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Rating: 5/5

  • Most recognised brand in UK online bingo
  • No wagering requirements on welcome bonus
  • Wide range of totally unique bingo based games
200% Deposit Bonus
As Seen on TV
Progressive Jackpots
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tombola Bingo is one of the UK's biggest and most popular bingo sites, with one of the friendliest communities.

One of the reasons tombola has been so successful is that they design and build all their games in-house so you won’t find them on any other website, this enables then to customise their games to their player’s tastes.

Deposit £10 and play with £30

New players are welcomed to tombola with a 200% deposit match, which means if you deposit £10 you'll get an extra £20 on top, giving you £30 to play with. 

The maximum amount you can deposit and still get 200% is £25, which will give you £50 extra, leaving you with a total of £75 to play. It is seriously worthwhile considering how much to spend on your first deposit, as this offer is only available this first time.

There are no strict wagering requirements with this extra money, other than you can't just withdraw it straight away. Just play it through once and any winnings are withdrawable.

Unique Games

Tombola Bingo offers all the usual bingo variants including bingo 90, 80, 75 and features 'bingo lite' where tickets cost just 2p each. Where tombola really stands out is their unique games including Bingo 60 which features five chances to win a prize, Cinco – the no skill card based game, Bingo Roulette, Bingo 50 – also known as bubble wrap bingo, and even the original Hamster Race.

So what else is on offer at tombola? Firstly new players get a 200% welcome bonus when they join the site. So deposit £10 and you’ll get an extra £20 free, giving you £30 to play with. Plus tombola often runs a free game for their depositing players who stake £2 the previous week, the game changes on a regular basis and usually £20,000 is guaranteed to be won over the week. Lucky Picks is the one that pops up most frequently with a top prize of £500, closely followed by Happy Families and the more recently added The Heist.

the tombola bingo app is now available to download on Apple and android

Huge Jackpots

£5 million is won every week at tombola by thousands of lucky winners. tombola features a progressive jackpot in bingo 90 which is won nearly every day as it is set to trigger at 40 calls, but does sometimes reach £20,000. Some of tombola’s biggest games also have huge jackpot prizes, including £20,000 in Cinco and £10,000 in Bingo Roulette.

tombola has over 40 chat rooms with over 100 chat moderators working for them so as well as their exclusive games and big jackpots it’s also one of the most friendly sites around. Plus don’t forgot the 200% welcome bonus as well!

At tombola Bingo the stakes are not high and are within everyone's reach - to max any game the most you would have to spend is £2.

Payment Methods Accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments accepted


tombola Bingo is powered by Proprietary.

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tombola Bingo Player Reviews

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239 bingo players have reviewed tombola Bingo, with 36% of players recommending the site.

  1. Have to say I do like Tombola, and have been there since the site started, but, like others I have to say it seems to be almost impossible to win these days. I know they say its down to luck, but surely no one can be that lucky to win day after day like you see some players doing. I go weeks without winning a penny and spend plenty. Check my bank statements for proof lol. Some of the cms are great, really helpful and friendly, but others can be harsh, and yes in some rooms you can feel like an outsider if you do not fit into 'the click'. I for one am glad they do not have slots (think I would be homeless by now otherwise lol), plus I can go elsewhere for some great slots. Just wish Tombola seemed to be a bit fairer with the winners, I do sometimes feel disheartened, especially when I make 4 or 5 deposits in one day and aren't lucky enough to get a penny back. At the end of the day its not the sites fault, we are the ones who choose to go and throw our money away. Maybe the men in white coats will come and take us away and save us!
  2. Like others, I joined Tombola on a recommendation. Bad idea. They need to balance their software since it heavily favours newbies with wins, and since Tombola aggressively markets itself there are lots and lots of newbies which means that wins for regular players are extremely few and far between. It cost me roughly £100 in deposits for every £5-£10 win and I know that other regular players have deposited far more without ever seeing a win. CMs are OK but they leave rooms unattended for very long periods which means player comments can easily get out of hand and become offensive. Having played many, many different online bingo sites over the last nine years I can say without doubt that I've never found one that was as hard to win anything from as Tombola currently is. In fact, I was so hacked off with it that I've self-excluded for life.
  3. Hi. I've played at tombola for many years and lately i have to agree with the other people that it's so hard to win in there now, its awful. In one week alone i deposited 500 pound with not one single win and that was only doing 10p bets in roulette. The cms can be dam right rude; they have there own little click and if you arnt in there group u just get ignored. All u do is deposit on this site. They put it down to luck i dont think so. When u question the cms they ban u from the room. The site is an absolute joke and its about time summit got done about it.
  4. holidays11 says:
    Hi. tombola is fun, but very addictive, and in the 2 years of deposits the most i have won in one go is £80. Not much when i deposit £40 a week, so have finally put my self on a six month exclusion and play on sites that i have actually won good money.
  5. jock says:
    Tombola is a utter joke, the same bullies get away with a slap on the wrist while the innocent party's get banned this DOES happen on this site, dont get me wrong there are some wonderful people on this site but its the lack of consistancy from the managment and some of the CMs. Its amazing that when you put a limit on your account you suddenly stop winning. Yes it seems to be the same big winners all the time, its weird how they have stopped suddenly showing all winning history and now only show the last 10. When you phone to complain about something being said that should not be mentioned in chat they say the will monitor the room and depending who it is saying the crude remarks they suddenly can't find it. Stay away from Tombola I have and went to a much better site with no bee's in your ears
  6. looplou72 says:
    I love tombola - just it keeps crashing which is annoying I have met the most lovely people on there and I have won! There are a lot of bad losers expecting to win every game which in real life would never happen. The only gripe I have is the need for more rooms for the sheer number of people now playing.
  7. rugbyleader says:
    I have played on Tombola for about 3 years. I like the site although the graphics maybe basic. I like this as its easy to navigate round and straight forward to use a lot of other sites have things flashing everywhere and pictures jumping out here there and everywhere which can make it confusing, so I like this about Tombola as it doesn't have all that. I like the different games you play that you can't find anywhere else. One of my favs being bingo60. I used to win quite often, but as the site has become bigger its harder and harder to win. I have curbed my depo's now and split between this and a diff site. Withdrawals are super fast if you use paypal it's there in hours not days, there is no messing about asking you provide the blood of a virgin or an essay in latin like some sites do... its one of the great things about Tombola as is the responsible gambling that they promote... this is second to none. It is true that lately the same names are appearing more and more often which is very disheartening especially when you see certain members win between £500-£1000 in bingo90 and then begging for a £4 line in bingo lite half hour later and when they don't win the £4 they are goin mad and calling it a fix lol. Even more annoying that these are the people who's names ya see winning most days!! I find the CMs friendly and helpful and sometimes the other players will help too, although be careful of the CM groupies; they get very jealous if you have a conversation with the CM they are crushing on lol. so you may struggle to get a word in as women are always making the male CMs know they are 'available' using very sleazy innuendos lol. ironically this happens in bingo lite where the chat cant be turned off. Other than all this I enjoy the site and still play as I prefer the games, they are games you cant find elsewhere. 2 yrs ago I would have given Tombola a 9/10 but now am afraid its 6/10 for me I still play but i spend more time elsewhere now.
  8. ellfinn says:
    ok so i joined tombola bingo just 2 weeks ago. i joined because someone referred me so thought id try it. Wish i hadn't. i deposited 500 first week with no wins and 500 this week with no wins. i play on other sites and deposited 20 pound recently on my usual site and won 130 off it on line 2 line and fh wins through a few hours and also i get a weekly bonus. last night i won 80 pound off my free weekly bonus although i spent it again, lol. i play to have fun and i do not have fun on tombola. i myself witnessed the same people winning. disheartening since i was maxing every game. i played through for 15 hours straight, maxed all games and still won 0. i wont be returning now. the cms i found were a bit ignorant and concentrated on favourites instead of answering questions off new joiners. Hard to win on tombola is what i would tell anyone. Well done to all the people that win on there. Shame i couldnt as i would have been a very loyal customer and deposited a heck of a lot, but i wont be missed by them. tombola dont care about keeping customers, no loyalty scheme, no bonus points. deposit play, lose and repeat!!! time to head back to my awesome loyal bingo site who give free money through the day while you play. the cms are great, really friendly and most players are friendly enough although moan a lot, lol. join MFORTUNE guys free £5 to start, 100% deposit bonus, easy to deposit and withdraw, but they do allow reversals which i hate, but seriously give them a try. i love that they dont share the winnings out what you see is what you get no matter how many people win.
  9. gismo1983 says:
    Where to begin with this site? I joined tombola when it first started, and i loved it!!! of course i did - i was winning left right and centre for about 12 months. I would play every night, and i would win a full house in the red room literally every night - not to mention endless line and 2 line wins. Then the wins slowed down a little, i thought this was due to having an unlucky streak - and soon i was going to the deposit limit of £500 every single week with only an odd line win here and there. I have always maxed, and still end up waiting on 1 number for literally every line 2 line, full house. I stopped playing for 6 months, as i realised that the hobby was becoming an addiction and i didn't want to go down that route. When i returned to the site i won the first game i played. For weeks after that i was winning and again another successful few months. Soon the £500 a week limit was getting reached on a weekly basis, and the repeat winners, was just not worth the cash. i play maybe once every few months and STILL see those same names. The CM's are rude, patronising and the way they allow the "groupies" to join in is what i can only describe as bullying. When you are spending £500 a week you are entitled to vent your frustration when for the 100th time that day you've missed yet another house, yet another JP... The repeat winners situation on this site is the worst i have seen, and i have no idea how they are able to get away with it. I once played 56 games of cinco in a row ( that's £112) and with only THIRTY NINE players or less for most of that few hours i played i waited on 1 for about 80% of the games, missed the 20k JP 4 times and saw 3 winners win approximately 5+ times each within that time frame - one of which won 3 games in a row. tombola knows most of its loyal customers feel this way, and they don't care - the reason they don't care is because for every one of us that leaves - they get 100 more to replace us with their ads and voucher codes. If you ask me the site has become too big for its boots and the quality of service has massively slipped. My view is - what goes up must come back down, and i certainly won't be there to bring it back up. Make of this site as you will, but i write this review as a genuine bingo lover, and one who has no problem with losing when its fair.
    • 4kinghell says:
      My story is very similar to yours, everything you say I can vouch for. Have you noticed they have changed the winners history? Now u can only go back 10 games, nice way to hide repeat winners I think?
  10. 4kinghell says:
    I've played at Tombola for about 4 years now, and I like it, but I would like to list what I think are its good and bad points. * The games are OK, the graphics are from 1980 lol * The games have silly, lazy bugs\glitches that never get fixed which is very unprofessional IMHO *If you're not a "special" player you will not win much, if you are you will win way above what is "randomly" feasible. * I despise the pathetic CM's on Tombola, they are either simpletons or bullies. * Most of the players are pensioners and are really dumb and still live in a 1940's morality , I left because I couldn't bare the chat any longer about dogs\babies\reality shows, no option to turn off inane chat window,why? Oh, I nearly forgot to mention some good points. *Excellent withdrawal, very fast (less than 36 hours in most cases) and no fuss, don't expect to win afterwards though lol *Easily the best self exclusion\deposit Limit features of any gambling site I've ever seen, outstanding. *Huge jackpots, a friend of mine won 36K on bingo 90! though don't expect anything big until u have lost many thousand and played for years. * You can eek out a small deposit for days if you are patient enough, 2p\5p\10p but expect to lapse into a coma lol. To be fair I have had many wins for pennies, last week £146 for 5p ticket, 2 x £300+ for 10p ticket on bingo 90, but then again I do silly money sometimes. I have won 3 £500 jackpots and 2 £100 jps, but just cant seem to get to the big stuff yet, though I should do sooner or later, or die trying. A word of warning about Tombola Roulette, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a complete rip off, Tombola taking advantage of very stupid gamblers. Some idiot in the chat once said "its same as any roulette i the casino" yes people are that stupid n Tombo folks ;-) You can only stake one of 5p\10p\25p\50p\£1\£2 no mixing of stakes. You can only have a maximum of 5 chips you can only have 1 chip on any 1 number (lol) You cannot bet on red\black No corners or rows or half bets Basically tombo have taken away every tiny edge a player has in normal roulette. But the odds paid out are the same as single zero roulette. Go figure. Daylight robbery, and tombo should be ashamed. 1 last gripe, hey tombo , don't you understand bingo is basically a very boring game and gamblers need to win often, even little wins, you should offer some slots for us adults so we can decide to play them if we want. Well I could go on and on and maybe I will later. Having said all that I enjoy playing tombo lol Hope you found this review helpful and truthful?
  11. This bingo site's games are easily the best by far to play on. If another site starts up with their same kinda games they will be an instant success. Other bingo sites games look all the same and something out of the 1980's graphics wise tacky and boring, but to me it's all about winning. As usual I won when i joined then stayed for a year and didn't win hardly ever and spent a fortune. Same winners in all the big rooms like 90's, Bingo Roulette. Came off this site in January 2014 after 18 months. It's gone down hill with too many players for each room, no chance of winning any more. They are spending all their money on TV adverts.
  12. Father says:
    I joined tombola 3 weeks ago and have had many wins totalling nearly £500. Obviously I had to keep topping up to win, but not bad considering you hear of some people on the site not winning for months. All winnings are paid to you immediately and transfers to your bank take up to 3 days. There is a lock limit which enables you to set a limit on how much you spend which is good for those tempted to top up too much. The chat rooms are quite entertaining with some conversations referring to assault and court cases not the place to air personal issues) and the cms are helpful. Before joining tombola I joined the cassava sites Costa, Foxy, Wink etc., but after reading some others bad experience of not being paid their winnings I decided to leave and I'm glad that I did. Just hope my good luck continues at tombola. What more is there to say....... Join and be lucky!!!!!!
  13. Sick to the back teeth of Tombola Bingo. There is no way on Gods earth that's random winners on that site . Bill2win, mumof3littlepuds, i could rattle of the repeat winners names, but i would be here all night. puddy and bill and the rest of the serial winners crew have had more jackpots and wins than i can remember. Say what you want nobody can be that lucky ever. Random i dont think so. Oh joshrosh, please dont put your repeated comments on my comment we know exactly what you think of Tombola Bingo as you have put your tuppence worth on every comment here like Norris Cole on the dole.
  14. monaliza000 says:
    Tombola is the best bingo site in the Uk.The cms do a brilliant job with some very unruly customers. If you win whether it be £20 or £20,000 no fuss is made you can take your money out without waiting or worrying if you will get it like other sites. Last thing you all moan there is too many of the same winners, I say when your lucks in its in, if it was you on a winning streak you wouldn't be MOANING
    • kissifur says:
      moan how much they pay ya? tombola is no way on this earth the best site. The same names win way to much for them to be random and not only that they place ppl in chat in case players detrimental to the site. This is a godwaful site. Please do not even take a look never mind deposit.
  15. kitchenqueen says:
    Same winners all the time. Same jackpot winners over and over again. The site use to be good, but gone right down hill fast. If you say anything bad on the chat some players jump on you or the CM will have ago and other players will jump on too. There are some nice people to chat to and some of the CMs are ok. It gets very boring seeing same people winning all the time. Save your money and stay away. All bingo sites are the same.
  16. All round great site, couldn't fault it except no slot machines if you do like to play them. Have won two £100 jps since joining 3 years ago, but it's also a great place to talk to kind people and the cms are great and enjoy having a laugh as well.
  17. kissifur says:
    I have played on tombola since the site started, but for the last year it has become one of those boring "same old" sites,meaning the same few "special" names seem to win day in day out, week in week out. As for the links and jackpots how an earth the same few names can win constantly is beyond me. I have become very disheartened with this site. I thought it was one of the few sites that had genuine, random winners but not so sure anymore.
  18. happydonut11 says:
    This site is not very impressive. There are quite a few bingo rooms, many of which I tried and did not even come close to winning despite maxing on every game. Perhaps this is a reflection of the high number of players in each room. I felt that the site could have benefited from a variety of side games/slots/scratchcards which it lacked. To be fair, they do offer a generous first deposit bonus and have loads of bingo rooms to choose from. Plus the prizes are quite high if you can get near them. I tried this site because of its claims to popularity but will probably not be returning to play there again as I felt it didn't live up to its reputation.
    • cags says:
      Are you joking this is the best site since sliced bread. They don't have slots by choice and have very low bingo priced rooms too. OK it's hard to get a win, but does not break the bank to play. I'd give it another look and good luck.
  19. Hi there. I've played on tombola for a couple of years now and i really enjoy it. I've won a lot more than I've put on, it's a great site and would recommend this site to everyone. My mum is very lucky also, anyone wanting to join tombola go for it you wont be dissapointed. oh and if you want a playmate look out for me.
    • joshrosh says:
      Good luck to you, but I don't miss Tombola one little bit! I've used this website and found much better run, easier to win bingo sites. Tombola keep sending me emails to return, but as far as i'm concerned, they are like Sunderland football club ( where Tombola's UK online 'help!' is based ) .....bottom of Premier league at the moment!
  20. Irishstew says:
    I played tombola mostly every day, deposit nearly every day with very little withdrawals. I have been with them a long time n spent thousands. To me it is just computerised not luck or random n also u get the same winners day in n day out. I wouldn't recommend to anyone n I do have friends that really enjoy it, but it is a no no from me.
    • joshrosh says:
      Totally agree, the games are massively over subscribed with less of a chance of winning compared to other bingo sites. I thought i would miss Tombola when I left them, but no way! - much, much, better bingo sites around.... and yet they keep pleading with me to return to them with their boring emails - but no! I think the way Tombola treat their paying customers, it is no real surprise players are disgruntled and leave them.
    • centurie says:
      I've been on tombola a while now and just closed my account. I've been watching this site for the past month and noticed the same winners all the time. I was playing with just one ticket, not to win, but to watch and i wish i had filmed it. Its a joke and i wont play online bingo ever again. Anyone who cares to watch it for a couple of weeks will see the winners same names winning the big money.
    • joshrosh says:
      The Gambling Commission should start investigating some of these Bingo companies, if customers feel something does not look right, they could quite easily join-up and see what is going on to make sure nothing illegal is going the meantime, just move on to another Bingo site.
    • mrsmunch says:
      totally agree.. Ive been with tombola since it began and watched week in week out the same names winning constantly so as of today im off the site. Don't waste your money on this site.
    • bingoballs says:
      i definately agree ive been on this site for quite a lot a lot of years ive deposited way more than what ive won and yes the same players all the time that wins and as for there roulette theres no way thats random dodgy if u ask me and when u start complaining about it the cms are very quick to tell u to be quiet i wonder why i will not be returning to the site its well fixed although they say its not
  21. I love tombola. I joined 4 nights ago, deposited £10 and had about 6 wins which put me up to £487 and cashed out. The Live help was very helpful and pleasant and had no problems making a withdrawal either! Deffo be sticking to this one and what I like about the site you cant reverse your winnings and they have no slots, just different bingo games which i love! Even maxing out never costs more then £2, so your money goes alot further than most bingo sites and the full houses (if won one) are always around 80-100 mark! Moneys fab and I had a laugh too.
  22. heyup says:
    Well don't know where to start, but this site gone to pot just lately.I'm seeing players getting away with swearing on here. Not masking, but typing in swearwords and all cms say is tut I put you on naughty step. It never used to be like this and rather annoying. There are certain players what follow the male cms about like lovesick teenagers. Getting on my last nerve just lately. If you're reading this tombola please sort it out. Been a member since day 1 and never was like this. As for winning I never win pftttt lol
  23. mari says:
    Loved tombola on my first visit. I had got a voucher free with the paper. I played with this five pounds and got my winnings up to 80 pounds. I was really pleased as I didn't think that you could really win with these free offers that you get on various sites, so that showed me!!
  24. kelmayo77 says:
    Did love tombola, but recently they have let some of their customers down. They had a technical fault (or so they say) on the free game where several people won up to £1000. Some of these customers have photo shots of their winning page and shown it on Tombolas facebook page for us all to see, yet tombola have decided not to pay them their winnings - even the people who have got the proof!! I find this disgusting. I believe they gave £50 goodwill gestures to all that played the game at the time of the 'technical fault'. This is great for those that won smaller amounts, but there are several people saying they won £500 and £1000 that they have proof and £50 is just a slap in the face. I have been with Tombola from day one when they pulled away from Sun, but this is bad business and morally I cannot recommend them any longer!!!!
  25. jonipaloni says:
    tombola has fabulous prize money which of course makes it that little harder to win, but well worth it when you do :) Withdrawals are soooo quick - they don't keep hold of it for 2 days like other sites hoping you play it back - your winnings are released straight away - there's lots of reasons to play here IMO - CM's being the one of them they're so much fun!! Good community spirit too
    • joshrosh says:
      It took me 10days to withdraw £190 when I used to play on it - and yup, it does have big prize money, but who wants to get old waiting for that big win to come along.... and all that cash you've deposited!
  26. HonestJohn says:
    Got a code in the wife's magazine, used it tonight and must say I liked it. Totally new concept I have not seen before on bingo. Enjoyed it though I did opt not to use chat facility. Need to accept UKash though. Will return soon
  27. Feisty says:
    Get over yourselves, if you didn't swear and act like 12 year olds in the chat forums you would not see anything of the great CM's except fun chat and cool games! Bad losers springs to mind? I love Tombola. Chat games, great hosts, great games, quick payouts, lots of promos and bonuses, and prices never changed since I joined in 2006!!! Best bingo out there without a doubt!!
    • joshrosh says:
      You sound like a Tombola CM.... you really do! nice try- but failed! lol
    • nicl says:
      totally agree with everything said and i was shocked how quick the pay out were
  28. TheMeerkat says:
    It's an OK site. They have some original stuff and a big choice. As for bingo - there seems to be many same regular players with big bucks that max tickets and win all the time. Not a place for modest stakers. Couldn't stand the chat hosts or the negative atmosphere in some bingo rooms. Closed my account ages ago.
  29. star-gate says:
    Did love the site but noticed over the last few months Its changed so much I find it so hard to bank anything and if I do then I can go weeks with out winning ..And yes same winners that are on more seem to win ..The CM'S favour the ones they like and most rooms members seem to stick up for each other and can get certain people removed for the slightest thing. I have been there since it changed over. And yes same winners in most games and when you go to congrats them on big JP wins they are never to be found.
    • joshrosh says:
      Seriously, don't let the CMs bother you on Tombola.... having middle aged grannies as their 'groupies' might do a lot for their own egos.... but stand up for yourself over on it, and take a ban, or exclusion if you think you're correct and you need to get something off your chest on it..... i ripped many a CM to pieces over on Tombola that needed ripping.... and you know what? would be left alone as they knew they would be humiliated, and you were left to play the games without being pestered by those who got a kick of stirring up trouble on the chat-boards..... as it happens i'm tempted to deposit a tenner over on it and return to see if they remember me! lol
  30. nicl says:
    Tombola has pleanty of bingo rooms to choose from with amazing jackpots available, the cms are very helpfull and friendly. They also offer a great sign up bonus, the problem most people dont like is how there are so many players but as tombola has been around for a long time with there great prize money no wonder so many people join. It easy to use.
    • joshrosh says:
      Tombola... easy to get around on it.... some reasonable games.... but due to over subscribed games....less of a chance of winning.
    • nicl says:
      So since that review I wrote I've spent a lot of time on tombola lately and i have found its changed so much. The rooms are absolutely packed and it's near impossible to win, so when i did i withdrew and astonishingly it took 5 days to go in my account. Tombola are saying it's my bank, but i've always used the same bank. I could easily go on tombola and lose £20 in less than an hour. Needs to add more rooms in my opinion.
  31. Been playing tombola for 8 years now and am really fed up of the repeat winners, esp jackpot winners. Its like a pattern on there but if you say anything you are squashed by the other players. 8yrs n no jp but bill2win n loveu2bits won 2 20k jps in less than 12mths. Account closed, moan over n money saved.
    • Bob Adam says:
      I couldn't agree more, its the same winners all the time. I have to agree with rabcnesbitt who also left after 8 year for the same serial winners problem. Tombola claim the serial winners are playing more so win more, rabcnesbitt played £500 a week most weeks and was always in a minus £1500 a month balance on a good month. The more you give the deeper you're sucked in. also note joshrosh comments about the Thunder and Storm, yep the player i mentioned left also due to certain cms being complete control freaks. I have also left the site.
    • joshrosh says:
      The thing is Bob, until player numbers on Tombola start to drop and their profits plummet, they will do nothing over there... i joined-up the dots on Tombola and realised fairly quickly it was just a cash cow for them and with such high player numbers for each game you have to be extremeley lucky to win over on it... as for the control freak CMs on it.... they think insulting the paying customers is in some way hilarious.... put it this way- if you were treated the same way in any high street retail business, you'd walk out and take your custom elsewhere.
    • Feisty says:
      Thing is Josh I've also seen players who act like mad demons in the chat rooms and then cry when the get banned. If a CM is talking to you, at least you haven't been banned. I think if you feel insulted it's because you didn't like being told off for being a total troll.
      • I think mad demons is far too strong a term, people who know they are being ripped off are going to rebel against the rip off, rubbish site - rumbled tombola.
    • fraser says:
      Bob i think you been banned cos thunder is the fairest and most decent cm on there. Bad looser springs to mind for me and maybe you kicked off an got kicked off?
    • joshrosh says:
      Seriously - it's just another Bingo company no one really cares about them as there are so many good Bingo companies out there now to choose from, and thanks to Which Bingo you can scroll through the comments and read the reviews at your leisure, once upon a time there was just Tombola and a few others, thank goodness for competition in this industry, the paying public deserve competition, and we can vote with our feet.
  32. xxxxxxxxx says:
    Ok so me being honest.. as I always am with my fellow bingoers..I have serious mixed reviews on this one. Range of game choices = excellent. Cheap tickets = excellent. Quizzes with different winners winning them = excellent. Quick withdrawal system = excellent. Playmate bonuses = excellent. Now on to the not so good. Cm's who have their clear favs and tend to over look them of us who are less talkative when we do try. Roomies who have their clicks and all join in when you retaliate to one who has a snipe at you because you might say you need a win or anything in a negative value. And the most important one, 700+ games in one room winnings of a grand 0p. Not quite sure that's luck. This site I'm afraid you are going to have to join and make up your own mind - I'm on the fence.
    • joshrosh says:
      I left Tombola after a short period, I tore into a few CMs while on it though who needed challenging about their own appalling behaviour on it, and basically they couldn't handle any criticisms I raised with them at all. The ban from chat - is all they have left once you get the better of them swopping comments on their chat rooms, a small price to pay for getting your valid points across! Much better value Bingo companies out there than Tombola.
  33. XXNUTJOBXX says:
    I have been playing tom for a while now and I do enjoy it 80% of the time due to the fact I have made some every good friends. I joined because I had a free fiver and won to keep me going (not enough to withdraw). 30% of the CMS are okay but the rest are rude and clicky - the saying if your face fits springs to mind. They treat you like you're at school and pick on certain people. Their nickname is BB because they watch your every move. Others are great - witty funny and jokey - but very few. The others are ignorant, rude, boring and stick to certain people i.e. players and other CMS and will often ignore you. It's very frustrating not to be able to say what you think so I decided to write this post. Certain rooms are addictive like 7s or hamster races. They have great choices of rooms, but it tends to be in some rooms the same winners always winning like cinco, pirates, bingo lites. I have suggested friends, but they havenít got far with tombola as they lose too much money like me. Plus they donít do any bonuses so topping up all the time is every expensive and not worth it. I would have left ages ago if it wasn't for my friends there.
  34. wonky donkey says:
    I signed up to tombola around 3 years ago and enjoyed it at first, but as time has gone on I find there are too many players to get close to winning. tombola seem to have a rule of maximum input and minimum output. I know it is gambling, but you at least expect to get something back from what you have put in.I have never won a jp and very rarely win in any of the games as i have tried them all. It's very disheartening to see all the jp wins flying out when you are struggling just to get a little return on your money (not that i begrudge anyone a win). tombola seem to concentrate on promotions and big jp wins which only a few out of many benefit from. Surely it makes more sense to keep everyone happy with more smaller wins than just 1 big winner. I think it opens up the whole can of worms when the same people win on a regular basis and big jp winners as they then get targeted for abuse in chat and it creates tension between players. I do find some of the rooms ignorant as i always like to say wd and gl to others, but in some rooms you are completely ignored. Some of the CM's are lovely, but others have let the ability to ban from chat go to their head. I find with them that it's one rule for the "groupies" and another for everyone else which is wrong. I also find their rules very strange like not being able to type in capitals as its classed as shouting and the fact that you aren't allowed to say anything negative as it makes them look bad, but people are going to comment, its called freedom of speech. I do wonder at times if it is an over 18 site! I mainly play in one room now and the people in there are lovely, everyone is made to feel welcome, if you speak we always answer and always try and lighten the mood when everyone is getting annoyed. I have made many good friends on there which is one thing that i am grateful to tombola for, but i think this site needs to make a lot of changes as far as keeping its customers. Unfortunatly i don't think this will happen as they have enough members to keep the money rolling in. It won't be until they lose a majority of their customers that they will consider putting it right. I know a lot that are not returning to this site as they feel it's just a money pit.
    • Nutjob says:
      I totally agree too many people and not enough change to win! Plus cms treat grown adults like they are at school totally wrong and disrespectful. Groups of people who are friends always get picked on! I have noticed this is several room especially that hamster race room! People 'accidently' gets banned and then have to sit out of chat. Also tombola don't like people who speak their mind they expect everyone to be like robots. You either have to agree or you are out.
    • holidays11 says:
      Well said wonky, you just to keep top in up on this site and nothing back in return,well i am a regular and had enough will be topping up no more.
    • joshrosh says:
      Some good, valid, points you make... i'm afraid Tombola CMs are a weird bunch though ( not all of them - but they know who they are - once they start kicking up a thunder storm with their pompous attitude to 'rules' while at the same time conveniently breaking/ignoring their own in-house rules )....pretty sure with the amount of people out of work in Sunderland ( Tombola's UK base for CMs ) they could sweep out the long standing 'troublesome' CMs who are well, well, past their sell-by date, and employ some younger CMs who understand what it is to treat players with respect and value the job at Tombola, rather than boast about how long they have been working there, and then, behaving appallingly in chat rooms with impunity. I know of a lot of players who have stopped playing on Tombola because of finding it too difficult to win on it, but, I suspect numbers are still high because of the glossy TV adverts are bringing in fresh players as others leave.
  35. helenm1982 says:
    Tombola is definitely the best bingo site around. The CMs are great, very friendly, and countless jackpots are won daily on this site and announced every time. I have tried out many of the bingo sites out there and none of them even come close to being as good as Tombola :)
    • helenm1982 says:
      I only joined Tombola 9 months ago and i have already won 4 x £200 jackpots :)
  36. WHITEWOLFY says:
    I found tombola to be a great site!! Lovely people on there and the CM's are most helpful. A fantastic mixture of games to play ranging in prices so affordable for all, some games are only 1p a ticket. There are big jackpots on all games (certain no of balls called). Fabulous site and really enjoyable!!
  37. jed2004xxx says:
    I've never actually deposited on this site but received a free fiver and I won £623 from it on one of their links this morning I didn't think id be able to withdraw it but I did!! So basically I won a great amount and it cost me absolutely nothing!! I will start depositing on there but im not a mad gambler and would only play and spend about £10 a month! So over all I think its a really good site!! Was defo lucky for me :D
    • joshrosh says:
      Puzzling comment, 'never actually deposited - but received a free fiver' ....just don't understand this comment, to be a player on Tombola you would have to deposit in the first place to be eligible for any bonuses, and why would you need to start depositing your own funds into their account if you just won £623 ? doesn't make any sense at all this comment.
    • xxxxxxxxx says:
      @joshrosh tombola do occasional promotions 5.00 free codes in mags to new players. I'm assuming that's what jed played off.
  38. icecream69 says:
    Good site, easy to use, very friendly hosts although most chatrooms have their own group that gather and chat. tombola has a high amount of choices of where to spend your money, however no bonuses are offered apart from the rare £5 bonus. The site has quite a few players and therefore reduces the number of people winning regularly. Having said that I have won over £400 in the last 4 months and won £1500 in their link specials last year.
  39. MAW25 says:
    Well I think Tombola is the best site going, as you see a number of JP winners every day! I have been a member since 2009 and have won 2 JP's in the early days, but my luck has well & truely run out now, but never mind nice to see other people winning! xx
  40. holidays11 says:
    Got to start of with saying this site is very addictive and the games are good fun, most of the cm's are lovely but lately one certain room you go in seems very unfair even though it's meant to be random. I think tombola has got a bit greedy and there is a lot fairer sites out there.
  41. ambrose says:
    I always enjoyed playing at Tombola, it was very friendly with very pleasant chat hosts. When playing I would usually use the Bingo Lite rooms and had some nice wins, but with the popularity of Bingo Lite it ended up being extremely busy with more new rooms appearing all the time. Still a thumbs up from me as I can't fault the site or the way it's run it just got too busy for me personally.
    • joshrosh says:
      Agree it's well run site... but like the monster it has now become, too many players means you simply will find it very hard to win on Tombola, even you have found the 10pence games extremley busy. Much better Bingo companies out there than Tombola where you will have better chances of a win. Pumping your hard earned cash into Tombolas account just to participate in a well run site, and have a chat, won't help your bank balance!
  42. xxdave666xx says:
    tombola is a great bingo site. I find it very easy to navigate round, the layout is user friendly and there's always jackpots being won, although never by me lol. tombola never sit back on what the have rather always looking how they can improve and add new games. The payouts when I have won are in my bank account within two/three days, as i write this 02/04/2013 all members will soon get £5 free and you can withdraw any winnings from this without wagering as long as you have deposited before. Good luck on whatever site you play.
    • joshrosh says:
      Five pounds? Wow wee! hardly a lot of money in this day and age is it! If you believe some of the comments on the 'chat' over on tombola some people are losing hundreds of pounds each day.Mindblowing in times of austerity that people on tombola are losing their shirts and then laughing out loud (lol) over it which kind of gives you the impression that some of the 'players' are not your average 'loser' if you get my drift. I've yet to see anyone in the real world of average joe public losing £300-£400 a day then laughing about it.
    • xxdave666xx says:
      josh you have missed the point of my review. Ii wanted to let other WhichBingo members know what was happening at tombola. Five pounds wow wee, you say, I say five pounds free is great and who knows maybe you will win big from it. tombola has a huge following and don't need to give anything free, so I'm grateful to them. I always look at things in the best way I can ie; my pint isn't half empty, but half full. It's the same difference I know, but my ill health has given me this outlook, so enjoy the free money and gl.
    • joshrosh says:
      I sort of half get what you mean. For those who are already members on Tombola, they will have already known about the five quid ( emails etc ), but for those who join up now, too late, they won't qualify for it. Tombola is a huge company, it's for that reason you will have *less* of a chance of winning on it, simply because the large numbers playing each games reduces your chances of winning. There are far better bingo sites around than Tombola - I found this out by looking at this website and comparing what was being said by other players and then joining other bingo sites myself. Tombola don't give you bonus points that build up into free games like Paddy Power and others do for example, or give you consolation tickets for waiting for 1 number, or reward you each week for loyalty. I only knew about Tombola due to the glossy TV adverts... but there are a lot of better, smaller, companies out there now with better chances of winning than Tombola. I'd rather win smallish prizes on other better run Bingo sites, than compete with the mass hordes of players over on Tombola, and less chance of winning! have to join up the dots to get the full picture these days.
    • joshrosh says:
      Incidently, when I discovered 'Which Bingo' I happened to mention it on Tombola on one of their awful chat rooms ( one of the ones you cannot disable! ) saying players should look it up... The CM kicked up a heck of a storm over it accusing me of advertising rival Bingo companies! when I tried explaining that 'Which Bingo' is NOT a Bingo company, I was hit with a 48hr chat-ban for rule breaking and received an email from Tombola warning further breaking of their rules, would result in a permanent ban from chat - but I could still spend my money on their games. I get the feeling Tombola are seriously worried about competition now, and as soon as they see anything with the word 'Bingo' in it on their 'chat', will automatically hit the panic button and think you are advertising a rival company.
    • xxdave666xx says:
      josh its a pity that there's nowhere on whichbingo to have these bingo conversations, except by adding a comment, you make sense but the £5 tombola money, i just happened to play there two weeks ago otherwise i wouldn't of known we don't all check our emails and i very rarely play at tombola as its so hard to win. my opinion, on some of the points you make, are mentioning whichbingo on any site, with a cm in the room and you would be warned not to do so, most cms aren't from the uk but all over the world so they have no knowledge of bingo review sites, i'm certain tombola are not worried about any bingo site just look at their player numbers it varies from four thousand to seven thousand at any given time, no other site comes anywhere near that, i will leave it at that for now, no doubt we will continue this lol, as always i wish you and all whichbingo members the best of luck.
    • joshrosh says:
      Blimey, I thought I re-read one of my original posts as to why Tombola are not so great afterall... then I saw it was posted by 'xxdave666x'
    • joshrosh says:
      I'm waiting to see if anyone from Tombola will ever make an appearance on this website to answer some of the points raised, like some of the other companies have done.
    • nicl says:
      josh as im scrolling through these reviews i see you have alot of hate towards tombola, seriously its a bingo site with a huge reputation you need to let it go, you have voiced your opinion as every one has seen, now maybe go try and get over it.
    • joshrosh says:
      Nicl... I think you need to re-read my comments rather than just use the word 'hate' to describe them - that is a bit strong. I wont be praising any Bingo company just for the sake of it.
    • joshrosh says:
      It appears that none of Tombola's staff who read these comments, will come on to 'WhichBingo' to take up the points I have politely raised? Their 'huge' reputation?... blah blah blah.... now excuse me while I log-on to Paddy Power Bingo!
  43. xelfyx says:
    I love tombola and I've won quite a lot on there as well, but hate the bingo on there tho. I tend to play Cinco, Hamster race, bingo 50, n sometimes I'll play bingo 80, but it's vary rare as i never win on that. They should do deposit bonuses tho 4 existing customers.
  44. bigdreamz says:
    Tombola is easily the best bingo site around.
  45. This was the first bingo site I ever played bingo at and deposited over £100 without winning anything! The chat hosts were helpful and people really nice, but a lot of repeated winners!
  46. Tombola is a great site. Great friendly CMs players are very nice, chat rooms very friendly, good fun chat games and wide variety of games to choose from starting at 2p-£2. The site has no slots so you don't lose a mint by playing here. The only thing bad I could say about the site is its quite hard to get a win on and a lot of the usual names win, but apart from that this site is ace and in fact the only site I play on now.
    • joshrosh says:
      I know this is an archived comment from 'luckyirishkeith' but just had to reply to it. Some people like 'slots' and 'scratchcards' as a side order as well as bingo, horses for courses keith as they say. But 'winning' is the name of the game for most punters these days - I can chat on internet forums all day with people i've never met, and as nice and chatty as they are, it's not why i've logged on to a gambling site for, and even with your 'lucky' username - you still can't include yourself as a regular winner on Tombola! pretty much sums up Tombola - massive player numbers on every game, equals less chance of winning.... join up the dots to get the full picture on Tombola!
    • joshrosh you know you are fairly wrong in all your comments. Typical sore loser is my guess. tombola is an amazing site and luckyirishkeith isnt my name on tombola - keith wins jackpot is. Seems like you have nothing better to do with your life then come on here and comment on every post - aww well, if that's what makes you happy.
    • joshrosh says:
      Sorry if you been offended 'keith' ...all I've done is post comments which reflect my experience visiting various bingo sites... you claim, 'Tombola is an amazing site' that is your opinion, I disagree. Perhaps if you took the time to challenge my criticisms of Tombola instead of just generalising we could see each others views. What's so 'amazing' about Tombola? You got less chance of winning on Tombola than other bingo sites - simply because the games are over subscribed these days, more players playing each of their bingo games simply means you have less of a chance of winning! Tombola don't show you winning bingo tickets like other bingo companies do? Tombola don't reward players for loyalty bonuses, don't give you free tickets for 1tg, don't give you free bingo games when you have a certain number of loyalty points, so all in all Tombola is not amazing in my view - it's just the biggest online bingo company based outside the UK, that does not make it the best! Much better companies and better deals for players out there if you just look and compare what they are offering - Tombola are well down the ladder on offering good deals for players, and that's why players should consider alternative bingo sites instead of getting sucked-in to signing-up after seeing the glossy tv adverts. Thanks for your comment though Keith.
  47. tinauk1981 says:
    I won once on this site 100 quid when i first joined. Hook a duck comes to mind and have since deposited over 300 pound and not won a penny. I wouldn't recommend this site at all - save your cash!
  48. I joined last year and won over £250 pound, but since deposited about £100 of that back and not won a bean. I just put that down to the fact that its a popular site now with a lot more players.
    • heidij1906 says:
      I agree with you I have had one big win on here and that's all, but do like the site
  49. alex01 says:
    Tombola is the best site ever - fast payouts - 5 stars guys.
    • heidij1906 says:
      I agree with you it is a great site, I have withdrawn a few times.
  50. It's easy to withdraw winnings from tombola... had a free fiver and could withdraw over £20 without no fuss.
  51. rw5340 says:
    Tombola - Very hard to win on here. Seem to be too many players. Very hard to have fun. Too many games that pay minimum payout. Big bingo prizes......If you think 250GBP is big. Other sites give real prizes like 15K and I have won on those......... I will avoid in future.
  52. rebelyell says:
    I love the Tombola site! The new lucky 7 game is now my favourite! I am so pleased tombola have never brought in slot games. I see a few people complaining about it being fixed? I mean come on this could be said of any site and is a ridiculous notion! The chat hosts do a great job of keeping the mood positive in the rooms and hey if you don't want to chat no-ones forcing you. Overall a great site which I will keep returning to lol!
    • joshrosh says:
      Why don't Tombola show you on screen winning Bingo tickets like other Bingo operaters do now? Surely it can't be that difficult to do?. Being transparent in this day and age is crucial and if the 'biggest' bingo operator (not based in the UK) can't be bothered, then accusations of fixing will always be there. As for's another idea, instead of saying players don't have to participate in chat and no one is forcing them to 'chat'.... why not operate a 'no chat' button on every game? it is available on some games, so why not all the games? Most of the 'chat' is so infantile on Tombola it must appeal to those who have no real life social skills.
    • justme says:
      Joshrosh from uk do you work for tombola by any chance as you comment on every comment made
    • joshrosh says:
      No 'justme' from UK.... next question?
  53. Love this bingo site. Tombola gives you so many choices to play and on the plus side no bandits to play so ur money lasts longer - love it love it love it xx
  54. roders says:
    One of the worst bingo sites around for ratio of winning anything... most of the games are swamped out with players now so the nearest you get is 1tg along with loads of other players... im finished with tombola now and moved to Foxy Bingo... def better chances of winning... winnings go in straight away unlike tombola who use the 7 working day rule... even though they are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day..... all my family started with tombola and have all dropped them now.. players need fair chances of winning and with tombola you just will not get that anymore...simples
  55. jackison says:
    I think tombola is fab and very welcoming. I have been on the site for over 2 years now and think the CM and customer service teams are great and happy to help. The only thing i would say is some people like to moan too much and not enjoy the game. It's by far the best site and not like some of the others that just want the money and don't care about players.
    • joshrosh says:
      I've personally never needed any 'help' over on Tombola, it's ever so easy to place bets these days! quite often you'll see a CM who says they are moving on to another room on that site and that if you need any 'help' ...etc, no one even bothers replying they just want to get on with the games. And 'moaning' about 'moaners' Mmm.....not sure I get that one.
  56. mikebw says:
    I started playing on Tombola when it was a free site many years ago, I never won anything back then and stopped playing when they re launched into what it is today, I came back to it as a few friends had told me that it was lots of fun with good games and that the prizes were wonderful. I decided to bite the bullet and have another go back in 2011 and in the first week had won a jackpot of £125 on a fantastic game called CINCO one of the many fun games on the site that have great jackpots. I have withdrawn money from tombola and have not found any problems with receiving my winnings from them which is usually in your account within 3-5 working days. The Chat Hosts are very friendly and are always willing to help need it, they also hold chat games where you can win a free £1. Summing up I would say that tombola is one of the best sites out there offering a range of fun addictive games with great cash prizes, if your new to online bingo sites you would do well to start here and experience one of the best.
    • joshrosh says:
      It was the 'quiz' games on Tombola that first caught my eye to something being a bit odd over there. 'New' names who were not even appearing on the list of players would suddenly turn up to play the quiz, and vanish as soon as the quiz ended. Tombola is a popular Bingo site, but I think it has peaked it's popularity now. If it has 5,000 players logged on at any given time on the main board, you can figure it out that your chances of winning are slim, even their new game of 'lucky 7s' has been tweaked now by closing 3 single games into now 1 game - pushing the playing figures into well over the hundreds for each game making it more difficult to win... the 10p game for example with over 100/1 chance of winning paying... £2.37p a win. Shop around, loads of good Bingo sites around, and seemingly better odds of winning.
  57. rugbyleader says:
    I have tried many sites and tombola is by far is the best!!! Yes there are games that have same winners... but it does purely seem to be down to luck as I have seen these winners on a losing streak too. I have had many wins on Tombola and the CMs are all lovely and helpful, not to mention all the different games it has available! Fab site and highly recommended... not just by me, but my friends and family too :)
    • joshrosh says:
      Tombola does have excellent games, you cannot fault them on that for sure, but to claim 'the CMs are all lovely and helpful' probably means you have not trawled through the whole site. A small number of idiot CMs over there seem to get a kick out of encouraging online bust ups. The number of players logging on to the games has risen - with that comes even less chance of winning! If you can put up with some of the rubbishy CMs and realise you have percentage wise less of a chance of being lucky and winning a game, you'll realise being 'loyal' to Tombola just for the sake it will cost you a lot of money. There are literally a lot of good bingo sites out there, thanks to WhichBingo where you stand a much better chance of winning than on Tombola.
  58. justme says:
    I have been a member of tombola for at least 4 years now, but i never use to play much on here, but over the past few months i have played in the roulette and bingo 90s. There is one room that i will not name on the roulette i played but i just felt it was taken over by children well so called adults who are just there to bully other players. if there was an option to turn the chat off i would as i cant stand to see other players get bullied. Come on Tombola sort this problem out as it really isn't doing your name any favours and get rid of the bullies :)
    • joshrosh says:
      Some players are unable to defend themselves over on Tombola, those that can give it back are usually left alone as the CMs know they will be made to look childish in front of their little groupie supporters. I noticed Tombola are now on some kind of good public relations excercise, 'Meet the CMs' link, perhaps they've read the reviews on here and realise some of the CMs are damaging the reputation of the company.
  59. I have had a few wins since joining this site, being very lucky one morning and banking my winnings. But after that could not win a thing. Couple of things I noticed recently has put me off of this site altogether. Two large JPots in 90's room, I was in there when one jp went and not a sound from the winner. Chat is loaded with players, you would think a 'wow', 'omg', ty, would be entered into chat if a player won £8,000. Not a sound from the winner, other members thought it a little strange too. Tombola will say,"perhaps they are in another room!! Second time bingo 90 room £27000 jp and the winner is......8kids27grand. Now this might just be coincidence, as it sounds like grandkids, but I'm not convinced and not willing to part with any more money. It's not realistic in my view.
  60. gr8name says:
    Been a member for years and really hacked off with it lately.. I only ever play in 2 rooms and in one room in 90s the chat is so friendly. Then you go into roulette Venetian room and some of the chat is awful to see with the little clique.. The clique I've witnessed are awful to other members and cause a very bad atmosphere in the room. I don't play in there as much as I used to simply because of the way the clique treat certain players until they stay out of the room. Disgusting - tombola should act to stop this.
    • joshrosh says:
      I'm afraid Tombola is slowly sliding down. Some of the stuff that gets through onto the chat rooms with the blessing of the CMs will send a lot of players on to other sites. Quite right too, there are plenty of other bingo sites up and running now. Tombola will surely 'self-destruct' simply because it thinks it cannot be knocked off it's perch and has become complacent by allowing abuse to be the norm on there. I think the CMs who have got used to joining in/encouraging abuse and vile comments on a daily basis have damaged the company without the management noticing or even caring so long as the member numbers stay high. But when players realise there are some excellent bingo sites around without the abuse, they will drop Tombola like a stone...... oh dear, they never saw the warning signs.
    • justme says:
      i doubt anything will be done, so long as the money is coming in but maybe it will be too late when they realise.. shame because i liked the site but after seeing the way some people are treated i would rather spend my hard earned cash elsewhere.
    • gr8name says:
      I haven't been back on tombola since I wrote this review and nor do I intend to. I've rang customer services numerous times and they haven't even had the courtesy to email back or telephone me. I will not play on this site again and none of my family will either. The clique in venetian room are still bullying new members and get away with it. Disgusting - tombola get rid of the multiple users and you won't have the problems you have and will continue to get.
    • xxxxxxxxx says:
      I'm a new player on tombola my 1st deposit i won and banked around 100.00 since then not even 1.80 win.I was attacked in one off the rooms will not say which as i was asking a few questions like is their limit options cool off options things as a gambler you need to know.A host was clearly watching as 1min later they posted in the room and yet nothing was said?The only thing that keeps me playing there at present is the fact the games are cheap and cheerful.
  61. newtzy says:
    Avoid and save your money. I have played on Tombola a few times and have now stopped playing on it. The same people seem to win time and time again. I once spoke to Tombola about this as I was so disgusted and they just shrugged it off saying that their site was not fixed and was random. The chat rooms are awful and if they don't like you then you will most certainly know about it. Save your pennies and avoid this site.
  62. joshrosh says:
    Visited Tombola today, don't think some of the CMs 'get it' over there. I don't want to read about politics, the Pope, or what some of these CMs are having for dinner. Pushing your own personal CM views down players throats, then getting all huffy and threatening bans against players who object, is very childish. I just want to play the games, not make small talk with strange CMs.
    • rebelyell says:
      Wow josh a lot of negative comments about Tombola from you! Maybe you work for a rival bingo site lol? Personally I love joining in with the chat. The cm's also prevent bullying and are there to answer any queries a player may have. Maybe you just haven't been very lucky?
    • joshrosh says:
      Sorry if you've been offended 'rebelyell' ,all I have done is pass some honest comments about Tombola. I have actually made some comments supporting the games over on it, but sometimes you realise that just because a Bingo company boasts of being 'the biggest' in Britain, it 's not necessarily the best. I joined after seeing the TV adverts and was appalled at some of the filth allowed through on to the chat boards with sitting CMs joining in! I did then wonder then what on earth is the point of Tombolas CMs when this kind of trash is being brought in to my home on my lap-top. But thank you for your comment rebelyell, hope you enjoy your chat on Tombola.
  63. juneyg says:
    tombola is my favourite site! Played here for ages and been somewhat lucky as well! Love all the different games, cinco being my favourite! They have a free game (if deposit minimum 5 pounds the week before)! I also like that once you withdraw the money goes into your account in 3 working days and it doesn't sit for three days so your tempted to play with it! Only thing they don't have is bonus points for deposits etc! But all in all great site.
  64. Rod Hull says:
    Some players clearly make a months wages in a week on this site as they win over and over on a rotation basis . On promotions can be 4362 players on a link and you guessed it regular winners takes the house and jackpot .
    • newtzy says:
      totally agree I have played on this site and you see the same old player win over and over again.
  65. holidays11 says:
    Definitely has same winners syndrome, but that said the games are ok.
  66. sharon4167 says:
    Like this site, but always high amount of players so find it hard to win. Very quick withdrawal method when able to get a win, no pending time and back in you account really quickly. Shame there are never any bonus codes.
  67. joshrosh says:
    Tombola games are ok-ish, but the chat rooms have become something of a unsupervised children's playground in the last few months. Some games you can turn the chat off, others you have to put up with seeing rude comments or squabbles....thumbs down!
  68. Sammy says:
    tombola seems to have same winners day in day out. Not a fair bingo site, deposit 10 pounds and the only thing you get from tombola is the bonus. I wouldn't advise this to be honest, there's better bingo sites out there where it isn't impossible to find a win.
  69. donnab810 says:
    Two weeks ago I won a large amount ( I think it is for me!). This has been the biggest win yet, won about six times, various of the platform, even down to the bingo lite version. Have nothing but praise for them... But as always be responsible, don't play more than you can actually afford. :-)
  70. tombola has brilliant graphics and is user friendly, but as a gambling experience just terrible! The same winners and same jackpot winners. The cms are quick to jump down your throat the minute you mention a negative comment, and the people in the rooms are so clicky with each other its unreal. However, what they do forget at tombola is that some of us long standing payers have to be subjected to other players talking about death, and cancer and crap in general and we cant switch off the chat as there is no button to do it?!!! terrible site in this respect.
    • joshrosh says:
      I think you'll find the chatroom moderators are multi tasking most of the time, answering phones, dealing with customer enquires, Etc, Etc, and NOT just being CMs, hardly any of them were working Christmas day, and that was the ONLY day of year Tombola shut it's customer services department, the CMs are probably over-worked and under paid having to knuckle down to do a variety of different jobs.
    • ratchetclank says:
      The CMs moderate the rooms only on tombola, as I recall asking one what their day to day tasks were. Granted they may have a few rooms to manage, but their main focus is the chat rooms and ensuring all runs well.
    • joshrosh says:
      Don't believe everything the CMs tell you on Tombola, i saw a CM who kept making the same spelling mistake in room chat - and then had a friendly chat with a wonderful 'new' player who had arrived, who also made the same spelling error in conversation, and, just so happened to 'win' the quiz, I'm pretty sure the CMs and live customer help are the same people. 'Customer help' was closed on Christmas day ( the only day of the year ) and it was noticeable there were hardly any CMs working as well that day? Join up the dots at Tombola to see the full picture.
  71. griffgod says:
    Love this site, high prizes for small ticket prices.
  72. danni_s1984 says:
    I love tombola. The chat hosts are fun, entertaining and friendly, there is a huge variety of games as well as traditional bingo games. Rules and prices are clear, concise and in plain English, no need to have read a dictionary to understand them. Prices are affordable and as u can only purchase tickets in 2 rooms at a time, its hard to lose track of what you are spending. Promotions and jackpots are frequently offered and won. With a social networking option called my tombola its always easy to keep up to date with friends you have made online. I would recommend (and frequently have done) this site to everyone, join and then get all your friends to join too
    • joshrosh says:
      You make some good valid points, but i seriously doubt that some of the 'chat' is needed, or, even wanted by the majority of the players, for example, i've been on a game with say another 15 players ( you can actually click on an icon and see how many players are playing that game ) just small comments by the players like 'well done' etc to each winner or just nothing at all, everyone is quite happy to be just playing the game, then along comes a CM who tries engaging players in chat, sometimes it's very embarrassing for the CM as no one even bothers answering! that pretty much shows there is a lack of interest in chatting when players were quite happy just doing what they logged on for - playing the games! there's loads of chat rooms on the internet without having it on every game on tombola, and to be honest a lot of the 'chat' is really infantile and not what adults really want to see!
  73. Tombola has a huge same winners issue. I spent £2000 a month on this site playing the £500 a week limit every week for years. Never once did i win a jackpot and my account was always in a minus balance of no less than £1500 a month. On average you would win £500 of the 2 grand a month back with a struggle. After many years of watching the same winners and recently even serial repeat jackpot winners i challenged the site directly regarding their lucky lucky players. I closed my account after 7 year purely because of the issue and the attitude of certain cms and the poor excuses from the Management. tombola donít seem to care about long standing customers how much they spend or their years of loyalty to the site. I am entitled to an opinion and I've given it here - unlike tombola chat rooms where a 5 yr old in a classroom has more freedom of speech without cms jumping on you for telling the truth about there serial winners. Tombola has many many players and admittedly offers high prize money due to the massive volume..This cannot and will not last as people are slowly beginning to realise that there's more chance of Tina Turner dancing up there hallway singing Simply The Best than ever winning. My account is now closed as Tombola simply could not come up with a sensible answer about the repeat problem on the site.
  74. natjayk says:
    Deposited on tombola a few times and used bonus flyers - never won anything, so stayed away.
  75. oldperson says:
    Utterly disgusted. Same winners most days and some in particular win every single day. Any time I have won, which believe me is not often in all the time I have been playing, I tend to share the smallest prize line with many other players that I end up with a couple of quid only - as I say, my consolation prize to give me hope of a proper win. I know bingo is a gamble but luck is luck but no one could be as lucky as some of the players who manage to bank most days! Also fed up of the cliques in some of the rooms, it is OK for them to moan if they don't win for an hour but anyone else who mentions anything negative is pretty much told where to go. I also agree with other comments, the CM's treat you like children and from the chat, I would assume that most of them are younger than the players themselves!
    • OLDPERSON , you are like myself one of thousands of players who feel and see exactly the same problem on Tombola Bingo . I agree with you 100% and if more players in Tombola knew about this review site im sure they like us would say exactly the same thing . I will give anything the benefit of the doubt even after critics comments but i played £500 a week for 7 year and as warned by the reviews simply couldnt win . Its a lose lose situation whereas there serial repeat winners win £2000.00 and more a week . Certainly something far wrong with a site that has 10000's players and the same lucky lucky players can still win high prizes and games. 7yr member never cracked the lucky tickets club so left in disgust .
    • Sammy says:
      i agree that it is just the same people i must have been on bingo 50 for around 7 hours and the same person must have won around 6-7 times to where i didnt win ONE not sure what the secret or cache is for them to win so many times but i would love to know what that is, for now i will no longer be on tombola no further.
    • joshrosh says:
      Not sure about the 'same' people winning big prizes all the time, seems a bit of a puzzle if that's the case, but have noticed some very weird and wonderful names that seem to appear for a friendly 'chat' with the CM, win a house prize then vanish never to appear again.It's usually a name with three or four 'Xs' in front and behind the main username.
  76. nanni2tommi says:
    At tombola I've found just good, friendly people and lots of jackpot winners.
  77. I have had more fun playing tiddlywinks than playing bingo at tombola. What a boring, boring site. Chat hosts sometimes treat players like kids in a classroom. What dreary, dull games as well, with far too many repeat winners. That's very disheartening to players who spend a fortune just to see the same serial winners crew take it all even jackpots . The site for me is not a good place to be and chat is full of players mostly venting their anger over the lucky lucky players who win every day. My membership was short lived after reading a player say they spent £500 max limit a week and won rarely. You will get a few wins to begin with to get you hooked - take them and run. The site for me was poorly run poorly laid out and boring watching the clique of same winners winning. Success from mass advertising creates mass players.Whilst this is good for profit it's bad for keeping customers long term.
  78. curiosity64 says:
    I've read every review in here and here's mine for tombola, which is hopefully an objective one. I'm not a bingo fan in general, but have tried out various bingo sites online. Generally I find them extremely confusing and complicated for such a simple game. However, tombola is well laid out, easy to follow and the most uncomplicated site to date. I don't "chat" on any sites, so i'm in no clique. However,since joining tombola as "curiosity64" my deposits monthly average approx £50-£100 and my withdrawals have so far (about 9 months) averaged approx £150-£200. The thing about bingo, either at a "real club" or online, is not BIG WINS. For that we have roulette...Any gambler depositing large sums of money on a bingo game is a losing player before they've even started...and you can take that from a long term experienced gambler here. BINGO IS NOT QUICK EASY MONEY...And should be played with that in mind. No different to the old bingo halls with the blowing balls (totally random). Some players just luckier than others...Thats what random means. It's the "same old names" scenario that makes one sure that it is random..If no player won twice etc etc...That would be more suspicious and evidence of "tampering"...Tombola in my opinion is as good as a site gets if it's played with a realistic attitude!
    • Honest Jean says:
      I have to totally disagree with you, there seems to be a winning cartel who win on a looped basis. I've seen some of these random lucky lucky players win up to 18 times in 1 day. I would advise anyone joining to sit back and watch the games play all over the site and watch who wins every day and a lot of wins, just not twice. Some lucky lucky random players have won the jackpot more than 5 times in a year. To me its simply not 100% random without prejudice to you or tombola bingo.
  79. ckay0tg says:
    Tombola is a fun place, with a lot of exciting promotions, etc. The bonuses are great and the events are fun. The main downside to tombola is the CM's. They ban people left right and centre! It's fun to win at tombola, but when you're not winning, it can get boring. Been a member for a few months now and thinking of exploring myself away.
  80. catlady64 says:
    Good site, plenty of rooms to choose from, cheap games from just 1p, only downside is you have to deposit £10.00
    • ckay0tg says:
      10 quid isn't too much to give it a try; but it would be better if there was a free sign up bonus.
  81. Honest Jean says:
    I wouldn't recommend Tombola Bingo. I have decided to air my disgust at the behaviour of a couple of the long standing CMs at the site against a regular player whose only offence was to say he was on the phone to Customer Services. Many players complain about same winners and I couldn't believe my eyes. I object to the way these CM'S use the chat ban and have a power freak attitude and the way they treat long standing players who have been members for years and spend a lot of money. It is beyond disgraceful and bad for customer relations. I've closed my account after only 18 months. I don't want to be a member of a site where CMS treat customers like this. My money wont go to such a site. My advice is read player reviews before joining, they know best there playing and see everything .
    • joshrosh says:
      Seen a fair amount of comments left by the CMs on this one that are not what you would expect to see on any forum towards paying customers, i get the feeling some of these CMs are overworked and underpaid, because i think the job involves a lot more than just 'chatting' on games, they probably use the 'chat rooms' to let off a bit of steam after a day of working on customers 'live chat', answering telephones, sending emails, and general dogs body duties in the office, maybe it's their way of unwinding, but it does not look very professional to be honest.
  82. alisuarezlfc says:
    tombola is well the best bingo site. I don't like any other sites and I always stay with tombola - it is the best site ever.
  83. DreamyJP says:
    I just luv tombola and i have tried loads of different bingo sites. I always go back to tombola. The only thing I wud change about this site is to add slots and scratch cards.
  84. tarynh says:
    tombola is my fave site. Consistently good games, not a bad word to say about it. Only check out other sites whenever a new one pops into my inbox cos I'm a bingo addict, lol.
  85. i have played at tombola for about 3 years and have got a few small wins, but same names over and over again if you win always put in double it to get a win again
  86. 123kid says:
    I've played at Tombola bingo for a good few years now and must say I'm not a lucky player so the statement below may be a reflection of this. I've had a good few small wins, but always seem to pay back double to triple the value of the win before i win again. I can sit there and deposit £150 or more and then win and other weeks play £500 and win nothing at all. I've been through my transaction history and it's always nearing the £2000 a month mark with withdrawals showing rarely over £500 mark for the month. I struggle to find how people can conclude that the site only cares for its big spenders who play constant on a daily basis.I'm one of them players who spends nearer the £2000 mark per month and if the above figures are anything to go by it appears to be not the case at all. Some players are very lucky and can win a few times in 90's bingo then shortly afterwards Cinco, then Roulette on a repeated basis. I personally have never been on a roll of wins as the players term it when a player has lot wins in a day, nor have i had the pleasure of winning a jackpot over my near 7 years there. I've also seen some players who win almost every day. I do believe its pure random luck and say enjoy it when you're winning it to those players. You cannot expect to win every time you go on an online gambling site. There has to be losers and some lose more than most. The secret is selecting the winning tickets and admittedly i just cannot grasp it after near 7yr either ha ha ha ha. I intend to try my luck at this site for a few more months and if nothing changes i guess it will be time to give it up as I'm so unlucky. It's unfair to bring a site into disrepute simply because you're not winning even spending the max allowed weekly like i do most weeks. Tombola is up there with a good reputation amongst the top bingo sites online and you either like the site or hate it. It's really that simple.
  87. I love tombola. I've won and withdrawn quite a bit and when I've withdrawn its been in in my bank next day. The chat hosts are great, the players very friendly and great games. It's brill.
    • ni lady says:
      I have withdrawn from tombola and its never been in my bank the next day? I have also deposited a lot. They are the only bingo site I know that dont give loyality bonuses!!
  88. Church says:
    I'm on a self exclusion at the moment and miss every day I'm not playing at Tombola. I've tried many sites and keep returning to this one. I'm not so lucky in the bingo but cinco keeps me going. I have put a weekly limit on to suit my financial circumstances. Cinco rooms have a limit of 75 people, the bingo rooms more, so harder to win but I've had my moments of happiness. My name is churchmouse on there, but there is another called church mouse who plays and s/he wins very regularly, but good luck to them. I wouldnt allow anyone to call me a serial winner and get away with it. I pay my money and expect to win like everyone else, sometimes I do several times a week and then nothing for a couple of weeks. Swings and roundabouts. I like it very much, easy on the eye (if not on the pocket) NO SLOTS which is good for me, good laugh from time to time, easy and fast payment system, free game each day and much more. It's the only one I ever come back to. If your playmate wins over £20 you get £2 which is great. Thumbs up from me.
  89. misterwolf says:
    I enjoyed playing on Tombola - the chat was great and the games were "good" ...I won and I withdrew money...On this you can withdraw more than Foxy bingo, and your chance of winning is better in my opinion... But again it depends...I found the 60 ball easier...also the time you are playing and the amount of players in a room...
  90. ladybuggs says:
    Tombola is the best site iv found! I deposited £20 and got £60 bonus!! I won right away, withdrawing £60 next day!! I then recommended a friend by posting on my facebook wall and when I signed on with intentions of depositing was delighted to find £22 bonus. I played that and won AGAIN!! I withdrew another £100. I hope more people follow my link! lol, It's great.
  91. aslsl says:
    I find tombola to be a really fun site, and if they had a deposit bonus for every bonus I'd play more often, but because there's so many players it is hard to get a win :/
  92. mustbemad says:
    random....I don't think so! tombola just seems to take your money, if you do manage to get lucky & win & withdraw just be prepared to put it back double time to get another win! They say it's random, but I don't think so cus u just get the same ones winning & let's face it when you put £500+ through you at least expect a win! For £500 you would like a moan, but all you get is "moaning this & moaning that!" - get a grip your gonna want to have a moan at that! Stay clear unless you love wasting your money.
    • I spent £2000 a month on this site playing the £500 a week limit every week for years. Never once did i win a jackpot and my account was always in a minus balance of no less than £1500 a month. On average you would win £500 of the 2 grand a month back with a struggle. After many years of watching the same winners and recently even serial repeat jackpot winners i challenged the site directly regarding their lucky, lucky players. A monkey in a zoo could predict the same winning names over and over. I closed my account after 7 year purely because of the same winner problem and the attitude of certain cms. I realised i was wasting my time effort and money . tombola donít seem to care about long standing customers or loyalty.
  93. DJKWIKFIT says:
    Tombola was my favourite site for about a year but I realised the same names winning more frequently. Also big jackpots drag on and on and on and really squeeze every penny from everyone desperate for a win. Then suddenly gets won by someone you never heard off. No cashback rewards in play either, but thumbs up for the hosts and I did win half a dozen times and the most was £456 for a full house. Really put a smile on my face. I will return to tombola soon. You can check in anytime you like but you can never leave - like hotel prestidigitation is my name. some days you're the pigeon - some days you're the statue.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      well, at least you've won, I have never won, even the free daily game, never won a penny. I think you have a better chance of winning if you change your name to 'mumof....' these monikers seem to win all the time. Good PR.
    • ladybuggs says:
      I notice a lot of mumof names winning too!! lol
  94. funnygirl says:
    This has got to be the most boring site I've ever played on..seriously.I i went back after some time away and although players do moan in chat on all sites,I tend to listen to the majority of them, after all, sites always do a fancy advertising campaign and winners always give a glowing review, but I tend to look past that and I have to say, there is an awful lot of people saying in chat how long its been since they had a win. I find it seriously tedious, no side a couple of mins apart which doesn't seem much, but it seems like forever when there is nothing else to do but watch the clock countdown. I was glad when I spent my tenner.Ttotally rubbish and boring. There is no free bingo just a rubbish happy families thing. I asked in chat if anyone had ever won on it and they all said no. Waste of money in my eyes.
  95. Gordon57 says:
    I remember Tombola starting. Orange background to the screens, played lots of games there - but it's another that started to charge and I left it behind.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      yep, me too, really bored with always losing, bored with all the chat about losing. Last night in one chat room a woman was crying after losing over £500, I mean it was stupid of her to lose that much and it puts my loss of £20 in perspective, it just puts you off going back.
    • Gordon57 says:
      I was always telling myself - never spend more than you can afford to lose. It's a gamble, you may not win a bean. People seem to think that they will have a big win by maxing out, putting all they have into playing. That's just the route to max suffering when you lose - and you will!
  96. mrrabcnesbit says:
    I have been a member of Tombola since day 1 it started. As with any site it's gambling. You deposit your money and if luck is on your side you win. Some players are lucky and on the very odd occasion land a run of good fortune winning a few times and before you know where you are the same winner rubbish starts. People really need to stop this and just be happy for these winners. I have played some heavy amounts on the site, up to £500 a week limit set by tombola and won some games and on other weeks won nothing. I've never had the good fortune of ever winning a jackpot, but never say never. The site is run fairly and games are all fun. I honestly can't see why people are so negative about Tombola as it is like any other site, a gambling site. It's very successful with thousands of players and has great prize money for any player to win. I would recommend the site to anyone. Staff are very helpful and when you call customer care they answer any questions promptly and efficiently as do the chat hosts. I find it to be a friendly site and CMs very good at their job and they are human and like a laugh as much as the players do. This site is definitely worth joining. Given my time spent there since day 1 I would recommend Tombola Bingo to anyone.
  97. toddsmum says:
    I've been playing at Tombola for years now. My daughter joined recently and the day after I received an email asking ME to confirm my identity as there were two players at the same IP address even though we are some 25 years apart.The email was rather abrupt as if I was trying to hide something yet I've played there for over 5 years and provided ID to withdraw my winnings. I haven't bothered, as quite frankly they treat their long standing customers like trash. They're only interested in newbies and people who spend a fortune on the site and as other have said it's quite difficult to win there and the little cliques all moan when someone else wins. Joined Fabulous bingo instead, which although the prizes are smaller everyone has been so nice and helpful.
    • mrsangry458 says:
      I introduced 3 peeps to tombola and haven't had a penny yet. The first 2 I forgot to put the 458 on the end but the third was spot on. I phoned to explain, but no joy. What about customer service I would like to know. I would never introduce anyone again. Like everyone says yes always same winners, but I must say I still like the site, but when you win it all goes back plus more before you win again n unlike the serial winners I am not 1 of them.
  98. I joined tombola and played 400 games and not even a share. They may dangle big money, but dont forget how many are playing for that big money. You have little chance of winning. Seriously save your money.
  99. steve says:
    I find tombola awful. Over £200 and not a share. My mum joined and won nothing, my 2 sisters joined and won nothing, so did my missis so that adds up to over £320 without so much as a share. Chat is active, but not exactly pleasant if one of the regs don't take a shine to you. Very low win rate, boring games, no side games and same names. I would not advise it, i lost any joy i had for bingo right there.
  100. delicious says:
    The reviews on here do make me laugh - bottom line is if you win on tombola you love it, if you don't you loathe advice would be not to play if your not enjoying it. I love tombola and have won numerous times - £1200 last week!! Best site around - varied games, good chance of winning with realistic jackpots!
    • ladybuggs says:
      Congrats on your winnings. I like this site also. Another resaon it's good is because unlike other sites if you have bonus money AND real money and you play they take form each 50/50 rather than take your real money first letting you withdraw more!! :-)
  101. haylesr79 says:
    I won with my first £5 free bonus at tombola and there was no wager requirement and was able 2 withdraw straight away. Most sites I'm with have a wager requirement, so ty tombola. Always good money and seems 2 b a lucky site 4 me, which doesn't happen often. but maybe just beginners luck
  102. Ms Bingo says:
    I visit tombola periodically, it's a bit different and that is always welcome, though I seldom win (but have won a big bingo pot). I like the fact you can play various games for small amounts of money. Overall good selection of games and a daily free game and bingo tickets are reasonably priced.
  103. kissifur says:
    tombola is ok as bingo sites go - roomies seem friendly, but there are a lot of players and wins are very few and far between. Site is also regulated off shore in Gibralter,and I'm not a fan of sites that are regulated in another country. All in all I'm not a tombola fan and I would not recommend this site to any of my friends.
  104. vixon says:
    Tombola is a great site if you love playing bingo. Not a good site if you prefer slots though. I have had a good amount of wins here and also won £100 with a free £5 bonus they sent me for Xmas. The hosts are friendly and are not clicky with certain people. I usually play in the Breeze room because the tickets are cheap and the players are friendly. However, I was not impressed with the so called Christmas Party - I moved about from room to room and did not see any hosts and there were no party games, just lots more people playing so the winning money was better. I was not happy in the Fizz room though, there was a group of players who all seemed to know each other and they did nothing but grumble about new players winning and about the number of strange players in "their" room. If you want to play for big money, then I would suggest the Aqua room as the players here are warm and friendly and make you feel welcome. Marks out of 10 - 8
  105. XXXKRISXXX says:
    tombola BIngo is my favourite site at the moment. Good selection of bingo games and jackpot games played half hourly. Most of the other players are friendly and we all have a good laugh which takes the pain away from losing - I always come away feeling chirpy even if I have lost. I have had a few wins here too and I have not noticed the repeat winning names syndrome. Good entertainment, friendly hosts, good chat games and ease of use. Withdrawing is simple too, and I like the way your winnings do not go into a "pending queue". Well done tombolo - I hope to have many a good evenings play next year too. One downside is there are not any slot games to play.
  106. peglegs says:
    tombola is the best bingo site I have ever played on. The amount of different games will stop anyone getting bored and there are jackpots being won all the time. The chat hosts are great and the players are very friendly and no slots to eat up all your money 10 out of 10 for me.
  107. Tiddy says:
    I joined Tombola last year and I have found it to be a good site. There are plenty of rooms and there are linked games every half hour. The penny bingo is good, I purchased the max tickets for 40p and won one of the half hourly jackpots and received my winnings within the week by cheque. The other players have always been friendly and fun when I have played there, as have the hosts. I have not experienced repeat winners at this site (as yet). I love this site.
  108. Tina Malone says:
    How I wish I had found these review sites before I joined Tombola Bingo and Sun Bingo. Tombola Bingo has a same winner problem. If a site declares itself all above board and completely random surely the ethics of a random number generator couldn't spew out the same old players every other day. The problem is exactly the same in Sun Bingo. As for there slots - they are beyond a joke. 1 player had sat gambling 700 quid all day and said didn't even get a feature.The action i will be taking is to simply close the accounts and not pay into any site that generates the same winning names on a daily basis. I'm not prepared to fund these very, very, very lucky players pots of gold no more .
    • Fiona says:
      I agree with all you say Tina , I've been there a few years now and the same names win all the time in 90's bingo and Cinco. If you complain or question the randomness you are ganged up on. Only a fool couldn't notice these regular winners. I've left the site now and joined Sun Bingo and won £450 on slots my first visit. Couldn't win £4.50 in Tombola for funding regular winners pockets. Im deffo never going back to Tombola.
    • Peter says:
      What is it with people complaining about "same winners" all the time. It's just luck. Do you honestly think a site as massive as Tombola would still be running if anything dodgy was going on? Have you considered that the players who are winning more often might simply be spending more and therefore have a greater chance of winning. Though even if they aren't, there's still fair chance that they will win multiple times. Much like in roulette it's perfectly possible for Red to be called out XX number of times in a row. Each game is independent from the last. And it's the same in bingo, every card has the same probability of winning.
    • Tina Malone says:
      oh peter you sound like you read that off an auto que , very very tombola cm ish speel . Thats a lot of garbage . What you are sort of carefully saying is that these same winners may spend more . Are you saying the more you put in the more chance you have of winning? . Thats a fix if it works that way then . You then go on about independent games from the last . If thats the case how come it independently picks the same winning players randomly week after week . Some players names must be stuck in the winners system . Anything computerised can be fiddled its only a programme . In America sites such as Tombola and Casinos etc etc were completely banned by there Governments after it was found out that random number generators are not 100% random . I have closed my tombola account after years of playing as im sick funding the same winners weekly . I fear it wont be long until all these bingo sites are raided by the authorities to check the running of them as far too many people are complaining to gaming commisions etc about the random luck of a certain group of players on many sites not just the tombola . I also fear tombola is drowning in its own success with far too many players making the odds even less . I am returning to my local bingo halls were i can actually see who is winning . I simply doubt that the players are real that keep winning on these sites . Without Prejudise to any organisations .
    • Peter says:
      "Are you saying the more you put in the more chance you have of winning? . Thats a fix if it works that way then." Yes, of course that is what I'm saying. And how does that make it a fix? If one person buys 10 cards for a game, and another person buys one card for the game - the person who holds 10 cards has a greater chance of winning.
    • petitfeet1 says:
      You claim to know this site Tina and yet you make reference to the slots and the fact that a player had invested a lot of money and not got a feature?????? Well no such slots exist on Tombola. I suggest by your vitriol that you are in fact an employee of a very bitter rival. Get your facts right before making stupid comments.
    • liz says:
      I must agree with tina. I am on tombola and I see the same names coming up on the winners board. I will be closing my account once my money has run out. I have spent nearly 90 quid and everytime I get to 1tg it goes - hardly a coincidence.
    • Beryl Reid says:
      I have to laugh at petitfeet1 comment , he/she tackles tina for making stupid comments lols, I suggest you read the review again as he/she is refering to both tombola and sun bingo slots (both sites). I have been a member of both tombola and sun bingo sites for several years. I find that if you sit and monitor the winners for 8 hrs you will see the same winning names winning. I have lost thousands on these sites and watched the same names winning and I too have taken the decision to close both my accounts and simply go to my local bingo once a week.
  109. colin says:
    I suggest you give your money to charity rather than tombola Bingo as all you seem to do is donate to others pockets anyway. Of course those winning will say its great! I agree the chat is cliquey, that players can be nasty and that hosts seem just as bad. If you want fun and friendly then avoid this one or just keep out the chat room
  110. ragtag1958 says:
    Overall tombola bingo is a nice friendly site. God knows where the peeps are playing when they say chat rooms are rude, unfriendly etc, I have played on here for a while and I have yet to win big as they say, however I think the site is far better than some I've played on. Yes you can lose a lot of money, but that's gambling for you. Tombola chat room hosts/cm are always friendly and even when at times you get someone being out of order they are given a fair warning by the cm before they thrown out of the room. Yes, it can be hard to win, but when you do at least its worth winning. I will be sticking with tombola, I love the site and its all round friendliness. When I did win I withdrew the win and it was in my bank 3 days later so no complaints from me except I would like a nice fat jp win in 90 ball haha. However I am at present on a self exclude which I think is a great idea as you can control your spending for a while if you need to. Tombola is the site for me 100%
    • Jimmyd1129 says:
      ragtag1958 , i can remember the days you complained like mad about the same winners every day and moaned in every room . Now you have gained serial winner status and won a jp you have changed your tune . I win everytime i go on the site and am to scared to speak in chat rooms lol . Well done ragtag kind regards jimmyd1129 .
    • OMG Ragtag you have one cheek! You were one of the biggest moaners on there till you became a "same winner" and the amount of times you claimed you were closing your account? Changed ur tune now!
  111. steve says:
    tombola is the worst I've ever played on. The big prizes are dangled to make you stay, but to be honest, unless you are banging lots into it you've got no chance. 150 quid down the swanny and not even a share, but see the same people night after night winning two or three times. Been there for 3 months and not happy with outcomes. It's up to me to deposit, but I'm not putting in any more hoping to win some back. The win rate is diabolical, however many tickets you buy. I suppose its ok if you have twenty pound notes to throw away, for entertainment purposes. Take it from me if you want to spend a little and hope to win avoid like the plague, head to your local Gala club
  112. bingo boffin says:
    I'll give tombola a thumb's up, only because I won a pot on the 90 ball bingo, apart from that I didn't really like it much. It just doesn't have the slickness of some of the other sites, no slots, the other games are not really for me. The chat I ignore so don't care what anyone comments. In general it's ok, but I can see it would be hard to win with so many people playing so this will be my one & only visit.
  113. Mr Rab C Nesbitt says:
    I cannot understand why people complain about Tombola Bingo. I have been a member for nearing 6 years now. My player name is MR RAB C NESBITT. It's a wonderful site and easy to operate. There is a variety of rooms - roulette, cinco, bingo 90, etc., with excellent jackpots. I could do with a huge jp, can't we all and that's why we play. I have played in them all. I have had some wins and had some real bad, bad days. That's gambling for you and you can't expect to win every time you go on any online bingo site.The site is run properly and cm's are all nice and chat is great fun and entertaining at times. You get quiz questions, you can win a pound and have a laugh too. I can't fault the site. It's a fair run site and very easy to withdraw your winnings and no daft wagering rules etc. People complain at times, but that's all part of the game. I wouldn't join any other bingo site
    • WHOZADONUT says:
      Well I have to agree with everything Mr. RAB say's, I know him from the chat rooms - he's great fun. Also I love TOMBOLA and wouldn't play anywhere else now. I have been there since it broke away from the Sun Bingo, which is well over 6 years. The main thing is there are no wagering requirements and your winnings are in your bank in 3 day's with no quibbles or questions, especially when I see some sites wanting you to wager anything up to 8 times your deposit and bonus and then hang on to your winnings for 4 days before they process it. Seeing all that I know I have chosen the right bingo site. And loveeeeeeee all the roomies and the CM's - great banter. So it's Tombola all the way for me.
  114. Leanne says:
    I love Tombola as I won £100 on the free Happy Families game. I withdrew £80 and spent the other £20 on bingo roulette. I won twice which has never happened to me before and rather than some of the other players being gracious, I was told to leave the room to give others a chance, that it was a fix, always the same players winning yadda, yadda, yadda... it was my first time in that room ever! Hahahahaha! If you can afford to play bingo then you can afford to lose your tenner. It's not a sure thing that you'll win. It's near impossible to win in Bingo 50 or Bingo 80 so I avoid those rooms. I have never on on Bingo 90 and I have been with Tombola for 2 years! I find Bingo Roulette, Hamster Races, and Battleships easier to win so I just stick with those.
  115. Dawn says:
    I have to agree with some posters that the games at tombola are very slow and it really is hard to get to 1tg, but the thing I really noticed is how unfriendly they can be in the chat rooms. Most times I have been totally ignored. There was a poster on there one night who was downright filthy and crude. Now I'm no prude, but it really put me off. With the room she was in I couldn't turn the chat off. The CM never even checked her or told her to stop.I don't go on a bingo site to have to put up with that kind of talk. I've won once on there and 5 days later am still waiting for the money to go in my bank, so I would say the pay out is slow. A lot of people saying on chat that they never win. I've seen a few of the same winners, but it doesn't seem as bad for that as other sites, but from reading what others say in chat, its rare you win. I don't think I'll put any more money on this site as I really don't find it very friendly and it gets boring when the games are slow.
  116. RAB C NESBITT says:
    My player name is MR RAB C NESBITT and I have played on tombola Bingo for years. It's a wonderful site and easy to operate.There is a variety of rooms - roulette, cinco, bingo 90, etc., with excellent jackpots (not won a jp yet, fingers crossed). I have played in them all. I have had some wins and had some real bad, bad days. That's gambling for you.The site is run properly and cm's are all nice and chat is great fun and entertaining at times. You get quiz questions, you can win a pound and have a laugh too. I can't fault the site. It's a fair run site and very easy to withdraw your winnings and no daft wagering rules etc. People complain at times, but that's all part of the game. I wouldn't join any other bingo site.
  117. Elly Read says:
    I really like tombola. I like the different games they have on offer, and the prize money is great. I recently have had a couple of good wins, not yet won a jackpot, but always hoping, lol...keep up the good work tombola.
  118. leanne johnson says:
    I would say tombola is one of the best sites online. Yes it's hard to win and there's lots of players - which say that its a good site! I've been on tombola for about 2yrs now and I love it!! I've had a good few wins and I've even had a jackpot of 500pounds. It did take a lot to get there though! I think what makes it good is getting your winnings so quick as well, they dont leave it pending for days like some sites do (which I find hard to keep on coz I reverse) and you get your money in the bank within a few days. I also love the amount of different games you can play and they all start from as little as 2p. I would recomend this site
  119. Mother in law to be says:
    Joined on recommendation of a colleague. Deposited £10 and got £20 free, so no big deal regarding how much it cost me, but what an awful site. Games are so slow, there is a long time between games and it is almost impossible to even get to 1tg. Have only logged in to it 3 times, but there were over 2,000 people logged in on each occasion - even at 0230, which I find hard to believe. As I have said reviewing other sites, online bingo is not really for me, but this site is enough to put you off playng bingo forever!!
  120. Gayle Muntoni says:
    I joined Tombola about 2 years ago and I think it is definitely the best online bingo site and believe me I've played on most of them. The CMs are lovely, there is excellent customer service and you don't see the same winners day in day out. It's the only site I will play on from now on because the others keep taking your money and very rarely you get any back, whereas Tombola have the best JP and games with fantastic prize money.
  121. Colin says:
    I have never seen so many people in the one place complain and whine as at tombola bingo. They need to get rid of certain players as they sit and make nasty comments to people not in their clique and think they run the show! For example, I sat in chat and watched a girl who said she was disabled get ganged up on and have vile comments about her disability thrown at her in chat from the so called "regs" . I was disgusted to see that the CH took THEIR side! I have played at tombola a long time, but rest assured I won't be back after seeing that. Completely disgusting way to speak to people and management allow it. I hope Tombola management and those involved read this as they should hang their head in complete shame. Tombola, you have lost a long time player.
  122. Carrie Jackson says:
    I love tombola, its a brilliant bingo site. The bingo is good, the CMs are brill and the free side games are aweesomeee!!! haha x I would recommend this site to all of my friends. BUT I would also put a limit on your spending, because on this site you can spend a little more than you should x Happy bingoing peeps x
  123. Richard says:
    I wouldn't recommend tombola bingo because there are way too many players and all the winners seem to be the same in ALL rooms. Its very annoying. I spent £100 and won nothing. The rooms are great and the cms are lovely. But the bingo is awful. Play here if you like throwing away your money x
  124. lisa jones says:
    I have been on tombola over a year now. I must say I'm a big bingo fan so I have played most online sitesuntil I found this one and it's the only place I play now. The games are fab and there is so many, as too are the prize money. As for the jackpots, I've never seen anywhere like it. JPs are always getting won - for a lot of money too. Maybe one day it will be me. You rock tombola. love sweetdreamsjp x
  125. jinny says:
    How can you possibly think tombola is good site? You may nit pick over my figures...maybe I am wrong, I play on lots of sites....but the main point is too many players for pittance...........And any site that sponsors a prime time TV show and premier league football team have to get money for that somewhere and in MY opinion from playing at that site, I can easy see where it comes from.
  126. wendy says:
    At Tombola Bingo too many people are playing for small amounts of money. Same names seemed to win on a rotation basis, with the odd exeption of real people playing and chatting in the rooms having a small win. Not the best site in the world I'm afraid.
  127. Nancy Timmins says:
    I have nothing but praise for Tombola bingo. Its variety of games are second to none, there's a game for all tastes and the amount of times a large jackpot is won each day is fabulous. I always feel I have just as much chance of winning a jackpot on this site as everybody else. Quite simply tombola is the best bingo site around by a country mile.
  128. xjinnyx says:
    What can I say about tombola bingo...nothing nice thats for sure. The rooms are completly packed,one room I was in there was 700+ players competing over lets just say pittance,the other rooms you pay an average £1 for max and games can be over in less than a minute. The sharp of eye will notice the same names coming up repeatedly in all the rooms,which in my opinion is very iffy when hundreds in rooms. If you are gonna deposit I recommend you give your money to charity as it will give you more satisfaction.
    • petitfeet1 says:
      There cannot possibly be 700 plus players in a room because each room has a 75 max person rule the only exception being the link bingo.
    • xjinnyx says:
      After 12pm the bingo rooms go to linked full time. Some off us can't afford to sit about during the day playing bingo all the time, hence I can only come on later. So when I come on, yes, there is a lot!
    • nelnel02 says:
      Deffo more than 75 players in a room - u must be staff or can't have your specs on petitfeet, because when I've been on its a lot more than 75 to a room. But good game all the same when u can get a win.
    • petitfeet1 says:
      xjinnyx I think you will find they go linked after 12am not pm.
    • kashacuddles says:
      I love tombola bingo, but I've not had a win in months. I've had my fair share of wins, but it stopped a few months ago and I can't see how u can play this long without a win. When I say fair share I mean it didn't owe me anything, but, my Lord, I must be due a win, please. Lol.
    • ragtag1958 says:
      I played tombola Bingo daily and I've never seen a room with a limit of 75 people - only on bingo roulette. Most rooms have 100 plus players and at nite in Rainbow red room there are 500 plus players. It's a good bingo site and I have had a few good wins, but I do think room numbers should be set proper. I love tombola and don't play anywhere else now , and yes you do see quite a few repeat names winning, but I guess that's the way it goes. Good site if you get a good win.
    • paul says:
      haha ragtag. I remember u whingeing big time saying it was rip off un til u had your big win!
    • Billy says:
      ragtag is a serial winner on this site so of course he/she is going to back it to the hilt , ragtag has won a jp as well lol . I joined it over 2years ago and I have spent well over a grand and never won a darn thing. Guess that's random bingo for you, lol. I will say that on tombola its the same names winning on a regular basis and I cannot see how these players win over and over again weekly.
  129. david watts says:
    I think tombola bingo takes your money and you have zero chance of winning. Too many players and not a lot of cms at the moment.
  130. dawn says:
    Tombola Bingo is one of the best bingo sites I use. It is addictive, but anything good is.
  131. julie says:
    Tombola is a good site if you can win a game, otherwise it's non stop depositing. You win at first then it all stops and all you do is top up. I wouldn't play on the site again, very greedy. I;m sure you would win on any other site after spending hundreds,but not this one;same people win all the time. CMS very nice and helpful though.
  132. cheryl says:
    Would defo tell anyone to deposit at least once at Tombola. CM's are really nice, as most sites, and is very easy to move around. You can only play two games at once so its feels like a more fairer game and 4 strips is the max you can have. I have won quite a few times on there which were lovely wins but it is very hard to win as there are so many people.
  133. angie says:
    This is a very enjoyable but addictive site. Its brillant when you are winning but can be very frustrating when not. The regular players are mostly very friendly and welcoming, I only play at this site now.
    • neikii says:
      i only play on tombola now i dont think there is another site that can compare to tombola at all. everyone is so friendly the cms are lovely and u dont just get a generic welcome when you enter people do talk to u and welcome u and i win loads too but sometimes do have bad days but i love it.
  134. janice lawrence says:
    Tombola is a great site. The CMs are helpful and friendly. The players are friendly and always welcome you when you join a chat room, and when you win the payouts are quick. I would'nt play anywhere else.
  135. John says:
    This is by far the best bingo site on the web. It has great jackpots aswell as a brilliant and unique range of games. Bingo games start from just 2p a ticket, with a fast withdrawl process. I could go on and on but hopefully you get the picture! Give it a try!
  136. dave andrews says:
    Tombola is a great site. The players are so friendly when you first join, if you let it be known your a newbie nearly everyone will welcome you, and say, if you need help just ask. The prize money is excellent with tickets from just 2p on bingo lite, and 10p each on 90s bingo. Ive had some good wins and the payouts are very fast, if there was one thing agaisnt tombola it has to be the chat as your very restricted in what you can talk about, but all in all tombola is brill.
  137. charlie says:
    Tombola is not a bad site. The games are interesting and exciting but it soon becomes very expensive as it is very difficult to win on there. At first you seem to win alot then it all stops! In the meantime your depositing away and not winning or winning very irregulary so you become worse off. The Chat hosts are very rude and unfriendly, and will take the regular players/winners side easily. The old players seem quite rude and unfriendly too, they all seem to love the site. The thing is that most of them at some point or another seem to be jackpot winners, of course you are going to love a site you win a jp on. As a newbie prepared to be ignored, and don't even mention about not winnning, or the chat hosts and regulary players will simply gang up on you. The customers service team can be most rude and unhelpful. It is easy to withdraw your money though, thats if you win! The software crashes often leaving your PC unstable and players seem to get booted often too. In a nut shell, if you take a chance on there, people do win. But obviously there has to be loosers for the winners to win, an they are not many winners. Other sites offer better chances of winning for half the money you can spend on there trying. Its over rated and I personally won't be going back.
    • sue says:
      soooo true....
  138. Bear says:
    I have played on this site for 2 years or more and found value for money was excellent. The gameplay was excellent and you could actually win an ammount that was worth winning, until the Sunbingo split from Tombola, now the 90 ball gameplay seems to have changed some what You now see alot of same members winning when a lot of people playing and the games seem to go on and on upto near 60 numbers or more which never used to. The maximum ammount of cards per game is 24, but in my opinion the more cards you buy the less of a game you get, so stick to 6 or 12 cards for a descent game of bingo. One more thing, don`t be seduced by the big Jackpots, you could spend more than you want to trying to win one. Good luck to you if you try this site out, this is still my favourite site of all internet bingo sites.
  139. debbie anderson says:
    Tombola is simply one of the best sites. No hassel withdraw process, simply request it back to your bank card. My funds were back to me the next day. The CMs are brilliant and everybodys really freindly. Great side games available, especially hamsters which is very addictive.
  140. xxbellaxx says:
    Bingo lite is fantastic, cards from 2p. Love the software too. They have a limit of 150 players in each room too. Roomies are brilliant, no moaning and the CMs are wild. A good all round experience.
  141. Julie says:
    Old Sun Bingo site and all the games that were on the sun site now on tombola i.e hamster racing, cinco and battleships. Best payouts and frequent Jackpot winners on the Web. Know someone who won 13K. Very few chat room moaners. Helpful CMs without favourites. Easy to withdraw winnings. Well worth a visit.

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