Join us for Series 2 of Dabbing Out with WhichBingo. This year Charlie tours the
Country visiting some of the more innovative entertainment events with bingo at their heart.
Watch as Charlies travels the country to some extraordinary bingo events and meets some special guests along the way.
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For Series 2, Charlie visits Manchester, Birmingham, Canterbury, Southampton and Liverpool to meet more people who are delivering the future of #bingo. Don’t miss the return of WhichBingo’s Dabbing Out!

Kim Woodburn at Buff Bingo Bottomless Brunch, Manchester

Dabbing Out Ep.1 25/1/24

Take a look at this picture. If a picture can speak a thousand words, what do you think this one is saying?
Was it before or after the visit Charlie and Kim made to Buff Bingo Bottomless Brunch, Manchester?

Indecent proposal?

Anything is possible when you put the indefatigable Kim Woodburn into a no-holds barred session of a Buff Bingo Bottomless Brunch.
If you’ve seen the trailer for series 2 of Dabbing Out, you know that there is plenty of fun to be had at all the new wave bingo events around the country. Make a date with Dabbing Out every Thursday at 5pm from 25th January 2024.

Watch the Dabbing Out Series 2 Here

All the Dabbing Out episodes will be found here as they are released and you can watch them in all their glory. From a date with Kim Woodburn at the raunchiest bingo game ever, to personalised bingo cards in Astrology Bingo, Charlie has seen it all during his travels. Watch now…

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Charlie's Highlights
WhichBingo’s Charlie Shalespeare visits five new bingo party events in Series 2 of Dabbing Out. Check out his highlights of each event.