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Deposit £10, play with £40

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New player offer

New players will receive a 300% bingo bonus on first deposits made buy new players of £5 to £50.

Other promotions

Free bingo is a daily feature at the site and when you go on to pay to play tickets are priced from just 1p each. The schedule is clearly laid out so players can find their favourite games and pre-buy their tickets.

There is  BOGOF bingo every day of the week and lots of other great offers. 

Every month there are some huge jackpots to be won at Dream Bingo:

£1,000 Guaranteed - every Friday and Saturday at 10pm. 25p a ticket, but also BOGOF.

High5 - £50 Fixed Jackpot every day 2pm to 10pm.

£600 Fiesta - plays daily 5pm to 7pm.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Speed Bingo
  • Slots
  • Casino Games

Every room features a generous progressive jackpot and the chat hosts are really friendly and fun.

Mobile and tablet

Access the mobile version of the site by inputting the URL into the device mobile browser.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £20
  • Processing time: 7 days
  • Bingo wagering requirement*: 5x

*Wagering requirement amount is based on first deposit and play through on bingo games only. Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Winnings from first deposit capped at 6x first deposit

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Tel: 0808 238 0021
  • Email: support@dreambingo.com


Dream Bingo has been around for some time and is well established and popular with its player base. This bingo site operates on Microgaming state of the art bingo software. The site underwent a dramatic makeover in September 2014 and adopted a much more grown up, but softer, feel. The same great value and friendly ethos remain.

The games schedule had a major overhaul in March 2015 and the limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased with bonus money was removed in all bingo rooms expect Day Dreamer. All jackpot and progressive jackpot games do require tickets to be purchased from a cash balance. 

Dream Bingo TV advert

Welcome offers and top promotions are often highlighted via TV advertising. This Dream Bingo advert is from March 2015.

Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedskrill payments acceptedukash payments acceptedeco payments accepted

Dream Bingo is powered by Microgaming.

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Dream Bingo player reviews

59 players have reviewed this site

  1. Thirteen says:
    This site used to be my second home, I deposited hundreds each week and enjoyed good slot and bingo wins and a good laugh in chat with fab chat hosts and players! I went on to play tonight and what a big change for the worst! The hosts are so grumpy and seem to have no sense of humour! It took a host easy half an hour to reply to a simple question and when they did they were rude!!! All they talked about when they did finally speak was cricket and football - yawn!!! If things don't improve I won't be staying on this site it's rubbish now!
  2. cupcake says:
    This is the worst bingo site I have ever played on. When you get your signup bingo bonus, you kind of assume that you can use it playing bingo, not so, you can only play very low key games with small house values. You are limited to the number tickets you can buy as well. I would not recommend this site to anyone.
  3. I joined dream bingo a few weeks bk was finding it hard to get used to games and the chat hosts didnt know much kept sending me to live help. then i aw a player come in last week n try and sort a problem out the chat host that wasvery rude and unprofessional, was shocked so closed account n left.
  4. joey101 says:
    This bingo site is absolute rubbish. Money is ridiculously low they must be making a fortune. Can only play on certain games with bonus money. Suspect they rely on new players as I certainly wont be depositing any more money and I'm sure there will be many more like me. Don't go there.
  5. sky yellow says:
    Absolute rubbish by far worse bingo sit i have played they give big bingo bonus for joining , but most games are cash only. the games you can use your bingo bonus in you stake is more than you can win. ive got £60 BINGO BONUS in there and going to leave it there, very boring.
  6. Andra24 says:
    Joined Dream Bingo and got 20.00 bonus to play, but this bonus is limited. I could only buy tickets in 2 rooms and max 6 tickets, but not every game, only once in a while. I gave up quick. I really don't like this sort of restriction ...can`t understand why they give bonuses ...theres no chance to win with 6 tickets.
  7. sho123 says:
    I have been a member of Dream bingo for a while now and i have never had any problems. I love playing the slots and this site i feel is value for money. Obviously you win some lose some but unlike some sites i have never felt it has just eaten my money. Hosts and live help is fantastic and i have never had a problem with withdrawing. Dream bingo has given me some big wins and payed out without any problems. I have played on various sites, but this site is far the best.
  8. stacy dunn says:
    Worst site ever. 1st of all the prize pots are rubbish. They don't have a lot of rooms so the rooms are crowded and the prize pot is a few quid. Secondly the bonus money you get you can only buy 6 cards per game, so complete waste of time - you don't even get near 1tg. I love bingo, but this is the worst one I have come across.
  9. Do not use!!! I won 2000 and first they needed id so i sent this over then they reset all my balances and said i was guilty of irregular betting. Find another site this is a joke. I was messed around for over two weeks before getting an answer.
  10. Nanofthree says:
    This site is a joke. The tickets are 10p each and the full houses pay out under £5. There are big money games now and again, but if you only have bonus funds in your account you are not allowed to play. And the games that you are allowed to play on bonus they only allow you to buy 6 ticks max. Also a very boring site. Would avoid at all costs!!
  11. Father says:
    Joined this site and deposited £10 and had a £30 bonus. You spend your deposit first (which didn't last that long) and then you're left with your bonus to spend. You are restricted to what rooms you can play in on bonus and can only buy 2 tickets at a time, soo boring won't be returning.
  12. djsync says:
    Well I joined this site at 7pm and got them to close my account at 9.30pm. Has got to be the worst site I have ever experienced. Received an email saying 500% deposit bonus plus £15 free. So I deposited £10. I then had to go to live help to get my bonus put on, that was no problem. I played my £10 cash plus £10 casino bonus which then left me with £55 bbz. What they fail to tell you is that you can only buy 4 strips per game at 10p each. I've got £55 to spend in bonus money. Anyway someone else was asking in chat why you can only buy 4, to which the ch started saying if you carry on negative chat you will be muted !! I don't often speak in chat, but I felt the need to say to the ch that I thought they were being a bit strict as the person was only asking a question.... I then got taken to private chat were the ch explained they wont stand for negative chat as it gets out of hand?? I said my piece to the ch which wasn't bad just that I thought they were a bit strict and when i tried to return to chat I had been banned !! I'm a member of most bingo sites and have never been banned from chat in my life. I went straight to live help and explained what happened and got them to close my account immediately and it still has £51.20 in bonus money. I wasn't prepared to sit through 128 games with only 4 tickets and no chat. lol.... Stay well clear of this site, bonus money is not worth a carrot and if you dare say anything you will be banned from chat. Save your money for the fun sites out there, where you can have a laugh and at least buy decent amount of cards with your bonus money. xx
  13. marysart says:
    Its one big con, yes you get a healthy bonus, what they don't tell you is that once your paid funds have run out you're limited to buying 6 tickets with the bonus money, therefore you've no chance of winning. Plenty of other bingo sites out there, stay away from this one.
  14. kissifur says:
    Please avoid this this site at all costs, virtually unable to withdraw any winnings from this site because there are "bonus" in account, there are always some sort of bonus in account, only an idiot would play on this site twice.
  15. Dream Bingo has a good mobile site with plenty of random bonuses issued. Good range of slots, scratchcards and bingo games i ccan spend many happy hours and lots of cash here. Young vibe and fast site. You have nothing to lose come and join in ther fun for all
  16. SnaykEyes says:
    This place is a waste of time. Even if you do end up winning a decent amount of money you find out that a maximum of $2500 per month can be withdrawn yet there are no restrictions on deposits of course. They will allow you to spend up to $300 a spin on the pokies but have the hide to cap your withdrawals. Bad mistake on their part because they won't be getting any more from me...
  17. blackiecats says:
    One to definitely avoid! Don't get swayed by the big bonus money they offer because it's just about worthless! I joined this site recently to give it a try as it offered 500% bonus plus 50 free spins on a slot. However I had to go to live chat twice to get them credited, though the live help was friendly enough both times. Once credited the free spins were ok and £10 of my deposit bonus was for the slots (which I played through as well as my initial £10 deposit) That then left me with £55 (included £15 sign up no deposit bonus) This is when I learned just how bad this site is... the bonus money for bingo is just about worthless as you are limited to 6 tickets from bonus funds on the games with the better full house pot (£20+) You'd have to be extremely lucky to win anything by only being able to buy so few tickets! Then on the games where you can buy multiples of tickets, the full house was only £5 at best! So you could spend £5 in bonus funds on tickets and the full house would be £5 (despite 30 or more players!) To me that doesn't make any sense, other than the bonus funds are worthless. When asking about this and calling the bonus funds worthless, I was told the bonus are free money and are only for fun and to try the site out with... do you really need a £55 bonus to try a site out? Yes the £15 no deposit was free, but I deposited my own money to get the deposit bonus so that wasn't exactly 'free'. The chat host said to stop be negative or be removed from the chat. Also there are games every so often where bonus funds can't be used, so you have to leave that room and enter another one every so often. Why not have a jackpot room separate for those playing with real money? The wagering requirements are strange and confusing. You have to wager x2 your bonus and deposit (which is fine) but wagering doesn't begin until you made your 2nd deposit...and you can't make a withdrawal within the first 14 days of signing up. I have to say I've played many Bingo sites over the last 2 years, but this is the most ridiculous withdrawal terms I've EVER encountered on any site (good or bad) I've ever played on. I found this site awful and boring. I just couldn't wait to use up all the worthless bonus funds I'd been given as I knew buying 6 tickets each game would even win me a couple of quid on a single line. I am just happy it was only £10 I've wasted and nothing more. There are many other Bingo sites out there that give you bonus money which can be played on bingo games AND wagering requirements can be completed if your lucky to win a few full houses. At Dream Bingo this is IMPOSSIBLE. Won't be playing there ever again.
  18. mountain says:
    Quite enjoyed Dream Bingo until I won a little bit and they now want me to send documents to claim my winnings. Didn't want to prove who I was when I was depositing. It seems very strange and this is the first site that's asked for verification. Is this a normal request ??????
    • WhichBingo Anita Site Administrator says:
      Hi Mountain. I can honestly say that the request for id is perfectly normal and many bingo sites now have this requirement as a matter of routine. You can cover many of the crucial details on cards. Once you have the items scanned in to your computer you can attach them to an e-mail to the relevant bingo site quite easily.
  19. kkaayyss says:
    Always getting emails from bingo sites saying free money in your account. Now we all know there is no free money most times - it's a con to get you to deposit. Well I got a nice surprise from Dream bingo - 20 pounds slots bonus and 5 pound in bbs. I have only ever deposited on this site once and it's gave me more than all the other sites I am a member of put together.
  20. annir9 says:
    I think I have a mixed views about this site...Can we have an ‘Unsure button’? lol. Loved the free money. Wouldn’t anyone? The payouts where good (not amazing, but not as bad as some are making out). The hosts on the site vary every day, some visits I will have a lovely host who is brilliant but other days there are some rude ones. I love to play bingo, but I also love a good chat. Promotions at Dream are ace! There is always something available no matter what time of day I play and I love the guaranteed jackpot games, so because of this I think I will give them a thumbs up!
  21. clairehkay says:
    I won £2,400 on Dream Bingo last week, chuffed to bits with this. I also got a free teddy which I didn't think would arrive so soon, gave that to my little boy. The chat team is really friendly which is what I like the most as well as winning some money. Worth checking out. xx xx
  22. welshdruid69 says:
    Dream Bingo is a fantastic site, it gives excellent loyalty bonuses and the staff and chat hosts are all friendly. I like this site because it gives you a fantastic sign up bonus. The bingo games you can access as a depositer are fantastic and you get chatgames that are fun and easy to play. Also, there are special jackpot games which reward you if you bingo in a certain amount of numbers. I have had some nice wins from the site.
  23. TheMeerkat says:
    Dream on. Most of your bingo stake monies increase the progressive jackpots or go in consultation pots, not much is contributed to the overall full house prizes. For instance their "Consolation Station" bingo games, (if you miss the Full House by just one number, you’ll receive a cut of the consolatory cash). I saw consolation winners receiving more than the actual full house winners!?. Other bingo games, such as Special Jackpots and Mini Special Jackpots, where your full house prize is determined on the colour or number of the last ball called is just plain nuts. I also have never seen so many consistently low prize money games when there are a large number playing. Chat hosts seem clueless if you ask questions and the site has one of the most ungenerous loyalty point schemes I have seen. Give this place a miss - it is, in my opinion, in the bottom 10 of the 100 worse bingo sites.
  24. Sue Denholm says:
    What an awful site! The ticket prices are pretty high, and regardless how many people are in the game, the house prize never goes over 3.00! There is no sense of community, the hosts are not that good and don't seem to know much about any of the promotions. I asked if there were any big money games, she replied "not sure, check the other rooms!" I stupidly deposited without reading the reviews 1st, I played my cash, my bonus is still there, they can keep it! I won't be back. Really bad for a site advertised on telly.
  25. Oddsock says:
    Absolutely awful. Pitiful pots and the chatroom monitors go mad if you mention how bad they are, 'all negative comments are barred' . The 'free money' can only be used to purchase tickets for the dreadful 10 quid full house games, other than that it's cash up front at Dream Bingo.
    • bobval says:
      cant believe this site no chance of wagering your bonus when you can only win £5 for 10p tickets,when you played your deposit you cant get on big money games unless you deposit again so your bonus is just waste when its only allowed to be used on £5 houses, dont believe anyone in there right mind would deposit again, i certainley wont be.not patch on coral or mecca
      • blackiecats says:
        Totally agree bobval, the bonus is just pointless, why bother to even offer it? I'm also surprised anyone would re-deposit on this site as well. I learned my lesson and won't be returning.
  26. Lullaby says:
    Awful. Found Dream Bingo to be confusing and slow to load, also inconsistent as some games are advertised in pounds and others in dollars. Non depositers can't claim jackpot nor play side games. Advertising February Deals when we are already in March. I found the chat rude and whilst the host did mute the player it wasn't soon enough!
  27. rw5340 says:
    Joined Dream Bingo and had no end of issues.......Win4meplzzzz: I tried and tried to deposit with no luck. card refused.....I have contacted my bank many times and they do not see any attempt to request funds to deposit , my account is good, excellent in fact and I am wasting my time here trying.Site looks good too, very similar to Butlers bingo!I was messed around continually - waste of time!
  28. drewbert73 says:
    Dream Bingo is easy to join and a good site to play, not very straight forward about your free no deposit bonus. All round quite good, 8 out of 10.
  29. mazchelle says:
    I have played 200 pound if not more on dark knight at Dream Bingo and never once been given a bonus, yet when you go on chat they mute you off not to let other people know you are over spending on a game which if lucky you may only win half your play money back. I would stay well clear.
  30. maggiemack says:
    I registered with Dream Bingo and i think it is one of the best sites going, they are always sending you great offers like deposit specials and free spins.....10/10 fantastic
  31. I played Dream Bingo a few times, but found it confusing, had games in dollars??? Didn't win anything even though i deposited; i gave it a go but not really happy with it.
  32. Lincsguy says:
    Avoid. 153 people playing bingo at 10p a card (buy 6 get 6 free) Min 6 cards per player by my maths makes around 90 pound min, Dream pot size 27.50. Played slots - once you withdraw don't expect to win again for at least 48 hours regardless of amount you spend. Tried and tested this 8 times and while your withdrawal is on the 48 hour reversal you will not win unless you reverse it all.Then comes withdrawing itself. A Nightmare. Clueless customer service.
    • Ridrod says:
      Hello,,,, I can't believe what i am reading as Dream Bingo slots is a no brainer win win slots mecca. I'll give u the bit about the bingo as there is way too many players and the prize money doesn't add up right to me. Plus if u buy max tickets it costs you nearly as much as the full house prize money, so it's a waste of time, but the video slots are by far the best I've played andI've played a lot, trust me. You should try Harrys Casino - good bonuses and big pay outs even if u play 25p a spin. Good luck.
  33. Ravrav says:
    I came accross Dream Bingo by accident, I love the layout and games availale. I'm surprised its not advertised more. If you're looking for a new and fun experience head to Dream Bingo.
  34. msjojo says:
    I found Dream Bingo to be an awful site. You cant play games all the time due to insufficient funds when you do have. Won't go again.
  35. natjayk says:
    I used the Dream Bingo free £15, but wont be depositing. Found it boring, only 3 rooms and a free room through day. Not a win from from the free 15. Chat boring too.
  36. What a rip off. I wagered £20 and got £80 bonus at Dream Bingo. Yes that sounds great - until i tried to play with bonus money after £20 disappeared in what seemed like seconds. Was unable to play on most games or had limited amount of tickets you could buy as it was bonus money i was now playing with. And then this is the best bit - got down to around £28 and clicked on max tickets for 15p tickets game and suddenly realized i had 4p left. It allowed me to buy 177 tickets approx. for a £5 pot which was divided between 1 line, 2 lines and full house. (yes work that one out). Ok there was only about 15 players, but what was that about. When i said this to chat host i was told not to buy so many tickets in future. You know my answer to that, i wont be buying any tickets from DREAM BINGO in the future.
  37. fancy that says:
    Joined Dream Bingo got 15 pounds free no problem there. They said 15 pounds and they gave it. While playing bingo, red box appeared saying no funds. I did have funds, but still you are not allowed to play a lot of the games with bonus so it made it quite boring. On chat a player kept asking why she could not buy any tickets - you are playing with free money the CH said. Free? the player said, I've deposited. Bonus is free money CH said again. So there are still restrictions as what you can do EVEN AFTER YOU HAVE MADE A DEPOSIT. You are limited to how many tickets you can purchase and what games you can play. I said to the player it was bad she had made a deposit and was the same as I was and still couldn't play as i had not made a deposit. Well the room exploded like a bomb. I was told to go away, the player was told to stop moaning, the CH again pointed out the player had free money. It wasn't free i said, she made a deposit to get it and the site gives you 300% on first deposit. I said that's an offer, not free money. Felt sorry for the player, but glad i made no deposit. The CH was not very nice, the players were rude. Will never deposit on this site and wouldn't play on it even if it was free. Bored me to death.
  38. hillymay says:
    This is the worse bingo site I have ever, repeat ever, played. Most of the games are not playable with the bonus they so magnanimously give you, and the ticket costs in comparison to the prizes is quite ridiculous. Keep your money in your pocket, it is an absolute nightmare not a 'Dream'. I hate it!
    • Ms Bingo says:
      Must disagree, Roger's bingo is worse.
  39. lisaj33 says:
    Dream Bingo is ok to play at, but horrendous wagering requirements. Won £911 (on slots) and wouldn't let me withdraw until I got down to £400. Then still got an email saying sorry you only spent £11 on bingo and you need to have spent £20! Needless to say once I finally get my money they can go whistle!
    • lisaj33 says:
      Also now just found out that you cannot withdraw within 14 days of joining, once i manage to get my money this site can go whistle!
  40. Joined the site last week and had a lot of fun. Not the biggest site around but def going to add them to my list of sites that I play on :)
  41. babyblue says:
    Shocking terms at Dream Bingo U found! Gave me a free £10 casino bet but had to wager £300 before you could withdraw any cash winnings!
    • lisaj33 says:
      Totally agree, I had the same problem once I manage to get my money they can go whistle!
  42. hyacinth says:
    I found this site infuriating. Dream Bingo were offering a massive 300% deposit, but after playing through this with no luck I expected then to be able to use my bonus deposit. To my disappointment I kept being constantly told that the games were only for cash players and bonus points play was not accepted. When I play on a bingo site I don't want to be having to sit out half of the games, when I've got over £70 sitting in my account. Very disappointing.
  43. soundgirl83 says:
    Great site to play on and just to get you started they give you £15 Free to play with. No deposit or credit card details needed. Surely just for that it's worth signing up for. I like to play at Dream bingo, especially the slots - they pay out well I reckon :-) Once you've deposited it gives you a whole load more stuff to take part in i.e., Chat games to win bbz as well as FREE bingo every day between 6pm & 10.30pm. Try it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose as your free play will let you see if it interests you more so that you deposit. Well, for all those who go over and play good luck.
    • Dream bingo is one of the most boring, dull and unfriendly bingo sites out there. They have 0 to offer anyone. You deposit and you're restricted, you don't deposit and you're restricted. Dream Bingo is a dream alright - a very bad one. So cm-flake or who ever you are don't try to convince people with rubbish.
  44. rebecca says:
    Dream Bingo is very disappointing. The jackpots are rubbish. Withdrawal is a mission in itself! One minute it's fine and then it's not. Different people dealing with it each time, contradicting themselves at every email and they want all sorts of info, driving license etc. CH are friendly thats about it,
  45. twilitepuppy says:
    Dream bingo is ok. It's friendly and helpful when you have problems. Well done dream bingo u rock x
  46. Steph - Stephyg1983 says:
    This is by far the best bingo site I have been on, offering a great chance to win great Jackpots. The first £5.00 free will ensure you want to deposit, the chat hosts are excellent and the other players are polite. I now devote my time to Dream, rather than the other sites, great work keep it up !!!
  47. andrea butler (cheekychic) says:
    I loveeee Dream Bingo. It's so much fun, I cry with laughter some nights. CHs are fab and have met some great roomies and we have arranged to all meet up soon. Well done Dream, love you lots xxxxxxx
  48. Susan says:
    Great site, easy to use and very friendly chat. Hosts are all great and again very friendly.
  49. Anne says:
    This is the best site I have been on. The chat is fantastic and all new players are made very welcome.
  50. Tinny says:
    The BBs you can win in chat games is brill. And you get them straight away. They have prebuy that is excellent to use. Some of the Promo games give you BBs aswell for winning 1L, 2L's or FH. You get the BBs for them the day after which is a lovely surprize, especially when you think you're skint! You do get £5 free but you do have to make a deposit to play CG's. It's worth the £10 min deposit to get the BBs. 100% 1st time deposit bonus aswell, with a 25% reload every deposit after that! The CH's are fab. They make u feel 'at home' and the roomies are great too. They have chat sounds that have me in stitches, so turn ur speakers up wen u join! It's my fave site by far even though it's still a baby yet. They are thinking of opening a 75-ball room aswell. Just can't wait for that. They have loads of depositing and withdrawal options which should suit everyone's playability. Thank you Dreambingo.

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