Tombola Arcade Review

£50 bonus - deposit £25 and play with £75

Deposit from £10. First deposit only. Any winnings can be withdrawn. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn. T&Cs apply.
  • Dedicated to Instant Gaming
  • Unique Slots and Scratch Games
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About Tombola Arcade

For a long time players familiar with tombola Bingo have asked, ‘Why no slot games?’ Well now we have the answer.

The bingo games on tombola are unique and not like anything you will find at any other bingo site and so it is with the new tombola arcade that is dedicated to instant games and we would have expected nothing less.

These are not games from outside developers like NetEnt or Microgaming or Eyecon. These are games that are the brainchild of the in-house developers at tombola and although the themes around the games will be familiar, the gameplay certainly won’t be.

With all five game variants starting from just 5p, this is slots and instants gaming that offers real value for money fun.

A lot of thought and effort has been made into providing a unique gaming experience that will not break the bank.





UK Gambling Commission + Gibraltar GC

New player offer

200% first deposit bonus for new players.*

If you are a new or existing tombola Bingo player then you can access tombola arcade with the same log in details. Your tombola balance is the same on tombola arcade – they are not separate balances. That means that new players can sign-up at Tombola and then just select Tombola Arcade in the lobby.

Anyone not a member of tombola Bingo who wishes to join tombola arcade will enjoy the same 200% first deposit bonus that the bingo site offers. So deposit £10 and play with £30.

£20 is the maximum bonus available under this offer.

*Deposit from £10. First deposit only. Any winnings can be withdrawn. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn. T&Cs apply.

Games available

  • Spin games
  • Scratch games
  • Flip games
  • Pick games
  • emoji games
  • Bubble games

This being tombola these are not slots and scratch games like you will find on any other online bingo or gaming site. They are totally unique. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of a NetEnt slot for instance, they offer all the features of a standard game such as wild reels and scatters offering the chance of bigger wins.

The scratch games and flip games and pick games offer some extra fun and even if you choose ‘scratch all’, the game still plays out at a steady pace so you get more game for your money.

A new game called ‘Glow’ was added in late 2017 with either a plant or jellyfish theme. It’s a bit like a scratchcard game in which you can open the icons yourself or ‘reveal all’. From 9 icons revealed you need to match 3 the same to win.

The themes for each game will be familiar and have been designed around themes already popular amongst game players. For instance you get to choose between an Egyptian themed slot or a fruit themed slot. In the scratch games you choose between jungle, alien or pirate themed games. In the pick games it’s Aztec or horror – you get the picture.

Tombola are continually innovating and tweaking the games and the site content to ensure that players are always surprised by what they will find and to ensure they enjoy their time on site.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: 3-5 working days
  • Wagering requirement: withdraw any winnings from bonus funds

See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since time of writing.

Winnings can be withdrawn at any time, but bonus funds can never be withdrawn. Real funds will always be used before bonus funds.

It is possible to make a withdrawal of winnings without losing any remaining bonus. You will be advised how much bonus money is in your account and how much you can withdraw without losing bonus. Basically, to keep your bonus money, you must leave the same amount of real money as remaining bonus funds in your account.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

Totally UK based customer service team available 24 hours a day:

  • Live Help
  • Tel:0800 2988873
  • Email:

Plus a very useful Help section on the site with a range of the most frequently asked questions.

Social media

Facebook – shared page with sister site tombola Bingo. Very active with giveaways and competitions. You will never miss the big on-site promotions and anything interesting that is going on around the internet will feature here for players to comment on.

Twitter – much the same information as on Facebook.

Instagram – share your stories with tombola and other players.

tombola arcade on Facebook

tombola arcade on Twitter

tombola Arcade on mobile and tablet

Access the site via the mobile browser from your android or iOS mobile or tablet device and enjoy the full range of games. Download the app for instant access anytime, anywhere.

The site has always been accessible from your mobile with the team also ensuring there was an app for you to download to your phone.

The homepage page focuses more on announcements about winners and the best games. The style of the layout of these announcements is basic, short but informative pieces that get the message across.

The games do take a more of back seat on the homepage, there is a navigation bar at the top of the screen that shows which games are available. The menu button in the top left, only contains the ‘Home’ and  ‘My Account’ sections.

From the top slider you can access all the games – bubble, spin, scratch, emoji, flip and pick. Plus there is the Stars free game that renews weekly and offers the chance to win up to £30,000 and an icon to take you to tombola bingo should you fancy a change of scenery.

Overall, tombola works great on mobile, even tho the app design is very different to many bingo apps out there, the navigation is easy and simple to understand. The games work great and scale correctly to mobile screens.

iOS App Store – There is a tombola arcade iOS app to download. It’s layout and experience is identical to its mobile browser version.

Google Play – tombola was among the first operators to have an app available in the Google Play Store when it became available to pay to play gaming in August 2017. For those familiar with the tombola in-house app fro android phones the user experience will not change much, they may just find it quicker and more responsive.

You get all the games listed above and the app is very responsive and quick to load and you can deposit and withdraw, see your history and set your limits and much more.

Android – tombola does provide an alternative way of downloading the app to your android phone, but prefer players to use the dedicated app for their phone type shown above.

Reviews for Tombola Arcade

User Rating:
Saturday September 1st, 2018

Although i have won a JP of £500 once in 2 years i have played, i have won a few hundred here and there only for TB to take it back. I seem to win at certain time of the day and its always around 9am-11am. Everything i put in, i win back only for TB to take it back. just got to know when to take the winnings and leave it be. Again in 2 years i have won a JP once.

Elizabeth philp
Tombola Arcade User Name: elizabethxx1
User Rating:
Thursday August 23rd, 2018

I absolutely love tombola and yes u don’t always win, but this last 2 weeks I have won £1800 playing bubble on tombola arcade. All these bad comments are by people who obviously don’t understand its not a site for people who want to win thousands. The JP is only £500. Its a fun site and all the CMS are lovely and very helpful.
There are weeks I can go without winning a single penny, but that’s gambling. You win some, u lose some. Tombola arcade is honestly the best gambling site I have came across, I have played with other ones but always come back to tombola.

Tombola Arcade User Name: Chuck
User Rating:
Wednesday August 15th, 2018

Hi all, dont be put off by the bad reviews on here, give it a go yourself and make up your own mind.
A lot of people chase big wins and then are very disappointed when they don’t materialise.
I have been on tombola for 1 and half years and have only recently won a top prize, others join and win on there first day it’s just luck of the draw.
A lot of people also play £1 stakes and lose a lot and keep putting more in to try and win big. It makes no difference how much you put in as to whether you win a tp, but people think that and most of the bad reviews are from people who play all day they win and put it all back in.
When I win I withdraw and save some to play.
I like the fact that tombola do not have a reverse withdrawal option like most other sites.
You will see people complaining all the time yet they keep coming back and putting more money in. Don’t chase a win because you will lose. I play £10 a week and sometimes I win nothing and other times I do quite well. I have been able to withdraw quite a few times – you have to be sensible.
I really enjoy playing on Tombola, it is the best site i have ever played on and ive played on quite a few. I will be a tombola arcade/bingo player for a long time to come.
Tombolas Responsible gambling tools are second to none. They really do take care of there players. Set a deposit limited you are happy with and have fun.
I mostly play in arcade and i love it. All the chat monitors are fantastic and my fellow roomies are lovely.
Arcade is so much fun you can get carried away hence why i say put deposit limits in place then you can sit back and have fun without having to worry about spending more than you can afford. You wont win all the time so dont expect to, just play to have fun and any win is a bonus.
Also if you are lucky enough to win you won’t have any problem withdrawing. They are processed very quickly they say 3-5 days, but depending on what time you withdraw its usually in my bank the next day after 3.30.
As long as you are sensible with your limits it will be fun. You will have good days and bad days.
Thank you for reading my review

Tombola Arcade User Name: kat631631
User Rating:
Sunday March 25th, 2018

I have played on here for some time I can honestly say don’t waste your money. bet £1 you will be lucky to win 20p. you can spin on slots time and time again and win nothing. absolutely appalling site, same names winning the top prise of £500, come on, this site needs looking into.

Tombola Arcade User Name: nathandcharl
User Rating:
Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

It is a fun game to play but my you lose a lot of money, at the beginning it was a great site but now tbh a money taker so I would keep away!!!!

Tombola Arcade User Name: letiesha123
User Rating:
Saturday August 6th, 2016

love tombola dont win often but enjoy it. i have read the comments about same winners but i never seen a pattern of the same winners and believe everyone stands the same chance of winning this however does not roll over to tombola Arcade.
as soon as you enter the game and chat u will see the same ppl winning and getting the bonuses day in day out and you can spin, flip, scratch, whatever ur playing and never get any bonuses or decent win, but can see the same ppl commenting about win after win after win and bonus after bonus there is a pattern here and its quiet easy to see and i dont think this part of tombola plays fair.
i played 4 days in a row and did not get a win bigger than 3.20 or any features or bonues and i topped up a lot i except its gambling and sometimes you loose but everyday same ppl that won 100s the day before once again manage to get the so called random game that pays all the bonuses.
my advice if you like playing slot games stick with your regular site as this part of tombola lets it down. if your lucky to log on and in your 1st 10 pounds your getting the bonuses STAY u will continue to get bonuses and win if you log on and get nothing but 20p and 40p after 10.00 log out.

Thank you for your review!