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Free no deposit bonus from £5 to £1,000

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Lippy Bingo opened in July 2012 and is the latest addition to the Dragonfish family of sites. The team behind this new site are experts when it comes to keeping bingo players entertained and building a loyal and friendly bingo community.

Free Bingo

New players get to play free bingo at the site with no deposit required. The non-depositor room is open from 7am to 7pm every day and every 8 minutes features a £1 guaranteed jackpot game.

More free bingo opens up as soon as the first deposit is made. So on top of the 250% first deposit bonus the funded free bingo rooms become available from 4pm to 7pm. In these rooms there is a £10 guaranteed jackpot every game, every 15 minutes.

Bright pink, white and purple are the dominant colours on this bingo site and very clean looking it is too.

The networked games offer many generous prizes and loads of chances to win big. Look out for the £100 75 ball bingo coverall at 8.45pm each night and the five £100 90 ball bingo games played every hour from 7.30pm.

Big Welcome

All players that sign up and make a deposit receive a generous 250% welcome bonus.

Progressive Jackpots

In addition players have the chance to win the 75 ball Diamonds are Forever progressive or the House Party 90 ball progressive jackpots:

Bingo in 34 calls or under in special Diamond pattern games each evening in the 75 ball bingo rooms or in 40 calls or less in the 90 ball bingo rooms at any time to win.

Loyalty Scheme

The Lippy Bingo loyalty scheme is one of the most generous around. Every 1,000 points can be converted to £1 in bingo bonus. All spending earns poins, but then there is a monthly Team Bingo Tournament with 2million points available to be won and a refer a friend scheme worth 5,000 points each, to name just two.

Lippy Bingo has a friendly team of live Chat Hosts on site 24 hours a day and there are massive events constantly taking place.



Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedukash payments acceptedentropay payments accepted

Lippy Bingo is powered by Dragonfish Network.

Lippy Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Lippy Bingo player reviews

35 players have reviewed this site

  1. Lab says:
    They sent me thing to join haven't played bingo in while closed my accounts after I won I ended up down hundreds because of this group I would never of joined if I had of knowing it was same company this time they stole 650.00 before locking me out of my account not even email. I should of checked it out first my fault but seriously it's so unfair they can steal & withhold any winning. I asked them last time never to let me join any off there sites again now same thing has happened.
  2. ROSINA27 says:
    I get many emails through with so many bingo sites asking me to join. One was Lippy bingo and the first thing I check up is to see if it is a Cassava site? Yes it is! I wouldn't join any of their bingo sites for the fact being if I won, I might get my account closed as so many have done in the past. I also wonder if they ever paid hundreds of members that had joined many Cassava sites that they withheld over £87,000
    to? It left many people very sad and distressed. No, I only have to see any Cassava site and I just look to see the reviews, but there is no way I would entertain these clubs, they have hundreds of sites online, honesty is the policy!
    I think I will stick to my site which although I don't win much, they play penny bingo 24 hours a day, and that suits me fine, and my £10 lasts ages, and each time I spend £2
    I am allowed to play completely free bingo for the rest of the day up to 12 midnight! Now that's what I call a good site! Some people have run it down, but I am always spoken to politely by the CMS on that bingo site, I join in a little chat sometimes, but I have yet to find any Cassava site worth joining? Having said that the last two I reviewed have had nice things said about them, but I just refuse to take a chance, I don't want to be added to one who has their account closed down because I won and did in the past belong to another Cassava site, so good luck to all who take a chance and join, but sorry, not for me!
    • Liz says:
      Hi. Which site do you play on that has 1p games all day?
  3. xxdave666xx says:
    I know Lippy Bingo is another Dragonfish site, but it ends there. This is a crazy funny insane bingo site with fantastic promotions unlike any other Dragonfish site. You should play at their grab your code night every Monday where ch vicky and her crazy team are sure to welcome you and give out huge bonus codes that usually only need a 5 deposit. Its fun fun fun and im not the chatty type, but enjoy reading it. no one is left out - its a great site, please give it a go and make your own mind up.
  4. Cheekylady70 says:
    I must say that I've been playing on bingo sites for quite a while now but this is by far the best I've been on. I even managed to win myself a retro tuck shop and Calvin Klein make-up set. Another treat which I always get excited about is the free money that I get. It's a genuine pleasure to be playing on Lippy Bingo with great chat hosts and lovely Roomies.
  5. MAW25 says:
    Another cassava site that sucks you in with their "Great Promo Offers!". Can't believe that you can't even get close on their bingo games with a max of 20-30 players, playing 24 tics at 5p - £1, yet on another very good site playing 6 tics at 50p with well over a 100 players can win a JP! These sites are very greedy indeed and need share their winning a lot more!!!
  6. The CH's play CGs all day which I luv and also get plenty of bonus to keep playing. Also think they have sum wicked a bingo game and win a car haha - how mad lol. Enjoying playing on Lippy Bingo - no big wins as yet, but i think the £1million game has my name on it hahahahahha lol c u x
  7. xxclaiwexx says:
    Did have issues when registering but they sorted my bonus out in end and I managed to win £35 which I played on slots and had fun. I like bonus codes and they had lots so will be back. ty for free money Lippy clairewx. Oh and i agree improve the cms, but also keep the amount of chat games coz its gud u get to win loads every day.
  8. mackeboy77 says:
    One of the worst bingo sites i've ever joined...!!! Was gonna get a £5-1000 no deposit bonus (if reg. a card) when joining and using my special code i got from whichbingo ...!! Everything went as it should, after my registration was complete it even said that i had received the no deposit bonus..!! But NOPE nothing NADA in my acc. Went and asked live chat what was wrong and where my bonus was, they told me that my credit card didn't go through the security check therefore no bonus. And it it didn't matter that i reg. a new card that cleared the security check they still refused to add my cash...!! So if you're gonna play here using a no deposit bonus you gotta be 1000% sure that your card will pass their strange security control ok...!!!
    • xxxxxxxxx says:
      see below I had the exact same thing happened.... :)
  9. xxxxxxxxx says:
    Annoyed much... joined Lippy Bingo after a email saying i would get free bonus funds with the code NO DEPOSIT NEEDED did so entered my details.. said your bonus had been credited to your account loads up page checks ........... balance 0p.. Wish sites would stop sending out emails then not pay up on what they say they are going to - puts me right off making a first deposit on there.. oh well the search for a site i can actually trust continues!
  10. I seem to have had a lot of trouble with trying to get my correct amount of bonus money from this site and so has a lot of other people. When i asked about this they made excuses then blocked me from chat. I'm extremely dissatisfied customer.
    • MinnieMay says:
      Hey Angie, we're really sorry to hear that you've had issues when trying to claim your bonuses. We're more than happy to help you with this, please email the details to and we'll get right on it!

      The Lippy Bingo Team
  11. kellyj1989 says:
    Brilliant site . . . I joined after i received a letter in the post . . . i deposited £10 and got 3000LPs from the chat host as an extra bonus i converted them in to £3 and went on to win £6 . . . Thought I waste it on slots and won £180 . . . Withdrew and had no problems . . . Will be back and will be recommending to friends . . . Big Thumbs Up :) XxX
  12. holidays11 says:
    Won another £40 on here today so very happy lol,just remember you have to deposit and play through £30 before your first withdraw - big thumbs up.
    • holidays11 says:
      Just to add always getting good deposit codes sent through, so deposited 5 got extra 10 to play with and went on to win and able to withdraw again. Really enjoy playing on this site guess because had a fair few wins lol
  13. holidays11 says:
    When I first played at Lippy bingo did not win, then i received a good deposit bonus so give it another go and won £100. Minimum withdraw is 20 pound - not too bad and had no problem withdrawing my money. I will defo play again.
  14. Got to love the cash back on every deposit u make. Will be back to Lippy as enjoy the games and the big prize money, but don't think the chs are great x
  15. Bingocritic says:
    I got a letter from Lippy stating that I had a mystery bonus for free, it was a fiver. I refused to deposit because of my other experiences with bingo sites until they had proved they are not all about the same winners. This site is run and owned by cassava. The positives are that it is easy to navigate, however, that is where the good points end. One player commented in the bingo room about the same winners etc (this is found to be the same on all their sites). Anyway I mentioned ALL the negative reviews they had on here and straight away CHBonkers remarked that the majority of people leaving reviews wanted to win millions. I simply stated that this was not the case and that all they wanted was a fair game. Cannot comment on the slots as I played my free fiver did not win and left. Personally thought that was not much use as most of the rooms are for funded only. Non funded tickets can be from 10p to £1 so really your money goes quick.
    • sarah5bb says:
      that is what happened to me, so they gave me a fiver too
    • Hey there. Thanks for your feedback. We'll be introducing tonnes of new promotions, ideas, games and rooms over the next couple of months to make us stand out from the rest! I hope you'll come back soon and give us another go! The Lippy Bingo Team.
    • I got the same letter and ended up with a fiver in my account. I won't be making a deposit as it is from the same group as Foxy Bingo and I don't like Foxy bingo, it's impossible to win anything on there. I got an e-mail a couple of days ago offering £15 free if I deposited a fiver - I e-mailed back pointing out that it wasn't free but they wouldn't accept that. Don't waste your time and money on Lippy Bingo.
  16. nicole1970 says:
    Where do i start?? Had a letter with a code with the chance of winning between £5 and £1000. Had to go to the help chat room where another 4 ppl asking why they didn't get bonus either. We were told code is not valid, but as a gesture of goodwill we get a fiver. After asking questions every one of us got banned from chat. Phoned customer services, useless. Will not be going back.
    • Hey Nicole. We're really sorry to hear about the problems you've had when trying to claim your free money. We're going to ensure our help team are fully briefed on our promotions. Please email and we'll ensure that this is dealt with appropriately. Thanks for your feedback, we look forward to hearing from you. The Lippy Bingo Team.
    • kieramaddy says:
      seems this problem is ongoing
  17. Dunno what ev1 else is on about - i enjoyed my time here and won a little bit...not enough to withdraw, but still I had fun. Always get sumthin back too, which is nice x
  18. trudityler says:
    I deposited and wagered over 100 pound when i first joined Lippy Bingo and didn't win a single bingo game. Raided and maxed out tickets, always same winners. No chance to win on free bingo either. Not depositing again and my friend joined done the same, she never won one bingo game - not impressed at all.
    • Hey Trudi, really sorry to hear how unlucky you've been. I hope your luck picks up in the future. The Lippy Bingo Team.
  19. sarah5bb says:
    I joined the Lippy Bingo site as was offered a funded account so put in code and got nil. sent emails explaining and they gave me a fiver and said i did it wrong, but i did it right. I still can't get my funded up to a £1000 account, so will not be going back there.
    • Hey Sarah. We're really sorry to hear about the issues you've had. Please email and we'll sort that for you! The Lippy Bingo Team.
  20. geoff125 says:
    Hi to all bingo heads. Well joined Lippy bingo today and got a free fiver, but it was not up to much as the tickets were 50p when I played and it was very hard to figure out how to buy them with no cm and not many on the site. It has to be a no for me this time. The slots were not up to much either as 50p lowest stake. Well that's all for now, catch you laters.
    • Hey Geoff, thanks so much for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear you didn't win off your free fiver! We're looking at making lots of changes in the new year and I hope you'll come back soon and give us a go! The Lippy Bingo Team.
  21. juicylips says:
    I liked it at Lippy Bingo and got free money which I won on, so thankz x
  22. fancy that says:
    Lippy bingo is another site just like all the others. Same slots, same bingo games oh and yes the same winners. Different name, different colour, but inside just a clone of all the other cassava sites. Can't say it's a bad site, just the same, nothing new.
    • KibMeemibup says:
      Hi there, we'll be making some fantastic new additions to the site in the near future. We're determined to make Lippy Bingo unique and we think you will LOVE the changes! The Lippy Bingo Team

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