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4.9 stars
4.9 stars
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Costa Bingo
Costa Bingo
Costa Bingo
Costa Bingo

£5 bonus no deposit + 500% cash match

New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

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    About Costa Bingo

    Costa Bingo is a long established and well known bingo brand, helped in the past by TV advertising featuring X-Factor judge and ex-Spice Girl MelB taking giant strides around London, highlighting the 'giant jackpots' on offer at the site.

    The welcome offer is one of the best around, backed up by great games and an overall excellent online bingo and games package. The withdrawal time could be better, but a small gripe on an otherwise excellent bingo site.

    The promotions are constantly being updated and tend to be valid around events taking place in the real world or on TV and the prizes are always well thought out.

    New player offer

    Costa Bingo has a £5 free play with no deposit offer for new players. You do have to enter your bank or credit card details, but there is no obligation to make a deposit. Upon entering your details, you will be credited with £5 bonus funds, which can be used to play Costa Bingo straight away.

    New players that go on to make a deposit  get a 500% bonus on their first deposit of £5 or £10 - making up to £60 to play.*

    Every new player gets access to the special 1st Time Depositor Freebie room, with a free bingo game starting every hour with a £15 prize. 

    *New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.


    A total of 1500% in bonuses are paid on the first 10 deposits made at Costa Bingo. 150%, 125%, 100%, 125% are paid with codes TWO,THREE, FOUR and FIVE respectively. Then there's 50% on deposits 6 to 9 and another 300% on the 10th deposit with code TEN.

    Make any future deposits and you'll get reload bonuses of 50% each and every time. 

    Costa Bingo is famous for its selection of free bingo games and special events. There are free jackpot games as often as every three minutes across 9 different freebie rooms.

    Loyalty does not go unrewarded and re-depositors get their own free bingo room packed full of free bingo jackpots. Play for £15 prizes every 30 minutes every day a deposit is made.

    Look out for the great value Daily Specials and regular big money promo games.

    February Sepcial

    Win a Grand Holiday at Costa Bingo

    That's actually a holiday worth £500 and £500 of spending money. The big game itself plays on Valentine's Day itself on Sunday 14th February at 10.30pm and anyone can play at £5 a ticket. However, this is Costa Bingo so it is possible to win the cards to play along the way to the big day.

    The game is for funded players only and the offer is 5 cards for the game with every £20 deposited between the 4th and 13th February 2016 - that's on top of the standard 50% reload bonus. Cards will show in the room on 14th February.

    For those that are familiar with Costa Bingo and its sister sites, tickets for this months big game can also be obtained for 10 Diamonds each in the Diamond Store on site.

    Ts&Cs apply to all promotions - please see site for full details.

    Help and support

    • Help Room in chat
    • Tel: 0808 238 9881
    • Email:

    46 players have reviewed this site

    1. melcb melcb says:
      Great bingo room and fantastic welcome offer too!
    2. daviekeny daviekeny says:
      Costa Bingo is the same as the sister websites and offers you this bonus on sign up, but says they can't give you the bonus because your bank details failed (although im registered with the other dragonfish websites). They says I have to deposit from my bank first. Isn't going to happen though. These websites need to stop saying or emailing with offers there not going to give. My bank details were correct I double checked. I don't no why I tried to register, there games are rip offs anyway, they take more than they pay out.
    3. soundgirl83 soundgirl83 says:
      Still love costa bingo this was 1 of my first sites I joined in 2010 and still would recommend this bingo site i trust and so much going on and plenty of offers. Why not go check it out with a free £5 when you sign up :-)
    4. I registered at Costa Bingo last month. Pretty decent experience. Didn't win much though. But I loved their free bingo rooms. One of my friends recommended this site to me. She had a streak of luck. Mine was on the contrary. However, I like the layout of the site. Seems quite a fun site. Chat hosts were pretty fun. The site has a feel good experience.
    5. Donnastep Donnastep says:
      Joined this site a few months ago but didn't think much of it. Hard to win as too many players and it became quite addictive. Having heard many horror stories of winners not being paid out and owed thousands and having all their accounts closed if they closed one account kinda put me off. Beware of casava sites, I wasn't affected by their scams but plenty were.
    6. COOPERS COOPERS says:
      This site took hundreds of deposits off me and without warning shut my account as well as my Brits account and Cheeky and Wink. They let me put hundred pound in the night before they shut it. I am not the first. Some players have won and account shut before they could get winnings.
    7. bugsy2000 bugsy2000 says:
      Costa Bingo is a really good and fun online bingo site. Great slot games the bingo is good with good jackpots too. The hosts are fantastic as well. Best promotions so too is the bonuses. Also there are several disturbing reports that high ranking players are being banned for nothing expect winning several thousands and daring to withdraw.
    8. tiney54 tiney54 says:
      A word to the wise! I closed my account on Costa Bingo and now i find that they have closed all my accounts across the Cassava sites. Very strange. I am not happy at all as i joined Top Class Bingo recently and deposited £20 and now they have blocked that one as well. Why did they let me join and deposit, only to block me. This can't be right.
    9. wellwellwell wellwellwell says:
      I have now been in lengthy discussions with their security department as my account has been terminated. They refuse to discuss why it has been terminated and am now banned from all Cassava Enterprise sites due to this (most decent bingo sites). It appears if you have a decent sized win then there is a possibility this may happen to you. Awful experience with them and the manner in which they speak to you is also appalling.
    10. deenmicky deenmicky says:
      I used this site for years, but have recently had a whole lot of problems ie withdrawal refusal when i had enough funds, not receiving due winnings and very unhelpful staff, technical errors causing site to crash, not being able to play in free rooms. Costa it's not worth the effort - it's a waste of time and money!
      • xxdave666xx xxdave666xx says:
        deen be very careful how you deposit/withdraw because what you are saying is how cassava who run costa and loads more end up sending you an email stating you have being banned from all their sites for life for bonus abuse, you may think me bonus abuse never, so did i and they banned me and thousands more just google cassava banned players, and find out whats going on.
      • bugsy2000 bugsy2000 says:
        deen be very careful how you deposit/withdraw because what you are saying is how cassava who run costa and loads more end up sending you an email stating you have being banned from all their sites for life for bonus abuse, you may think me bonus abuse, never, so did i and they banned me and thousands more. just google cassava banned players, and find out whats going on.
    11. msjojo msjojo says:
      Costa Bingo has great bingo, lots of friendly chat rooms and a great choice of rooms to pick from.
    12. rachie155 rachie155 says:
      Good deposit bonus at Costa Bingo and my money lasted longer than other sites - not much longer though! Lots of choice of rooms so it gets a thumbs up for that. I did find it quite hard to win on though except for a bit of luck I had at the beginning. I didn't get a withdrawal out of this site and think it'd be pretty hard to make it up to the minimum £30 withdrawal rule they have. I had £60 to play with as I deposited £20 and got £40 bonus, it killed some time, but I probably won't be back as the money just goes too quickly on these sites.
    13. Alchemist Alchemist says:
      Are all these bingo sites owned by the same company, each one i go on says email already subscribed, but i suppose that is better than JPJ, SUN. FAB who are one company, yet you can join each with the same email.
    14. Bingocritic Bingocritic says:
      Costa is not a nice place to play on, I have used lots of bingo sites and yet I still find the same old problems cropping up here there and everywhere really. I feel that costa is the site where the same winners pop up all the time and the chat host's are programmed with 2 or 3 responses avoid.
    15. mackers42 mackers42 says:
      Costa Bingo site was good, pity about the operators CASSAVA ENTERPRISES. When they lock your account they lock you out off all sites run by them, City, Robin Hood, Foxy and Sing, but to name a few.
    16. msjojo msjojo says:
      I love Costa Bingo. It's easy to use, has lots of free bingo and good chat.
    17. littleme littleme says:
      Well what can i Costa Bingo the gaming layout is very easy to use and find your way around.
      Plus points...good choice of rooms, 4 free bingo rooms (not 24hrs though), free bingo rooms for various vip levels (if depo\'d within 7 days), fun chat games and nice hosts.
      Negative points...same name winners over and over. It never used to be like and it saddens me as I played there for quite a while, but this past 6 months or so you just feel robbed. And a lot of players who have played for some time with this site feel the same.
      We all play for fun and no one should play to chase money, but when it feels controlled rather than random then the fun is gone for me. I closed my account with them and wouldn't recommend here at all.
    18. pucchi pucchi says:
      Love Costa Bingo. You don't spend loads of money, but you do win on here and its diff winners too not like some sites!! Worth a visit. Hosts and roomies very friendly too when i do decide to open chat rooms.
    19. beana beana says:
      Costa Bingo has amazing games and hosts and also good slots.
    20. mazzabaz12 mazzabaz12 says:
      Costa Bingo is a great website with a wide range of games. I for one seem to win all the time and so would highly recommend.
    21. bazaints bazaints says:
      I find Costa bingo simple, not a lot to it, easy from log in to play game. Loads of freebies, but needs funkying up a bit, but all round it's a good site. It's good value for your money, would be number 10 in my top 10.
    22. slinxaminx slinxaminx says:
      Lots of fun games at Costa Bingo plus great Chat hosts :-)
    23. sexz79 sexz79 says:
      Costa Bingo is an excellent bingo site...I have been a member now for some time and also won enough money too deposit into my bank...110% fun
    24. anne anne says:
      A small site - some times only 30 players in a room and it's impossible to win. I don't believe any one ever wins enough to withdraw. They have all these promos telling u to get free access for 24 hours in a free bingo room, but forget to mention it shuts for most of the night, so u don't get the access they say. If u query it the cms basically tell u to hush up and stop stirring, always followed by a lol, just to make it sound friendlier. It's all geared up to have u dep as much as possible, but u won't win. Not sure who does actually, they always seem to be out of the room when they do, not a good site at all.
      • smeggie616 smeggie616 says:
        You never get money to withdraw playing bingo as the pots are small. You can win if you play slots - I've won on slots loads of times, but it is fair to say you win alot from the bingo
    25. radiator radiator says:
      I have played on Costa Bingo for about 3 years now and I find it great value and have won lots of times. I tend to play in the rooms with around 30 people and as with every site, some days you dont win at all but others I have won the FH more than once in the same session. I love the variety of promotions they have too, there is always something fun going on. You are bound to get loads of people in the free bingo room because it is FREE, so I dont think that is something to complain about really! Overall a great site, good customer service response and withdrawal period :)
    26. amandakiss amandakiss says:
      Friend recommended Costa Bingo to me, but got disappointed. Won a bit, but couldn't cash out and never bothered to login again.
      • susannah10 susannah10 says:
        I totally agree with you and all the other reviewers. This site is not to be trusted. I too signed up and found it a waste of time. Terms and conditions are very misleading and would recommend all to be very careful. I love bingo and found the best sites to be Virgin, Sun, and Jackpotjoy. I know sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, but I guess this is chance you take. However, I can say the sites I mentioned are to be trusted and you don't get ripped off. I find that if you give you regular site a break for 1 week then go back on, its seems you have a better chance of winning! Who knows! I might be wrong. Good luck in finding the right site
    27. ornament ornament says:
      My advice is don't play at Costa Bingo. The bonuses can be good, but u need to read the small print as it's not all its cracked up to be. Help will ban u from chat if u complain and don't go away quietly. On the phone if u complain they go ona dn on and don't listen to u.
    28. I had been a member at Costa Bingo since it started, but when I won £110 on a sister site all my accounts were closed. I sent an email to Costa saying convenient when I had deposited over £3,000 with them and couldn't get a win in free let alone funded and see all same names,but they said I was a professional player using bingo bonus. Doh! it was them sending me emails 'get £20 for £20', so like many others I take advantage and for that I'm banned from every site. Seems cassasva who run all the sites love taking your money, but don't like giving it out. I won't be playing bingo again, would rather keep my money.
    29. jules112 jules112 says:
      I love Costa bingo.They have a great sign up no deposit bonus. I have won a few quid also :):) x
      • soundgirl83 soundgirl83 says:
        I totally agree Costa Bingo is a great site. I love to play the slots on there too and have won quiet a few times on there.Defiantly a site I trust playing on x
    30. sarah5bb sarah5bb says:
      It's ok at Costa Bingo, but with so many players not much hope of winning and with so many rooms to play in money goes too fast
      • tazzyg tazzyg says:
        I totally agree. I have played since it opened and have never won on any of the free rooms.Far too difficult to win with so many players.
    31. susan whelan susan whelan says:
      I've been a member of Costa Bingo since February and in that 8 months I have deposited nearly £3,000in the hope of getting to be a platinum member and my invite still hasn't arrived.
      I tried to find out why and they say I still haven't reached the required criteria, but won't tell me what it is.

      I am disappointed that I have not made it yet and that I don't know what I have still to do. I haven't withdrawn ever either and I am coming to the conclusion that is it impossible to become a platinum member. I feel I have injected all that money into Costa for nothing.
    32. pauliney pauliney says:
      I have been with Costa Bingo ever since the site has opened and I have loved i.tIi know it has changed quite a bit recently and I wasn't too sure about it at first, but now I love it. People just don't like change, but once you get use to it you find it is better than the old way. I cannot recommend Costa enough to anyone. Both my daughters belong and they both love it. I forgot to put the promotional code in once when I deposited and when I went to the help room straight away they gave it to me. I also had to ring up the help line once which i found very helpful, fast and very efficient. Thank you Costa Bingo.
    33. WINGO WINGO says:
      Please be aware that Costa Bingo seem to be sending out emails telling you that you will get 150% bonus if you enter a code, but when you enter the code you only get 50%. I think this is their way to get to fund more because you're getting a bigger bonus, then they don't honour it and want you to send copies of email and call them and so on.
      As for help room - no help at all.
    34. kay kay says:
      Costa Bingo is offering £10 free play in exchange for all your details, including bank details. Now you think if you put all your details in and bank ones you would get the free £10 no deposit required. You would be very wrong, you don't. Me, my sister in law and several friends all arranged to join on Saturday and not one of us was given the free money.

      So instead of us all playing bingo in the same room having a chat I was asking help y I did not get the free money as I had provided them with a valid card. They said card had not been verified. Nothing wrong with my card I said. I don't know all the ins and outs the CH said aboutb free money. You would validate my card quick smart if I deposited. Then I said could she remove me from Costas system as they had obtained all my detail with a false promise of free money. No the CH said, but I can close your account.

      I won't be giving Costa a go 4 real, not when the first day I joined I was falsely promised free money. I feel my details were falsely taken and they would not wipe them from their system.

      I had no problem getting free money from Diva Bingo and I went on 2 deposit on Diva which is a very nice bingo site and honest - it said free fiver and I got a free fiver.

    35. B B says:
      I'm a big fan of Costa Bingo, but I'm afraid to say I'm starting to believe what people are saying about mystery winners and robot wins. It has got so hard to win on Costa it seems pointless playing.The hosts are very good, but can ban you for anything - it seems their word is law. When they offer a bonus its harder to win.
      • senga senga says:
        Costa Bingo is very hard site to win on. My first run in was about the free £10 I was promised in exchange for joining which I never got. Some CH said card not verified, but had no problem with my card when I deposited. Didn't even get a flasher. Don't think Costas a nice site.
    36. claireandellis claireandellis says:
      Costa Bingo is very helpful and always up for a laugh. No real complaints, but I just wish the money that you win would go into your bank account quicker than 7 days - lol.
    37. No name No name says:
      When I first joined Costa Bingo it was good and there was free bingo, but now they have changed it and players need to deposit every 7 days to gain access into 3 of the free rooms ... they are clever - they have done it so players deposit less and spread their money over a period of time, so they give out less bonus money. Many of the sites CM`s kick out players and ban for no reason and management give the impression they don't care about players views. Costa Bingo has just gone down hill after its first month online.......
      • susan whelan susan whelan says:
        Well it's gone seriously downhill in my estimation now. Not happy with Free room for newbies as I have friends and we all joined in stages and every time the same names were in free room - how can that be if you can only be in there for 24 hours? Also there are several disturbing reports that high ranking players are being banned for nothing expect winning several thousands and daring to withdraw.
    38. debbie killick debbie killick says:
      Really fun site, great instant games and really friendly players. The hosts are fantastic to.

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£5 bonus no deposit + 500% cash match

New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

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