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Mega Bingo room with guaranteed prizes

  • A safe and secure download
  • There are usually 2 bingo rooms open, one 90 ball and one 75 ball.
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About King Jackpot

King Jackpot UK is a unique site that is on the Leapfrog software platform. You do need to download the software in order to play bingo here, but don’t panic – it’s a safe and secure download. Instant play is available for the slots, but not the bingo section.

The theme of the site is rather medieval and holds a purple colour scheme. When you’re inside the site you will find images relating to kings, queens and knights among other characters. The site did change hands in 2015 and at this time the look and feel of the site and the promotions improved dramatically.

In 2018 this became one of just a few sites to retain a no deposit bonus for new players, plus it adopted a ‘no wagering requirements’ policy too. However, the value of the BBs when converting to cash is quite low.






Once the download has been completed the first time there will be a shortcut to the site displayed on your desktop home screen. This allows you to be able to click straight to the action.

There are usually just two bingo rooms open, one 90 ball and one 75 ball. Then there is the ‘Mega Bingo’ room, but this is just for the daily linked games with the guaranteed jackpots.

The bingo pots can be quite low, but the slots are ones that you will only find here and at a couple of other sister sites – we haven’t come across them anywhere else.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Reel Bingo
  • Slots
  • Video poker
  • Pull tabs

Reel Bingo at King Jackpot

What do you get when you put the elements of bingo and slots together? At King Jackpot what you get is Reel Bingo.

How it works:

Find the slot game you want to play that has the RB symbol in the slots lobby.

Select which jackpot you want to play for based on the coin size you want to play.

Just hit the RB SPIN button to start playing.

Stars will land on the reels and mark off identical positions on your bingo card for the game. Cover your entire card within 50 spins to win the progressive Full House prize.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £20
  • Processing time: Up to 10 working days.
  • Bingo wagering requirement: No wagering requirement
  • Slots wagering requirement:  No wagering requirement

See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Bonus Bucks (BBs) are purely for play purposes only and cannot be withdrawn at any time.

On bingo BBs are used once you have played down your cash balance.

Only funded players can convert their BBs into real cash (withdrawable with no wagering restrictions applied) at a specified conversion rate provided on ‘Your Rewards’ page. BBs are not worth their face value – the conversion value differs with your loyalty level.

One withdrawal request in any 48 hour period and will forfeit any Bingo Bucks held. A withdrawal can be pending for up to 24 hours.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Telephone is only available to those wishing to self-exclude.
  • Email: is for account queries only.

King Jackpot on mobile and tablet

As of early 2016 King Jackpot became available to play on mobile! Simply type King Jackpot in your mobile browser to play your favourite slot games anytime, anywhere including exclusive slot games like Lucky Leprechaun.

Reviews for King Jackpot UK

King Jackpot UK User Name: paulinegpl
User Rating:
Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

Site is a disgrace changed withdrawal period without any notification i have been demoted from vip to gold due to reduced deposit shocking.

King Jackpot UK User Name: blackwood2
User Rating:
Sunday April 30th, 2017

When u have a win and u try to log in again after a break it won’t let u log back in to play.
Been trying to play again after leaving winnings on balance, keeps saying try again later as ur still logging out, even although I have been trying to log back in again for days ??? Giving up now.

King Jackpot UK User Name: paulinegpl
User Rating:
Thursday November 16th, 2017

The site is a disgrace and ive just left

King Jackpot UK User Name: vessille
User Rating:
Wednesday May 27th, 2015

Dont write it off before you try. its a great site. loads of games, great graphics and people on the chat box are very freindly too. btw upload your i.d before any withdrawal it saves time, plus saves the hassle later down the line.

King Jackpot UK User Name: PirateFunda
User Rating:
Tuesday March 31st, 2015

Pleasantly surprised how good this site is after reading the reviews. Wasted my time following another bigger name site for years simply because I had got in to the habit of sticking with the old 1 it even though I was fed-up with what I was seeing day in day out, but didn’t have the will power to go looking for a better bingo site. . . Excellent

King Jackpot UK User Name: trudie121
User Rating:
Tuesday May 13th, 2014

i have been a member of King Jackpot for over 8 yrs and seen a lot of changes over the years some good some not so good, but all in all I have stayed loyal though this is being tested. I am friendly with a other player and we chat a lot and we have been blocked from talking after bingo ends at 1am and now if we arnt playing we can not chat to anyone. Spending as much as I do I feel this is a invasion of my rights. I know you will read this and say why stay – well I happen to like the site. I know the cms some are great, some not, but that’s like all sites im guessing and the roomies are great. Just as a warning, their rules are changed a lot to accomadate them and please be aware that the withdrawal restrictions are quite harsh, but all in all I will say join the site and see for yourself.

King Jackpot UK User Name: Heather
User Rating:
Wednesday December 17th, 2014

There are no withdrawal restrictions if you don’t take the deposit bonus.

King Jackpot UK User Name: corydora
User Rating:
Sunday December 1st, 2013

Don’t be put off by having to download this. Been a member for ages, never had a problem due to this being a download and the site is one of my favourites. Excellent graphics, easy to navigate around the site/games. The cms are friendly although not many users chat in the slots room (probably too busy spinning those wheels) it has promotions when the cm turns up. I prefer the slots and have won so many times, but also lost. The wagering requirements are harsh but you can see how much you have left to wager by clicking onto your account. You can opt out of deposit bonus’ if wagering requirements are not your thing. Loads of deposit promotions by email, and phone calls once in a while with free cash to play with – quite a nice surprise as usually £10. Same with bingo liner, and bingo cafe. I have tried so many bingo sites but always come back to this one.

King Jackpot UK User Name: leedslassx
User Rating:
Wednesday May 1st, 2013

I’ve played at King Jackpot for four year and love this site. Lots of promotions, very friendly people and CMs r great as is live help when you need them. email promotions every month and promo codes sent in post. Birthday bonus and lots more. Give it a try – you mite like it x 🙂

King Jackpot UK User Name: Keketaylor
User Rating:
Wednesday April 3rd, 2013

Would not even bother. Newbies are limited on what they can do. Only allowed in one room, the same people win and only allowed 20 spins on slots. They may say it is free, but to do anything you need to make a deposit. I will be uninstalling this today and looking elsewhere for my bingo fix.

King Jackpot UK User Name: Lullaby
User Rating:
Wednesday February 27th, 2013

Mirror image of Bingo Liner. There are 8 bingo rooms but you can only enter the Newbies Romeo Lounge and cannot partake in any games, etc whilst using BB’s. Chat is poor. Games are 10p a piece and while there I noted no free games. I really don’t like the no entry signs, think it is very condescending. You are not allowed to participate in chat games if you haven’t deposited in 7 days. I feel this is quite harsh because they may be trying to stop new players using freebie funds to play but they are also putting off loyal players who may be sitting on some wins and just haven’t added to their bank in the last week. Very poor and boring show!! Have outstanding BB of £16.25 here but would rather watch tv.

King Jackpot UK User Name: Banshee
User Rating:
Sunday January 13th, 2013

KingJackpot is one of the better sites out there and user friendly with a friendly chat environment. It’s only let down is the awful minimum wager requirements, meaning you have to wager an awful lot before you can start to withdraw. This is the only thing that REALLY let’s it down, but it still gets a thumbs up because, it’s enjoyable.

King Jackpot UK User Name: zippo
User Rating:
Tuesday December 25th, 2012

Do yourself a favour and give this site a wide birth. You will be quick to notice the same people winning over and over even when game hopping – no-one is that lucky on a regular basis.You have been warned all you will do is lose money.

King Jackpot UK User Name: happydonut11
User Rating:
Saturday December 8th, 2012

The new player bonus is generous at King Jackpot, and there are plenty of games to enjoy. This site frequently sends promotional codes and bonuses, which is nice. The only downside is that the wagering requirements can creep up quite high and be difficult to meet. However, overall a great site.

King Jackpot UK User Name: footballman54
User Rating:
Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Minniemay, next time you deposit, if you say no to the deposit bonus you won’t have to fulfill any wagering requirements and you can withdraw straightaway.

King Jackpot UK User Name: bazaints
User Rating:
Sunday October 28th, 2012

King Jackpot is a downloaded site. Again there are nice people and lots of freebies sent to email. I’ve deposited a few times and will continue to do so.

King Jackpot UK User Name: pt
User Rating:
Monday April 30th, 2012

I had an awful time at King Jackpot. While I was playing there 1 lady was winning 8 times in 10 games. I spent a lot of money and won? guessed it 0 …be warned.

King Jackpot UK User Name: guccigirl
User Rating:
Saturday December 20th, 2014

hi i joined kingjackpot 4mths ago i downloaded i played i have got 49 pounds winnings ,and 25pounds bonus i logged out , for an hour tryed to log back in to no avail would not accept my username or password x funny alarm bells rang ,,, tried cms tried live help they must of downloaded the game at least 10times they changed my password, and infomed me it should be fine to go ahead and play ended chat ..logged in guess what it did not accept password,,i emailed accounts seven times no replys from them x they donot have phone lines to ring xx i remain to have money in my account ,, noone wants to help i have been totally ignored ,,,,,con do not give them ur money

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