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  • To play the bingo games you will need to download the free site software
  • All the great slot games with their fun features as well as the bingo
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About Jackpot Liner

Bingo Liner UK launched in 2005 and became Jackpot Liner in August 2014.

With Jackpot Liner you can play slots games in instant play, but to play the bingo games you will need to download the free site software to your computer. It’s safe and easy to do so. Just follow the on screen instructions, and the software will start to download to your computer.

This means every time you wish to play at Jackpot Liner, you simply click the icon that would have been saved on your computer. You’ll be taken straight to the gaming action. That’s all the great slot games with their fun features as well as the bingo.

In 2018 the site was one of just a few to retain a no deposit bonus for new players and with no wagering requirements. However, bonus winnings go to bonus and have a lower conversion rate to withdrawable cash.







There is not a great selection of bingo games available for you to play. The lobby features 4x 90 ball bingo rooms and 4x 75 ball bingo rooms, but not all are open all the time. You can play slots and side games alongside your bingo games though.

The software makes this site easy to navigate and easy to play. It’s bright, but very quiet in the bingo rooms – people do love the unique range of slots on offer though.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Slots
  • Casino Games
  • Instants

Jackpot Liner has a fun Keno game available for you to play, it’s called ‘Dino Keno’. It’s based around a prehistoric age. Adds a bit more fun to the game.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £20
  • Processing time: 3 – 5 working days
  • Bingo wagering requirement: No wagering requirement
  • Slots wagering requirement: No wagering requirement

See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Bonus Bucks (BBs) are purely for play purposes only and cannot be withdrawn at any time.

On bingo BBs are used once you have played down your cash balance.

Only funded players can convert their BBs into real cash (withdrawable with no wagering restrictions applied) at a specified conversion rate provided on ‘Your Rewards’ page. BBs are not worth their face value – the conversion value differs with your loyalty level.

One withdrawal request in any 48 hour period and will forfeit any Bingo Bucks held. A withdrawal can be pending for up to 24 hours.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Email: Via your message centre once logged in.

Jackpot Liner on mobile and tablet

Jackpot Liner is available via mobile browser, but only for a selection of the slot games available on site. Bingo is said to be coming soon, but is not yet available to mobile users.

Reviews for Jackpot Liner

Jackpot Liner User Name: Mockneygeeza
User Rating:
Friday November 10th, 2017

I deposited £20, thinking I’d get to play with £80, obviously with wagering requirements as they had 300% first deposit bonus going, they blanked out amount on PayPal cleverly.. I didn’t clock it, but they took £80 instead and gave me £60 in bonus bucks which are nothing, you can play with them but you cannot withdraw them… From the £80, I got to £120 so I thought I’d have a look at what I needed to reward… Over a grand, but why.. The bonus they gave me was worth nothing… £80 down the drain, and conned really, as I thought I was depositing £20. Enjoy my £80 you tramps.

Jackpot Liner User Name: Mellymoo100
User Rating:
Friday September 15th, 2017

I made a withdrawal request frim this site and waited the usual 48 hrs. Nothing came through so I decided to give them a call. I was 1st in queue line but was still on the phone for 30 mins only to be cut off.
I called back and someone answered immediately.
I was told my WR time was still ongoing although the site told me otherwise. Then I was told they then had to verify the winnings after this . Then it would take yet another 5 to 7 days to hit my bank.
I have never been on a site that takes so long to pay out and quite honestly I’m disgusted.
All these checks should be done within the 48hr period.
In total it’s going to take well over a week to get to me.
Please be aware of this before wasting your hard earned cash. It takes them seconds to take your money but God do you suffer if you are lucky enough to withdraw. They just don’t want to pay you and make it as difficult as possible.

Jackpot Liner User Name: lia
User Rating:
Sunday October 25th, 2015

I have been on Jackpot Liner for quite a while. I have a friend on this site and she often gets bonuses and I hardly get any, so was surprised when I got 2 recently. I claimed them both and used 1 straight away when I went to use the other one I was told I had already used it which I had not, I sent a message to them I must say they were quite quick in answering my email however it ended with them telling me that the bonus was out of date, I know for a fact it wasn’t. so be careful if your thinking of joining.
I have drawn winnings off this site once and there was no problem getting my money out so I’m happy about that. I actually quite liked the site, but after this incident and a couple of other small incidents on this site I feel they are a wee bit untrustworthy, shame really but you don’t want to be loyal to a site that’s not loyal to you as a player on their site.

Jackpot Liner User Name: lia
User Rating:
Tuesday October 20th, 2015

Hi, been a member of this site on and off for quite a while also it’s other site partner King Jackpot. I do actually like the sites, but I’m beginning to wonder why. I was playing a slot on Jackpot Liner yesterday and got free spins. I had only used 2 spins up when a sign popped up saying game was closing down. I tried the game again after a couple of mins the game came up with my remaining free spins, but surprise surprise the multiply by 9 that was on before the game cut off had now changed to multiply by 1, bit of a con that.
Today the same thing happened again, plus lately I have noticed the games really going slow and hardly paying out anything.
I very rarely get any bonuses by email so I’m surprised anybody does, but they obviously do, so it’s just me then.
I certainly won’t be going on the site much now they seem to rip me off with the games and don’t even bother sending me bonuses, is there actually any fair sites out there that don’t actually rip you off?
Pity really because I would be more loyal to the site if the site was more loyal to me as a player. If they change things for the better then yes I will give them a good review, at the end of the day I am fair, so we’ll see.

Jackpot Liner User Name: katexoxo92
User Rating:
Wednesday October 21st, 2015

Wink bingo always has bonuses on offer, maybe try that?

Jackpot Liner User Name: lia
User Rating:
Friday August 14th, 2015

I have been a member of jackpot liner for quite a while now. I personally like the site, I like the slots. Maybe sometimes they don’t pay out that much money, but I have won a good few quid on them on a good day which I have sometimes withdrawn and up to now I have never had any problems getting my money out. I had a good win on bingo last week withdrew some of it and it’s already in my bank account, so yep I’m happy playing on this site, definitely my favourite site at the moment.

Jackpot Liner User Name: xxchar
User Rating:
Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Jackpot liner is an awful site. You can’t play all the slots or bingo as you have to be a certain level for each slot or bingo to play which is ridiculous! You can’t even change the front colour as that also is affected by your game level! The whole site is a big fat joke! I’ve never ever won on that site. And I play many many sites so I know what I’m talking about when I say stay away, and keep your money safe!

Jackpot Liner User Name: katexoxo92
User Rating:
Monday August 31st, 2015

Have you ever tried Wink Bingo or any other bingo sites or have you give up all together?

belinda farmery
Jackpot Liner User Name: sasha567
User Rating:
Tuesday July 24th, 2018

I have been a member for a few years now but the rules are verify yourself well i have now sent my documents 8 times and still no reply so i am giving up and about to close my account.

Jackpot Liner User Name: mglegend7
User Rating:
Monday June 22nd, 2015

Incredibly misleading about what you get ‘free’ with your deposits. I was promised 50.00 worth of stuff for a 10.00 deposit and got 20.00 worth of ‘tokens’ that were massively restricted. Have lost much larger sums of money on other sites and left less disappointed than I did here.

Jackpot Liner User Name: jongry
User Rating:
Friday August 8th, 2014

Bingo Liner – well what can I say? It’s the worst site ive been on. Played a lot of slots on there and when you do win you cannot withdraw until you have spent 800 pound plus. I got this down to just over 100 pound then had a win of 170 pound. I went to withdraw and could not as now had to spend another 795 pound to withdraw. Big rip off. Stay well away.

Jackpot Liner User Name: millie
User Rating:
Monday June 2nd, 2014

This site is the same as jackpot cafe, it has wicked promotions and is the only one iv won on regularly. Chat games a fun all though you can not join in unless you are a funded player, and the hosts are friendly. I’ve personally won more on the spin games than i have on bingo but have also won regularly won a little on bingo. It has free daily bingo for funded players and you can save up your bb’s and play for free which keeps you playing longer.

Jackpot Liner User Name: Penniless
User Rating:
Friday May 23rd, 2014

Please be very careful! I have spent months/days/hours on this site, and have lost thousands. The only time I’ve won anything is when I’ve complained. They talk about all the tiny ‘bonuses’ they’ve given me, and all the amounts I’ve won, but I’m not able to withdraw these amounts because of their wager and withdrawal policies. They do not care about you or your predicament if you overspend on trying to win your money back. They will keep it regardless and then send you the odd gift in the post.

Jackpot Liner User Name: Heather
User Rating:
Wednesday December 17th, 2014

If you do not take a deposit bonus you won’t have any wagering requirements and you will be able to take any winnings straight away. I have never played on a site which did not have wagering requirements, this group is no different in that regard to most other sites.

Jackpot Liner User Name: jongry
User Rating:
Friday August 8th, 2014

I’ve had the same from them. Very bad bingo site

Jackpot Liner User Name: Scarlett
User Rating:
Wednesday March 12th, 2014

I left a comment in regards to Bingo Liner closing my account whilst it still had winnings in the cash pot. Since then, one of the Managers has contacted me via email and they have now re-opened my account. They seem very quick to sort problems out and though, the whole event has been an upsetting one, I’m quite relieved to know, I can go back into my account and play with the money I had won.

Jackpot Liner User Name: jacoru
User Rating:
Tuesday February 11th, 2014

I joined Bingo Liner in Dec 2013 and ive deposited about 7 times. Won 9 x 50pound games and still im not allowed to withdraw. Every penny has gone back in there pockets. Not only that every time ive been on there is only ever 1 75 ball room and 1 90 ball room open, even though there are other rooms on the screen. As for mega games you have 2 download the room just before games start to play them and it takes about 40 mins 2 do that. i had 2 do that every time not just the once, and has usual same names in rooms and winning every day even though there are only about 10 players or less in every game.

Jackpot Liner User Name: blackiecats
User Rating:
Sunday November 10th, 2013

Absolutely awful site! Do not take the free £10 no deposit bonus and then make a deposit like it prompts you to do! The wagering requirements are MUCH higher than other Casino and Bingo sites, making it very unlikely you will get to withdraw anything! I deposited £10 and the same members were winning all the time on Bingo! Coincidence or something more fishy? I consider it a lesson learned. The wagering requirements are very hard to find and it’s very misleading when it states ‘after making your deposit, winnings from bonus bucks will be available for withdrawal.

Jackpot Liner User Name: happydonut11
User Rating:
Monday October 7th, 2013

I love all of the Leapfrog sites and this one is no different. It does require a download of the software but is well worth it. I have been playing on this site regularly for over a year and have won loads. They run several weekly tournaments, daily free games and regular bonus offers. Highly recommended.

Jackpot Liner User Name: willsowls
User Rating:
Tuesday August 13th, 2013

This site was not very helpful in dealing with issues or reading emails sent and when I tried to close my account took ages to do! The Bonus you have to lose most of your money to win as did not ask for this Bonus. They removed £4 as asked. But still had 23 pence that they would not remove! Their error. Again failed to listen. Got so fed up! So played the bingo games, in play my winnings, won 2 games, and ended up in take out £23 not a good return! Avoid this site players!!!!!!

Jackpot Liner User Name: TheMeerkat
User Rating:
Thursday July 18th, 2013

I have been a member of Bingo Liner for over one year. It’s one of a few bingo sites that are international, and they have separate websites for some 10 other countries. Which means their big jackpot games carry some serious prize monies because, for instance, players in Canada and Germany are linked to the game played on the UK portal. Because it is download only, Bingo Liner has great software graphics including great 3D experience. (you can play bingo on a cruise ship!). You can play the free £20 no deposit offer on casino or slots if you wish – and they have big choice of these other games. Dependent on member status, they have an excellent loyalty scheme and offer some of the very highest on going deposit cash match bonuses. There is lots of free bingo on Tuesdays and Fridays for everyone and more free bingo everyday for those further up the loyalty ladder. Remember downloadable gaming sites take up space on your PC hard drive, and if you have too many in your programs list they can sometimes make problems on your operation system registry files.

Jackpot Liner User Name: WhichBingoAnni
User Rating:
Tuesday July 16th, 2013

After reading some mixed reviews about this site I thought I would see for myself what it is like and honestly it is not as bad as some are making out. The complaint about the withdrawal on bonus money is made VERY clear in their terms & conditions which should have been read before playing. Yes it is a downloadable game which I see no problem in that, took 2 mins to load – Easier for me access next time I fancy a cheeky game. Anyway I made my deposit of £10 on top of the £20 bonus money they gave me. I spent my £10 while having a laugh with the CM and players in their Cruise Cafe room. I had a couple of wins, nothing major. I still have some bonus money left and will defiantly come back to make another deposit. You can tell this site is not huge, but still a good side site to have some good bingo and slots.

Jackpot Liner User Name: VirtualMark
User Rating:
Tuesday May 7th, 2013

I joined BIngo Liner with their offer of £30 free credit to play. I played for a while – half the options on the software didn’t work, either couldn’t connect or I had to register a credit card for them to work. I couldn’t even view the game rules without a card! But the worst thing was that there was a message saying that I’d need to make a deposit to collect my winnings – so I deposited £10. I then carried on playing, but it came out of my £10 real money instead of the bonus I’d signed up with. I tried to withdraw, but it wouldn’t let me take out less than £20 which I now didn’t have. Now I wouldn’t mind playing if it was fun, but it wasn’t – there was nobody on the bingo game, it was often just me or me and 1 other person. If it was just me, there was no point in playing as winning the prize was a lot less than whatever stake I put down, so I’d just sit there and slowly lose money! But I can’t take my money out until I’ve played it through 3 times and they won’t give me my £10 back. So I just feel like I’ve been conned. The constant messages flashing up are misleading. I wouldn’t recommend this site, it’s a surefire way to lost money, and it isn’t fun.

Jackpot Liner User Name: WhichBingoAnni
User Rating:
Tuesday July 16th, 2013

You are able to read the rules on the website page (Click the link from this site). I think you have just played here on a bad day. My experience was not as bad as yours I think. There is only one room to play in with your bonus money until you make a deposit. I don’t see the problem in this; you have been give FREE money. Maybe give it another go? If your experience is still bad then fair enough! 🙂

Jackpot Liner User Name: Lullaby
User Rating:
Monday February 25th, 2013

Firstly site has to be downloaded. After depositing several times I decided to quit and had never been able to make a withdrawal. I received a “Come back to Us £10” which I duly tried with no luck. The big draw backs are that cheapest game is 10p but you are unable to partake in chat games and free games unless you have deposited in the last 7 days giving you no chance to get back in the game if funds are low.

Jackpot Liner User Name: gaynor1975
User Rating:
Tuesday February 19th, 2013

I’ve played at Bingo Liner and i enjoyed this site and found it to be very friendly and cheerfull.

Jackpot Liner User Name: lordgabay
User Rating:
Monday January 28th, 2013

I’ve found the service is terrible at Bingo Liner. The website jams all the time. They offer promotional codes and cash back to open an account and then don’t pay up. Wouldn’t trust them with a fiver!

Heather Marsham
Jackpot Liner User Name: Heather Marsham
User Rating:
Saturday November 24th, 2012

I’ve reviewed Bingo Liner before and I still love it. Some of the slots have been updated so they’re even better now, better payouts etc. New slots have been added and you now have the option of not having a bonus when you deposit. That means you don’t have any wagering requirements before you can withdraw. I would issue a word of caution about their US sites – Bingo Liner and Jet Bingo – you are not allowed to say one single negative thing on the chat board. All I said today was “max tickets and I still can’t win” and the chat host had a go at me, saying I should be positive and not complain on the chat board. I can only assume this is so new players aren’t put off, but it smacks of censorship and stifling free speech to me. I have complained to the management and I’ll be asking them to delete my US site accounts. But I’ll still play the UK ones as I haven’t noticed that level of censorship on the boards, not yet anyway.

Jackpot Liner User Name: msjojo
User Rating:
Sunday October 21st, 2012

I found Bingo Liner a great site and easy to play.

Jackpot Liner User Name: gatecrasher
User Rating:
Thursday June 28th, 2012

Great bingo site! I won £500 from Bingo Liner with a free £5 i got in an email… which they were very quick to process and get to my bank and no dodgy verification, even though it does state in the terms verification may be needed. I had only ever deposited £10 at this site…. great site with loads of free offers via email and big deposit bonuses.

Jackpot Liner User Name: catwoman133
User Rating:
Thursday May 3rd, 2012

I didn’t like the way Bingo Liner UK worked when first joining. Was given twenty pounds to play, then a pop up stated make a deposit to get 30 pounds bonus. So I made a deposit of ten pounds then had to play to wager the bonus in order to withdraw, which left me with a bonus of 5p.

Heather Marsham
Jackpot Liner User Name: Heather Marsham
User Rating:
Saturday November 24th, 2012

Most sites do have wagering requirements before you can withdraw. I’ve never found one that didn’t. If you choose not to receive a bonus you won’t have any wagering requirements.

Jackpot Liner User Name: Brenda222
User Rating:
Saturday January 21st, 2012

well out of date, now most accommodating when new…not many bingo sites chat much anyway and I’ve been on lots. Best site for chat I’ve found is Gala who have buddy private chat facility so you can share private info. if wanted. No other site I’ve been on seems to have this facility.

Thank you for your review!