it gets very boring when you see the same players winning every day. I dont mind losing but it would be nice to see more different winners.
    • MAW25 says:
      Have to agree with you DISAPPOINTED. Play most days on here and getting sick & tired of it! Have sent a few queries to RH on how 1 player that I know of has won several mini and midi JPs on a certain instant game, but I just seem to feed this game for them! So no more RH!
  12. charfunme says:
    Avoid this bingo site - it's the worst site ever for customer care I've found. If you have a problem they seem to make it hard to sort out, even if they know you're in the right they and hope you will go away. The other big problem is the same name winners and that if you don't win any thing over £30 you cant take any winnings out as unless your very LUCKY you won't very often, so they will hardly pay out.
  13. sarah61 says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a fantastic site. All the chat hosts are very friendly and really helpful, anything they can't assist you with you just send an email or phone the helpline and they will. This is one bingo site you just can't fault.
  14. mrsbarclay87 says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is by far the best site i have found and I've been on loads. It's got great chat hosts, lovely roomies and all round fab place to play bingo.
  15. Wishes says:
    Friendly chat hosts & great service from help desk. Lots of rewards for loyalty.
  16. hermione1988 says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a great site. It's easy to use has fun chat games and friendly chat moderators who are very happy to help if needed.
  17. Debbubble says:
    Excellent Site. Great hosts and friendly people at Robin Hood
  18. nicewin says:
    I think robin hood bingo is good. You get free coins on log in that add up to more bonus.
  19. Wellykels31 says:
    Awesome site x
  20. aliduh says:
    Robin Hood Bingo has good free games every day and lots of variety in its slots too.
  21. beckeroo says:
    I love this site and I love the fact that every time you log in to the rooms you get a coin bonus! x
  22. smirnoff1000 says:
    Always have an enjoyable bingo session when I play at Robin Hood Bingo.
  23. pentagram says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a brilliant site with great chat hosts. A friendly and funny site. I love it!
  24. natjayk says:
    So hard to win at bingo on Robin Hood Bingo. I've deposited loads, but seen nothing back.
  25. jacks15 says:
    I joined robin hood bingo 6 months ago and it's real bingo at its best. The prices are good and they have a good range of slots. The cms are very friendly and the roomies are the same. There's also good bonus daily when entering the site and extra bonus when depositing. Love the site and would recommend it to all. Good luck.
  26. SusieQT says:
    Won some money in the free rooms at Robin Hood Bingo without funding, and like the free coins. Got to put in £30 before you withdraw, but this seems to be standard on most sites. Have recommended to friends and they like it too.
    • Gordon57 says:
      It costs the site, in admin and bank fees, to administer an account. That's why most have a minimum withdrawal level like this. Someone has to approve your payment, it may only take them a couple of minutes but there's a cost involved. Depending where they are based, they are probably paying bank charges as well. Not everyone considers these things.
  27. girlygirl1 says:
    Good site - love the design - Robin Hood Bingo isvreally different from most other sites. I like that you can play before you deposit so can try it out without spending any money. Friendly chat hosts and other players seem decent too. Definitely recommend!
  28. tarynh says:
    I play at Robin Hood Bingo quite a lot and now I'm a VIP. It caught my eye since it's a bit different looking to most sites. I like the free daily coins, and a few weeks ago I won their prize or cash game and won a TV.
  29. bingomad says:
    Just registered at Robin Hood Bingo today, not funded yet. Bit different looking to the other sites I play on. Like the newbies room, nice to play without having to fund straight away.
  30. cocopop3011 says:
    Since I have been a member of Robin Hood bIngo I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole layout of the site is different from other bingo sites and I loved the fact you collect coins as opposed to loyalty points. The coins can be redeemed in exactly the same was as points can but whats even better is you earn coins everyday you log into the lobby (50-200) you can also earn coins through good chat games, facebook games, twitter, refer a friend and sending photograph. There is a good range of 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms to choose from and they are open 24/7. The jackpots are extremely generous and there is also free games to play. Chat games run as usual in the rooms and the hosts are friendly and helpful. I had no problem making my deposit and was given my welcome bonus immedieatly. The site is very easy to navigate around. I would give this 5/5 The bingo community is very friendly and welcoming. I would give this 5/5 The graphics on the site are excellent. I would give this 5/5 The prize values are always high. I would give this 5/5 There are loads of different promotions running all the time and you can always find ways of earning extra coins. I would give this 5/5 Excellent variety of 90 & 75 ball bingo rooms to choose from with various ticket prices which are affordable for everyone. I would give this 5/5 Overall I highly recommend this site to all new players that re look for something different, new and exciting. I would rate the site maximum marks 10/10 as I have been unable to find any faults with it.
  31. fancy that says:
    Robin Hood another same old same old. joined and deposited twenty pounds got the bonus which was ok not great. These sites are suffering from same winners syndrome. Surprising my self talking this way as i have all ways liked these sites win or lose. I've never had no problems withdrawing when i have been lucky. I trust these sites, but when you sit there maxing ticket and people are calling and you have 5tg i cant understand how the same people keep winning. Up until a few weeks ago i would have read this and thought what a load of rubbish. I'm not saying i wont play on these sites any more because i like these best and the play through rules are quite fair compared to other net works, just hope these sites get over this same winner syndrome
    • Have never tried that site, its awful to hear such things though. Good Luck with the other sites x
  32. kissifur says:
    I gave Robin Hood Bingo another chance, but did I regret it. The same names I saw on my first visit winning yet again. If you like very expensive chat rooms please be my guest, if you like a bingo site you can actually win on please stay clear. I noticed the good reviews for this site are by the same names I have seen win constantly.
    • SusieQT says:
      I think its a bit strange that this site upsets you so much - they have a very good rep and I know people who have won from the free games (thats their specialty). They've got a huge fanbase on FB and they give you reward coins when you like them on FB, or when you get friends to register, or even (get this!) if you send in a pic of yourself like Robin Hood! They reward their players, even newbies, with free coins and loyalty points, so I'm a bit confused as to why Robin Hood Bingo (of the loads of sites out there) makes you so cross.
  33. kissifur says:
    What an awful bingo site. At Robin Hood Bingo it is the same ten names that win continuously. If this was the last bingo site on earth I would not play on it.
  34. vixon says:
    Can't help but notice that the majority of good reviews for this site are from people who only comment about this tedious site and nowhere else. I personally do not like playing here. I found the CM's to be rude, the tickets expensive and the slots were slow and kept resetting in mid game and the payouts were bad.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      I think they may be written by people with a vested interest in the site. I tend to ignore these fawning reviews.
  35. kirstymarie says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a fantastic site & I find it every easy to use. All the hosts are kind and very helpful and also can have a laugh. There are so many things you can do like the chat game to earn extra coins. I have made a lot of friends and I am enjoying all the different games that you can play. Have you seen the TV ad - I joined cos it made the site seem like a fun place to play.
  36. fowky says:
    Robin Hood bingo is the best bingo site I have been on. The hosts are great and I have made some fantastic bingo buddys and there are loads of ways to make extra coins and free games.When u email them about anything then u get it sorted and an email back really quickly. Most of all it is a very easy site to play .I would recommend to every1.
  37. nicky-jay says:
    I love Robin Hood bingo as it's very affordable and has loads of bonus offers. The chat hosts are fantastic and the people are so friendly. I would recommend this site to everyone.
  38. Really good new site. I deposited a tenner at Robin Hood Bingo and got £25 free - you also get free coins every day. Very friendly, good games, good bonuses and free bingo. Would def recommend.
  39. It's supposed to be the same site as Moon bingo which is one of my favourite sites, but it had the same games as Moon but nothing else. Moon bingo gave me 30 pound when I joined, Robin Hood Bingo gave £15 and promised to give me bonus coins which I never recieved. Just don't like it. It s a cheap looking site and not much choice of big jackpot games. Not for me I'm afraid.
  40. pucchi says:
    Save your money. When you win you don't get paid - it pays out to someone who doesn't actually win !!!!!!!!!!!!.I should have won but paid out to someone that didnt she made a sharp exit out of the room.... they seem to have tech issues at the min and a number of others were complaining of not getting winning paid either. Stay away until they sort the issues out - apart from that its an ok site to use same as moon bingo. I wont be depositing again though
    • Gordon57 says:
      They took from the rich (winner) and gave to the poor - amazing concept ;-)
    • fancy that says:
      did you go to help or email the site im sure they will give you what you won they cant blame you for there system going wrong there loss not yours
  41. sez1970 says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a really friendly site with great variety of bingo games and slots.n I have deposited twice with Robin Hood, amazing first deposit offer where I did actually win and the withdrawal was quick and efficient as are all the people that I have had contact with. It's not one of the biggest bingo sites around but you'll definitely find it one of the most friendly and efficiently run. You are made to feel part of the family as soon as you join. Lots of brilliant deposit bonus deals continue after your initial deposit. Would say that this is a definite favourite with me!!!!
  42. Decent site, like the free coins. Nice cms.
  43. towerme63 says:
    I recently signed up at Robin Hood Bingo as i got an invite as i was on a number of different cassava sites, got my bonus, didn't win a penny... so didn't go on for a few days then got an email from Cassava saying they had blocked my card "for security reasons" !! I have no idea what they are talking about so now can't use any cassava sites at all.... tbf I'm not really bothered as I haven't had a decent win in ages, but I'm just bewildered why my card was blocked!! Shall not be recommending ANY cassava sites to anybody ever again!!
    • aaggiiee says:
      Cassava do this a lot. I had to email them when I was playing on one of there sites because the self exclusion tool did not work. Turns out if you request exclusion through email or through live help they exclude you from all their sites, but they will let you register for any site you want to after they exclude you from playing with them and after you deposit they shut your account and you lose your money. I used to love these sites - still do. Never believed people that said they blocked their accounts for no reason. I had found them to be fair, but don't trust them now.
  44. bingomandan says:
    Easy site to use, excellent games, quick to help with any issues, hosts and all the staff are the most helpful I’ve come across. Like the free coins you get at Robin Hood Bingo every day and some very big jackpots on offer too. 10 out of 10 from me
  45. makeupworld says:
    I initially went to Robin Hood Bingo because of the good sign up bonus. I won a few times and went to try and withdraw my winnings. I had to keep spending and depositing to take my winnings over the withdrawl amount and when i eventually did get there it was told id lose all my bonus if I withdrew. I tried to spend the bonus but it uses cash first so u will never get rid of the bonus. In the end I decided to withdraw and had to lose my bonus money. Not really worth what you have to spend to withdraw on this site,
  46. sarah5bb says:
    I joined Robin Hood Bingo and played won a few games, but the lay out is not that good. I may be back as bonuses are ok, but it's a so so site and not much new here
  47. vixon says:
    One word - Awful. Awful site, awful chat hosts, awful games and awful atmosphere. Nothing more to say.
  48. trish says:
    I play on quite a few sites and this is definitely my new favourite! Everyone is so friendly at Robin Hood Bingo and they have some really big jackpots! Daily jackpots are good too and you get free coins everyday. I got extra coins too for liking on Facebook and the CMs do games all day where you can win coins. Love Robin Hood Bingo!
  49. lizz79 says:
    I joined robin hood a few weeks ago now and really love it! Have won some decent jackpots and loads of free coins. Got coins when i joined there facebook, twitter and send a pic of myself and won loads in chat games.The hosts are fun and all the players are so friendly!
  50. mint1981 says:
    I registered and deposited on Robin Hood Bingo and it didn't give me the free coins as stated and wouldn't let me in the free rooms. After I asked the chat hosts in Help room they tried to tell me I had never even deposited, so I dont rate this site at all so far.
  51. Marc says:
    Robin Hood Bingo is a terrible site. I didn't even join it in person, I was made a member there from another bingo site, think it may have been Moon Bingo. I wasn't happy about this. However, I deposited £5 and got another £20 free bonus - still didn't win anything, not even a share of a line! Hosts bombarded the chat with silly boring stars and kept telling people to deposit more money. Chat games were hard to understand and the atmosphere was not nice. I feel like I have been robbed, so the name is quite appropriate ha ha
  52. verity78 says:
    I deposited on Robin Hood Bingo and got my free bonus. I won £100 pound then would not let me withdraw. I went to Help they told me I had to deposit another £25 before I could withdraw. so this site like half the rest want you to deposit loads and wager. Not good, so I will not play again.
    • fancy that says:
      all these sites ask you to depo £30 before you can with draw also you can withdraw if you give up the bonus that they have gave you ive never found these sites to be unfair on withdrawing i have gave up my bonus money to with draw what ive won thats the rules but compared to other net works these ones are fair
  53. Pat says:
    I joined Robin Hood Bingo yesterday and I think it's a fab new site! Loving their play 4 days free bingo. Seeing as I'm new to online bingo it's giving me a great chance to see how it works and hopefully win some cash!

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