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200% welcome bonus + up to £5 extra free

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Bingo Street opened in July 2011 and is the latest addition to the Joy of Bingo network on Dragonfish bingo software, so we are assured plenty of great promotions and big prizes and lots of fun. The fun starts as soon as a new member decides to deposit. First deposits from £5 to £100 will all attract a first deposit bonus of 200%. New players then get to go on and play the Shake the Signpost game to earn an additional welcome bonus of between 50p and £5.

All reloads will attract a 50% deposit bonus at Bingo Street.

Play free and cheap 75 and 90 ball bingo by using the Penny Stretcher rooms. Tickets here cost just 1p to 4p and free bingo is also available in two special rooms.

There is a wide selection of bingo rooms in the Bingo Hall offering 5 line, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo and tickets cost from just 5p.

Play in the Bingo Supermarket for just 5p to win £50, £500 & £5000 guaranteed jackpots There are extra £100 vouchers to be won every fortnight.

There is a whole neighbourhood of friendly chat hosts and roomies waiting at Bingo Street. 

Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedukash payments acceptedentropay payments accepted

Bingo Street is powered by Dragonfish.

Bingo Street is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Bingo Street player reviews

14 players have reviewed this site

  1. cancaitie says:
    Oh my what a terrible site. I do not think i have ever played at such a dire site in all my bingo life! I cannot express how bored i was. They only have 2 rooms open, both 90 ball rooms so if like me you like a go at the 75 avoid this site. They only had 17 players in the one room, however your chances of winning felt more like 1700-1 even when maxing cards as i was trying to play all my bonus money just so i could leave this site quickly. I really cannot believe that this site has not closed down by now. They do not have a lot to offer and would say avoid at all costs .
  2. bingobabble says:
    Please do not join this site . It is the biggest joke of all the bingo sites that I have ever come across. They constantly have issues with the site and take no responsibility what so ever for anything that goes wrong. Deniability has nothing on bingo street as they would rather totally ignore any requests or complaint from players and will tell you to email in with a query or complaint then never respond to anything and deny all knowledge of the issues to start with. So any players looking at joining this site my advice to you would be don’t - find another site and I wish you all good luck elsewhere.
  3. fancy that says:
    Quite a lot of green thumbs for Bingo Street and don't know why. The bingo has the poorest pots I've ever seen. When a player asked was the site always this quiet the CH says we are a friendly site, not busy one. Well friendly or not, it took 6 minutes for the slots to take my twenty pounds. I didn't get one win that was more than the 50p i was spinning on and the bingo pots were never going to put you back in the game as 75 ball room paid about 5 pounds. There was not one good bingo room where the pot was good. It's a wash out on this site.
  4. aslsl says:
    Bingo Street is a really good site on this network. When I last played I was able to withdraw winnings without losing my bonus which I like!
  5. XXXKRISXXX says:
    Bingo Street is in my top 5 of bingo sites. The bonuses are good, the slots are good and the bingo games are good too. I have won quite a lot of times at this site - although the winnings are not as good as some of the major sites. There are endless free games to play too which is a plus. Chat hosts are fabulous, other players are friendly and not cliquey and I have yet to witness any arguements break out in the chat rooms. I have not witnessed any endless repeated names winning either - although some people do have lucky days, but then they have not so lucky days too. It is good to chat to other regulars who I feel are actually genuine players. Well done Bingo Street, I am looking forward to staying with you next year.
  6. mary says:
    I found it so hard to win a bingo game at Bingo Street. Maxed tickets at five pound a time and never even got 1tg till the seventh game. 20 players, pot about 22 pounds and shared with 3 other players. 40 pounds in to Irish Luck slot game and never got the bonus round. Slot players will know that bonus rounds not always good, but on most sites it will show its face after giving it forty pounds. I play a lot of online bingo, but this is the worst one. I don't know why, but the same players win over and over again. Can just say it's never happened to me. It never happens on land bingo, just in cyber world. The site had quite a few problems tickets disappearing and the pattern in the 75 ball bingo not showing and you didn't know what numbers you needed. I won't play on this site again.
    • sylvia says:
      i agree the winners are all the same the hardest site ever to get a win only 20 players but never get near land bingo at least you get a chance
  7. Dawn says:
    I joined Bingo Street today after reading what seemed to be good reviews, but I'm afraid I do not agree. I only deposited a fiver and am I glad that I did. I know people go on a lot about the same winners, but I think people should be warned, it's shocking on there. I think it only fair that people know. I am fed up of these sites that get away with this and it shouldn't be allowed to happen. I've learnt a lot about bingo sites over the last few months and yes, it's the same story, the same winners all the time. I always find it worse in the bingo 75 room. There was no CH in the room so people were talking freely about it, then all of a sudden a CH came in. There were a few genuine winners I think, but I really do mean a few. I found the people in the chat rooms to be nice and friendly, we had a good laugh, but a lot were feeling very disgruntled and I can't honestly say I blame them. My advice would be to just deposit a fiver to see how you like it and make your own mind up. If it works out for you, you can always deposit more. A positive thing was that the wagering requirements aren't too bad and you can withdraw a minimum amount of 10 pound which is good as a lot of sites are upping it to 30 pound. I wouldn't recommend this site, but would say if you fancy having a go, just deposit a fiver and see how you get on, you may be one of the lucky ones.
  8. bingo madd says:
    I think Bingo Street is brilliant! I love online bingo and like to see new ones so I can take advantage of first deposit bonus offers. Instead of going on different sites for a few weeks I saved £50 to make my first deposit on Bingo Street and I am so pleased I did. I played my £50 on slots and banked £220 and still had £125 in bonus credit to play bingo and I won soooo many times! Unlike many other cassava sites it doesn't take away your bonus if you choose to withdraw all your winnings, this makes Bingo Street one of the best, if not THE best around. Chat hosts are friendly and I will deffo be playing there again :D
  9. Wendy says:
    Bingo Street is a good site to play on. The bonus and bingo points are good. I have won a few times. The majority of the time the winners have been in the chat room, so it was good to see people win who are genuine. Not many repeat winners so far (which makes a pleasant change), The hosts have always been friendly and helpful and there are always chat room games going on. Now on the downside, I deposited £10 and received bonus, but when I went to withdraw it stated you had to have deposited and played through £20 before making a withdrawal (something I was not made aware of at first). I had won £50, so I deposited another £10 (and got another £10 free in bonus money). I was then able to withdraw my £50 and still have £20 left to play with. It stated that the withdrawal would have to sit in the pending queue for 48 hours before it was processed and this also gave me the opportunity to reverse the transaction. I did not want to reverse the transaction, but the funds are still sitting in the pending queue, 3 days later! I withdrew on Monday and it is now Thursday! It also states that it can take up to 7 working days for the winnings to be credited back onto your debit card. So therefore I might not get my funds for 2 weeks! I am not going to deposit anymore money until I have received my winnings. Depending on how quick it takes for the money to arrive with me will be a deciding factor if I deposit again. Overall it is a good site though, just the withdrawing system lets it down.
    • Wendy says:
      It is now Friday, and received an email today stating that my winnings are being credited to me and to allow 4/7 working days for receipt. Not good really is it? 4 days minimum from today will be next Thursday - which makes it 10 days minimum to receive any winnings!
  10. Marc says:
    I have never had any luck on the Cassava sites but this one seems to be good for me. The site is differant and easy to navigate your way around. The bingo tickets and prizes are value for money. The welcome bonus is good, but beware, that you have to deposit £20 and play through your bonus a few times before you can withdraw. Saying that, I have won a lot of times on bingo and although you do see the odd 1 or 2 repeat winners, it does not happen a lot. The games seem fair to me, the chat host Theresa is lovely and most of the players in the rooms have been pleasant and chatty and witty. Also, most of the winners have been in the rooms and the winners have been rotated. This site is my favourite at the moment. The slots are not that bad either and you can play from as little as 1p per line. Well done Bingo Street, hope you keep up the good work.
  11. Liz says:
    I usually stay away now from most Cassava sites but this one had a good opening offer, and were only asking for a minimum first deposit of £5.00 in order to get a bonus. Therefore I couldnt see the harm in joinng Bingo Street. Am very pleased that I did. The layout is pretty cool and a bit different from the usual "same layout change of colour" that you normally get. There is a good range of games with prices to suit all budgets. I spun the signpost and got a £12.50 bonus on top of my fiver which I thought was good value. Have played a few games, only had one win, but often I have none so was very pleased with this The chat was fun and I was made to feel very welcome. You also get £2.00 free for signing up if you want to try it out first. Overall a very good experience and one I will return to in the future. Be aware that as usual for these sites, you need to have deposited and played through a minimum of £20.00 before you request a withdrawal.
  12. jb says:
    I joined Bingo Street and wow, what a gr8 site. Lots of fun, slots very good, bingo games gr8, chat host super. Well worth playing here

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