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This Virtue Fusion operated site closed its doors in early February 2017. If you think you have any funds sitting on the account or any queries you have a short window of opportunity to contact the site via


New player offer

300% bingo bonus, 99 free bingo tickets and a thank you gift of a bag of Thornton's Chocolates waiting for all new players.*

Spend £10 play with £40 at Sea Bingo. That's a £10 multi-varient bonus for use in the exclusive Sea Bingo Members Room and a £20 standard bingo bonus for use in any of the other bingo rooms at the site.

That first £10 deposit and spend will also trigger a chocolate based freebie from Sea Bingo. A free bag of Thornton's chocolates will find its way to your door just for being an active player at the site and spending that £10.

As if that is not enough there is also a further freebie of 99 free bingo tickets for the exclusive Seabie room jackpot game triggered by the spend. These will hit players accounts towards the end of the month in which they join.

The first £10 deposit can be spent on bingo games or from a list of selected slot games to qualify for the bonus funds.

*New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

Other promotions

£1,500 Jackpot Game - monthly game in special Seabie room.  You have to be in the room to activate your free tickets for the chance to win. One line is worth £175, two lines pays £325 and the full house is worth £1,000.

BingoLinx - 10 BingoLinx games every day. Tickets usually 50p each except on Value Night each month when they will be 10p.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo
  • Speed Bingo
  • Slots
  • Scratchcards

Mobile and tablet

Enjoy a selection of bingo and other games on both iOS and Android mobile devices via the mobile browsers. Sea Bingo has been built with mobile players in mind, hence its clean lines and segmented sections.

The site is fully responsive and the design ensures that the site is enjoyable and easy to navigate by mobile users.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: 5-10 working days
  • Bingo wagering requirement: 3x bingo bonuses

Multi-varient bonus must be wagered in Members room.

Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

No limit on number of withdrawals other than £10,000 in a single transaction.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Tel: 0800 009 6195
  • Email:


Play bingo either traditionally with all the cards in view or with the new simplified view, which is ideal for mobile users. This shows only the last five numbers required to achieve a win.

The Members Only room is a great way  for Sea Bingo players to get to know each other and play and win together. Remember much of the first deposit bonus must be spent here. Much of the day it is a free bingo room, with Superbooks option. The Superbooks are 5p each and during the day and so it costs just £1.80 to max and there is £10 each on the line, two lines and full house up for grabs.

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    Sea Bingo Player Reviews

    16 players have reviewed this site

    1. itsme

      User Rating:User rating is 1.0 stars

      I have been a member for a while mainly due to 3 hours of free bingo everyday which has to be a bonus. However there are some issues with the site which needs to be addressed. Very often in chat room, particularly during free bingo there does seem to be a certain group of roomies who kind of take control. some can be quite rude and only see there own points of views. They will complain about this and that but if someone from outside has a problem they will often get told to shut up or such like, and I have often noticed other players being talked about daily and the CMs seem to do nothing. Its almost as though they are afraid of upsetting this group and in fact one even joins in with the mocking and micky taking. Surely that cant be right? Very unfriendly if your name is not on the list, not the kind of chat room that you really would want to take part in.
    2. lia

      User Rating:User rating is 1.0 stars

      I recently joined Sea Bingo, what a joke site. They sent me a code to enter when I made my 1st deposit of 10.00, so not only would I get my 30.00 bonus I would get a bit extra, plus 99 free bingo cards, and of course the chocs. Well I joined and got absolutely nothing that was promised by this site, I'm not even bothered about the chocs, but I resent sites conning money off me by lying and making promises they have no intention of keeping. I did email them but surprise surprise they did not answer me back. Avoid is my view.
    3. Duedrop355

      I've just joined, didn't get no bonus, very disappointing site.
    4. welshie1969

      User Rating:User rating is 1.0 stars

      I joined Sea Bingo due to their only 1x wager.. I actualy won enough to meet wager, all good i thought.. you wager 20.00 on bingo then 10.00 on multi variant and this is where i hit the snag.

      I can only play after 9pm and only multi variant room open is the sea room.. i had already met wager on other bingo rooms, so only had to wager 10.00 on multi variant.. should be easy, yes? NO!

      The room had only 2 players myself and someone else, so every game got cancelled as "not enough players".. so as this is the only multi variant room open after 9pm and only 2 players.. how am i supposed to make the wager to allow me to withdraw.

      I spoke to the CM who said but we are a new site and just building up... Am i supposed to wait for the site to get more players before i can meet my wager?

      Surely that's against Cogra rules, as any wager has to be fair and achievable at any time.. not limited to a specific time of day . particularly as not all players can play at specific times.

      I for one witll not be returning - avoid. No live help , lack of support, impossible wagers if you can only play at certain hours.

    5. tammy123

      User Rating:User rating is 1.0 stars

      I mean come on which bingo were not stupid. How has this site got a 4.6 out of 5 rating when out of 16 reviews only 3 were positive Listen to the players. Logging in an opening rooms and coming out is not a review its a tour and u no everything looks good on a tour.

      I read the comments and looked at your rating an thought i would join. I spoke to CM in the room asked about welcome bonus and what i would get and after speaking to her i topped up. When i spent my deposit all on bingo i did not get the welcome bonus. When i asked CM was shocked that she confirmed it was a known issue and players not getting there bonus credited auto. i was stunned. Why was this information not given to me when i was asking her about the welcome bonus? Her reply was for me to call customer service and i cannot call 0800 numbers of my mobile for free so it was a charged call. Guess what! Lines closed. It was only 4.30. What bingo customer service closes before 4.30 in the day? I was really frustrated. I'm now being told to email, but no one is in to pick up the email so scratching my head as to why i would do that.

      Nasty comments from a group of roomies not stopped by CM. I felt out of place on this site and CM not very welcoming for new players. i nearly fell of my chair when the cm commented on the rating of the site from which bingo and then for the cheek that they wouldn't be surprised if they got award at next yrs which bingo awards!

      I think the site is awful. The layout is awful and all the things that draw you to play on virtue fusion like good game selection, good slots, ease of pre buying tickets, play in 2 or 3 rooms at a same time, free daily scratch card, dedicated customer service teams etc., forget all about this if you join Sea. Chat an slots take up majority of room and cannot play in different rooms without jumping from room to room. Slot selection very weak. oh yes before i forget, all rooms linked to one chat which is mostly the die hard groupies playing free bingo in the Members room which has to be the most boring room in the history of any bingo site.

    6. WhichBingo Anita

      Hi tammy123. At WhichBingo it is policy to visit and play as many bingo sites as possible before reviewing them and this was the case with Sea Bingo. In fact I have been back a number of times since the initial review.

      Our reviews are mainly objective, being based on set criteria such as welcome bonus, wagering requirements, games and rooms available and service (which we had no problem with). The review rating is not based on player review activity.

      Sea Bingo scores better than comparable site Scarlet Bingo as it has its own standalone room and it has much more favourable wagering requirements - yet you personally prefer Scarlet (based on a separate review received).

      The reference to the WhichBingo Awards is encouraging. It means they are a recognised standard to aspire to and we are sure that they are taking all the negative comments into account and they will be addressed over time as it is only happy players voting for them that can help them win.

    7. SUKINA

      User Rating:User rating is 1.0 stars

      Dreadful bingo site (my personal opinion) - registered an account and then got a server error message. Contacted "support" but no reply. Tried to log in again today but still same Error Message and asking me to contact customer support - erm is there any customer support Useless - its a big NO from me.
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