S2 Ep 4: Figs in Wigs Astrology Bingo
Episode 4
Dabbing out Season 2 episode 4
Episode 4 of Dabbing Out sees Charlie ready for something a bit different – and you will never have seen bingo like this before!
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This episode takes Charlie to Southampton to meet Figs in Wigs – a performance group who have made bingo into an art form you will have never seen before.

Are you ready for the most unique bingo event ever featured in two series of Dabbing Out?

Charlie Shakespeare is at The Point Theatre in Eastleigh, Southampton to meet the Figs in Wigs for Astrology Bingo, a bingo game based on your own astrological chart.

Your favourite galactic gal pals, Figs in Wigs have created the world’s first ever cosmic game show for astrology lovers, bingo wingers and their sceptic friends. 

This bingo show needs a bit of prep before the event, but we can confirm it is well worth your time.  They need your date and time of birth to plan an astral chart bingo card that is unique to you. Take a look and see how it works.  Or check out the Figs in Wigs review page.

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