Online Bingo Games

A collection of typical bingo features and themes, including anything from 30 ball bingo to 90 ball bingo, to bingo with just pictures instead of numbers or playing cards instead of actual bingo tickets. These games come in all shapes and sizes as operators try to innovate and improve on this traditional past time. Inlcuded in our selection are the popular Cash Cubes, Slingo, Rainbow Riches Bingo, Cinco and many more. 

    • Slingo Rainbow Riches

      Innovation of the Year 2018

      Available at

      Slingo Rainbow Riches is the popular variant from Slingo that marries the fun and excitement of Slingo with Rainbow Riches. The game picked up the prestigious 'Innovation of the Year' award at the 2018 WhichBingo Awards

      Unique bonus rounds are awarded for completing multiple lines (or slingos) on your card. All of which are themed to Rainbow Riches, such as:

      Wishing Well
      Choose one of three wishing wells, each with random prize behind them.

      Cash Crop
      50 coins will spin in front of you, each one with a multiplier behind it. Once they stop spinning the multiplier you have won will appear. After this a coin flip will decide whether you get another go or collect what you have won. Multipliers increase from round to round from 0.50p to x10.

      Magic Toadstool
      Take control and pick a Toadstool! You have 3 picks to find a winning value between x1, x5 or a fairy. Each fairy gives another 3 values. If all 24 toadstools are revealed with 2 picks remaining, a x3 multiplier is applied to the entire win! If 1 pick reminds, a x2 multiplier is added.

      Magic Toadstool Red
      This bonus round has the same rules as the Magic Toadstool round but with 4 picks rather than 3, giving you an extra chance to boost your wins.

      Road to Riches
      Spin the lucky wheel to move 1-6 places along the golden trail. When the wheel lands on COLLECT, you are awarded with the prize from your current trail position.

      Road to Riches Red
      Same rules as the original Road to Riches bonus, but with all prizes doubled. Another chance to strike gold!

      Pots of Gold
      You will be presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze pots spinning around. They will randomly come to a stop and one will be chosen for you. You will then be awarded with whatever prize is inside the magical pot! Multiplier prizes vary from x50 to x1000.

    • 90 Ball Bingo

      Classic UK bingo

      Available at
      Aztec Bingo

      Some of the best bingo sites around are still based on 90 ball bingo, most with some kind of progressive jackpot, but many more with an added twist and often more ways to win. In a 90 ball bingo the ball calls to win a progressive jackpot can range from a very low 29 numbers (we’re looking at you Playtech), but is more usually set at around the 40 balls mark. Those with a higher ball count tend to show a much lower jackpot level as they are obviously won more often.
      Escalator Jackpots
      An escalator jackpot is one to look out for as it means that a pot that has been growing for some time is ready to be given away and is guaranteed to do so by the end of a specific timescale. The ball count will start low, but every few hours will be increased until it is finally won. Often these will also be Community jackpots, meaning that the winner gets half the pot and every other player shares the other half – win/win for the players there so that puts 90 ball near the top of the popularity charts.
    • Coconut Island

      Go coco-nuts for this

      Available at
      Ladbrokes Bingo

      Coconut Island is 50-ball developed by Playtech and running exclusively at Gala, Ladbrokes and Coral Bingo. The theme is a desert island with coconuts falling from a palm tree and cracking open as they hit the ground to reveal the number called.

      The ticket is made up of 10 numbers from 1 to 50 and you can win one line or the full house of two lines. It features a maximum purchase of 60 tickets and prices range from 5p to 20p. However, there are some multi-stake scenarios where you choose your stake and the prize reflects the stake chosen. Tickets cost either 10p, 20p, 40p or 80p.

    • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Bingo

      Is that your final answer?

      Available at
      Ladbrokes Bingo

      Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Bingo has been around for quite some time now and is, at first glance, its standard 90-ball bingo. It’s drops in and out of the schedule on Playtech / Virtue Fusion sites and first launched in 2007.

      What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it offers no less than 12 jackpots. They can be won by calling within the number thresholds that are indicated on the screen. As an example, if you called bingo between 15 and 17 numbers then you could land a £1 million prize, but between 33 and 34 numbers, the prize would be £5,000.

      As well as the jackpots that can be won by calling in a specific amount of numbers,it boasts your normal one line, two lines and full house prizes that are available on all 90 ball.

    • Tipping Point Bingo

      Have you got the edge

      Tipping Point Bingo was introduced to Sky Bingo in February 2017 and is loosely based on the television quiz show hosted by Ben Shephard on ITV. In comparison with many other themes that we have seen launched over the years, the bonus feature isn’t nearly as impressive. 

      Your tickets look like those you win in the coin pusher machine at the local arcade. If you have watched the quiz show Tipping Point, you will know that it is a giant coin pusher machine that determines winning amounts for the contestants.

      On Tipping Point Bingo, the machine has very little to do with the actual show other than the bingo balls fall down. There are just two prizes to be won and that is the one cluster and full house prize. There is also a Tipping Point jackpot and this is a community jackpot too. Call the full house in 12 numbers or less and you will get 50% of the jackpot whilst 50% is shared amongst all others with a ticket in the winning game.

    • The X-Factor Bingo

      Do you have it?

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      Another themes on the Virtue Fusion / Playtech platform and this time it’s one of the most popular reality shows on TV, X factor.

      The base is traditional 90 ball, but what makes X Factor Bingo different is the chance to win the Judges Jackpot.

      The number of tickets sold determines the standard prize, but there is also the Judges Jackpot. The one line, two lines and the full house are won in the traditional way of 90-ball bingo.

      To win the Judges Jackpot prize you must first have won the full house. If the number that you win on is on the Judges Jackpot ticket and has not been marked off, the Any Number prize is yours. However, if you complete the one line, two lines or the full house for the Judges Jackpot with the number you called bingo on, the house prize is yours and it’s substantially higher.

      At the point of the house being called on the Judges Jackpot ticket, a new ticket is generated.

    • The Chase Bingo

      Come and have a go

      Available at
      Gala Bingo

      The Chase Bingo was launched in October 2016 and like many themes at Gala Bingo, its has traditional 90 ball at its core. All players have the chance of winning the one line, two lines and full house but in addition, there are extra prizes like The Final Chase progressive. This is won if you call the main full house in 31 numbers or less. There is also a Chase feature and this is activated when the full house has been won. The winner is then offered three different jackpots to choose from; low, mid and high value.

      The Chase Bingo feature is a board divided into seven segments and the aim, like the quiz show, is to beat the chaser to the jackpot you have chosen. The difference is, you don’t actually have to answer questions.

      A Chaser is chosen at random from five that are on the TV quiz show and then you have to watch the answer board – Player vs Chaser. A tick or a cross will appear under each. If you get home and aren’t caught, the money is yours but if you lose and the Chaser wins, you will receive a consolation prize.

    • Swedish Bingo

      Its five-line or is it?

      Available at
      ChitChat Bingo

      Why is Swedish Bingo called this and not five-line bingo when they are exactly the same? To be completely honest we do not know. Both five line and Swedish Bingo are the same, as are the European alternative to the traditional US 75 ball.

      Although played on a 75-ball bingo board, the most noticeable difference is that there is no free square in the middle of the board.

      What Swedish Bingo offers is the best of both worlds, a cross between 75 ball and 90 ball with more chances of winning and as players, we love it.

      The prizes are one line, two lines, three lines, four lines and the five lines (coverall or full house). For the one line win, often sites will allow this to be a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line (although rules do vary from site to site) and then the other lines must all be horizontal.

    • Snakes and Ladders Bingo

      Roll the dice and off you go

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      This is probably one of the lesser-known themes available on the Virtue Fusion / Playtech software. The only difference between this and a traditional 90 ball is that after the full house, a feature is activated for all players who have 1TG when bingo is called.

      When the feature is activated you will see a Snakes and Ladders board that shows various prizes. You get three rolls of the dice and your counter will move around the board. The place that you land on your third roll will be the prize amount that you win.

      Snakes and ladders has three prizes, the one line, two lines and the full house and the prizes offered in the Feature . The top prize on the latter is £500 and awarded if you manage to reach the top of the Snakes and Ladders board.

    • Royal 5's

      5 card draw

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      When you play Royal 5’s bingo you are not given a standard bingo ticket but instead, five cards. Instead of bingo balls, card deck values are called and the aim is to mark off all five cards in your hand to win a prize. The number of tickets sold and the price of the cards determine the actual prize on offer.

      There are two prizes on offer, the first being the standard house prize that is created as per the above explanation, and then the Jackpot. The latter is a progressive and continues to grown until won. To win the Royal 5’s jackpot you need to have marked all five of your cards in the first five calls. It is a community jackpot so if you succeed, 50% is yours and 50% is shared amongst the eligible players in the room.

    • Roll On Bingo

      Winning and then some

      The clue is in the name Roll On bingo, it means that once the full house has been won, additional numbers will be called and subsequently create more winners. There can be as many as 20 additional numbers called. Roll On bingo increases the chance of winning for all players and you will be notified before tickets sales are closed that the next time to play will include these additional prizes. Each Roll On number will likely create more winners and a pop-up appears in screen showing the number of winners and any other prizes that have yet to be claimed.

    • Rollercoaster

      Its all a bit up and down

      Available at

      Rollercoaster rode onto the tombola portfolio in November 2008 and was one of many innovativations from tombola that changed the world of online bingo. You’re not playing with traditional bingo tickets but instead, carriages with five seats in that are all named. The idea  is to fill your Rollercoaster carriage to win.

      The Rollercoaster spins around the loop and releases one of the balls at the top. If you have that named ball, they take a seat in the appropriate carriage. There is just one standard house prize for Rollercoaster but two jackpots. The largest of these is won if you call in five balls drops, the lower with six. 

    • Pulse

      Bingo on the beat

      Available at

      Pulse was launched at tombola in July 2014 but doesn’t have bingo tickets in the way that you would expect. Instead you have twelve bubbles floating around the screen. If you prefer the bubbles to be static in three columns of four, simply click the room name at the bottom of the screen. You are offered five stake options to play and it is this value that buys one ‘ticket’. The stake options are 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 and £2.

      The bingo numbers are called in the traditional way, and winning is as you would expect with all bubbles being popped to scoop the house prize on offer. The house prize is determined in the normal way, the number of tickets sold and at what prices. There is also a two-tier jackpot on offer in the rooms and this is won by calling bingo on the Pulse in 16 or 19 calls.

    • Pirates

      Aaaarrrhhh bingo

      Available at

      Pirates was a new addition to the portfolio at tombola in July 2012. Although more like Cinco, it has great playability. The options for bets are 10p, 25p and 50p and for each you are able to buy three sets of Pirates tickets (30p, 75p and £1.50 maximum spend). Your bingo tickets consist of several pirate themed icons on a treasure map. There are three columns of icons, each five long. There are various pirates, a parrot, treasure, guns and more.

      A card is turned to reveal one of the symbols and you have to mark them off if you have them on any of your cards. You play for the one line and the full house, both prizes that are determined by ticket prices and sales. There is also a Pirates jackpot available and this treasure is landed if you call the full house in 26 numbers or less.

    • Lucky Numbers Bingo

      Fingers crossed yours come up

      Available at
      Sky Bingo

      2011 was the year that Lucky Numbers Bingo was released to the Virtue Fusion / Playtech software, a variant of 90 ball bingo that offers extra prizes. At the start you are asked to choose three lucky numbers between 1 and 90. These are used to an extra feature and release the Bronze, Silver or Gold jackpot if the one line, two lines or full house are called on your numbers. Lucky Numbers Bingo also has the traditional one line, two lines and full house prizes.

      If a Lucky Numbers Bingo jackpot is released by players matching the bonus numbers, the winnings are shared amongst all those who have match numbers to release the jackpot. For example if the Gold Jackpot is activated and three players each matched their three lucky numbers on the one line, two lines and the full house, they would each receive £100.

    • Immortal Romance Bingo

      Love is all around

      Available at
      Butlers Bingo

      Immortal Romance is a slot title from Microgaming, a popular slot with interesting bonus rounds and great graphics. Immortal Romance Bingo takes some of the best bit of the slot and translates it to bingo. It seems fitting that it was launched in the month of love, February 2014 and was first available at Butlers Bingo.

      Its based on 90 ball bingo, and winning is achieved in the same way as your standard 90 ball play, by marking off numbers to make the one line, two lines and full house. There are however a special set of balls. Balls like the Scatter ball, get this and it will randomly mark up to two numbers per strip of bingo tickets. The vampire bats will mark up to three numbers per strip and the Wild Desire will turn one column wild for five balls per strip. The Wild Vine will mark up to four numbers per strip.

      As you play, you collect Medallions to fill up your Power Up bar and when you have a total of 20 notches, you get the chance to win one of the four extra jackpots on offer. The wheel will spin to determine the ‘hero’ you are playing and this determines whether you land the Mini, Minor, Major or Mega Jackpot. 

    • Flash Fives

      Play those cards right

      Available at
      888 Ladies

      Flash Fives is the name of the 888 version of the tombola Cinco card bingo.

      It was first launched at their flagship brand 888Ladies in April 2016 and then over the next few months rolled out to others powered by the same software. Some of the standalone brands have opted to choose their own name, like Foxy Fives at Foxy Bingo and Bingo Vegas at Costa Bingo, but play is the same across the platform.

      Like other versions, tickets consist of five cards and the aim is to cover all five cards to win the prize.

    • Emoji Bingo

      Smiley, wink, shock, joy!

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      Emoji Bingo first launch in September 2015 and was originally only available to play on your mobile device. Its now available on your desktop too and is a variant of 50-ball bingo.

      There are no standard bingo tickets, just 10 different Emoji’s floating around the screen. Instead of numbers being called, Emoji’s are and as you match them on the screen, then disappear.

      You are given the option of five different sets of Emoji’s to choose from, and these include popular ones like the smiley face, a thumbs up, a love heart and even a poo! There are also festive sets of Emoji’s available at Christmas time.

      There are three different prizes available and these are the standard house prize, whose value is determined by the Emoji’s sold, the Emoji Jackpot which is a progressive and the Double Bubble Jackpot, also a progressive.

      The Emoji Jackpot is won in 19 calls or less and the Double Bubble in 19 calls or less.

    • Emmerdale Bingo

      Its bingo time at the Wolfpack

      Available at
      Gala Bingo

      Emmerdale Bingo is exclusive to Gala Bingo and followed a couple of years after the other soap themed 90 ball, Coronation Bingo. It joined their portfolio in December 2015.

      Like other versions of 90-ball bingo, you have the one line, two lines and full house to play for. Above your tickets you can see a white Range Rover and the number of miles to certain landmarks in and around Emmerdale. Above the Range Rover is a number; this number is the miles that it has already travelled. When every full house is called, the number that it is called on is the number of miles that the car will drive.

      On it’s journey there are yellow parts of the road, and if the vehicle stops there, the jackpot for it’s destination is won. There is the 20th step, which is the Woolpack, 40th step that is the Vets and so on.

    • 90 Ball Deal Or No Deal Bingo

      Open the box!

      This version plays in exactly the same way as 75-ball deal or no deal but on 90 ball tickets. The only other difference is how the progressive jackpot is won because 31 numbers or less is required to land the big win. There is a Virtue Fusion / Playtech powered site called Deal or No Deal Bingo but you’ll also find two different versions of this system at many of the other sites powered by the software.

    • 75 Ball Deal or No Deal Bingo

      Open the box!

      In each of these there are a total of six prizes; four line prizes and the coverall prize. The player / s who call the full house will then have triggered the Deal or No Deal feature. During the main play a number of Deal or No Deal boxes are shown above your tickets. As the numbers are called, if any correspond with a box, it is opened and the value revealed and removed. When the full house is called, the winner is offered a cash value by the banker and then they have to decide, deal or no deal.

      Other players in the room get to cast a vote on what they should do and then the results of the vote are shown on screen to help the winner decide which option they are going to choose. The Jackpot 75 is won when the full house is called in 42 numbers or less. 50% is awarded to the player who called bingo and 50% shared amongst those with winning tickets.

    • Cinco

      Match the cards and win

      Available at

      Cinco is the inspiration behind many a card based bingo and it’s available at tombola.

      As time as gone on, more and more rooms have been added to the Cinco lobby and this can be attributed to its popularity amongst players.

      There are eight 5p rooms, six 10p rooms, three 20p rooms (one of which is football themed) and five 40p rooms. Its played using a deck of 52 playing cards and the prices listed are for one strip of five cards. You can buy a maximum of five strips in any given room.

      Like Joker Jackpot, Flash Fives, Snap! and all other card-based bingo available in the world, to win you have to have placed coloured chips on all five of your cards to create a bingo.

      As well as the single house prize, Cinco boasts three other jackpots in each room. The value of these is determined by the price paid per ticket but they are awarded for a call in five cards, six cards and seven cards.

    • Cashline

      80 ball from Mecca Bingo

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      Cashline is the Mecca Bingo version 80 ball. Like other variants found at a selection of other sites, it plays on a 4 x 4 grid.

      Each time is different in so far as you can be playing for different patterns. You could be playing just for one line, and then the next for one, two, three columns and then for the coverall. Or it could be you play for corners, middle squares or lines.

      Most Cashlines have at least two standard house prizes, but sometimes there is just one prize and others, four. In addition to the standard house prizes there is The Elevator and Cash Attack jackpots to be won.

      The Elevator is the largest progressive for Cashline and is won by calling in 32 numbers or less and the Cash Attack in 36 numbers or less.

    • Burst Bingo

      Explosive bingo

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      March 2016 saw Burst Bingo explode into the world of mobile gaming but now its available on your desktop too.

      At the start of Burst Bingo you are required to choose ten numbers and this is done by moving left and right on the screen. You then have to pick the bet amount that you want to place and this will decide the prize money that you are playing for. The more you bet, the higher the prize money.

      All of the bingo numbers are shown on balloons from which a selection of cute animals are handing. As a number is called, the balloon is burst and the number of calls required to bingo reduces. There are just two prizes available on Burst Bingo – the standard house prize and the Burst Jackpot. 

    • Britain's Got Talent Bingo

      Come in and show off your skills

      Available at
      Mecca Bingo

      Like many of the themed bingo addona that we see from the world of online bingo, Britain’s Got Talent Bingo plays on a traditional 90-ball bingo board.

      Its branded like Britain’s Got Talent but it’s not until play is over that the BGT feature kicks in. It has the same prizes are your standard 90 ball  – one line, two lines and the full house but if you buy a minimum of six tickets, you get to select three lucky numbers.

      If you call the one line, two lines or full house on one of your three lucky numbers then you are eligible for one of the extra bonuses. These are the Buzzer Bonus (one number), The Audience Award (two numbers) and the Judges Jackpot (three numbers). On occasion, you might get offered a free scratchcard at the end, but thats only to players who have purchased a minimum of six tickets.

    • Bouncy Balls Bingo

      Boing boing boing

      Available at
      Paddy Power Bingo

      In early 2017 a new bingo option arrived on the Virtue Fusion network that was themed around one of their most popular slots, Bouncy Balls.

      Players opting to participate are given four betting options (10p, 50p, £1 or £2) and the number of tickets sold determines the house prizes.

      There are four Bouncy Balls of your chosen colour entwined in vines and surrounded by 12 numbers. You release the balls as the numbers are marked off.

      There are three different prizes that can be won; the standard house prize, the Community Jackpot and the Progressive Jackpot.

      The Community Jackpot is awarded when a total of 50 balls of each colour have been collected. So if you are playing Purple balls and release two, others also add to the total and if it reaches 50, the £5 Community Jackpot is shared amongst eligible players.

      The Progressive Jackpot is awarded to the player who can release all four of their balls in 18 numbers of less.

    • Bingo Vegas

      Show your hand

      Available at
      Costa Bingo

      Bingo Vegas is the name that Costa Bingo has for. Its called Foxy Fives at Foxy Bingo and Flash Fives at sites like 888 Ladies and Wink Bingo but how it plays is the same.

      The design of Bingo Vegas differs slightly to the others but you are presented with five sets of five cards. Many have suggested its a less impressive version of Cinco from tombola, and in all honesty, we have to agree. It’s also been likened to Snap! from Gamesys and Joker Jackpot from Playtech / Virtue Fusion.

      Instead of bingo numbers being called, its played using a standard 52 deck of cards. As cards are called, you have to place a chip on the corresponding card if it shows on your purchased tickets. Mark all five and you are a winner.

    • Bingo Royale

      More chances to win

      Available at

      The Bingo Royale room is exclusive to Jackpotjoy and was an homage to Barbara Windsor as the Queen of Bingo. She featured in cartoon form with her trusty little dog and she was also the bingo caller. When Paddy McGuinness took over and the site upgraded to HTML5 major changes were needed. Now we have a cute dog in charge, waited on by a lanky butler. 

      At first glance its traditional 90-ball bingo on the Gamesys software until the full house is called. Then there is the possibiliy of a royal appearance and decreeing that additional numbers are called to create more winners. The number of additional calls is set at a maximum of five per play. Completing a full house within the extra calls sees you awarded a share of the Royal Pardon jackpot. This jis similar to a progressive jackpot in that it grows with each time its not won.

    • Bingo Roulette

      Fancy a spin the wheel?

      Available at

      Not to be confused with the tombola Roulette, Bingo Roulette is far more appealing; Players are given three options of betting prices (10p, 25p and 50p) and then have the choice of playing one, two, three or four chip colours.

      A roulette wheel determines the numbers that are called for Bingo Roulette but that ‘baize’ is not laid out in the same way as a Roulette baize. It is numbered 0 through 36 with three numbers in rows of 12. The 0 is one column on its own.

      Players purchase their chips and can move them at random around the board by clicking the ‘shuffle button.

      When the bingo roulette is in play, the wheel spins, and whichever number the ball lands on, is the number that you have to remove your chip from if you have one on that number.

      The aim is to remove all of one set of chip colours, eight in total.

      If you can achieve this in 10 spins then you will win an additional jackpot, this reduces at 12 spins and then the prize you will win is only the house prize.

    • Bingo Lotto

      la la la la lotto from Gala Bingo

      Available at
      Coral Bingo

      There has long been a connection between bingo and lottery so it was only really a matter of time before a something combining the two was launched. Bingo Lotto was exclusively available to mobile and tablet players when it first arrived but can now be played on your desktop too.

      There are just 49 numbers, as there once was in the Lotto from the National Lottery. There are chances for four winners and each bingo card features just six numbers. The aim is to match three, four, five or six numbers.

      As is the case with all traditional bingo, numbers continue to be called until some calls the house, in this case, matches six numbers on their ticket.

      The jackpot prize is awarded if you match six numbers but with just six numbers in which to claim the progressive prize, it’s a long shot.

    • Bingo Bowl

      50 ball from William Hill

      Bingo Bowl is William Hill's exclusive take on 50 ball and as the name suggests, instead of bingo tickets, its played using bowling pins. Each of the 10 pins are set in the usual triangular formation of a bowling match and as they are called, they turn yellow.

      There are three jackpots to be won and each are displayed above your bingo bowling pins. The standard house prize is determined by the number of 'tickets' sold. The full house winner will also take one of the Kingpin jackpots. There is the Any Number prize, the lower of the two, which is awarded when the last number called is on your ticket but does not create the house win and then there is the House. The latter is won when the last number called creates the full house.

      The biggest of the jackpots available is the Lucky Strike and this is the progressive and won when the full house is called in 15 numbers or less.

    • Big Banker Bingo

      Is it safe?

      Available at
      Gala Bingo

      When Big Banker Bingo launched in March 2016 it was hard not to notice the similarities between this and Deal or No Deal Bingo. Big Banker Bingo is played in the traditional style of 90-ball bingo but before it starts, you are shown a selection of safes, each one is numbered; as numbers are called, their corresponding safes are opened and the values revealed.

      There are four prizes to be won – one line, two lines, full house and the Big Banker feature. The latter is available to the full house winner who is offered a deal by the banker. This player has to choose whether to take the amount on offer or to open the remaining safe.

      There is also a progressive jackpot on Big Banker Bingo and this is won when the full house is called in 31 numbers or less. It’s a community jackpot and when won, 50% goes to the full house winner and then 50% shared amongst those with winning tickets.

    • 30 Ball Bingo

      Short and sweet

      30-ball bingo is also known as Speed Bingo and the reason for this is because of how quickly it is over - This is because there are only 30 balls.

      The bingo cards for 30 ball have just nine numbers on them and the grid is 3 x 3. To win , you simply have to cover all the numbers on the card.

      The first sites to introduce this version of bingo were Cozy, but you can find it now at a selection of other software providers.

      When you look at the number of players who participate in 30 ball and compare it with the likes of 75 and 80 ball bingo, it’s clear it is nowhere near as popular. However, it holds appeal because often the tickets are lower in price than many other types of bingo.

    • Coronation Street Bingo

      Claim the Golden Cobbles Jackpot

      Available at
      Gala Bingo

      Available at Gala Bingo and Coral Bingo, alongside the standard 90 ball there is a separate 90 ball ticket that everyone can see called the Golden Cobbles ticket. When a player calls a full  house on a number that appears on that ticket the number turns gold.

      A win on one of those numbers is worth £5 extra prize money, until you complete a line, two lines or the full house of golden cobble with your winning number. Those prizes are progressive and grow continuously until won.

    • 75 Ball Bingo

      Traditional in the USA

      Available at
      Sun Bingo

      75 ball is a traditional style played in bingo halls in the USA but it’s equally as popular with players in the world of online bingo in the UK. What 75 ball afforded the operator was the chance to offer pattern and multi-part bingo and over the years we have seen more and more patterns introduced. 75-ball plays on grid that has 24 numbers and a free square; the grid is 5 x 5. Each of the columns shown on a 75-ball board represents a letter than spells B I N G O.

      To win, you have to cover all the numbers on your board to make the pattern you are playing, or in the case of multi-part bingo, the four corners, the one line and then the coverall. A new version of 75 balls was introduced in 2011 called Swedish Bingo; details of which are available on this page too.

    • Cash Cubes

      Fast paced 36 ball bingo variant

      Available at
      Sun Bingo

      Available from Playtech, this is 36 ball that moves fast. The numbers are within four interlinked cubes and you need to mark off 12 numbers to win completing all four cubes. You can choose your price to play – 10p, 50p, £1 or £2 and you can only play one ticket, so fair for all. You collect completed cubes separately and win a bingo bonus prize on reaching 50 cubes on any price point. 

    • 80 Ball Bingo

      Cashline or shutterboard

      Available at
      Bucky Bingo

      80-ball bingo first started life in the retail bingo halls and is often referred to as Cashline or Shutterboard. 80 ball in the land-based bingo halls are played in the intervals of the main session based bingo. 80 ball bingo in the world of online play is very similar to that found in the clubs and is played on a 4 x 4 grid. Different brands offer different versions and some offer two chances to win (a line and then the coverall) whilst others will opt just to have the coverall winner.

      The concept itself isn’t as popular as the more traditional versions of bingo but what it does offer is a bit of variety when you’re bored of 75 or 90 ball. It is worth noting that not all software providers offer this version, it’s certainly not available at sites powered by the 888 / Cassava software.

    • Bingo 50

      Bubblewrap popping bingo from tombola

      Available at

      Bingo 50 is not like 50-ball bingo that you will find at some other sites; in fact we like to call it Bubblewrap Bingo! If you love popping bubblewrap, then this is for you! You have four betting options of 25p, 50p, 75p and £1 and when you have chosen, you are given five tickets each with ten numbers on them. Bingo numbers are called in the same way as normal bingo; there are just 50 numbers.  Prizes are one line and the full house but there is also another jackpot to be won if you call bingo in 19 numbers of less.
    • Slingo Boom

      Slots meets bingo hybrid

      Available at

      Slingo Boomstarted live on social media and is a hybrid of a slot and a 75 ball bingo. It was brought to the pay to play online bingo world by Gaming Realms and can be enjoyed at their premier site

      You purchase a 75 ball bingo card in the traditional 5 columns. Instead of one number being called at a time five appear at the foot of the card. However, numbers can be replaced by a joker, a super-joker or a devil. A joker marks off a random number in the column it appears, super-joker marks a number anywhere on the card and a devil means no number can be marked for that turn in that column.

      You play for one line, two lines and full house, so it differs from a traditional 75 ball in that sense too.

    • Bingo 60

      Another exclusive from tombola

      Available at

      Bingo 60 is exclusive to tombola and it first arrived April 2012. When you enter the room for the first time, the ticket buying options are certainly different to what we have come to expect from our bingo. It’s a little reminiscent of retail bingo with coloured books as options.

      At the top of the screen you choose your stake value, the default setting is £1. You can see the values of the prizes that correspond with each book option and the associated jackpot. Your stake buys you all five coloured tickets – orange, green, red, purple and blue.

      Orange tickets have 6 numbers, green have 9, red have 12, purple have 15 and purple have 18. All tickets are played and it only ends when all tickets have had a winner.

      The jackpots available are for calling in the indicated numbers (or less). 11 for orange, 19 for green, 25 for red, 30 for purple and 34 for blue.

    • Rainbow Riches Bingo

      Can you reach the pot of gold?

      Available at
      Sun Bingo

      Rainbow Riches is best known as a phenomenally successful slot, both as a physical slot machine and as an online video slot. It was only a matter of time before the successful formula was translated into bingo.
      This is a 40 ball version once again developed by the powerhouses at Playtech / Virtue Fusion. On top of the basic play where you have to complete a card of 8 lucky four leaf clovers there are two bonus features to win on too. 
      There are two sets of four clovers; completing one set of four clovers is the ‘line’ and completing both sets of four first is the full house. The numbers are called from a spinning wheel that replicates the bonus round in the Rainbow Riches slot. 
      In place of a number on some spins are multi-coloured clovers and these move the leprechaun along the road to various community jackpots at 10, 25 and 50 steps. The Wishing Well Bonus is paid out to individual players when they collect 100 coins. Coins are added to the well when a magic number picked before the start is called. 
      Being only 40 numbers rainbow riches bingo moves fast and there is not long to wait between each one – again something that appeals greatly to the younger bingo player who may be participating having been drawn into the it by it association with the slot Rainbow Riches slots.
    • Bounce’T Bingo

      75 ball with varied prize money

      Available at
      ABC Bingo

      Bounce’T Bingo is the Dragonfish attempt to add a bit of variety to 75 ball. Although it plays through as a normal pattern theme, the difference is that the prize jumps between £10 and £30 for just 10p a ticket. The prize depends on what is shown when you call bingo.