Journey to Chaos Slot Review

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RTP: 95.56%

Journey to Chaos is one of the first releases from hot new game developer RAW iGaming. First appearing in January 2022, Journey to Chaos features the innovative new game mechanic SuperSlice®, where instead of the normal rotating reels we have all come to expect, you get a spinning wheel in its place.

Theme Ancient Egypt
Game type Video Slot
Release Date 2022
Bonus Rounds Yes
Software provider RAW iGaming
Scatter Yes
Free spins Yes
Updated May 25, 2023

Game Screenshots

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Slices take the place of symbols, and the number of slices you get can vary between 2 and 12, so the gameplay changes with every spin.

The ancient Egypt theme of the game is beautifully designed, and it looks brilliant on any sort of device with a range of stunning animations.

As RAW iGaming is very new to the online gaming business (it only got going in March 2021), you won’t be able to play Journey to Chaos everywhere, but you can check it out for yourself at a growing number of our recommended UK slot sites.

How to play  

You won’t see any normal slot game reels when you play Journey to Chaos; instead there is a spinning wheel which the symbols land on (similar to a big wheel game). The number of slices (the name for symbols) changes on every spin, so it’s a very dynamic game where no two spins are the same.

The God characters are there to guide your journey, and with each win the wheel cascades and you progress to the next God’s wheel, picking up win multipliers along the way — Thoth 1x, Horus 2x, Osiris 3x, Geb 4x, and Ra 2x or 3x.

Once you reach Ra’s wheel, you can also pick up a 5x multiplier, or 8 or 12 free spins — but you can also end up with nada!

The ultimate is when Ra grants you access to the wheel of the God of Chaos, Naunet, where she ushers you into the Chaos Spins feature and the chance to land a huge jackpot prize of 15,000x your bet.

The minimum bet on Journey to Chaos is £0.10 with a maximum wager of £15. The biggest win on each of the Gods’ wheels are:

  • Horus: 20x bet (up to £300)
  • Osiris: 40x bet (up to £600)
  • Geb: 100x bet (up to £1,500)
  • Ra: 500x bet (up to £7,500)


The biggest jackpot win on Journey to Chaos is 15,000x your total bet (£225,000 when you’re betting the maximum coin size of £15), which you can land during the Chaos Spins feature.

The RTP of Journey to Chaos can vary, from 90.38% to 95.56%.

Special features

Free spins bonus round

Once you have reached Ra’s wheel, he can potentially award you either 8 or 12 free spins. During the free spins bonus, which is played on its own special Temple wheel, all God multipliers are doubled, and you can win additional free spins as well.

Chaos Spins feature

If Ra opens the gate to the Chaos Spins feature, Naunet steals the multipliers of the other Gods and awards them to you, with no limit on how many multipliers you can get before you hit Collect and pick up your win. You can even score an extra 2x or 3x multiplier on your total win at the end of the feature.

Graphics and Sounds

Ancient Egypt has always been a hugely popular slot game theme, but not everyone does it as well as RAW iGaming. The spinning wheel is visually stunning, and each God has their own individual style and design, while the setting moves from a desert, to an oasis, to a Pharaoh’s tomb as you progress through the cascading wheels. Just as the gameplay is always on the move, the way the game looks is constantly changing as well, with really eye catching animations and transitions from one wheel to the next.


Although this new game mechanic looks different to any other slot you’ve played, it’s actually pretty easy to get a handle on, so don’t be put off! After a few spins, you’ll be able to see how it all works, and you can start to enjoy the hunt for big wins. The cascading wheels give you a sense of going on a journey, picking up different rewards along the way, so the game has a strong story to it as well.

Fans of high volatility slots are really going to enjoy Journey to Chaos, and the different multipliers at every stage mean you are never too far away from a major win.

Expand your playing horizons and go on an adventurous journey throughout the mystical world of the Egyptian Gods. Check out Journey to Chaos and the exciting new SuperSlice® game mechanic for yourself at any of our recommended UK slot sites.

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User Reviews

Based on 1 review
November 6th, 2022, 10:34
User rating:
I played this game on 20p stake so I could learn how the game works.. I was the on jackpotjoy site. I have to say it is one of the poorest games I have played in all my ten years gambling. It won on average every 5th spin, but only about 2p or 4p. I think my biggest win was £1.02 I spun through £45 at 20p with no sign of a feature. Nothing happening except lose, lose lose. Pretty shocking and I only gave one star as I couldn’t leave none!